Women of Web 2.0 Show #47

Join Jen, Vicki, Sharon and Cheryl in a conversation with Clarence Fisher, Bob Sprankle, Alice Barr, all the great folks in the chat room and the K12onlineconference.org

Here is the Chat:

 16:44:59  amariacobb  EdTechTalk: hello! i am trying to start a program to get young girls involved in science....my program needs a name. Any ideas?

 16:46:01  amariacobb  YouthBridges: hello

 20:32:13  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: getting ready in the background! see you in about 15 minutes.

 20:51:27  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: sharon what is happening

 20:51:41  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: sharon -- where are you ??

 20:52:35  SharonP  EdTechTalk: I am on skype feeling ignored

 20:52:45  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: you are not showring up

 20:53:04  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: i can't see you, will try a different way

 20:53:25  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: can you hear Cheryl??

 20:53:47  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: hello all

 20:54:01  SharonP  EdTechTalk: couldn't hear anyone on skype - like I was a ghoste

 20:54:47  SharonP  EdTechTalk: BAck on skype....

 20:55:47  SharonP  EdTechTalk: feeling a bit like Helen Keller, or a ghost....

 20:56:06  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: okay, getting the final touches

 20:57:27  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello Room

 20:57:41  ann-njtechteacher  EdTechTalk: Hello

 20:57:47  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey everyone!

 20:57:47  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Hi everybody!

 20:58:08  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Do we have audio yet?

 20:58:21  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: almost??

 20:58:40  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: doing last minute cleanups on audio

 20:58:43  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Audio shortly

 20:58:59  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: OK, BRB

 20:59:03  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: CHOOSE YOUR COLOR

 20:59:05  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: sound check in chat room,

 20:59:11  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: I have a squeaky voice

 20:59:26  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: My colour

 20:59:44  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Cheryl have you been hitting the helium again?

 20:59:54  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Got sound!

 21:00:08  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: what happened to your voice????

 21:00:27  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey Susan!

 21:00:28  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: I just got laryngitis today at 2 pm

 21:00:36  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: should  be a fun show

 21:00:37  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey ARthus.  Great convo with Steve the other day.

 21:00:37  arthus  EdTechTalk: hi everyone

 21:00:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: thanks

 21:00:44  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello to all in the chat room.

 21:00:44  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: oh I hope you feel better than you sound!!

 21:00:52  Durff  EdTechTalk: hey everyone

 21:00:57  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: hi all

 21:00:59  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi Arthus! I listened, too. Excellent!!

 21:01:04  Durff  EdTechTalk: i'm wide awake now!

 21:01:09  arthus  EdTechTalk: Thanks :)

 21:01:10  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: show #47

 21:01:16  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: how is the sound Durff?

 21:01:18  arthus  EdTechTalk: do we have video?

 21:01:28  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: They won't do video.

 21:01:31  Durff  EdTechTalk: in andd out sound

 21:01:39  SharonP  EdTechTalk: no video - you are just dying to see what we look like, right Arthus

 21:01:43  Durff  EdTechTalk: cheryl is good

 21:01:46  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello ijohn

 21:01:47  arthus  EdTechTalk: totally

 21:01:49  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Trying to convince Jen to UStream.

 21:01:50  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks durff

 21:01:54  SharonP  EdTechTalk: sadly, am not wearing lipgloss

 21:02:05  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Not me -- I'm already in my ....  oops censored ;-)

 21:02:08  arthus  EdTechTalk: YAY! Clarence

 21:02:13  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Actually just have my shoes off..

 21:02:15  John Pederson  EdTechTalk: evening boys and squirels

 21:02:18  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hi clarence.

 21:02:20  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: hi clarence!

 21:02:21  SharonP  EdTechTalk: sweat pants and University of Windsor

 21:02:26  SharonP  EdTechTalk: sweatshirt

 21:02:27  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: You're not ijohn tonight?

 21:02:28  Durff  EdTechTalk: thank you Vicki

 21:02:32  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: hi clarence hi bob and alice

 21:02:34  arthus  EdTechTalk: I am sto far behind on K12....

 21:02:35  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi iJohn!

 21:02:40  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: hi all

 21:02:45  Cathy E  EdTechTalk: @Clarence- really enjoyed your keynote

 21:02:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I just have all of k12 on my ipod.

 21:02:46  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi su

 21:02:47  arthus  EdTechTalk: so far* - will take forever to catch up

 21:02:48  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Arthus, me too

 21:02:50  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Hi Susan E

 21:02:53  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi clarence

 21:02:53  arthus  EdTechTalk: Hi Clarence!

 21:02:54  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I'm just listening to everything.

 21:02:55  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: you will love my squeaky voice when you hear me

 21:02:55  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: Hi Clarence

 21:02:56  SharonP  EdTechTalk: arthus I do not know a single person who is UP on k12 online

 21:03:02  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Hi all !!!!

 21:03:05  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Sylvia Tolisano was just amazing!!!!

 21:03:11  arthus  EdTechTalk: like... I'm still on the second day's

 21:03:14  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Hello

 21:03:15  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi Alice

 21:03:18  Durff  EdTechTalk: his sound is not real clear

 21:03:18  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Hi Clarence from a fellow Canadian!

 21:03:18  arthus  EdTechTalk: I'm dedicated to watching EVERY show

 21:03:23  Durff  EdTechTalk: skype?

 21:03:24  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Hi Colleen

 21:03:34  su02420  EdTechTalk: hey

 21:03:36  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hey Colleen

 21:03:41  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: yeah, skype a little funky

 21:03:42  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi Jen!!

 21:03:43  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: WAVING

 21:03:45  arthus  EdTechTalk: I would be overwhelmed too

 21:03:49  Durff  EdTechTalk: everyone have sound

 21:03:51  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I love rural areas!  I love the country!!!!

 21:03:52  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Hi everyone

 21:04:01  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: How many were in the elluminate session tonight.

 21:04:02  arthus  EdTechTalk: then love vermont!

 21:04:03  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: ?

 21:04:10  Durff  EdTechTalk: me

 21:04:14  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: me 2

 21:04:15  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh VT is great.  I used to spend quite a bit of time there.

 21:04:24  su02420  EdTechTalk: no sound for me, yet

 21:04:25  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: You can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl.

 21:04:27  arthus  EdTechTalk: Clarence, definitely

 21:04:34  fceblog  EdTechTalk: no sound yet

 21:04:35  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Are you on edtechtalk channel 1 su?

 21:04:36  Durff  EdTechTalk: su sound on ETTa

 21:04:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: su02420

 21:04:42  arthus  EdTechTalk: eh.. I'm a country boy

 21:04:43  Durff  EdTechTalk: open another tab

 21:04:53  arthus  EdTechTalk: raised on an old farm :)

 21:04:59  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello doug, welcome

 21:05:00  Durff  EdTechTalk: click on clack icon next to ETTA

 21:05:16  DS  EdTechTalk: thank Cheryl, hi all!

 21:05:34  arthus  EdTechTalk: I'd be overhwlemed too

 21:05:42  John Pederson  EdTechTalk: dualing "abouts" tonight...feels good  :)

 21:05:56  arthus  EdTechTalk: poor! ya right...

 21:05:57  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: absolutely ijohn

 21:06:00  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: we're working with a school in alaska

 21:06:05  arthus  EdTechTalk: country is rich... with life

 21:06:13  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I know, I love the way he says about.

 21:06:13  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: clarence - what ages are your students?

 21:06:14  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: what a differnce susan

 21:06:17  gradster1  EdTechTalk: tsuP?

 21:06:17  arthus  EdTechTalk: hi gradster

 21:06:32  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Maybe I should say Y'all and he say about and get everyone laughing!!! ;-)

 21:06:35  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hey Sandy!!

 21:06:46  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: you have to fly into their town.. no roads

 21:06:55  arthus  EdTechTalk: just a mile!

 21:07:04  arthus  EdTechTalk: you've got it easy, bud

 21:07:08  Sandy Wagner  EdTechTalk: Good evening all.  Hope everyone is safe.

 21:07:10  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I do?

 21:07:10  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: Do you carry a laptop back and forth?

 21:07:14  gradster1  EdTechTalk: why?

 21:07:14  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: must watch the video - i've been listening

 21:07:15  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi dea

 21:07:27  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: hi.

 21:07:29  gradster1  EdTechTalk: hey durff

 21:07:30  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: lol pam

 21:07:32  arthus  EdTechTalk: I bike with laptop every day

 21:07:34  gradster1  EdTechTalk: just realized

 21:07:38  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: I'm having problems with audio

 21:07:39  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi grad

 21:07:51  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I now know two people with last names ending in a double f

 21:07:54  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello marie, dea, gradster 1, cathye

 21:07:55  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: how far do you bike arthus?

 21:07:56  gradster1  EdTechTalk: durf-f

 21:08:00  gradster1  EdTechTalk: meh

 21:08:02  gradster1  EdTechTalk: not much

 21:08:06  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh no.  Dea are you online with edtechtalk a?

