Women of Web 2.0 goes Global Projects!

Join Jen, Cheryl, Sharon, and Vicki as we discuss Global projects with Cheryl Lycowski and Kristin Hokanson! The show just had a great vitality and the chat room took on a life of its own.  Enjoy the show, enjoy the chat.

See you next week!

Chat is HERE.

 20:10:54  donabene  EdTechTalk: hello there

 20:49:41  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Hey Hey -- lookie who is here!!!

 20:50:27  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: JUST A REMINDER -- We are going to be grabbing screenshots tonight!!! 

 20:56:31  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Hello Pam

 20:56:37  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: HI!

 20:56:55  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: Is there trouble with the audio?

 20:57:01  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: not sure

 20:57:06  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Hello everyone

 20:57:07  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: cherylL trying to call you

 20:57:07  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I think we just turned it on

 20:57:17  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: I'll try again

 20:57:21  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Hi everyone

 20:57:24  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: I know Cheryl I was switching between laptops sorry

 20:58:05  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Hey Cheryl -- we need to call you

 20:58:38  Durff  EdTechTalk: realise the ETT listen page does not work

 20:58:52  Durff  EdTechTalk: go to worldbridges listen page

 20:59:03  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hello all,

 20:59:21  SharonP  EdTechTalk: Claudia - would you be able to join us in the skype tonight?? skype name please?

 20:59:26  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: Hello, Kristin!

 20:59:44  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: WE ARE GRABBING SCREENSHOTS TONIGHT!!!

 20:59:54  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: So -- please be nice in your chat  LOL

 21:00:02  SharonP  EdTechTalk: for our K12 online presentation!

 21:00:11  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: if you wish NOT to be in the chat conversation -- please don't TYPE  LOL

 21:00:19  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: CHOOSE A COLOR NOW

 21:00:25  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: bottom left of your toolbar

 21:00:37  Durff  EdTechTalk: green

 21:00:42  SharonP  EdTechTalk: okay I claim this colour!

 21:00:43  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: I'm green

 21:00:58  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: sorry Durff you and I must think alike

 21:00:59  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi everyone

 21:01:03  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: I can hear you now!

 21:01:05  Durff  EdTechTalk: :)

 21:01:10  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Hi Durff

 21:01:12  SharonP  EdTechTalk: greetings to all!

 21:01:15  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hey durff, how about a sound check?

 21:01:15  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: I'll go orange

 21:01:18  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: hi, Durff

 21:01:29  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: hello folks

 21:01:54  susanvg  EdTechTalk: where can I find the audio?

 21:02:03  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: audio is edtechtalkA

 21:02:09  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Click on Listen!

 21:02:11  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Welcome everyone!

 21:02:15  Durff  EdTechTalk: listen page at http://worldbridges.net/listen

 21:02:27  susanvg  EdTechTalk: thanks

 21:02:35  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello alice

 21:02:50  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Hi cheryl

 21:03:00  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi whoever said hi while i was waiting for word to open

 21:03:09  Durff  EdTechTalk: http://worldbridges.net/listen

 21:03:25  Durff  EdTechTalk: ETT Listen page not working

 21:03:42  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: find chat window, click on ett a at the bottom

 21:04:01  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Hello Melinda

 21:04:10  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Hello

 21:04:11  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Hmmm -- really??

 21:04:12  web3PO  EdTechTalk: hello everyone

 21:04:19  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i posted on Classroom 2.0 about you as a principal who blogs

 21:04:34  Durff  EdTechTalk: http://worldbridges.net/listen

 21:04:36  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: we are working on SOUND

 21:04:52  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Hey thanks! I can't keep up with everything so I quit doing classroom 2.0 eventually I'll get to that too

 21:04:55  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Got my HS macbooks today! :-)

 21:05:03  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: congrats to ALICEBARR

 21:05:14  SharonP  EdTechTalk: ooh, Alice.... sounds groovy!

 21:05:15  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Thanks jen1

 21:05:23  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Jen!

 21:05:23  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: please choose a color -- bottom left of your toolbar

 21:05:44  mmiller  EdTechTalk: do I  look pink to you?

 21:05:47  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: http://www.maine.gov/mlti    for Maine macbooks for HS staff

 21:05:54  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: too pink for me Melinda

 21:05:55  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: My color isn't working

 21:05:58  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi vinnie

 21:06:00  web3PO  EdTechTalk: Picasa is on Linux, too

 21:06:03  web3PO  EdTechTalk: not just PC

 21:06:03  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Oops now it is!

 21:06:04  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: how about SOUND -- is sound working??

 21:06:09  sroseman  EdTechTalk: was it rainy in Montreal!!!

 21:06:10  Durff  EdTechTalk: my color doesn't work either

 21:06:11  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: of course im stll healing form eye surg

 21:06:16  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Hello Brian -- are you on TV tomorrow night???

 21:06:17  web3PO  EdTechTalk: and iPhoto has picasa plugins

 21:06:19  Durff  EdTechTalk: i think it's the browser

 21:06:21  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: Sound is fine

 21:06:35  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: www.dapper.net

 21:06:36  web3PO  EdTechTalk: so Picasa is available for linux, PC and is plugged into iPhoto

 21:06:37  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: WE ARE GRABBING SCREENSHOTS TONIGHT -- BE WARNED!!!  :)

 21:06:41  Durff  EdTechTalk: sound on worldbridges

 21:06:42  SharonP  EdTechTalk: dapper.net

 21:06:42  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: No heard from ABC they are doing something else tonight.

 21:06:45  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: WOOT

 21:06:47  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: melinda, all these names are scrolling past, Pam, Chrissy, susanr susanvg,

 21:06:50  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: screenshots

 21:06:52  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Sadness-- Brian

 21:06:53  Durff  EdTechTalk: meow

 21:06:57  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: hopes for next week??

 21:06:57  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi maac

 21:07:12  sroseman  EdTechTalk: dapper.net

 21:07:12  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: did Mac meow again??

 21:07:15  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: hey Jason!

 21:07:16  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi jason

 21:07:22  web3PO  EdTechTalk: http://picasa.google.com/linux/

 21:07:22  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy

 21:07:22  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Hey Partner!

 21:07:25  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: yes Jen Mac did

 21:07:25  mmiller  EdTechTalk: What about the names Cathy

 21:07:33  SharonP  EdTechTalk: doodle.ch

 21:07:34  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: I heard Mac

 21:07:39  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa and Chrissy!

 21:07:41  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello Brian, come back

 21:07:43  Durff  EdTechTalk: me too

 21:07:44  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: grins -- he cracks me up

 21:07:52  Karen  EdTechTalk: Should I get on my PC?

 21:07:56  web3PO  EdTechTalk: http://picasa.google.com/web/mac_tools.html

 21:08:00  web3PO  EdTechTalk: there ya go.

 21:08:02  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: doodle - that is a bad name!!!!

 21:08:07  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: someone on Classroom 2,0 (ning) asked about principals who blog

 21:08:14  Durff  EdTechTalk: darth will have hiws revenge

 21:08:18  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Oh

 21:08:20  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i feel like i'm talking to no one :(

 21:08:24  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: http://www.thestorystarter.com/

 21:08:25  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey Brian.

 21:08:29  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Web3PO -- no one?

 21:08:31  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Are you not there?

 21:08:32  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: hi web3po

 21:08:36  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Can you hear?

 21:08:37  Durff  EdTechTalk: web3PO must be dave

 21:08:40  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Hi everyone

 21:08:40  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: what is your real name?

 21:08:44  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: hi we3.0

 21:08:48  CathyE  EdTechTalk: @ Jason- spoken like a true DAD- doodle

 21:09:00  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: http://www.eduplace.com/tales/

 21:09:01  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: lo, you got that right Cathy

 21:09:01  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: we are grabbing screenshots tonight, watch the chat

 21:09:08  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: careful names will be posted in a screencast somewhere

 21:09:09  web3PO  EdTechTalk: yeah, i just didn't understand the Picasa part

 21:09:18  web3PO  EdTechTalk: Picasa works for Linux and there are plugins for iPhoto

 21:09:26  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: picas, google app not available in mac format

 21:09:36  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: but good pix editor

 21:09:43  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk:  easy for teachers and kids

 21:09:43  web3PO  EdTechTalk: http://picasa.google.com/web/mac_tools.html

 21:09:46  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks cathy, sc, i would love to add picasa

 21:09:47  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: go Mac

 21:09:58  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i use iphot in mac

 21:09:58  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: 3rd graders love madlibs - great for parts of speech

 21:09:59  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: http://www.catster.com/

 21:10:00  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: oh, that is amazing, I iwll try it web3po

 21:10:05  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: have found a lot of similarity

 21:10:13  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: my dogs have dogster

 21:10:15  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: WOOT

 21:10:31  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: Jen that is the funniest thing I have heard all week!

