New Web Site

Dear Colleagues:

During my 15 years working in technology management in K-12 public education and at the community college level I have frequently had to select technology products for purchase. In order to find the best one, I'd post a bunch of emails to various edtech lists, call my friends, read the trade journals or attend conferences. I also noticed a lot of similar inquiries from my colleagues at other institutions who were in the same boat.

Being a geek, it bothered me that we were all spending an incredible amount of time gathering feedback on these various products and services. Frequently we were looking at the same sorts of products, but we didn't connect until after we'd already made individual decisions.

As a result of my experience, I'm creating a new web site,, which is intended to provide a simple way for education technology professionals to share reviews of products and services. Instead of multiple postings on listservs, you can now visit this web site and read reviews from others already using the product. You can easily share your experiences with products, both good and bad. The site is completely free for users!

Development work on the site is still under way, but I'm ready to begin accepting user registrations and reviews right now. Please stop by my site at and create an account, post a review or read reviews from your peers. If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the site, please feel free to drop me a note. Be sure to share this post with anyone else you feel could be helped by using the site.



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