EdTechTalk K12

This was our inaugural webcast with Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich and Jeff Flynn discussing web resources and introductions. Webquest, Rubistar, Teacher Tube, Keyboarding, Google Docs, Think.com and OpenOffice were suggested. Our links can be found at http://del.icio.us/edtechtalkk12 feel free to contribute to our network at for:edtechtalkk12. Later we were joined by Joel Ottenbreit and Jennifer Maddrell. We can reach us at [email protected] or at http://edtechtalkk12.com


I listened to your 1st Show.  You did a great job.  I especially liked links to keyboarding programs.  My students are third grade and if we can practice keyboarding early in the school year, they will have more success when posting to classroom blog.  It's Cool to be part of the Edtechtalk Community!  :-)

When is your next show? Inquiring minds and all...

I enjoyed the show.

I caught that both of you are from mMichigan, I also live in Ann Arbor. I teach 5th grade at Detroit Edison Public School Academy. Is there anyorganizations or groups I could join and get involved locally.