 21:10:40  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: thanks Jason

 21:10:43  Durff  EdTechTalk: dogster?


 21:11:11  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i blogged today about Spanish moss in all the trees today over at TechnoTuesday

 21:11:17  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Some people have to much time on their hands!

 21:11:20  mmiller  EdTechTalk: back in a minute

 21:11:22  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: www.wikirage.com

 21:11:34  Durff  EdTechTalk: your cat?

 21:11:36  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: cool

 21:11:45  Durff  EdTechTalk: Go mac!! Meow

 21:11:54  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Cathy -- I think that is what I loved about Savannah was the spanish moss

 21:11:56  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: so we can contribute to the wowo of the week--awesome

 21:12:02  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I had never seen that yet

 21:12:08  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Scary look at #55 on wikirage

 21:12:10  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: its everywhere here in Myrtle beach

 21:12:17  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks web3po for this link http://picasa.google.com/web/mac_tools.html

 21:12:18  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: and how is the house???

 21:12:35  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: I'm walking around the kitchen monitoring cooking while I'm doing this and my family is cracking up!

 21:12:55  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i ran from folding clothes when i realized it was 9:00

 21:13:04  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I have 19 wow of the weeks - http://del.icio.us/search/?fr=del_icio_us&p=wowoftheweek&type=user

 21:13:09  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://del.icio.us/search/?fr=del_icio_us&p=wowoftheweek&type=user

 21:13:19  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: glad we are the entertainment BRian, hi to your family

 21:13:25  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: they are very talented cats

 21:13:41  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: that is funny, HI VINCEJ

 21:13:45  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Too much!

 21:13:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://lifehacker.com/software/lifehacker-top-10/top-10-back-to-school-t...

 21:13:54  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Lifehackers top 10 tools for back to school.

 21:14:08  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: New cool website - hotchalk - http://app2.hotchalk.com/register/teacher

 21:14:17  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: m cat is at my other home...:(

 21:14:32  Karen  EdTechTalk: Do I have to have two windows open to listen and chat?

 21:14:36  Durff  EdTechTalk: meow

 21:14:46  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: johash

 21:14:51  Durff  EdTechTalk: i do karen

 21:14:55  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Math games - http://www.mathplayground.com/

 21:15:05  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Karen, it helps to listen at a real player, or itunes,  and chat in a differnt window

 21:15:08  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Is COLLEEN HERE???

 21:15:13  Karen  EdTechTalk: Got it!

 21:15:13  Durff  EdTechTalk: i use a tabbed browser

 21:15:17  Kristin  EdTechTalk: Karen yu are best to stream first

 21:15:19  web3PO  EdTechTalk: "one of our planes went down?"

 21:15:21  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Mathplayground was a WOW MOMENT from last week

 21:15:24  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: alicebarr2 hve you cloned?

 21:15:24  web3PO  EdTechTalk: are you kidding me?

 21:15:25  Kristin  EdTechTalk: then come back to the chat room

 21:15:30  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: sorry Web3PO -- I said that badly

 21:16:03  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: hey, it happens sometimes that ppl word things badly, we understood what you meant Jen

 21:16:12  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: can't click links in Flock so trying firefox :-)

 21:16:14  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hello Linda, welcome

 21:16:27  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Me too, I have two browsers open.

 21:16:28  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: 26 in Chatroom

 21:16:42  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: cool stuff!

 21:16:44  sroseman  EdTechTalk: WOW

 21:16:49  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: Yea Michigan!

 21:16:50  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: do we have a link for CHERYL???

 21:16:54  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: great numbers tonight. The Weebly men will be here in the future and want educators feedback,

 21:17:01  fceblog  EdTechTalk: I'm here without a voice, but listening perfectly and enjoying this. I can type fast to answer any questions you may have.

 21:17:21  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Jen Wagner ..I used Skype with Tappedin this evening

 21:17:21  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: I'll be there!

 21:17:24  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: ok, is fceblog, claudia?

 21:17:38  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: How did that go susanr?

 21:17:40  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: way to go SUE

 21:17:40  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Who else is connecting globally with other classrooms -- please drop links to your information in the chat.

 21:18:01  sroseman  EdTechTalk: ok  ...

 21:18:11  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Lee Baber and I have a Skype project blooming if we can pull it together ... and we will! : )

 21:18:13  Durff  EdTechTalk: darth vader syndrome

 21:18:14  sroseman  EdTechTalk: two of us on skype..the rest on text chat

 21:18:14  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: globalexplorers.wikispaces.com

 21:18:18  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: http://chrsicraft.pbwiki.com is the "Life 'Round Here" global collab project

 21:18:22  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: THANKS CHERYL!!!

 21:18:24  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks durff

 21:18:40  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: IS that spelled correctly Jason?

 21:18:42  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Chris won an award from SCAET

 21:18:42  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Susan, that would be interesting to add the audio dimension

 21:18:51  SharonP  EdTechTalk: that Life Round here project just looks so cool!

 21:19:01  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: and so many are intereted

 21:19:02  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: sounds like a very interesting project

 21:19:08  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: www.anzaconnection.wikispaces.com is our podcast global project with Victoria, Australia, and Life round here with Chris Craft and Salute to Seuss with Jen Wagner

 21:19:11  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Sorry guys, but dinner is ready and I have to go : (

 21:19:14  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: not sure Vicki

 21:19:18  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: checking now

 21:19:19  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: brian what is dinner?

 21:19:20  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: nzchrissy -- YEP

 21:19:20  fceblog  EdTechTalk: I am using blog and wiki but not participating in global collaboration yet. That's why I am eager to hear about the experiences of other teachers.

 21:19:23  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: by bri

 21:19:31  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: we're busy busy busy

 21:19:42  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Chicken is a light piquant sauce

 21:19:45  Durff  EdTechTalk: who isn't?

 21:19:50  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: yummy save some.

 21:19:52  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: dinner at the Crosby's == WOOHOO

 21:19:56  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Bye!

 21:19:57  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: nah, was spelt wrong sorry

 21:20:01  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: @BRian, BTW our student is skyping

 21:20:03  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: I know Durff!  Thank godness it's a nice busy

 21:20:09  sroseman  EdTechTalk: baby steps with Tappedin and Skype

 21:20:12  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: http://chriscraft.pbwiki.com

 21:21:10  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: These are great links.

 21:21:12  Durff  EdTechTalk: chrissy - 3rd + heat + computers wore me out - but 100% got on to the elephant pic! success

 21:21:19  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: lke elluminate?

 21:21:21  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Please share your global collaborative projects - -any links that you have.

 21:21:21  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: www.room18tis.edublogs.org  shows all of our projects we're involved or have been involved in

 21:21:26  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I LOVE elluminate.

 21:21:31  web3PO  EdTechTalk: why do we focus on international collaboration instead of different parts of the united states?

 21:21:37  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: we are captureing the chat tonight

 21:21:48  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: yeah flash meeting is cool

 21:21:57  Durff  EdTechTalk: i will  be blogging with Paul and Jo McLeay

 21:22:05  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: US proj can be good too!

 21:22:06  Durff  EdTechTalk: does that count?

 21:22:11  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Awesome hyperlinks!

 21:22:17  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: http://flashmeeting.open.ac.uk

 21:22:37  vinnie v  EdTechTalk: @web3po because there is more sizzle. Collaboration is collaboration. the idea is to connect students of different perspectives

 21:22:39  Durff  EdTechTalk: US? Skypevideos weekly in Spanish I with Florida

 21:22:48  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I am trying to get all 50 states in my projects -- so far I am 2 short in the O.R.E.O. project

 21:22:55  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Elluminate is free for use with three people, right? I am just exploring.

 21:22:59  Durff  EdTechTalk: oh me!

 21:23:14  Durff  EdTechTalk: 5th grade - OREO?