 21:08:09  gradster1  EdTechTalk: bout half mile, right

 21:08:09  arthus  EdTechTalk: 1.5 miles up hill

 21:08:18  arthus  EdTechTalk: used to be half mile

 21:08:19  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Hi Dea

 21:08:24  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:08:26  arthus  EdTechTalk: then I went to the "big" high school

 21:08:32  gradster1  EdTechTalk: and flat and fairly straight

 21:08:37  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: How big is the "big" high school Arthus?

 21:08:41  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: at least it's downhill at the end of the day?

 21:08:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: 1,300

 21:08:45  gradster1  EdTechTalk: not that big

 21:08:50  gradster1  EdTechTalk: *

 21:08:52  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :D

 21:09:00  arthus  EdTechTalk: yes, I LOVE the end of the day

 21:09:02  gradster1  EdTechTalk: yo brian

 21:09:03  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Uhm we have less than 100 in our high school.

 21:09:06  arthus  EdTechTalk: for more reasons than one

 21:09:07  gradster1  EdTechTalk: yeah it's fun

 21:09:08  John Pederson  EdTechTalk: evening brian

 21:09:10  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: I bike 3.5-4 miles each way each day

 21:09:11  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: 370 in the whole school K3-12

 21:09:12  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi brian, su02420,

 21:09:14  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: but not this week

 21:09:17  Durff  EdTechTalk: anyone need sound?

 21:09:17  gradster1  EdTechTalk: well that's just rediculous

 21:09:18  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello Room!!!!

 21:09:21  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Hi

 21:09:24  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :P

 21:09:29  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Vicki - 1100 in my graduating class

 21:09:30  arthus  EdTechTalk: where from Vicki?

 21:09:31  ann-njtechteacher  EdTechTalk: sound is good

 21:09:32  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: DianeH, welcome back,

 21:09:34  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: 32 in mine.

 21:09:37  arthus  EdTechTalk: 80 in my class

 21:09:39  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: same here...

 21:09:39  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I'm in Camilla, GA

 21:09:45  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: rural Georgia.

 21:09:46  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:09:50  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: not as rural as Clarence.

 21:09:53  gradster1  EdTechTalk: arthus they're talking about high school

 21:09:56  arthus  EdTechTalk: ah... at least you have a city

 21:09:57  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Oh, Megan, Pam, SandyW, SandyB sroseman, susanvg

 21:09:59  Sandy Wagner  EdTechTalk: not everyone needs to be an evangelist

 21:10:01  Marie Coleman  EdTechTalk: it's ok, but somehow it has to spill over to impact all students

 21:10:02  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello to all

 21:10:05  gradster1  EdTechTalk: ours will be about 400-500

 21:10:10  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: 125 in each graduating class for us

 21:10:16  arthus  EdTechTalk: yea.... but it's a union school

 21:10:23  gradster1  EdTechTalk: mmmmmmmm

 21:10:24  arthus  EdTechTalk: thank god... otherwise we'd have no tech

 21:10:25  gradster1  EdTechTalk: good point

 21:10:26  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi Dean, welcome

 21:10:34  shareski  EdTechTalk: good evening Cheryl

 21:10:35  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi SusanVG!!

 21:10:38  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: That was wierd ... I'm back

 21:10:39  gradster1  EdTechTalk: ?? by around 4.5 then

 21:10:41  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:10:49  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: how many students at Clarence's school? what grades?

 21:10:53  arthus  EdTechTalk: because the network shares far more interests

 21:10:56  Sandy Wagner  EdTechTalk: not everyone is ready to listen.

 21:11:00  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: But we have to focus on the initiatives to connect to the world.

 21:11:05  arthus  EdTechTalk: all you share with coworkers is a place you work

 21:11:12  Durff  EdTechTalk: anyone need sound?

 21:11:14  gradster1  EdTechTalk: actually

 21:11:18  Marie Coleman  EdTechTalk: yes, we are preaching to the choir to some extent

 21:11:21  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I have a question for all the teachers

 21:11:24  arthus  EdTechTalk: you share so much more with those nline

 21:11:25  Cathy E  EdTechTalk: I learn here (in this network) I teach in my building

 21:11:27  gradster1  EdTechTalk: educators, if you must

 21:11:30  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi DavidJ

 21:11:32  Durff  EdTechTalk: hey jakes!

 21:11:33  Marie Coleman  EdTechTalk: we need to expand beyond our own walls

 21:11:35  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Hey Jakes!

 21:11:37  gradster1  EdTechTalk: anyone a math teacher?

 21:11:38  djakes  EdTechTalk: hey everyone

 21:11:44  ann-njtechteacher  EdTechTalk: what is the technology like in Clarence's building?

 21:11:45  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: hey david

 21:11:50  djakes  EdTechTalk: hey bob

 21:11:52  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: evening David

 21:11:54  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: @gradster1 I teach pre algebra

 21:12:00  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey David!!!

 21:12:02  gradster1  EdTechTalk: kk..........

 21:12:03  Durff  EdTechTalk: i taught math last yr grad

 21:12:08  ann-njtechteacher  EdTechTalk: @gradster1 I tech sixth grade math

 21:12:08  gradster1  EdTechTalk: anything about proofs?

 21:12:09  djakes  EdTechTalk: Hello Vicki and JW

 21:12:11  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: "You can't be a prophet in your own land"

 21:12:15  gradster1  EdTechTalk: specifically geometry?

 21:12:16  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, we still need f2f but we also need c2c (computer 2 computer)

 21:12:22  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: hi joyce!

 21:12:23  susanvg  EdTechTalk: what about the kids - how do they react going from one class to the next?

 21:12:24  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: hi joyce!

 21:12:26  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello Joyce, welcome

 21:12:26  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We must connect to the world.

 21:12:27  Durff  EdTechTalk: i did algebra not geometry

 21:12:29  arthus  EdTechTalk: we need f2f2c2c

 21:12:33  gradster1  EdTechTalk: hehe

 21:12:35  arthus  EdTechTalk: so much more useful

 21:12:41  arthus  EdTechTalk: or f2c2c2f

 21:12:44  gradster1  EdTechTalk: mmmmmmmm

 21:12:50  arthus  EdTechTalk: share the technology with others

 21:12:52  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Gradster, I teach math

 21:12:58  SharonP  EdTechTalk: Hi Dave and Brian - am getting behind as I try to keep up with chat

 21:13:02  SharonP  EdTechTalk: so hi joyce

 21:13:02  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, arthus and we could go on!!!  It is about people with whatever in between -- I call them technopersonal skills.

 21:13:07  gradster1  EdTechTalk: proofs suck. anyone TAKE the CLASS of geometry?

 21:13:07  joycevalenza  EdTechTalk: hi all

 21:13:13  shareski  EdTechTalk: [b]I taught grade one for 7 years

 21:13:28  arthus  EdTechTalk: @gradster shoulda made math sem....

 21:13:30  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: I teach the class of Geometry

 21:13:34  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes.  We need to connect so that we can be better teachers.

 21:13:35  arthus  EdTechTalk: gah.. NO DREAMWEAVER

 21:13:36  gradster1  EdTechTalk: oh shut up.

 21:13:39  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: excellent

 21:13:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: Dreamweaver kills creativity

 21:13:45  gradster1  EdTechTalk: it doesn't really matter though

 21:13:53  djakes  EdTechTalk: our district is proposing a Web page class

 21:14:00  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I'm learning the same things over the same period of time with a different teacher

 21:14:00  arthus  EdTechTalk: yes yes yes

 21:14:03  shareski  EdTechTalk: @djakes...yikes

 21:14:07  susanvg  EdTechTalk: do parents react? what happens when the kids go from one teacher to the next

 21:14:08  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: @arthus what do you use for web pages?

 21:14:12  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Yeah, when you have to spend too much time teaching the tools its a wate

 21:14:13  djakes  EdTechTalk: @shareski.  No kidding

 21:14:14  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Dreamweaver kills it?

 21:14:19  arthus  EdTechTalk: Coda

 21:14:27  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: A waste ... i meant

 21:14:28  gradster1  EdTechTalk: so is this the jakes that is according to durff a crossdresser?

 21:14:29  arthus  EdTechTalk: Dreamweaver wrangles your markup

 21:14:30  sroseman  EdTechTalk: what is Coda

 21:14:33  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Actually if you do it right -- you design and then don't go into dreamweaver until you alrady have your design.

 21:14:33  Sandy Wagner  EdTechTalk: I worked in a district wth a web design class.. their page is better than the district's

 21:14:34  SharonP  EdTechTalk: Hi Dean - I loved, loved, loved your presentation - showed it off to some of my colleagues last night at a K12 wine and cheese

 21:14:35  arthus  EdTechTalk: makes a monster of code

 21:14:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I heart dreamweaver.

 21:14:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: http://panic.com/coda/

 21:14:47  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: wow looking at snow lake on a google map

 21:14:47  Marie Coleman  EdTechTalk: agree the network is critical and twitter is super for that

 21:14:48  shareski  EdTechTalk: @SHaronP....hope they had lots of wine

 21:14:53  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: djakes -- our yearbook talked to me about going webpage...........do you know what software you want to use??  straight coding??

