2007-2008 School Year Goals

arvind and I will be hosting our Goal Show on 9/26 at noon EST. The show will be all about the personal goals of our community. So here's a place to share your goals for the year. We look forward to seeing what you're planning to achieve this year.

Thanks for contributing to the conversation.



Apply what I am doing at EdTechTalk to my work/school.

Assimilate three new department members

Communicate Department Goal, Acceptable Use, and Policies and Procedures with school community

Provide more robust technology training for Faculty and Staff

Concentrate on K-12 Technology Skills and better technology integration

Create a Technology Working Group to help make decissions about future technology initiatives at Collegiate.


1) Come up with a plan to begin training my faculty towards NETS-T and beyond

2) Install at least one Edubuntu LTSP lab in a classroom for a 1:1 Thin Client Experiment

3) Build internal support for a laptop program

4) Move all pure file servers to UBUNTU linux to cut down on costs of windows licensing

5) Implement a comprehensive backup plan

6) Get more teachers on Moodle, and introduce podcasting to the faculty

7) Find better ways to organize my work life :)

8) Do everything I can to spend as much time with my family as possible...

As an elementary computer lab teacher my goals are:
  1. Create lessons using technology to support learning objectives and lessons in the regular education classroom;
  2. Support NETs and core instruction standards; no technology in isolation;
  3. Use technology to make the core curriculum (which sucks the life out of learning until it is a dry dusty thing) accessible, interesting, and worth learning
I am perhaps being overly ambitious, but I'm doing pretty good so far, so knock on wood, this is looking feasible.

  • Produce a weekly 'Worldbridges announcement' highlighting recent activity and upcoming shows on the network
  • Turn Worldbridges.net into a functional, robust network hub and bring worldbridges.com back to life to support com activities
  • Develop at least one 'income earning community' to the point of having a funcitonalm anagment structure and generating income to be distributed
  • Maintain a personal web presence that doesn't require excuses or jokes when being shared
  • Tweak the Webcast Academy learning resources so that facilatators can pretty much step in without having to redesign stuff for each session
  • Finally give us 1.1'ers and othr deserving webcastes our Academy Certifications (especiallly Alex & Arvind)
  • Achieve ponytail length before my hair thins too much making tihs long, often puffy journey useless

  • Clean up Webcast Academy Book
  • Update and develop Youthbridges as an active online youth community
  • Kick off Musicbridge as a teacher resource and shareplace for podsafe music and musicians community
  • Develop a proposal for design and development of P21-aligned Ed Tech Master’s cognate curriculum
  • Put my entire curriculum for CompTech8 on a DrupalEd
  • Become a somewhat proficient builder in Second Life and OpenSim
  • Add to the Elgg how-to's and our Youthvoices/Personal Learning Space tutorials and lesson plans
  • Learn to be a better communicator and develop organizational skills
  • Learn to say No!

Kind of cool thinking of the beginning of the school year as New Year's. Well for me. Short term goals include having a smooth school year with my third grade students. This is only my second year back in the classroom and I want to;

1.. Do more small group and individual student intervention instead of whole group teaching all day. This involves teaching my students to become independent learners.

2. Find ways to "embed" technology into my curriculum. This will be dependent on presenting content in a more creative creative "art of teaching" way and coach my students to produce content on the web.

In ESL teaching;

1. Make lessons more engaging by bringing in multimedia such as producing podcasts, developing Enlgish Learnings Blog and Making computer lab operational at the school.

In Webcasting;

1. Develop http://puentesalmundo.net site to promote and develop Spanish language webcasting on the Worldbridges network.

2. Help to bring back some life to http://eflbridges.net. Bringing resources and services to EFL students and teachers throughout the world.

3, Continue work with It's Elementary Webcast. Finding ways to promote Webcast to more elementary school teachers.

4. Webcast live from CUE California Edtech Conference in the Spring of 2008

In Personal

1. Keep the Faith

2. Find ways to be a great Dad, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend and GEEK.




Jose Rodriguez 3rd Grade Teacher Los Angeles CA, USA