 21:23:16  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: VYEW and Yugma are good free tools for sharing desktops too

 21:23:18  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I need North Dakota and New Hampshire -- if you know anyone

 21:23:24  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Elluminate has what they call Vroom for 3 people

 21:23:27  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Maria Knee in NH

 21:23:29  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Yes, Lisa-- O.R.E.O. is PreK6

 21:23:34  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: woo hooo

 21:23:37  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: Vicki we are in Yoouth Voices

 21:23:42  web3PO  EdTechTalk: anyone who has worked in different parts of the country knows that we don't have to go very far to find two radically different perspectives

 21:23:43  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: I didn't know that cherylL, thanks

 21:23:49  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh of course you are!

 21:23:50  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello Janice, good to see you

 21:23:55  Durff  EdTechTalk: I haave two classes then

 21:23:56  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I'm a newbie, I hope you'll be nice to me, Alice.

 21:23:58  web3PO  EdTechTalk: and it seems like intellectual diversity is more important than geographic diversity, usually they're related but not always

 21:24:05  Durff  EdTechTalk: You got your 502

 21:24:08  Durff  EdTechTalk: 50

 21:24:09  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl, thanks

 21:24:12  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: newies may want just US to begin with

 21:24:13  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: web3PO -- I do agree

 21:24:14  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Good to be here

 21:24:16  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: It's really well organized kids are great!

 21:24:41  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I have some projects with schools just in my city

 21:24:42  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i need the babysteps myself...

 21:24:58  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: ANY collaborative project has value

 21:24:58  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: and there is diversity there which still amazes me

 21:25:07  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: baby steps are a great confidence builder!

 21:25:10  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: Gets the kids to think outside the walls

 21:25:18  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: good one Alice!

 21:25:27  Durff  EdTechTalk: can i eat oreos as the facilitator?

 21:25:41  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: LOL -- I cannot promote the eating of Oreos  LOL

 21:25:43  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: Thanks cheryl :-)

 21:25:49  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: but -- sure, do what you wish

 21:25:59  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I like Oreos.

 21:26:01  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Denise, hello where are you from?

 21:26:01  Durff  EdTechTalk: i like oreos

 21:26:10  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: it is the O.R.E.O. project though -- not OREO

 21:26:13  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And getting the teachers to think outside the walls too!

 21:26:13  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi JenMad! good to see you

 21:26:15  Durff  EdTechTalk: i ate 9 today

 21:26:21  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: there were apparently a lot of inaccuracies in that "did u know" video

 21:26:21  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: How many teachers now Jen in the Oreo?

 21:26:24  Durff  EdTechTalk: with coffee

 21:26:24  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: durff -- that is 900 calories

 21:26:28  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: One of our 10th grade SS teachers showed did you know to the kids. They were SILENT

 21:26:29  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: LindaN where are you from?

 21:26:31  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: 827 -- and counting

 21:26:35  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Sorry, I came late. Where is her wiki?

 21:26:41  Durff  EdTechTalk: yup and i need all i can get

 21:26:43  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: we are waiting for the link Janice

 21:26:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://khokanson.blogspot.com/

 21:26:49  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Thanks

 21:26:50  Durff  EdTechTalk: so i don't lose wieght

 21:26:51  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: there we go

 21:26:58  Kristin  EdTechTalk: http://khokanson.blogspot.com

 21:27:01  Durff  EdTechTalk: or docs get upset

 21:27:03  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Durff -- I can mail you ALL the weight you wish!!  :)

 21:27:09  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi Lori,

 21:27:09  Durff  EdTechTalk: ok

 21:27:22  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Linkswill come later

 21:27:34  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://theconnectedclassroom.wikispaces.com/

 21:27:41  Durff  EdTechTalk: how about just an url for O.R.E.O.?

 21:27:41  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Kristin's wiki

 21:27:43  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: The same with me Kristin, I can not type and talk on this show

 21:27:52  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://globalexplorers.wikispaces.com - Cheryls

 21:28:01  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: http://www.technospudprojects.com/Projects/OREO2007/oreo2007instructions...

 21:28:09  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Interesting to focus on the local vs national scope. I am thinking about the integration to the curriculum. e.g. Integrating collaboration to foreign language learning and other subjects. My students tend to focus on form of the message rather than content. Yet I think it would be great to go across different subjects.

 21:28:12  Durff  EdTechTalk: thanks

 21:28:32  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: I was in library with kids

 21:28:33  Durff  EdTechTalk: after the show i will sign up

 21:28:44  web3PO  EdTechTalk: yeah, there's plenty of intellectual diversity to be had close to home - that doesn't mean the project is small

 21:28:46  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: colleague came and said turn on your tv!

 21:28:58  web3PO  EdTechTalk: greater distance has no bearing on value with collaboration

 21:28:58  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I called my boss -- who had heard NOTHING

 21:29:00  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: it was a high school

 21:29:09  SharonP  EdTechTalk: 9/11 hit me pretty hard

 21:29:20  nzchrissy2  EdTechTalk: I was getting ready to go to school for the day and got a phone call to say turn on the tv. We all watched in horror and worried about our friends in Atlanta Georgia

 21:29:20  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i'd rather have my students understand their own country first

 21:29:22  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i can't imagine how the west coast poeple felt--what a wya to be jolted awake

 21:29:23  Kristin  EdTechTalk: http://globaleductation.ning.com

 21:29:30  SharonP  EdTechTalk: it really impacted our students here even in Montreal Canada

 21:29:44  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: great links Kristin

 21:29:45  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: it was a worldwide feeling

 21:29:48  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: understanding other countries helps you understand your own so much better

 21:30:06  SharonP  EdTechTalk: I felt strongly it was the day the West lost its innocence

 21:30:06  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: it was so weird Cathy -- we woke up to the fact that our world -- as we knew it the night before -- had changed

 21:30:09  web3PO  EdTechTalk: that depends on a lot of factors, jason

 21:30:11  Durff  EdTechTalk: i worked at a veteran's school when it occurred

 21:30:19  web3PO  EdTechTalk: it's far more complex than one broad sentence

 21:30:25  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: yes

 21:30:28  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: nah web3po, dont agree sorry

 21:30:51  Durff  EdTechTalk: and your take?

 21:30:53  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i thought the point of these things was discussion

 21:31:06  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i didn't think i'd be dismissed so quickly

 21:31:07  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: you can disagree in a discussion can't you?

 21:31:09  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hi Lori, welcome

 21:31:18  lori A  EdTechTalk: hi only in chat for now

 21:31:19  web3PO  EdTechTalk: yes, and the judgment usually comes at the end of the discussion

 21:31:20  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Not sure which comment Jason is wondering about

 21:31:23  lori A  EdTechTalk: have to get headphones

 21:31:27  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://globaleducation.ning.com/

 21:31:32  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: someone said just a bit ago that facts in KF stuff may not be accurate---i thought he redid it

 21:31:33  Durff  EdTechTalk: oh hando just spurt your opinion

 21:31:33  SharonP  EdTechTalk: hey, let's go from there about why we disagree...

 21:31:35  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Jason -- want to share with commentof web3po you were wondering about

 21:31:45  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: ok, sorry maybe i was too quick to dismiss, I retract

 21:31:52  web3PO  EdTechTalk: anyway... i think i'll just sit back and read/listen

 21:31:54  Durff  EdTechTalk: pooh

 21:32:00  Durff  EdTechTalk: that's no fun


 21:32:12  Durff  EdTechTalk: so?

 21:32:19  SharonP  EdTechTalk: great point Jen

 21:32:20  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: not doing your backchanneling part web30

 21:32:22  Durff  EdTechTalk: we can't misbehave?

 21:32:28  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: NOPE--just reminding you that we are capturing chat

 21:32:28  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: Jen, screen shots for what?

 21:32:33  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: talk about what you want

 21:32:35  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: durff willl row for 2

 21:32:40  Durff  EdTechTalk: for a presentation

 21:32:43  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: we just need to let you know that we are using some shots tonight for the K12

 21:32:45  fceblog  EdTechTalk: @durff we need to smile in case we get a shot ;-)

 21:32:51  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I love discussion --

 21:32:51  Durff  EdTechTalk: :)

 21:32:55  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: No, you should be yourselves and have conversations just some of this evening will be part of a presentation

 21:32:57  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: go ahead and debate

 21:33:10  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: lol lol

 21:33:10  Durff  EdTechTalk: i always misbehave

 21:33:16  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: just letting you know we are capturing screenshots -- and I will be reminding you that all night

 21:33:21  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: where else will you have this conversation with people from around the planet on a Tue. nite?