 21:14:59  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi mrussell

 21:15:01  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello mrussell, welcome

 21:15:04  SharonP  EdTechTalk: LOL to Dean

 21:15:05  arthus  EdTechTalk: I suppose the difference is that I'm a web developer

 21:15:06  gradster1  EdTechTalk: coding is nice......

 21:15:08  djakes  EdTechTalk: I had no part in any of it, they know better

 21:15:12  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks durff, we need a welcoming committee

 21:15:14  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: oh -- you were being sarcastic  :)

 21:15:16  arthus  EdTechTalk: coding is the best

 21:15:17  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: LOL

 21:15:22  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Hi Dean!

 21:15:24  mrussell  EdTechTalk: thanks this is the first edtech for me

 21:15:28  djakes  EdTechTalk: yes, why have a class in that?

 21:15:33  arthus  EdTechTalk: learn XHTML/CSS

 21:15:34  shareski  EdTechTalk: Hey Brian

 21:15:36  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: sorry -- missed the sarcasm

 21:15:36  SharonP  EdTechTalk: actually, want to post it and some others o the LEARN site - ANYONE doing any KIND of design should see that presenation

 21:15:37  sroseman  EdTechTalk: http://www.panic.com/coda/ is this it... mac Great

 21:15:40  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Guys you need to all go vote in the education debate http://www.economist.com/debate/index.cfm?action=hall

 21:15:42  gradster1  EdTechTalk: @durff so is this the jakes that's a cross dresser? according to you?

 21:15:49  gradster1  EdTechTalk: djakes?

 21:15:50  arthus  EdTechTalk: yes sroseman

 21:15:51  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :P

 21:15:56  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: mrussell, join the crowd, the chat goes fast, but we publish by thur. and this will be a podcast too so you can listen again.:-)

 21:15:59  gradster1  EdTechTalk: the tweet was weird

 21:16:00  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: 45% of people agree that "The continuing introduction of new technologies and new media adds little to the quality of most education."

 21:16:00  djakes  EdTechTalk: we got it the first time, gradster1

 21:16:02  arthus  EdTechTalk: it is what I use all the time... it's great

 21:16:05  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:16:06  gradster1  EdTechTalk: oh

 21:16:06  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Arthus, do you know Flash? Actionscript?

 21:16:15  gradster1  EdTechTalk: nobody answered

 21:16:16  SharonP  EdTechTalk: @Dean in fact I think Susan vG is going to show a bit of it off at a workshop in the Gaspe this week

 21:16:17  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We need to vote, people are looking at this discussion.

 21:16:18  arthus  EdTechTalk: yes and a little

 21:16:18  gradster1  EdTechTalk: whoa

 21:16:21  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi Sarah, hello Deb B.

 21:16:26  gradster1  EdTechTalk: hello sarah conrad and deb!

 21:16:27  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: wow fast chat tonight

 21:16:29  djakes  EdTechTalk: and what does that tell you?

 21:16:32  mrussell  EdTechTalk: can i ask questions not about the edtech talk?

 21:16:36  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello Deb Barrows

 21:16:37  Marie Coleman  EdTechTalk: it is laying the foundation for increased learning

 21:16:37  gradster1  EdTechTalk: ummmmmmmmmm

 21:16:39  susanvg  EdTechTalk: Gasp?©- another remote Canadian place

 21:16:40  arthus  EdTechTalk: of course

 21:16:44  gradster1  EdTechTalk: that...?

 21:16:47  Marie Coleman  EdTechTalk: and learning in a more self-directed sense, too

 21:16:48  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: hi deb!

 21:16:49  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Hey there !

 21:16:50  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I haven't the faintest

 21:16:55  mrussell  EdTechTalk: anyone using sketchup with students?

 21:16:56  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Uh Oh ... dinners ready ... gotta go.. bye!

 21:17:06  shareski  EdTechTalk: see you brian

 21:17:07  Deb Barrows  EdTechTalk: Good evening

 21:17:07  gradster1  EdTechTalk: @mrussell I wish

 21:17:09  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: sketchup is great

 21:17:10  arthus  EdTechTalk: uh... techniclly I do

 21:17:14  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:17:18  gradster1  EdTechTalk: shut up arthus

 21:17:21  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: hey dean, just saw you there

 21:17:22  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :D

 21:17:23  mrussell  EdTechTalk: do you have projects/lessons?

 21:17:25  shareski  EdTechTalk: cheryl needs some medicine

 21:17:31  sroseman  EdTechTalk: does someone have a cold

 21:17:32  gradster1  EdTechTalk: who, me?

 21:17:38  SharonP  EdTechTalk: she sounds awful, it's true

 21:17:40  gradster1  EdTechTalk: arthus and I are students

 21:17:42  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: just lost my voice, feeling okay

 21:17:44  arthus  EdTechTalk: it's a joke.. I'm a student

 21:17:48  Durff  EdTechTalk: someone needs to rest her voice

 21:17:49  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:17:50  arthus  EdTechTalk: YES

 21:17:54  arthus  EdTechTalk: RSS on what?

 21:17:55  gradster1  EdTechTalk: NO

 21:17:57  gradster1  EdTechTalk: ?

 21:18:01  shareski  EdTechTalk: What are those blogs?

 21:18:03  sroseman  EdTechTalk: All the teachers are getting sick...around here

 21:18:04  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: would like to know which 4-5

 21:18:06  arthus  EdTechTalk: how do you deal with kids without computers?

 21:18:12  gradster1  EdTechTalk: huh

 21:18:18  Durff  EdTechTalk: airborn

 21:18:22  gradster1  EdTechTalk: interesting question

 21:18:26  Durff  EdTechTalk: $5 at walmart

 21:18:27  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Arthus -- are you asking the room -- or asking Clarence??

 21:18:27  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: which 4-5 blogs are the ones everyone reads

 21:18:31  gradster1  EdTechTalk: @arthus specify?

 21:18:34  arthus  EdTechTalk: both

 21:18:36  SharonP  EdTechTalk: no airborne in Canada

 21:18:39  Marie Coleman  EdTechTalk: and I follow Napa Village blog

 21:18:41  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: okay -- I will ask Clarence

 21:18:48  gradster1  EdTechTalk: yo lori

 21:18:50  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: hi lisa!

 21:18:51  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi lisa, hi lori, welcom

 21:18:52  gradster1  EdTechTalk: y lisa

 21:18:56  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: hello all

 21:19:04  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: hi lisa, hi lori

 21:19:07  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: hi

 21:19:10  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa!!

 21:19:13  Durff  EdTechTalk: warlick, richardson, davis, guhlin, lehman

 21:19:23  Durff  EdTechTalk: hey parisi

 21:19:23  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Hey Colleen!

 21:19:26  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :O

 21:19:28  arthus  EdTechTalk: Clarence, how do you deal with students who don't have computers

 21:19:37  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: who's talking?

 21:19:40  arthus  EdTechTalk: eh... I've heard that enough

 21:19:46  Durff  EdTechTalk: clarence

 21:19:48  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Clarence Fisher

 21:19:57  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: ah

 21:20:00  arthus  EdTechTalk: "Your parents must be so proud of you" - please... enough

 21:20:03  Durff  EdTechTalk: $5

 21:20:09  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: artus -- your question is being asked

 21:20:13  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Clarence Fisher

 21:20:16  gradster1  EdTechTalk: Yo olvide que tengo que hablar en espanol!

 21:20:22  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: absolutely

 21:20:29  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: 140 students, k-12 in Snow Villagae

 21:20:36  Durff  EdTechTalk: and we are busy giving them a difficult time

 21:20:44  arthus  EdTechTalk: ah... so it's not an issue?

 21:21:06  arthus  EdTechTalk: 3 to 1.... wow... you are so lucky

 21:21:10  Durff  EdTechTalk: Sprechen Sie Deutsch, bitte?

 21:21:16  gradster1  EdTechTalk: nein

 21:21:17  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Where is Clarence from? Sorry came in late

 21:21:20  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: did I just lose sound?

 21:21:21  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: arthus -- it seems to not be an issue

 21:21:21  arthus  EdTechTalk: we have 3 computers per core of 90 students

 21:21:24  Durff  EdTechTalk: Warum nicht?

 21:21:29  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: they seem to be working with that option right now

 21:21:31  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: clarence is from snow lake manitoba

 21:21:32  arthus  EdTechTalk: @Jen... so I heard

 21:21:32  DS  EdTechTalk: I had to stop and restart stream Lisa

 21:21:35  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: :)

 21:21:44  gradster1  EdTechTalk: je ne parle pas fran?ßais tambien

 21:21:48  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: not sure about the delay

 21:21:54  Durff  EdTechTalk: pooh

 21:22:02  arthus  EdTechTalk: not enough time to really see the changes?

 21:22:09  gradster1  EdTechTalk: porque no soy de Deutchland

 21:22:13  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:22:22  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: I say skype gremlins and nearly full moon

 21:22:23  Durff  EdTechTalk: es tut mir leid

 21:22:32  gradster1  EdTechTalk: olvide que decir Germany

 21:22:41  arthus  EdTechTalk: gremlins.... gradster... any memories?

