ETT Development Meeting Agenda - May 31, 2007

ETT Development Meeting Agenda  - May 31, 2007
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Site Management

Server Stuff

  • optimizing what we've got
  • server management team
  • new server possibilities

Site Design & Functionality

  • current setup - how to, server load issues
  • alternatives?
  • automation?
  • Announcements, calls for help - twitter, skype chat

Event Calendar

  • events or programs?
  • alternative calendaring
  • general (non-ETT) edtech stuff


  • Sitewide level
  • CC module, show options
  • Channel system
  • automated archive
  • system checks


  • Educationbriges update
  • Grant plan/coordination
  • Budget status


Hi Jeff, I am listening to the audio now .. i have used the eec for a couple general comments.. sorry! The ease of contact made it tempting to use but I agree that we need to have a place to know we are connecting to each other!