 21:33:21  Durff  EdTechTalk: it's part of who I am

 21:33:26  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Dismissed so quickly? web3po

 21:33:32  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: its ok, you just got an apology from me on the creenshot, will show the world I am human and make mistakes

 21:33:42  Durff  EdTechTalk: pooh

 21:33:44  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: LOL -- Jason -- I messed up tonight too!!!

 21:33:51  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Ah Jason you re so awesome

 21:33:54  Durff  EdTechTalk: i want conflict

 21:33:56  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: so we are 2 for 2

 21:33:57  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: hehe, I do it all the time

 21:33:57  web3PO  EdTechTalk: it's not a big deal, there's no reason to dwell on it

 21:34:01  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: No one is dismissed.  All opinions are important, however, we must remember that we all are coming from different backgrounds.

 21:34:02  SharonP  EdTechTalk: web 2.0 is about discourse and conversation - so let's have at it folks!

 21:34:02  Durff  EdTechTalk: it's interesting

 21:34:05  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: no pain, no gain

 21:34:08  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i agree, sharon

 21:34:16  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hello plivings, welcome

 21:34:21  Durff  EdTechTalk: debate is fun

 21:34:22  web3PO  EdTechTalk: what's a pliving?

 21:34:26  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: and in this corner we have -------- LOL

 21:34:26  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Some of us are in schools that are connecting and some are not -- some are connecting in state and some are global.  I think you need both

 21:34:35  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: web3po.

 21:34:49  fceblog  EdTechTalk: @Vicky diversity always welcome.

 21:34:56  web3PO  EdTechTalk: connections for the sake of connections just isn't good enough

 21:34:56  plivings  EdTechTalk: Pamela Livingston = plivings hello all

 21:35:01  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: Kristin is giving us a really good example here isn't she?

 21:35:01  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes! Diversity is very welcome!

 21:35:03  nzchrissy2  EdTechTalk: we enjoyed the connection we made with our year 8's over the other side of the school during the new 7 wonders of the world project

 21:35:04  Durff  EdTechTalk: hello

 21:35:05  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Hi Pam!!!  Welcome

 21:35:08  web3PO  EdTechTalk: oh oh, i didn't see the username plivings, haha

 21:35:08  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: It's about the connections first not just where we are connecting to

 21:35:11  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i got slammed at teacherlibrariannetowrk Ning this week by a newbie

 21:35:14  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: ouch

 21:35:18  Kristin  EdTechTalk: http://learninglatinamerica.wikispaces.com

 21:35:18  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hello Melinda

 21:35:20  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: really????  why??

 21:35:22  Durff  EdTechTalk: slammed?

 21:35:25  mmiller  EdTechTalk: what'd I miss what'd I miss???

 21:35:26  Durff  EdTechTalk: how?

 21:35:28  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: lol Cathy

 21:35:36  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: said i shouldn't have a school blog if no one is commenting

 21:35:38  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: Hi melinda

 21:35:42  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: lots of chat and global projects, it will be podcast and on the webpate

 21:35:46  Durff  EdTechTalk: ouch

 21:35:48  web3PO  EdTechTalk: diversity on its own just isn't good enough - we have to have standards and reasons for what we're doing

 21:35:49  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Cathy -- why?

 21:35:50  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: for pete's sake gotta start somehwere

 21:35:58  web3PO  EdTechTalk: because not all contributions are created equal

 21:36:00  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: they were reveiewwing lib blogs

 21:36:02  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Show them your readership.

 21:36:02  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Hello everyone, again

 21:36:07  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: stumbled on mine'

 21:36:13  fceblog  EdTechTalk: @web3po Agreed. Not just for connection's sake. I guess teachers should discuss their objectives /expectations first.

 21:36:13  Durff  EdTechTalk: some of my kids comment on each other

 21:36:15  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And guess what all of us started with NO COMMENTS!

 21:36:20  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: You aren't a real blogger until you get a disgruntled comment

 21:36:24  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: LOL

 21:36:25  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: dissed for little student input

 21:36:28  Durff  EdTechTalk: i don't ask them to -they just do

 21:36:30  web3PO  EdTechTalk: and that's too bad that someone said that about your blog. at the very least, a blog is a great record of work even if no one's reading it

 21:36:35  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: it was myfirst try ever

 21:36:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: @web3PO -- Every connection is important and we must have pedagogical reasons and intentions.  Absolutely.

 21:36:48  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: you must be saying something worth listening Cathy!!!

 21:36:51  plivings  EdTechTalk: Saw Vicki Davis' Tweet on this session - love that Twitter

 21:36:52  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: But I believe you can have meaning AND connections and when you have both it is very powerful.

 21:36:56  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: they said i should have been teaching lib literacy instead

 21:36:59  web3PO  EdTechTalk: but every connection isn't important and some are more important than others

 21:36:59  Durff  EdTechTalk: i don't blog for myself because of who reads it

 21:37:04  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: I said teaching blogging is part of it

 21:37:08  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: I agree web3po, a blog should be written for the author, then the reader, then the commenters begin a conversation wth the author

 21:37:10  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i modeled for my kids

 21:37:12  web3PO  EdTechTalk: that's just the plain truth

 21:37:22  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: No one thinks we shoudl just happily run through the meadow holding hands -- we're doing things that add meaning.

 21:37:24  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Cathy you just don't listen to them. They must have blog envy and are just jealous

 21:37:30  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: got three supporters to comment in my defense

 21:37:32  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And have purpose with authentic assessment.

 21:37:33  web3PO  EdTechTalk: yeah, good progression, cheryl, it seems like blogs go in those three steps

 21:37:41  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Drop in your blog Cathy.

 21:37:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Wwe'll all comment right now!

 21:37:54  nzchrissy2  EdTechTalk: absolutely

 21:37:56  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: it is my old school, but I'll find it hold on

 21:38:03  Durff  EdTechTalk: cathy give us an url and we will all comment on your behalf

 21:38:09  web3PO  EdTechTalk: ahh, nothing like padding the stats

 21:38:14  Durff  EdTechTalk: :)

 21:38:23  web3PO  EdTechTalk: isn't honesty, transparency and legitimacy a cornerstone of web 2.0 in schools?

 21:38:41  fceblog  EdTechTalk: @Vicky Meaning, yes. I imagine there must be so much enthusiasm at the start of a project... I wonder how much should be written down before, not to lose track. And yet, allow room for magic.

 21:38:43  Durff  EdTechTalk: so is web3PO like R2D2?

 21:38:44  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: http://nesslibrary.blogspot.com

 21:38:53  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: but i am at a differnet school now

 21:38:57  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: It didn't go there Cathy?

 21:39:00  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: It is gone.

 21:39:19  Durff  EdTechTalk: page not found

 21:39:34  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: strange--i am looking at it ill try again

 21:39:54  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Great point. Text is more than words

 21:39:56  plivings  EdTechTalk: Yes to digital ethics - we need to help kids know that they are playing in front of the whole world and to think about what that means

 21:40:12  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: http://nseslibrary.blogspot.com

 21:40:14  nzchrissy2  EdTechTalk: I find that any of our projects is a great legitimate chance to teach about digital literacy, and online safety and cyberbullying

 21:40:15  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: always an interesting conversation with WOW2

 21:40:26  Kristin  EdTechTalk: http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2007/09/digital-literacy-comes-home.html

 21:40:34  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: that one??

 21:40:41  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: we are not backchanneling -- we are side by side channeling ---  hmmm parallel chat??

 21:40:52  Durff  EdTechTalk: i started in earnest one elective where ethics is the center of digital information fluency

 21:41:03  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: in a parallel universe, the blogosphere

 21:41:11  Durff  EdTechTalk: we ARE backchanneling

 21:41:15  plivings  EdTechTalk: Wow like Alan November and the Zach story about Holocaust

 21:41:16  Durff  EdTechTalk: and loving it

 21:41:29  Kristin  EdTechTalk: because information is SO readily available to them

 21:41:32  SharonP  EdTechTalk: good for you Durff

 21:41:37  Durff  EdTechTalk: :)

 21:41:39  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: http://teacherlibrarian.ning.com/profile/rnlivingsto

 21:41:43  plivings  EdTechTalk: Alan November talks about how a student found a site that claimed the Holocaust didn't work

 21:41:44  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: here's the slam

 21:41:49  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: good conversation Vicki, about validating sources

 21:42:06  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: have to run to class - great show ladies, take care

 21:42:08  web3PO  EdTechTalk: unfortunately, that means we have to make them accountable for bad research in the same ways they'll be held accountable later on

 21:42:15  Durff  EdTechTalk: bye jason

 21:42:17  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: night Jason

 21:42:21  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: hugs to yoU!!!