 21:22:42  SharonP  EdTechTalk: must be it cheryl

 21:22:42  Durff  EdTechTalk: :)

 21:22:49  SharonP  EdTechTalk: very wonky tonight

 21:22:54  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: welcome back alice

 21:22:58  gradster1  EdTechTalk: soy biling¬®ue!

 21:23:02  gradster1  EdTechTalk: wait

 21:23:05  gradster1  EdTechTalk: @arthus what?

 21:23:07  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Thanks.. WEird stuff tonite

 21:23:19  arthus  EdTechTalk: TDI

 21:23:24  gradster1  EdTechTalk: you mean TDI?

 21:23:27  Durff  EdTechTalk: mine live on meebo

 21:23:28  gradster1  EdTechTalk: MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA

 21:23:32  gradster1  EdTechTalk: yeah

 21:23:35  gradster1  EdTechTalk: TDI rocks....

 21:23:46  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I wish it were more than a week annually

 21:23:55  gradster1  EdTechTalk: going back as a leadershipper

 21:23:56  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Clarence recommends: nata village blog, global voices, infoestethics

 21:23:57  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :D

 21:23:59  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: hmm info aesthetics -- how information is presented.

 21:24:19  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I REALLY should do homework

 21:24:23  gradster1  EdTechTalk: WAIT

 21:24:24  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks vicki better intrepretation

 21:24:27  gradster1  EdTechTalk: YOU'RE EDUCATORS

 21:24:31  gradster1  EdTechTalk: YOU CAN EXCUSE ME

 21:24:34  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :D

 21:24:34  arthus  EdTechTalk: good design is above us?

 21:24:38  Durff  EdTechTalk: we are so far subscribing to our teachers and will do more later on...i have to get through this bookfair alive first

 21:24:51  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi megan

 21:24:53  arthus  EdTechTalk: who says that?

 21:24:54  djakes  EdTechTalk: the chat ate gradster1's homework

 21:25:01  gradster1  EdTechTalk: yeah.........

 21:25:04  gradster1  EdTechTalk: hmmmm

 21:25:07  Durff  EdTechTalk: you did jakes

 21:25:09  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Having an RSS feed is so important.   We started with play.

 21:25:10  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: @gradster1 nice trylol

 21:25:13  gradster1  EdTechTalk: we'd have to make it plausible too....

 21:25:15  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Then I had them create a flat classroom tab.

 21:25:19  djakes  EdTechTalk: Not talking with you Durff

 21:25:20  gradster1  EdTechTalk: and I'll need some sigs.......

 21:25:25  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Then we added the wiki edits and the wiki discussions for their page.

 21:25:29  Durff  EdTechTalk: feed jakes

 21:25:37  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Then today we added rss fees for the google news search.

 21:25:50  gradster1  EdTechTalk: @lori what? what try? I do not know of this "try" of which you speak.....!

 21:26:00  arthus  EdTechTalk: our school is soo far behind you....

 21:26:03  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: It has evolved into something very powerful and the students studying personal learning environments today said... "HEY we have a PLE"

 21:26:08  gradster1  EdTechTalk: yeah I know!

 21:26:18  gradster1  EdTechTalk: seriously I should go to college

 21:26:23  arthus  EdTechTalk: we still have to convince teachers to grade stuff on computer!

 21:26:25  gradster1  EdTechTalk: and suffer the consequences....

 21:26:28  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: My students LOVE reading their rss feeds daily

 21:26:29  Durff  EdTechTalk: yes you both should

 21:26:32  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:26:34  Durff  EdTechTalk: and can online

 21:26:40  Durff  EdTechTalk: for free

 21:26:41  gradster1  EdTechTalk: well yeah....

 21:26:44  gradster1  EdTechTalk: but it costs money

 21:26:48  gradster1  EdTechTalk: which I don't have

 21:26:51  gradster1  EdTechTalk: arthus is fine

 21:26:51  arthus  EdTechTalk: haha... Durff... want to test me out of school? :P

 21:26:52  Durff  EdTechTalk: so what is stopping you?

 21:26:53  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Mine are getting used to the RSS thing.  They are using netvibes.

 21:26:55  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :P

 21:26:56  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hey everyone -- the chat is busy tonight -- if you need to see more -- please click on the third butotn on the right to expand your window

 21:27:01  djakes  EdTechTalk: Now there is an idea

 21:27:06  arthus  EdTechTalk: the fact that I take a huge course load

 21:27:08  cfisher  EdTechTalk: nata village blog: natavillage.typepad.com

 21:27:10  djakes  EdTechTalk: Education about kids

 21:27:10  Durff  EdTechTalk: we use googlereader

 21:27:12  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Great!

 21:27:16  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I am using google reader.

 21:27:18  djakes  EdTechTalk: and not about the teachers

 21:27:18  gradster1  EdTechTalk: ugh

 21:27:23  arthus  EdTechTalk: boring stuff... but I have to do it if I want to go to MIT

 21:27:24  gradster1  EdTechTalk: you are SOOO lucky!

 21:27:30  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I mean your students are

 21:27:30  Durff  EdTechTalk: getting into the habit of checking - habits of mind

 21:27:32  gradster1  EdTechTalk: *

 21:27:36  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, education is about the students!!!

 21:27:42  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:27:45  cfisher  EdTechTalk: info aesthetics blog: http://infosthetics.com/

 21:27:45  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Hi Bob

 21:27:48  gradster1  EdTechTalk: ummmm isn't that the point?

 21:27:51  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: any last questions for Clarence??

 21:27:57  gradster1  EdTechTalk: correction: wasn't* that the point?

 21:28:01  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: awesome stuff

 21:28:05  Durff  EdTechTalk: education is about the learners\

 21:28:10  djakes  EdTechTalk: What's next Clarence, where does this evolve too?

 21:28:11  Durff  EdTechTalk: all the learners

 21:28:14  gradster1  EdTechTalk: yeah

 21:28:14  arthus  EdTechTalk: Can I move to your school?

 21:28:15  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: Thanks for the links, Clarence. Thess seem like great blogs.

 21:28:17  gradster1  EdTechTalk: wellllll

 21:28:19  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: welcome Kern!

 21:28:21  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi kern

 21:28:31  Kern  EdTechTalk: Hi everyone!

 21:28:33  gradster1  EdTechTalk: but wait that's what students are...

 21:28:36  gradster1  EdTechTalk: hey kern

 21:28:38  gradster1  EdTechTalk: tsuP?

 21:28:48  djakes  EdTechTalk: What's next Clarence, where does this evolve too?

 21:28:48  fceblog  EdTechTalk: What are Clarence next challenges

 21:28:48  arthus  EdTechTalk: pretty please Clarence..... I'll get paid through web dev work

 21:28:52  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: thanks

 21:28:55  Durff  EdTechTalk: clarence inspires me

 21:28:57  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello Karen, welcome

 21:29:04  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi lori a

 21:29:05  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Hi, Cheryl!

 21:29:09  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi lori

 21:29:16  arthus  EdTechTalk: Clarence, how did you get 3-1 computing?

 21:29:17  lori a  EdTechTalk: hi

 21:29:21  lori a  EdTechTalk: sound is very soft

 21:29:22  lori a  EdTechTalk: hmm

 21:29:22  arthus  EdTechTalk: If only, if only... :(

 21:29:26  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Hi Lori

 21:29:29  arthus  EdTechTalk: I'd settle for 1-20

 21:29:32  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi Lori!!

 21:29:37  djakes  EdTechTalk: Sorry

 21:29:38  lori a  EdTechTalk: hi

 21:29:42  lori a  EdTechTalk: sorry I'm late

 21:29:42  gradster1  EdTechTalk: they block c*rap?

 21:29:43  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: love that... getting away from "project"

 21:29:46  Durff  EdTechTalk: jakes is pushy that way

 21:29:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh no -- so it should be flat classroom EXPERIENCE not project.   ;-)

 21:29:48  gradster1  EdTechTalk: ????

 21:29:54  gradster1  EdTechTalk: okay.....

 21:29:57  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: You  keep us pushing forward, David -- so tis okay

 21:30:00  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: But project can last a really long time as Julie and I show with our stuff as do others.

 21:30:08  SharonP  EdTechTalk: we call them learning and evaluation situations here in Quebec

 21:30:28  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: that's powerful

 21:30:29  arthus  EdTechTalk: project is one time event...

 21:30:33  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: I Love that notion of working globally

 21:30:37  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: What happens when kids don't get the hits on their blogs?

 21:30:43  SharonP  EdTechTalk: business as usual

 21:30:45  Durff  EdTechTalk: collaboration, communication, connection

 21:30:45  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: Ooh, I like that. Slash the word "project". How very experiential ala Dewey.

 21:30:49  gradster1  EdTechTalk: they don't get traffic

 21:30:57  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I know that from experience

 21:30:59  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :P

 21:31:00  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: I like "experience" Vicki.

 21:31:02  gradster1  EdTechTalk: ........