 21:42:22  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: bye jason, thanks for coming

 21:42:23  SharonP  EdTechTalk: hitting that "reply to all" button can be REALLY REALLY dangerous! right, Vince?

 21:42:25  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: my son's highlight of the week--classmate caught cheating using cell phone as cheat sheet

 21:42:32  Jason Hando  EdTechTalk: hugs right back at ya

 21:42:32  plivings  EdTechTalk: People got fired back then,too, for bad emails

 21:42:41  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: my son's rx--by the time he input info, he probably had learned it

 21:42:43  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I got to hold an iPhone today!!!!

 21:42:52  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: the student was scared to death when I asked to see it

 21:42:55  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: no way Jen I am jealous

 21:42:55  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: he thought he was in trouble

 21:42:57  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh, Jen!

 21:43:08  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello charlene, welcome

 21:43:12  Durff  EdTechTalk: and what when your principal is the one who replies to all in a not nice way?

 21:43:13  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I told him that he would almost NEVER be in trouble with me when using TECH

 21:43:14  plivings  EdTechTalk: Agreed - we need to give feedback while they are learning - agree about not just having kids out there without support

 21:43:26  SharonP  EdTechTalk: I have held an iPhone ..... (even thought I am Canadian and they are rare here) sigh.... it was SOOO pretty

 21:43:28  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: Jen W I got an iPhone :-)

 21:43:46  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i just want a fat nano now

 21:43:52  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: OHHHH Alice -- I am green with envy (hmmm purple maybe)

 21:43:54  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Alice and Jen - me too. Waiting for my $100

 21:43:57  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I backchanneled last week in my class with Meebo Rooms last week and it was INCREDIBLE!

 21:44:11  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: The quiet kids typed like crazy in the live chat and the verbal kids talkedin class.

 21:44:12  vjansen  EdTechTalk: oh sharon U and your iPhone

 21:44:14  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: It was so amazing.

 21:44:17  Durff  EdTechTalk: did it work vicki?

 21:44:20  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Janice-- do you think you should get 200 back??

 21:44:20  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: Yea me too. Janice

 21:44:22  web3PO  EdTechTalk: by that logic, we should never give them 100% full or valid information

 21:44:31  SharonP  EdTechTalk: I wish it was MY iPhone

 21:44:36  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: That is my goal for my project opening the classroom to outside the US show students similarities/differences

 21:44:38  Durff  EdTechTalk: for hs it would work

 21:44:39  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i think anyone who has experienced backchanneling crave it in other situations

 21:44:40  web3PO  EdTechTalk: because they'd learn best if we gave them 50% and let them figure out the other 50%

 21:44:44  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Absolutely, Jen

 21:44:49  Durff  EdTechTalk: i don't have hs this year

 21:44:59  Kristin  EdTechTalk: http://www.invisiblechildren.com/

 21:45:01  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i think im a backchannlere at heart

 21:45:06  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Janice -- do you think it should be a check rather than store credit??

 21:45:08  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: students need to learn how to communicate with many different people

 21:45:16  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: is there a back channel going on now?

 21:45:17  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: sorry for typos folks--can't see well

 21:45:22  Durff  EdTechTalk: i'm a delinquent at heart

 21:45:29  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: I don't care. I spend enough at the Apple store.

 21:45:30  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: Jen W no way it will be apple credit

 21:45:30  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: this is a backchannel

 21:45:40  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: charlene --

 21:45:40  Durff  EdTechTalk: yup

 21:45:51  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Alice -- but do you want cash??

 21:45:56  Kristin  EdTechTalk: Dr Seuss :)

 21:46:08  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: at BLC Chri ong presented and participated in bakchannel

 21:46:16  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Yeh Jen and Technospud projects

 21:46:20  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I'm about to turn on screen capture guys.

 21:46:22  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: worked it into his and Chris Le presentation

 21:46:24  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Go Jen

 21:46:25  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: They are fantastic

 21:46:27  SharonP  EdTechTalk: yes, the backchanneling at BLC conference was quite incredible

 21:46:28  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: absolutely! go Jen and technospud

 21:46:30  plivings  EdTechTalk: Like the idea of refining conversations, kind of like mediating for your audience, this is a great skill

 21:46:39  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello Mary, welcome

 21:46:54  SharonP  EdTechTalk: I think the Salute to Suess project is absolutley amazing!!

 21:46:56  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: someone is supposed to be the rudder and keep us on task

 21:47:03  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: http://salutetoseuss.wikispaces.com/

 21:47:04  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: OMG, 50th salute to Dr. Seuss, I am old!

 21:47:05  maryb  EdTechTalk: Thanks, i work with Jennifer.

 21:47:09  Durff  EdTechTalk: does anyone ever backchannel with those not present at event?

 21:47:11  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: We're having a lot of fun with Salute to Seuss

 21:47:23  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Everyone say hello to k12 online.

 21:47:25  SharonP  EdTechTalk: yes, Durff - I have

 21:47:29  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I'm filming this screen.  Are you going.

 21:47:30  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: ?

 21:47:39  web3PO  EdTechTalk: hi, k12.

 21:47:41  Durff  EdTechTalk: hello k12onlin2007!

 21:47:43  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Hello k12 online

 21:47:44  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hello k12 online, getting ready for our presentation!

 21:47:44  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i backchenneld from right her in SC for BLC compliments of Barbara B, David Jakes, and  Joyce V

 21:47:46  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Our school put on a Musical Production called Seussical earlier this year

 21:47:47  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: hello K-12 !!

 21:47:49  fceblog  EdTechTalk: hi k12 ;-)

 21:47:50  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: Hi K12 online

 21:47:51  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: Hello K-12 Online! From Maine

 21:47:53  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: SEe you in Oct.

 21:48:02  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Hello K-12 online!

 21:48:08  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: our high school did Seussical last year as well

 21:48:08  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Ok, thanks guys!

 21:48:10  plivings  EdTechTalk: Hi k12 online looking forward to October

 21:48:10  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: I can't wait for K-12!

 21:48:16  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Keep going with controversy if you wish!

 21:48:18  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: mee 2

 21:48:24  Durff  EdTechTalk: i can - i'm scared

 21:48:24  web3PO  EdTechTalk: what was controversial?

 21:48:29  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i think i missed it

 21:48:29  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Cool Cheryl we should get our students to compare

 21:48:49  Kristin  EdTechTalk: Oct 22nd is my birthday :)

 21:48:50  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Compare/contrast is great brain work

 21:48:51  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Chrissy that would be good

 21:48:54  plivings  EdTechTalk: I love the green eggs and ham authentic learning!

 21:49:03  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: did you film it Cheryl

 21:49:10  SharonP  EdTechTalk: Jen does all this on HER OWN TIME! and I think she is incredible!!

 21:49:18  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: Yay Jen!!

 21:49:19  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Green Eggs and Ham favourite song!!

 21:49:21  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: yes its amzing

 21:49:23  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Green Eggs and Ham,,food coloring

 21:49:24  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: wow!! 827

 21:49:26  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: WOOT Jen

 21:49:26  Durff  EdTechTalk: happy bday krostin in advance

 21:49:27  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: I wasn't able to I'm not sure if anyone at HS did

 21:49:27  vjansen  EdTechTalk: Jen is amazing...

 21:49:30  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Jen, does Mac give you some of these great ideas?

 21:49:40  SharonP  EdTechTalk: she is beyond the pale of creative and innovative and apparently indefatigible

 21:49:41  web3PO  EdTechTalk: how is serving green eggs and ham authentic learning? just want to understand what authentic learning means, i have heard it before but with like 10 different definitions

 21:49:42  Durff  EdTechTalk: kristin

 21:49:45  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Mac whispers in Jen's ear while she sleeps

 21:49:47  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: Go Jen!!!

 21:49:59  plivings  EdTechTalk: Are any of these awesome projects on Teacher Tube?

 21:50:01  sroseman  EdTechTalk: do you ever sleep, Jen

 21:50:05  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Authentic learning - what ever connects with you

 21:50:11  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: I don't think Jen sleeps

 21:50:15  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: can't do anything food related in our school due to wellness policy - so sad

 21:50:17  web3PO  EdTechTalk: so authentic learning can be anything at all?

 21:50:24  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Jen does not sleep

 21:50:25  Durff  EdTechTalk: she doesn't

 21:50:29  sroseman  EdTechTalk: no peanuts

 21:50:30  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: as long as you connect with it

 21:50:31  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: yu can discourage them from eating it

 21:50:33  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: that is right -- I do not sleep

 21:50:35  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: authentic learning = real life applications

 21:50:37  SharonP  EdTechTalk: well, web3PO - I would call it authentic digestion!

 21:50:45  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hello.

 21:50:53  plivings  EdTechTalk: authentic learning is kind of broad yes but it is like Charlene said real life connections in some way

 21:50:55  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i did a gingerbread house project before, and we glued all the candy===some still ate it

 21:50:55  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hello Vicki, and K12 online

 21:50:57  susanvg  EdTechTalk: that's impressive

 21:51:01  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i guess i don't understand why most things aren't authentic...

 21:51:03  SharonP  EdTechTalk: Suess has such a way with language

 21:51:07  JenMad  EdTechTalk: I (heart) JW :)

 21:51:15  lorisheldon  EdTechTalk: love elem. ideas :)

 21:51:19  plivings  EdTechTalk: worksheets not authentic

 21:51:21  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I am listening to the stream -- so cool on the back end!

 21:51:30  sroseman  EdTechTalk: I am going to post them on our board online system

 21:51:33  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Showers are great for think time!

 21:51:38  SharonP  EdTechTalk: every child will remember reading it and then eating it

 21:51:56  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: @Jen check with Maria Knee in NH she is kdg

 21:52:00  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i remember doing worksheets, does that mean they were authentic for me?

 21:52:08  plivings  EdTechTalk: canned curriculum not authentic

 21:52:14  susanvg  EdTechTalk: Canada is still a separate country - but same continent

 21:52:15  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Don't forget New Zealand!! Jen

 21:52:18  Durff  EdTechTalk: jen doesn't sleep

 21:52:24  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: worksheets are often rote learning

 21:52:26  alicebarr2  EdTechTalk: What states do you still need?

 21:52:29  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: lol Jen

 21:52:37  susanvg  EdTechTalk: 3 territories Sharon

 21:52:42  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: worksheets are only good for fill in the blank, when was the last time you solved a fill in the blank?

 21:52:47  Durff  EdTechTalk: so chrissy - what age do you teach?

 21:52:52  web3PO  EdTechTalk: when i did my taxes, cheryl

 21:52:53  plivings  EdTechTalk: hands-on with meaning and relevance to something that happens in the "real world" = authentic

 21:52:54  SharonP  EdTechTalk: thanks, Susan - ever since Nunavik - so confused!

 21:52:54  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Ontario..Ottawa

 21:53:02  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: I teach Year 7;'s which is your Grade 6

 21:53:06  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: I think that was Kristin

 21:53:06  web3PO  EdTechTalk: or how i spend 20 hours a week filling in the blanks doing accounting

 21:53:13  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: ok, you got me on that one, taxes and checkbook

 21:53:14  web3PO  EdTechTalk: since accounting is just one big worksheet for me

 21:53:17  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: tax form--hhaahhaa--good one

 21:53:22  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: authentic = solving problems

 21:53:23  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: hello Chris, how is the sound?

 21:53:24  Durff  EdTechTalk: okay want to blog with grade 6?

 21:53:26  plivings  EdTechTalk: Laughing yes worksheets for IRS!!!

 21:53:36  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: absolutely!! It would be a pleasure Durff

 21:53:45  Durff  EdTechTalk: you're in

 21:53:48  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: tax people are so 1.0

 21:53:52  web3PO  EdTechTalk: worksheets are a very efficient way to test knowledge

 21:53:55  plivings  EdTechTalk: extreme math does it need a helmet?

 21:53:58  Durff  EdTechTalk: send me the blog url

 21:53:59  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Cool!!

 21:54:04  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: worksheets test memory

 21:54:10  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: is memory knowledge?

 21:54:13  sroseman  EdTechTalk: what about fuzzy math

 21:54:14  web3PO  EdTechTalk: of course it is

 21:54:25  web3PO  EdTechTalk: and simple worksheets test memory

 21:54:27  Durff  EdTechTalk: i did

 21:54:31  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: tax frms can also be used to show creativity--itemized

 21:54:42  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: top of bloms

 21:54:47  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: good point Cathy SC

 21:54:47  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: blooms

 21:54:52  plivings  EdTechTalk: or declaring your pets as children (just kidding if IRS lurking!)

 21:54:52  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: http://the22initiative.wikispaces.com/

 21:54:53  charbeck  EdTechTalk: sound is great cheryl

 21:55:02  web3PO  EdTechTalk: itemization is like taxonomy, there are certain rules and then things are classified by those rules

 21:55:06  web3PO  EdTechTalk: there's nothing creative about it really

 21:55:08  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks Chris, glad to see you!

 21:55:11  web3PO  EdTechTalk: if you're creative, you're breaking rules

 21:55:20  web3PO  EdTechTalk: as it applies to itemization on taxes that is

 21:55:25  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: good for a real debate w/ tax acct or gov't later

 21:55:27  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: http://www.friendsandflags.org/

 21:55:29  vinnie v  EdTechTalk: good night all

 21:55:30  charbeck  EdTechTalk: just back from meet the teacher

 21:55:38  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: whose rules web3PO

 21:55:38  web3PO  EdTechTalk: goodnight vinnie

 21:55:40  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: debate=hiher order thinking

 21:55:55  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: nite vinnie

 21:55:59  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Bye Vinnie

 21:56:00  web3PO  EdTechTalk: nzchrissy, we were talking about the rules with taxes

 21:56:09  web3PO  EdTechTalk: there is a very specific set of rules with taxes, we all know that

 21:56:13  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I missed the chat while I was talking -- tell me what I missed!!

 21:56:17  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: oh - I'm a bit slow today - full of flu

 21:56:24  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: but we also know many who get very creative with them

 21:56:28  web3PO  EdTechTalk: and rules to most things aren't relative to the user

 21:56:35  web3PO  EdTechTalk: yes, cathy, absolutely

 21:56:41  Karen  EdTechTalk: I learned so much tonight.  Thank you so much!

 21:56:42  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: oh, chrissy, sorry you have the flu is it a summer flu?

 21:56:44  web3PO  EdTechTalk: and those people pay penalties and/or go to jail

 21:57:01  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: there have to repercussions and willing sacrifices

 21:57:03  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: CHRISSY -- you know I love New Zealand!!!

 21:57:07  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: no it's winter here

 21:57:08  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: I like the get out of jail card from monopoly, I carry mine all the time.

 21:57:11  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: ut im on the up and up w/ my taxes

 21:57:13  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: i though still make the mistake and link it with Sustralia

 21:57:14  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: I know you do Jen

 21:57:15  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Australia

 21:57:31  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: we are about 4 hours away and separated by a lot of water

 21:57:33  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: AWESOME!!!

 21:57:34  plivings  EdTechTalk: What schools in Australia?

 21:57:34  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: is NEW ZEALAND really part of 2 continents??  my kids told me yes

 21:57:39  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: That sounds great. Can't wait to see it in progress

 21:57:40  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: oh, right, you are going into summer when we go into winter

 21:57:53  maryb  EdTechTalk: Jennifer its Mary Burkart tuning on for the first time,

 21:57:56  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I am SOOO bad with grography

 21:57:58  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: yes! so it's cold here

 21:58:00  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: HI MARY!!!

 21:58:05  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Hello Mary, welcome

 21:58:10  Karen  EdTechTalk: I, too, was inspired by 9/11 today and just started the Pledge of Allegiance Project at http://pledge.pbwiki.com

 21:58:14  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: clustrmaps motivates me tolearn geog

 21:58:14  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Mary is the K6 TECH TEACHER at my school

 21:58:22  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: Welcome Mary !!

 21:58:25  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: pray for her -- she has to deal with me  :)

 21:58:31  maryb  EdTechTalk: I am listening as I watch the chat,

 21:58:40  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: cool -- great !!!