 21:31:03  arthus  EdTechTalk: @dea... they go crazy

 21:31:05  arthus  EdTechTalk: and write on...

 21:31:11  shareski  EdTechTalk: @arthus...I can tell yo it's likely due to small population, recycling older machines and a belief in the value of technology

 21:31:12  gradster1  EdTechTalk: oooooooooh

 21:31:16  arthus  EdTechTalk: ask gradster... he'd know about it :P

 21:31:18  djakes  EdTechTalk: Thanks Clarence

 21:31:20  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: LOL

 21:31:22  gradster1  EdTechTalk: OI

 21:31:27  gradster1  EdTechTalk: ONLY I GET TO INSULT ME

 21:31:28  Durff  EdTechTalk: their lead learners bribe people

 21:31:30  gradster1  EdTechTalk: oh wait

 21:31:30  djakes  EdTechTalk: Clarence Fisher rocks

 21:31:31  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: Yeah, know the feeling, but I wonder how kids deal with that...

 21:31:33  ann-njtechteacher  EdTechTalk: It was a pleasure to listen in Clarence

 21:31:36  gradster1  EdTechTalk: did I phrase that right?

 21:31:39  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :D

 21:31:40  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: thank you clarence!

 21:31:46  Durff  EdTechTalk: you mean i can't insult you?

 21:31:49  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Thanks Clarence!

 21:31:58  SharonP  EdTechTalk: thanks Clarence!

 21:32:01  arthus  EdTechTalk: \@shareksi... lucky... my school is too busy putting in way more schools

 21:32:03  gradster1  EdTechTalk: but hey at least I didn't keep writing....

 21:32:07  arthus  EdTechTalk: there's a hotel!?

 21:32:08  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks clarence

 21:32:11  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I just posted normally and @durff no.

 21:32:19  arthus  EdTechTalk: he has a hotel.... amazing

 21:32:21  Sandy Wagner  EdTechTalk: this room is almost bigger than his school!

 21:32:24  Durff  EdTechTalk: but i want to.............

 21:32:30  gradster1  EdTechTalk: this room has no mass

 21:32:36  SharonP  EdTechTalk: we would expect to be picked up by a limo at the airport at Snow Lake international airport

 21:32:43  gradster1  EdTechTalk: es una cuarta de charla.....

 21:32:46  arthus  EdTechTalk: me nether

 21:32:49  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: @gradster1: don't electrons weigh something?

 21:32:51  arthus  EdTechTalk: neither*

 21:32:52  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: it's great as always!

 21:32:54  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: seedlings! way cool

 21:32:57  gradster1  EdTechTalk: you have no mass?

 21:33:00  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :D

 21:33:14  gradster1  EdTechTalk: hmmmmmm

 21:33:17  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Let's hear it for the seedlings

 21:33:23  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: thanks for staying up, Bob!

 21:33:25  Durff  EdTechTalk: yeah!

 21:33:28  gradster1  EdTechTalk: yes however this chatroom isn't made of electrons.....

 21:33:29  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Seedlings Rock and roll

 21:33:31  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: Wahoo!

 21:33:41  arthus  EdTechTalk: haha... "computer teacher" eh?

 21:33:49  gradster1  EdTechTalk: and plsu electrons have so little mass they are considered not part of the atomic mass

 21:33:54  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Sigh . .nostalgia for SEED

 21:33:54  Durff  EdTechTalk: how many in the chatroom?

 21:33:56  gradster1  EdTechTalk: plus*

 21:34:20  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: awesome presentation!

 21:34:21  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: @gradster: have you read the "mass of the internet" article? had my physics students scratching their heads..

 21:34:21  gradster1  EdTechTalk: 36 ppl

 21:34:28  gradster1  EdTechTalk: erm

 21:34:32  gradster1  EdTechTalk: say what?

 21:34:33  Kern  EdTechTalk: Go Cheryl!

 21:34:37  gradster1  EdTechTalk: in other words no

 21:34:40  arthus  EdTechTalk: electrons are reusable

 21:34:48  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: HI, DEB!!!

 21:34:49  arthus  EdTechTalk: so the mass doesn't build

 21:34:50  gradster1  EdTechTalk: that isn't the subject tho arthus

 21:34:51  Deb Barrows  EdTechTalk: You are welcome

 21:34:51  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi Kern, glad you are here

 21:34:55  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: The internet has a mass: http://discovermagazine.com/2007/jun/how-much-does-the-internet-weigh/ar...

 21:35:02  gradster1  EdTechTalk: ahhh........

 21:35:04  Deb Barrows  EdTechTalk: It's been fun

 21:35:04  gradster1  EdTechTalk: no.

 21:35:09  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Deb - long time no see!  

 21:35:10  SharonP  EdTechTalk: I think what is going on in Maine is just incredible - you have such a great core group of peeps

 21:35:11  gradster1  EdTechTalk: the things running it do....

 21:35:18  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Loved that Geek Tools LUNCH!

 21:35:20  gradster1  EdTechTalk: aight I'll see if the article proves it to me

 21:35:26  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: it  has been a great ride, sharon

 21:35:26  Kern  EdTechTalk: Live Seedlings ;)

 21:35:26  gradster1  EdTechTalk: and if it does ill blog it.

 21:35:34  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks sarah

 21:35:37  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: :) what's your blog, gradster?

 21:35:48  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi janice, welcome

 21:35:49  SharonP  EdTechTalk: I want to hear what your secret to success is!!?

 21:35:50  gradster1  EdTechTalk: r.ompo.us and you can thank arthus for it

 21:36:00  gradster1  EdTechTalk: post the link again?

 21:36:06  gradster1  EdTechTalk: it disappeared

 21:36:07  JaniceS  EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl and all

 21:36:12  gradster1  EdTechTalk: and I can't get at it

 21:36:17  arthus  EdTechTalk: my blog is myfla.ws

 21:36:17  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: Mass of the internet: http://discovermagazine.com/2007/jun/how-much-does-the-internet-weigh/ar...

 21:36:18  Kern  EdTechTalk: a great time!

 21:36:25  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: Thanks, arthus

 21:36:32  arthus  EdTechTalk: no problem

 21:36:33  gradster1  EdTechTalk: shut up arthus you don't need any more traffic

 21:36:36  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :D

 21:36:47  arthus  EdTechTalk: my blog is still a light-weight

 21:37:14  Kern  EdTechTalk: Maine is Different!!!

 21:37:17  arthus  EdTechTalk: Vermont is DEFINITELY better than Maine

 21:37:26  Deb Barrows  EdTechTalk: National Semiconductor helped us all get going too by offering the tech grants all those years

 21:37:29  Kern  EdTechTalk: :)

 21:37:30  arthus  EdTechTalk: grr... we don't have a city

 21:37:39  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: http://del.icio.us/search/?fr=del_icio_us&p=actem07geeks&type=all

 21:37:46  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Kern, speak up what has made our MLTI so progressive and positive

 21:38:04  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: arthus all 7th and 8th graders in our State have laptops

 21:38:06  SharonP  EdTechTalk: Kern, I was thinking of you too!! You have a cool PD system going with the students

 21:38:07  arthus  EdTechTalk: you have more people than VT... no wonder you can produce more

 21:38:10  Kern  EdTechTalk: Teachers + students can hide from the tech - it's everywhere!

 21:38:11  Deb Barrows  EdTechTalk: Professional development support - on going

 21:38:15  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Deb, ar you ever nostalgic for your previous life?

 21:38:18  Kern  EdTechTalk: cant' - oops

 21:38:20  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: SEED did it for me - all those PD sessions

 21:38:25  gradster1  EdTechTalk: LUCKY STATE

 21:38:25  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: True Deb

 21:38:34  arthus  EdTechTalk: @alicebarr I know... just northeast rivelry

 21:38:39  gradster1  EdTechTalk: :P

 21:38:40  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Hello Chan

 21:38:41  Kern  EdTechTalk: Now turning to the High school

 21:38:46  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: I have such a hard time getting teachers to attend workshops on technology--blogs and wikis

 21:38:55  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: The folks in Maine are really doing this right!

 21:38:56  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: what do I need to do?

 21:38:57  gradster1  EdTechTalk: so @melissa I think

 21:38:58  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey is that Ken!!!!

 21:39:00  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Our MLTI HS rolls out tomorrow

 21:39:04  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Ken K?

 21:39:06  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes!!

 21:39:08  Chan  EdTechTalk: Hi all

 21:39:09  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Be a TREE!!!!

 21:39:12  Kern  EdTechTalk: Hi Vicki

 21:39:19  gradster1  EdTechTalk: interesing link

 21:39:21  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey Ken!!

 21:39:22  arthus  EdTechTalk: :( there's no industry in Vermont

 21:39:24  gradster1  EdTechTalk: however......

 21:39:34  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: yes!

 21:39:36  gradster1  EdTechTalk: nah

 21:39:38  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: oh Sarah, have fun

 21:39:42  arthus  EdTechTalk: our town hall doesn't even have wifi

 21:39:49  arthus  EdTechTalk: MacBook.... whoah

 21:39:51  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:39:52  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Great Sarah

 21:39:53  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: Is that it...state initiatives

 21:39:54  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Thanks - It'll be interesting. 