 21:58:40  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: cathy, I agree, plus my students want the coordinates and specific islands in the pacific!

 21:58:42  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: welcome Mary

 21:58:44  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: you are in our thoughts Mary

 21:58:46  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Hi Mary.

 21:58:55  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i wish clustrmaps offerd more stats

 21:59:05  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: cnn KOOL

 21:59:08  Durff  EdTechTalk: RSS=Really Serious Stressrelief

 21:59:09  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Blogs definitely open doors for you!! I'm a classic example

 21:59:18  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Hi Mary

 21:59:19  web3PO  EdTechTalk: hey the pledge wiki is great

 21:59:22  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: shoutout to Mary!

 21:59:23  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hello Mary!

 21:59:27  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: mary Rocks!

 21:59:27  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: yeh

 21:59:30  fceblog  EdTechTalk: @Durff lol RSS

 21:59:32  charbeck  EdTechTalk: try statcounter it tells you more thatn clustrmaps

 21:59:35  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Mary, Mary quite contrary?

 21:59:36  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: There is something about Mary!

 21:59:37  Durff  EdTechTalk: :)

 21:59:39  susanvg  EdTechTalk: Some other hand-holding projects can be found at LEARN

 21:59:49  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: yes, but i want kids to see it and know immediately

 21:59:55  maryb  EdTechTalk: Hi back!

 21:59:59  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: i have to log into webstats

 22:00:03  web3PO  EdTechTalk: congrats mary

 22:00:03  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Hey Mary!!

 22:00:06  Karen  EdTechTalk: How do you become a WOW?

 22:00:09  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: Was there an official initiation?

 22:00:12  maryb  EdTechTalk: hah!

 22:00:15  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: In my neck of the woods it is 9:59

 22:00:19  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: http://www.womenofweb2.com

 22:00:19  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: Mary, you are lucky to have Jen at your school

 22:00:24  Durff  EdTechTalk: i would gladly work with you jen

 22:00:24  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Go to http://www.womenofweb2.com

 22:00:27  CathyE  EdTechTalk: Hello Mary!

 22:00:28  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: LOL -- I am so California -- sorry

 22:00:28  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: But anyone can join!

 22:00:33  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: I wish I had a Jen at my school

 22:00:38  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: absolutely, lucky for you and your students

 22:00:43  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: I want a Jen too

 22:00:43  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: NZ -- I would LOVE to work at your school

 22:00:49  Kristin  EdTechTalk: @cathy iSC hav you tried neowork

 22:00:55  sroseman  EdTechTalk: I wish I was at your school too

 22:00:57  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: link"

 22:00:57  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: so I go to Australia and turn RIGHT???  LOL

 22:00:58  maryb  EdTechTalk: She is very great to have around.

 22:01:02  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: You can stay with me anytime!!

 22:01:06  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I wish Y'all were at MY SCHOOL!

 22:01:08  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Mary is a pro with CAPTIVATE!!!

 22:01:09  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: yes Jen yes

 22:01:19  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Thanks for having me WOW2 ladies

 22:01:35  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: yes Vicki

 22:01:43  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: or Sharon

 22:01:46  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: Hi CheriT

 22:01:53  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: HEY CHERI!!!!

 22:01:59  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: backchannel at its best!

 22:02:01  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Hi all, just got home

 22:02:02  lori A  EdTechTalk: Hi Cheri

 22:02:03  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: are we debating the iPhone?

 22:02:03  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Hi Cheri

 22:02:04  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Dr. T, hello

 22:02:12  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Charlene -- we certainly could if you wish

 22:02:15  Durff  EdTechTalk: we are professional backchannelers

 22:02:24  CheriT  EdTechTalk: is the stream down?

 22:02:25  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: just give me the iPod touch

 22:02:28  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: my fave topic

 22:02:28  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Absolutely

 22:02:28  plivings  EdTechTalk: http://www.echonyc.com/~horn/stacy/ to see my friend's blog - she read names at the World Trade Center today

 22:02:29  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: should not be

 22:02:33  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: the STREAM

 22:02:43  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: PLivings??  really???

 22:02:51  SharonP  EdTechTalk: Thanks PLivings!

 22:02:54  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: CheriT edtechtalk listen doesnt work - go to worldbridges.net/listen

 22:02:56  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: and ning

 22:03:11  plivings  EdTechTalk: Yes, really, Stacy Horn, she helped out right afrter the towers fell and for quite a while

 22:03:15  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Controversy? You mean, great conversation!

 22:03:17  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: cool Bud the Teacher

 22:03:18  cherit  EdTechTalk: where is that?

 22:03:33  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: timely topics!!

 22:03:36  plivings  EdTechTalk: Thanks for this I enjoyed very much

 22:03:38  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: clap-clap

 22:03:41  sroseman  EdTechTalk: GREAT SHOW!!!

 22:03:41  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: wow -- WHAT A NIGHT!!!

 22:03:49  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: have to go back and read the chat

 22:03:50  SharonP  EdTechTalk: it was awesome tonight!!

 22:03:50  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Excellent show

 22:03:51  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: Thanks for having me

 22:03:55  cherit  EdTechTalk: ok, got it loading

 22:03:59  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Great Lineup

 22:04:00  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: give us some more teasers for fuure shws--who else?

 22:04:04  maryb  EdTechTalk: Where is his blog?

 22:04:05  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: clap clap ladies of WOW2

 22:04:11  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Hmmm -- David Warlick

 22:04:11  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Thanks so much. Great show

 22:04:13  SharonP  EdTechTalk: you guys are so great to contribute so much

 22:04:13  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Diane Hammond on the 2nd.

 22:04:13  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Bud Hunt

 22:04:15  plivings  EdTechTalk: Vicki keep Twittering that's how I found out about this - I'm folloiwng uou

 22:04:17  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: David Jakes

 22:04:19  Durff  EdTechTalk: hey budtheteacher!

 22:04:22  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oct 9th David Jakes and Ewan McIntosh

 22:04:23  cherit  EdTechTalk: yea, i hear Cheryl

 22:04:24  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Ewam Macintosch

 22:04:26  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: David Jakes--my hero

 22:04:32  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: drool

 22:04:32  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: David Warlick Oct 16

 22:04:34  Durff  EdTechTalk: feedjakes !

 22:04:38  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Ewan is coming to NZ in two weeks

 22:04:39  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: K12 online conference Oct 23rd

 22:04:39  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: David Jakes is my hero too!

 22:04:42  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: but we LOVE your ideas!!!

 22:04:43  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: wow... great lineup!!

 22:04:44  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Vinnie Vrotney Oct 30

 22:04:45  JenMad  EdTechTalk: nite all!

 22:04:49  cherit  EdTechTalk: wow - i gotta read the archive

 22:04:49  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: who else do YOU want one

 22:04:51  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: on

 22:04:54  CLykowski  EdTechTalk: I get to see David Warlick at county-wide PD in November

 22:04:55  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Nov 6th melinda Miller the podcasting principal

 22:04:56  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Yahoo to all in the chat!

 22:04:56  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Great show tonight

 22:04:59  Durff  EdTechTalk: we have k12 on oct 8th

 22:05:04  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Chris lehamn

 22:05:08  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Christian Long

 22:05:10  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Beth Katner on Nov 13 about her efforts to teach blogging in Cambodia.

 22:05:11  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Thank you all!

 22:05:13  plivings  EdTechTalk: Yes, interested in this and how to do it - was on Arvind/Alex's show last year

 22:05:13  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: OHHHH yes, we need Chris Lehmann

 22:05:19  cherit  EdTechTalk: very cool - Sharon

 22:05:26  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Dr. Johannes Strobel on Nov 27th talking about backchanneling

 22:05:28  sroseman  EdTechTalk: with video

 22:05:30  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Clarence Fisher

 22:05:33  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Doug Johnson

 22:05:34  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Cathy -- we really want Christian Long to chat with Vicki Davis -- :)  not sure who will combust first

 22:05:35  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And so many more!

 22:05:45  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Doug is coming on in January.

 22:05:52  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: woot

 22:06:10  web3PO  EdTechTalk: thanks all of you

 22:06:11  plivings  EdTechTalk: Be careful out there

 22:06:18  Janice Stearns  EdTechTalk: Bye all. Great show

 22:06:20  Durff  EdTechTalk: can we backchannel while the person is talking about backchanneling?

 22:06:23  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: good plan, we shall try

 22:06:31  cherit  EdTechTalk: Hi Janice - how's California?

 22:06:32  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Doug and Joyce are on March 4th

 22:06:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Way out in the future!

 22:06:46  fceblog  EdTechTalk: @Durff I believe you will do it without permission... and we'll follow!

 22:06:48  Durff  EdTechTalk: who are the weebly men?

 22:06:50  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Letter Pop on Dec 4th -Cory Verner

 22:07:01  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: I love LetterPOP

 22:07:05  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: lol lol

 22:07:16  Durff  EdTechTalk: feedjakes

 22:07:16  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: lol

 22:07:18  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Dean Shareski?

 22:07:28  plivings  EdTechTalk: we're still lurking

 22:07:37  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: we're still listening

 22:07:43  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Did you say you were having Alan November?

 22:07:47  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We need Chrissy on the SHOW!

 22:07:50  sroseman  EdTechTalk: as a guest

 22:07:51  Durff  EdTechTalk: lurkers are not allowed to announce it - i tried

 22:07:52  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Chrissy lets talk soon.

 22:07:53  SharonP  EdTechTalk: nice try, Sue!

 22:07:58  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: yes, chris and jason would be fun

 22:08:05  SharonP  EdTechTalk: but we do take suggestions (about Alan N.)

 22:08:12  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: oh, ok Vicki - Jason and I at the same time - wahoo!

 22:08:23  Durff  EdTechTalk: yup

 22:08:35  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: LetterPop is great - I got that link from you Jen on one of your wows

 22:08:38  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: sounds great to me chrissy

 22:08:50  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: we could teach you all our slang

 22:08:51  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Marco Torres

 22:08:54  Durff  EdTechTalk: chrissy - potechj?

 22:08:55  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: i love letter pop, we used it for our class certificate this summer.

 22:08:57  maryb  EdTechTalk: Cory has his hands in a lot of pots.

 22:09:00  Durff  EdTechTalk: poptech

 22:09:03  Pam Shoemaker  EdTechTalk: Gotta go, thanks gals!

 22:09:03  plivings  EdTechTalk: Suggestion - Dr. Mike Muir

 22:09:06  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Amber MAc please

 22:09:07  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: I like how you can put in your own photos

 22:09:08  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: dr mctechy

 22:09:15  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: night Pam

 22:09:17  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We are so geeky guys.

 22:09:17  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Please have Amber Mac

 22:09:23  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Heyh, Jen has a geeky cat!

 22:09:28  web3PO  EdTechTalk: lots of you guys seem to advocate similar things and it's great

 22:09:31  Durff  EdTechTalk: meow\

 22:09:33  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: how about all our pets

 22:09:44  web3PO  EdTechTalk: there are lots of perspectives on things like blogging and wikis and the support for it is excellent

 22:09:44  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Well tonight we are a little bit winging it and our topic is global collaboration.

 22:09:45  sroseman  EdTechTalk: Amber Mac is a geek for ladies

 22:09:49  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We have a different topic each night.

 22:09:54  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks web3po

 22:09:56  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh, I think the guys like Amber Mac.

 22:09:59  Durff  EdTechTalk: oh my?

 22:10:06  Durff  EdTechTalk: lip gloss!

 22:10:18  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: Bob Sprankle would be great too

 22:10:28  web3PO  EdTechTalk: can you guys recommend some others who would complement you?

 22:10:30  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: sure, thing bob would be honored

 22:10:52  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: noooo

 22:10:54  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: anyone know the name of the show -- i something???

 22:11:12  Durff  EdTechTalk: it's getting late in EDT - great show all - bye!

 22:11:16  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: don't adv the competition

 22:11:23  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: bye Durff talk to you soon

 22:11:23  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: thanks durff bye

 22:11:25  web3PO  EdTechTalk: what competition?

 22:11:29  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: its hard enough with idol

 22:11:33  Linda N  EdTechTalk: It's called I Caught

 22:11:41  sroseman  EdTechTalk: iname of the show please

 22:11:43  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i thought this was about discussions

 22:11:49  SharonP  EdTechTalk: oh - they have a website

 22:11:51  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://ugv.abcnews.go.com/player.aspx?id=719820

 22:11:52  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: post show is up for grabs

 22:11:54  plivings  EdTechTalk: I Caught?  someone said?

 22:11:55  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i just want to expose myself to as many points of view as possible

 22:12:16  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: web3p0, come back

 22:12:21  web3PO  EdTechTalk: im here!

 22:12:23  web3PO  EdTechTalk: :)

 22:12:29  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: we have new ideas each week

 22:12:38  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: we are glad you stopped by

 22:12:40  cherit  EdTechTalk: who's web3PO?

 22:12:43  web3PO  EdTechTalk: oh i know this is great

 22:12:47  cherit  EdTechTalk: cute name

 22:12:47  web3PO  EdTechTalk: i had a really good time this last hour

 22:12:51  web3PO  EdTechTalk: thanks :)

 22:12:53  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Brian just twittered that ABC just decided that they won't be using his video

 22:12:55  sroseman  EdTechTalk: http://ugv.abcnews.go.com/category.aspx?uid=360682

 22:13:01  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: does PO stand for what I think it does web3PO?

 22:13:02  sroseman  EdTechTalk: I saw it

 22:13:15  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh guys the 3 words so very cool.

 22:13:15  web3PO  EdTechTalk: im new to web 2.0 and trying to read lots of perspectives positive and negative and everything

 22:13:23  web3PO  EdTechTalk: web3PO is like c3po, im a nerd lol

 22:13:26  cheryloakes wow2  EdTechTalk: Okay post show is going bye bye

 22:13:28  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Great!

 22:13:31  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: this is the best place to learn web3p0

 22:13:37  cherit  EdTechTalk: I got that, but who are you in real life?

 22:13:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Star Wars is my favorite favorite movie.

 22:13:44  plivings  EdTechTalk: Brian who?

 22:13:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey guys, there is a new Indiana jones movie coming out in march.

 22:13:52  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I found out on wikirage.

 22:13:54  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: So cool.

 22:13:55  cherit  EdTechTalk: yippee

 22:13:59  Cathy in SC  EdTechTalk: gotta go ladies great show

 22:14:02  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Harrison Ford is 65.

 22:14:11  cherit  EdTechTalk: bye to the audio

 22:14:17  cherit  EdTechTalk: have fun ya'll

 22:14:24  cherit  EdTechTalk: i'll be listening to the archive

 22:14:27  Charlene C  EdTechTalk: thanks!!!

 22:14:28  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=1117799094&fr=

 22:14:28  plivings  EdTechTalk: Good night all.

 22:14:29  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Bye All!

 22:14:36  cherit  EdTechTalk: Jen - call me

 22:14:38  nzchrissy  EdTechTalk: Good afternoon to you all

 22:14:41  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Night everyone

 22:14:50  SharonP  EdTechTalk: Night all!

 22:14:50  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Goodnight!  Awesome show guys!

 22:15:02  sroseman  EdTechTalk: GREAT SHOW!!

 22:15:17  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Cheri t--- I shall

 22:15:20  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: on SKYPE???

 22:24:59  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: Hi ESCHERR!

 22:25:06  escherr  EdTechTalk: Hi JenW

 22:25:07  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: you missed the show

 22:25:12  escherr  EdTechTalk: Dang

 22:25:30  escherr  EdTechTalk: Are you Macsmom?

 22:25:37  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: yes

 22:25:40  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I am Vegas

 22:25:50  escherr  EdTechTalk: Excellent

 22:25:54  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: LOL

 22:26:00  escherr  EdTechTalk: I was talking about you today at my school.

 22:26:05  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I didn't mean I am Vegas -- I meant I am, Vegas

 22:26:17  escherr  EdTechTalk: I understood. As I am Vegas

 22:26:35  escherr  EdTechTalk: What was the show about tonight?

 22:28:57  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: oNLINE COLLABORATION

 22:29:01  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: ONLINE PROJECTS

 22:29:08  escherr  EdTechTalk: what i am looking to do

 22:29:20  escherr  EdTechTalk: or doing with hawkesdale, australia

 22:32:27  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: sorry -- I am chatting

 22:32:32  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: with WOW2 --- about the k12

 22:32:53  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: I will chat with you in a bit

 22:32:57  JenniferW  EdTechTalk: sorry -- talk soon!!!



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