 21:39:55  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Where's Jen Wagner - she's very quiet tonight

 21:39:57  arthus  EdTechTalk: somebody has extra money!

 21:40:04  gradster1  EdTechTalk: yeah now that's pitiful

 21:40:08  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hi Karen -- I was vocal the first part of the show

 21:40:09  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: Build it and they will come

 21:40:09  Kern  EdTechTalk: definitely

 21:40:10  sroseman  EdTechTalk: we elminated our Macs ..

 21:40:15  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: no arthus - someone has a vision!

 21:40:18  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: ok, you are here1

 21:40:19  arthus  EdTechTalk: did you rob Bill Gates?

 21:40:32  arthus  EdTechTalk: we can't even get the money for one computer per classroom

 21:40:34  gradster1  EdTechTalk: wait what do you mean @arthus

 21:40:38  arthus  EdTechTalk: let alone a macbook per student

 21:40:39  Kern  EdTechTalk: It's not the $$ it's where it's used

 21:40:50  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Oh yes Kern

 21:40:51  gradster1  EdTechTalk: by somebody has money*

 21:40:54  arthus  EdTechTalk: our school has too many jocks and not enough geeks

 21:41:04  arthus  EdTechTalk: macbooks are expensive.. that's what i mean

 21:41:06  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: money into sports arthus

 21:41:13  arthus  EdTechTalk: exactly

 21:41:14  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @arthus, do you bring a laptop to school?

 21:41:23  arthus  EdTechTalk: yes... personal laptop

 21:41:26  Kern  EdTechTalk: yes - but you gat a great deal when you buy that many ;)

 21:41:31  arthus  EdTechTalk: no money from school for it

 21:41:34  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: r u allowed to use it in class?

 21:41:36  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: and arthus you have wireless at school??

 21:41:40  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @arthus, how do you use it?

 21:41:41  arthus  EdTechTalk: depending upon class

 21:41:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: and no wireless

 21:41:54  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: that is another issue...limited wireless in schools

 21:41:56  arthus  EdTechTalk: i use it to take notes... that's basically all I'm allowed to

 21:41:56  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: so do you plug in?

 21:41:58  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: do your teachers bring their laptops??? 

 21:41:59  Kern  EdTechTalk: Yeah, that's a huge problem in our district

 21:42:11  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I cannot go to high school without a laptop.

 21:42:15  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I cannot go back!!!

 21:42:17  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @arthus, short-sighted school policy1

 21:42:17  arthus  EdTechTalk: my teachers either don't have laptops or won't bring them

 21:42:21  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I really ned this tool.

 21:42:24  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: yes yes!

 21:42:28  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: This is just a great great thought from Bob!!!

 21:42:30  Kern  EdTechTalk: @bob Absolutely

 21:42:31  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: Vicki -- I've stopped bringing mine. Too much personal liability

 21:42:36  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: In my travels, I have only found one school that had wireless available for everyone, without passwords and logons and the like

 21:42:42  SharonP  EdTechTalk: it is a very difficult thing to go back - I had a student who had to do that wehn he moved to my school 2 years ago

 21:42:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh I have a laptop but it is school provided.

 21:42:47  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: going back... exactly right

 21:42:51  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: I don't bring my laptop but have plenty of access to computers in school

 21:42:52  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And they let me blog at school now!

 21:42:52  arthus  EdTechTalk: @Karen... I know... they have network but won't let me on

 21:42:54  Kern  EdTechTalk: It's like giving students glasses so they can see for 2 years, then taking them away

 21:42:57  arthus  EdTechTalk: think I will be "distracted"

 21:43:00  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We're seeing so much benefit in my classroom.

 21:43:04  SharonP  EdTechTalk: I couldn't go back

 21:43:10  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I don't do it often, but lunch and break.  Oh yeah.

 21:43:11  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @arthus - let's hear it for "distraction"

 21:43:12  arthus  EdTechTalk: 1-to-1... nice

 21:43:13  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I get hyper.

 21:43:15  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: what if we all had to use quill pens - no more ball points... charming but a little silly....

 21:43:17  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: arthus -- why distracted??

 21:43:17  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:43:25  arthus  EdTechTalk: who knows...

 21:43:29  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: Bringing a laptop is a good role model...like bringing a book to read

 21:43:29  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: We're 7-12 1:1 too, and it's GREAT

 21:43:31  gradster1  EdTechTalk: I even know exactly what that would be like

 21:43:37  arthus  EdTechTalk: they think I'll be IMing in the middle of class

 21:43:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I think that the kids from 8th going to 9th need to be interviewed!!

 21:43:44  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: 1:1 is the way to go

 21:43:45  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: would you??

 21:43:46  arthus  EdTechTalk: as I've said again, if I am that bored with class it's a problem

 21:43:57  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: Yeah, Pam. I'm pushing 1:1 in my private school

 21:43:57  arthus  EdTechTalk: no I proboably wouldn't

 21:44:02  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: sarah where are you?

 21:44:04  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: arthus do you think you will never be bored?

 21:44:09  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Wiscasset

 21:44:14  gradster1  EdTechTalk:  lol

 21:44:14  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: wow

 21:44:16  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: cool

 21:44:17  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: do you have an Acceptable User Policy you had to sign??

 21:44:18  gradster1  EdTechTalk: good point, and exactly right

 21:44:19  arthus  EdTechTalk: of course not@lisa

 21:44:28  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: the $100 laptop may be coming to rural communities

 21:44:29  sroseman  EdTechTalk: why don't you bring in a few students in as guests. Vicki

 21:44:32  arthus  EdTechTalk: sure... good reason.. ya right

 21:44:36  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I need to do that!!!!

 21:44:37  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: if students are engaged and busy they shouldn't be bored

 21:44:39  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: What a great idea!

 21:44:41  Kern  EdTechTalk: We're going through that now with student laptops

 21:44:43  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I need to do that.

 21:44:46  SusanEttenheim  EdTechTalk: and if they are bored ... that's wrong

 21:44:49  arthus  EdTechTalk: my laptop has far fewer viruses than their network

 21:44:50  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: i'm soooo far behind in k12! lol

 21:44:51  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: A lot of them have dial up out the ithe country.

 21:44:56  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: and cannot use skype

 21:44:57  gradster1  EdTechTalk: if they are teaching the correct things, then yes, we should never be bored

 21:45:00  arthus  EdTechTalk: yet they still won't let me on

 21:45:01  sroseman  EdTechTalk: a cross section of students from public and private schools

 21:45:01  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We are so rural.

 21:45:01  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: me too bob

 21:45:10  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: I'll be catching up with K12 for weeks at this point

 21:45:21  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: yes!

 21:45:22  arthus  EdTechTalk: haha... if they don't sleep

 21:45:29  arthus  EdTechTalk: or if you don't sleep you could

 21:45:35  Kern  EdTechTalk: that's the fun - k12 will be there all year

 21:45:40  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: what's great is we can watch them when we have time

 21:45:48  JaniceS  EdTechTalk: Exactly. I like that. I listen on the way to work. That's the most I can do right now.

 21:45:52  Durff  EdTechTalk: yes, my job is interferring with my online learning!

 21:46:03  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: I'm with Durff on that !

 21:46:04  Kern  EdTechTalk: @durff :)

 21:46:06  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: lol...me to durff

 21:46:10  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: Yes, Durff...I don't hardly have time for both

 21:46:11  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: too

 21:46:14  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol nice

 21:46:15  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Hear Hear Durff!

 21:46:23  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: I would listen on the way to work, but the 1/2 mile walk doesn't afford enough time!

 21:46:24  gradster1  EdTechTalk: lol durff

 21:46:30  arthus  EdTechTalk: I think once I go to a conference... I'll be able to get my wireless

 21:46:34  JaniceS  EdTechTalk: Yes@

 21:46:34  Durff  EdTechTalk: yes!

 21:46:37  ann-njtechteacher  EdTechTalk: That was the presentation I was thinking of

 21:46:39  arthus  EdTechTalk: after all, that wil prove I'm serious

 21:46:41  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: no

 21:46:42  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: yes... sylvia's pres is amazing!

 21:46:48  Durff  EdTechTalk: it was great!!\

 21:47:01  ann-njtechteacher  EdTechTalk: travel through space and time

 21:47:02  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Sylvia Tolisano  presentation travel through space and time

 21:47:04  Durff  EdTechTalk: soooo professional

 21:47:10  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Great preso!

 21:47:27  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: ooh I have to watch that one

 21:47:28  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: Wow, sounds like a good one. It's on my list to hear this weekend.

 21:47:30  Durff  EdTechTalk: original

 21:47:40  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: Loving that...getting the whole school on board

 21:47:45  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: I have a chance to connect with the Phillipines in the same way

 21:47:51  ann-njtechteacher  EdTechTalk: I like the idea that they are focusing on a particular grade for each country 4th was China-6th is Egypt

 21:47:52  Durff  EdTechTalk: they all are must watches

 21:47:53  sroseman  EdTechTalk: link and name yes

 21:48:03  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=151

 21:48:11  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: SO SO SO SO SO TRANSFORMATIONAL.

 21:48:16  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh, I love google notebook.

 21:48:19  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We use it for term papers.

 21:48:29  JaniceS  EdTechTalk: My favorite presentation so far is the Keynote from Brian Crosby

 21:48:37  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Vicki we're going to start using notebook in research

 21:48:38  Durff  EdTechTalk: really vicki?

 21:48:42  Kern  EdTechTalk: Sharon Betts!

 21:48:44  arthus  EdTechTalk: I HATE gogle notebook

 21:48:51  Durff  EdTechTalk: why?

 21:48:55  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: why arthus

 21:48:56  arthus  EdTechTalk: the interface is horrible.... from a UI designers perspective

 21:48:57  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: why @aruthus

 21:48:57  gradster1  EdTechTalk: so I'm modding one of the wnf events.... good idea or bad, considering I missed half of the orientation and I'm a freshman in high school school?

 21:49:02  lori a  EdTechTalk: KJ's and Sylvia's on SL in voicethread was great

 21:49:08  lori a  EdTechTalk: Brian's was great

 21:49:09  arthus  EdTechTalk: Zoho Notebook is far better: http://notebook.zoho.com

 21:49:18  arthus  EdTechTalk: I highly recommend youtry it out

 21:49:20  Durff  EdTechTalk: which one is easiest to use arthus?

 21:49:22  arthus  EdTechTalk: you'll loe it

 21:49:23  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: same thing arthus? 

 21:49:27  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: links to sites?

 21:49:28  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @arthus, what is the difference?

 21:49:28  arthus  EdTechTalk: similar

 21:49:34  Kern  EdTechTalk: @arthus does it have a firefox plugin?

 21:49:36  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: can add hyperlinks easily?

 21:49:40  arthus  EdTechTalk: you can clip anything into Zoho

 21:49:42  Durff  EdTechTalk: Zoho....i found that difficult

 21:49:44  arthus  EdTechTalk: and yes it does

 21:49:50  Durff  EdTechTalk: i like google docs

 21:49:52  ann-njtechteacher  EdTechTalk: The SL in voice thread is great, I've been listening to it a little at a time for the last few nights.

 21:49:55  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: I see so much potential in  voice thread?

 21:49:58  arthus  EdTechTalk: Zoho notebook...

 21:50:00  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: google docs doesn't link

 21:50:06  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: and it exists in spirit

 21:50:09  arthus  EdTechTalk: I use Google Docs but Zoho Notebook

 21:50:16  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: lost the audio

 21:50:17  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: notebook allows you to right click on a page and link right to notebook

 21:50:29  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: How does one invite a large group of people to share a google docs??  All through Email??

 21:50:32  carolynf  EdTechTalk: home, now I can get in the chat!  I was listening in!

 21:50:40  carolynf  EdTechTalk: Jennifer, that's the only way I know of

 21:50:41  gradster1  EdTechTalk: no thru docs

 21:50:41  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: @Jennifer: I've tried Google Groups

 21:50:42  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: the only way i know jen

 21:50:42  Durff  EdTechTalk: jen in the share tab

 21:50:44  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello Carolyn

 21:50:47  Kern  EdTechTalk: Crystal Priest just put out a noteshare server

 21:50:48  carolynf  EdTechTalk: hi :)

 21:50:48  lori a  EdTechTalk: yes you need to be invited to view google doc

 21:50:49  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Ohhh -- google groups

 21:50:50  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: SEED : for developing lessons and ideas by teachers, piloted by teachers, and then adapted by teachers

 21:50:54  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: anyone else lose the audio?

 21:51:00  carolynf  EdTechTalk: I have audio Karen

 21:51:01  lori a  EdTechTalk: DEN in SL has google groups

 21:51:02  Durff  EdTechTalk: no

 21:51:10  Durff  EdTechTalk: audio is fine

 21:51:12  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: karen i had to open two windows...one for chat one for sound

 21:51:12  carolynf  EdTechTalk: so happy to be able to get in the room :) I was at work and it was blocked!

 21:51:13  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: @Jennifer: leave the checkbox about people inviting others and "invite" the mailing list

 21:51:13  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: just a LONG Pause!!!

 21:51:16  arthus  EdTechTalk: Zoho Notebook lets you plug any  page in... youtube videos... webcam recourdings etc.

 21:51:17  lori a  EdTechTalk: we use google groups for our conference group too

 21:51:25  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: clicked on it and got audio back

 21:51:29  arthus  EdTechTalk: just try it out... you will see the possibities

 21:51:32  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: Do students have district email accts in your districts?

 21:51:40  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: arthus doesn't notebook do that too?

 21:51:42  Durff  EdTechTalk: gaggle

 21:51:48  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Yes, students do have district email and we use it TONS

 21:51:52  lori a  EdTechTalk: I have used gaggle with students too

 21:51:54  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: To access Noteshare from any web browser - http://noteshare.actem.org/NoteShare/ This will be read only.To access Noteshare from any web browser - http://noteshare.actem.org/NoteShare/ This will be read only

 21:51:54  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: free gaggle, durff?

 21:51:54  arthus  EdTechTalk: @lisa... no... not any html

 21:52:04  Kern  EdTechTalk: gaggle free with ads

 21:52:04  Durff  EdTechTalk: yes

 21:52:18  Durff  EdTechTalk: i'm cheap

 21:52:20  lori a  EdTechTalk: I have a non ad account for some kids

 21:52:23  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: off topic but does Teacher Tube have more ads than before?

 21:52:41  carolynf  EdTechTalk: karenjan don't know about ads but it is really slow

 21:52:42  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Bob is telling the funniest story!!!

 21:52:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: TeacherTube makes no sense to me

 21:52:46  carolynf  EdTechTalk: and they are making money off of teachers

 21:52:51  lori a  EdTechTalk: got the non ad  google account for our ELL students

 21:52:52  arthus  EdTechTalk: build technology as a medium

 21:52:55  arthus  EdTechTalk: not for the content

 21:53:14  Durff  EdTechTalk: arthus - duh

 21:53:19  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: @KarenJanowski Yes, definitely

 21:53:20  carolynf  EdTechTalk: cool, vicky in his car story

 21:53:36  Deb Barrows  EdTechTalk: That is so funny Bob!

 21:53:46  Kern  EdTechTalk: @bob That voice in your head ;)

 21:53:48  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @colleen - i hadn't been on TTube for awhile, couldn't believe the difference with the ads

 21:53:50  arthus  EdTechTalk: well that's the problem with teachertube... it's a technology built for the content

 21:53:54  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: lol bob!

 21:54:01  arthus  EdTechTalk: and not the medium

 21:54:09  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Karen, they are out of control. It's ruining the site.

 21:54:15  carolynf  EdTechTalk: arthus, actually I think it's built to make money

 21:54:16  Durff  EdTechTalk: i think it's main problem is how slow it is

 21:54:23  gradster1  EdTechTalk: oh

 21:54:24  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Is it time to boycott Teachertube?

 21:54:29  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Liz Kolb, Cell phones in the classroom

 21:54:30  arthus  EdTechTalk: YES

 21:54:32  carolynf  EdTechTalk: someone saw an opportunity.  Company is in Austin, where I live, I should email them

 21:54:38  gradster1  EdTechTalk: eah it's not the msgs........

 21:54:38  carolynf  EdTechTalk: and tell them we'll boycott!

 21:54:39  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: what did TeacherTube do??

 21:54:46  JaniceS  EdTechTalk: Yes the cellphone one is fantastic!

 21:54:47  carolynf  EdTechTalk: just too slow jen

 21:54:52  carolynf  EdTechTalk: the Cellphone one is AWEsome

 21:54:52  Durff  EdTechTalk: if we are lucky arthus will build us a new tube

 21:54:57  Durff  EdTechTalk: arthustube?

 21:54:59  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @jen - too many ads, wicked slow!

 21:55:08  carolynf  EdTechTalk: we had a teacher do a lesson via cell phone on friday after watching it

 21:55:11  carolynf  EdTechTalk: I blogged about it

 21:55:12  arthus  EdTechTalk: @Durff... eh... wish I had the time for all these projects

 21:55:16  carolynf  EdTechTalk: www.futura.edublogs.org

 21:55:21  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: @Karen I understand the need to earn money but I think they could check ad placement

 21:55:35  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: arthustube :D

 21:55:37  SharonP  EdTechTalk: loved Konrad Glogowski's session on blogging

 21:55:44  Kern  EdTechTalk: We used GCast this summer with students (podcasts from cellphone)

 21:55:51  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi hey zeus

 21:55:55  carolynf  EdTechTalk: glad to hear these reviews of sessions

 21:55:55  arthus  EdTechTalk: actually... it'd be GeniusStream

 21:55:57  JaniceS  EdTechTalk: Both blogging sessions were good.

 21:56:02  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Love the name hey zeus!

 21:56:06  Durff  EdTechTalk: Geniustube

 21:56:08  carolynf  EdTechTalk: we're having teachers watch some tomorrow..their choice

 21:56:09  hey zeus!  EdTechTalk: I'm back in

 21:56:09  hey zeus!  EdTechTalk: ok

 21:56:09  hey zeus!  EdTechTalk: ha

 21:56:16  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: i need to hit the hay all! thanks so much everyone. have a great night/day!

 21:56:25  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: @Karen  "wicked slow".....you're such a local LOL

 21:56:27  SharonP  EdTechTalk: and of course, loved Dean's and Derek's

 21:56:30  Durff  EdTechTalk: url?

 21:56:31  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: night bob

 21:56:33  hey zeus!  EdTechTalk: ...............c*rap[z

 21:56:37  Durff  EdTechTalk: alice

 21:56:37  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: night all

 21:56:40  carolynf  EdTechTalk: night bob!

 21:56:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: @Durf... yes geniustube

 21:56:44  Kern  EdTechTalk: g'night bob

 21:56:48  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @colleen - i gave it away with that one!

 21:56:49  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: bye bob

 21:56:56  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: thanks, bob

 21:56:56  JaniceS  EdTechTalk: good night bob

 21:56:57  arthus  EdTechTalk: I'll put it at video.begeni.us

 21:56:57  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Nite Biob

 21:57:02  Durff  EdTechTalk: love that 'ya'all'

 21:57:02  bobsprankle  EdTechTalk: :)

 21:57:13  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Yes Durff'

 21:57:16  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks durff

 21:57:16  Durff  EdTechTalk: yes Design Matters

 21:57:23  carolynf  EdTechTalk: Dean's was good

 21:57:24  hey zeus!  EdTechTalk: too much lag........ can't survive........ no really, cya

 21:57:31  Durff  EdTechTalk: really pushing design with 8th grade

 21:57:31  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: I liked Dean's, too

 21:57:43  carolynf  EdTechTalk: hi ryan!

 21:57:44  arthus  EdTechTalk: what level of design?

 21:57:45  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi ryan

 21:57:52  hey zeus!  EdTechTalk: can't type correctly

 21:57:53  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hi ryan, welcome

 21:57:54  arthus  EdTechTalk: awesome design or decent design?

 21:57:56  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/contests/Explorer-trip-2008

 21:57:56  carolynf  EdTechTalk: arthus--he talks about school design, and then design in general

 21:58:01  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://del.icio.us/brightideasguru/wowoftheweek

 21:58:04  ryanbretag  EdTechTalk: Hi Everyone!

 21:58:12  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: www.diigo.com

 21:58:16  arthus  EdTechTalk: @carolyn.. coolio

 21:58:29  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Durff http://bitbybitseedlings.ning.com

 21:58:36  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: Vicki: I'm eager to play with diigo.

 21:58:40  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Complete online free music guide. - http://www.digitalalchemy.tv/2007/06/complete-guide-to-free-music-online...

 21:58:42  carolynf  EdTechTalk: notice how twitter is bleeding over here, I keep trying to put the @ sign also, arthus!

 21:58:42  Durff  EdTechTalk: thanks alice

 21:58:45  arthus  EdTechTalk: HAHAHAHA

 21:58:47  arthus  EdTechTalk: MWAHAHAHAHAHA

 21:58:53  arthus  EdTechTalk: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

 21:58:57  carolynf  EdTechTalk: trip to australia, I missed that

 21:58:59  arthus  EdTechTalk: prepare for me, Australia

 21:59:02  SharonP  EdTechTalk: http://www.twbcanada.ca

 21:59:07  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh my kids love webkins.  I interviewed my daughter about webkins and am going to post the podcast.

 21:59:10  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: It was awesome.

 21:59:14  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: www.webkinz.com  recycled again, kids teaching parents social networking

 21:59:42  SharonP  EdTechTalk: My WOW of the week is the new Teachers Without Borders Canada site - really love it - please consider supporting them

 21:59:49  Durff  EdTechTalk: yup in our school too - webkinz are big

 21:59:53  sroseman  EdTechTalk: my neice's 6 year old has a webkinz account

 22:00:12  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: HEY RYAN

 22:00:24  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/contests/Explorer-trip-2008

 22:00:29  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: link for Australia

 22:00:36  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: webkinz.com is so much fun to play with little cousins, and interesting to watch the networking and skills the kids are learning

 22:01:01  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And it is very very safe.

 22:01:06  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I'm so impressed with what they do there.

 22:01:16  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: this will be a podcast and chat on edtechtalk.com/womenofweb2

 22:01:23  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Go k12online conference!

 22:01:30  arthus  EdTechTalk: who wants to be a beta tester?

 22:01:33  CheriT  EdTechTalk: get better cheryl

 22:01:35  ann-njtechteacher  EdTechTalk: goodnight all thanks

 22:01:35  arthus  EdTechTalk: anyone?

 22:01:37  arthus  EdTechTalk: anyone?

 22:01:43  Sarah S  EdTechTalk: Thanks for a great show

 22:01:46  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: Thanks

 22:01:50  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Beta tester for what ARthus?

 22:01:50  Kern  EdTechTalk: night all!!!

 22:01:51  Durff  EdTechTalk: anyone what arthus?

 22:01:52  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I missed it.

 22:01:53  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks, I didn't even see you here , glad to see you Cheri T

 22:01:55  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: @arthus for what?

 22:02:01  arthus  EdTechTalk: a beta tester for begeni.us

 22:02:03  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey I'm beta teaching expression web for microsoft -- arthus.

 22:02:04  Deb Barrows  EdTechTalk: Take care and have a great week!

 22:02:05  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks all for spending time

 22:02:06  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: What is it?

 22:02:07  JaniceS  EdTechTalk: Thank you. Looking forward to your presentations!

 22:02:16  CheriT  EdTechTalk: I was a lurker tonight - multitasking

 22:02:18  arthus  EdTechTalk: it will be an education tool

 22:02:23  arthus  EdTechTalk: various tools

 22:02:27  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi Dr. T!

 22:02:29  CheriT  EdTechTalk: bye all

 22:02:30  Cathy E  EdTechTalk: great show - ladies

 22:02:34  CheriT  EdTechTalk: hey durf

 22:02:35  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: A wlurker.

 22:02:35  CheriT  EdTechTalk: f

 22:02:35  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: ok, i'll take an invite @arthus

 22:02:36  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: I'll beta, Arthus

 22:02:38  Durff  EdTechTalk: nite ye'all!@

 22:02:41  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: See you Friday, Dr. T

 22:02:43  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: great show with all in chat.

 22:02:44  arthus  EdTechTalk: stream tech, tube tech, wiki tech, and others

 22:02:47  CheriT  EdTechTalk: yup dea

 22:02:53  CheriT  EdTechTalk: good to see you in here again

 22:02:54  ryanbretag  EdTechTalk: good night all - make it a great evening!

 22:03:00  arthus  EdTechTalk: if you want beta, please email me: http://myfla.ws/contact/

 22:03:12  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: I have been having so many Skype problems.... glad to hear its not just me

 22:03:19  CheriT  EdTechTalk: I hear Vicki is a guest on thursday

 22:03:32  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: bye all, thanks for coming.

 22:03:33  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes.  I'll be there.

 22:03:36  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: Thanks and good night!

 22:03:37  CheriT  EdTechTalk: watch out for those ISU doc students

 22:03:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh, what time, I cannot remember ;-)

 22:03:42  CheriT  EdTechTalk: they learn quickly

 22:03:47  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Better check my airset.

 22:03:47  arthus  EdTechTalk: well I'm off to web dev

 22:03:53  arthus  EdTechTalk: c'ya Friday

 22:04:03  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: yes, Vicki....look forward to talking with you Thursday as a our Webcast guest

 22:04:08  sroseman  EdTechTalk: what time

 22:04:09  CheriT  EdTechTalk: bye Sharon - google docs tomorrow and thursday

 22:04:16  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: wait jen...what was your wow link for contest

 22:04:16  arthus  EdTechTalk: remember to email for beta invite: http://myfla.ws/contact/

 22:04:17  carolynf  EdTechTalk: bye all!

 22:04:20  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/contests/Explorer-trip-2008

 22:04:23  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: \there you go

 22:04:23  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: can't find it and lost chat room

 22:04:29  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes. I'm looking dea at my calendar.

 22:04:35  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: to make sure I put it on there.

 22:04:37  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Time again?

 22:04:55  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: I am thinking 5:30

 22:05:04  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, we are one hour time difference.

 22:05:05  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I see it.

 22:05:09  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: But were you going on at 5:45?

 22:05:16  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I have down 6:30 my time but going on at 6:45.

 22:05:18  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: good night everyone!

 22:05:19  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: Right....geography and time

 22:05:21  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: take care!!!

 22:05:23  CheriT  EdTechTalk: bye Jen

 22:05:26  dea conrad-curry  EdTechTalk: Night.

 22:05:27  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Ok, I'll see u then.

 22:05:35  CheriT  EdTechTalk: be careful with the ashy air

 22:05:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Bye Lee, we're heaing out, I'll see you tomorrow night!