Teachers Teaching Teachers #236 How place can set the table for inquiry, with ideas from Alaska, Louisiana, and Philly 02.16.11

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Talking about their own versions of place-based education, our guests on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers are:

  • Diana Laufenberg, Zac Chase, and a student, Luna from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia
  • Woody Woodgate from Alaska
  • David Pulling from Louisiana State University at Eunice

Talking about their own versions of place-based education, our guests on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers are:

  • Diana Laufenberg, Zac Chase, and a student, Luna from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia
  • Woody Woodgate from Alaska
  • David Pulling from Louisiana State University at Eunice

We asked Diana and Zac to come talk about an interdisciplinary project they did/are doing with juniors. Each student was invited to find a building in his/her neighborhood with a name on it, then to learn the history of that person and the building. From there, students created multimedia presentations. Diana and Zac brought this example to their conversation at last month’s Educon 2.3, and we wanted to learn more! Wait until you see this work!

David writes:

Many in my semester’s class have joined Voices on the Gulf since a couple of weeks ago, and Wednesday I’m going to give them a prompt for their first post. I’m going to start them off the same way I did the class last fall, asking them to study their back yards or neighborhoods or pastures or homes to identify some place or thing that they may take for granted and to consider the cost of losing it, etc. etc. etc. I’ll encourage them to post pix or videos as well. I’ll guide them into inquiry from there.  I hope you’ll hear from some neat students and read some neat stuff.  I’ve got an eager and industrious bunch this semester.

Also check out David’s post: Setting the table for Inquiry: Where I find myself (almost) a year after Deep Water Horizon.

If that’s not enough, our old friend from Alaska, Woody will be joining us as well. Woody has focused a lot of his scholarship and pedagogy around place-based education in rural Alaska. We have already learned a lot from him, and we look forward to re-connecting with him on Wednesday. Woody writes:

I am negotiating to go back out to rural Alaska to teach at a site that is heavily focused on what they call “relevant education” and what we have been calling place-based education.  I will be focusing on how to incorporate standards into the already established outdoor program.   Therefore, I gladly accept your invitation in hopes that I can get back up to speed with what others have been doing in this area in the last 3 years since I have been out of the classroom trenches.

Pretty exciting stuff! We hope you enjoy learning with us.

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20:21:26 [email protected]: First time here...saw a tweet about it.
20:22:07 [email protected]: I teach 3rd grade...use tech in my room a lot! Kids are working with glogster right now...as a space to publish ideas from our recent inquiry.
20:22:44 [email protected]: Anyone here?
20:45:54 rachael: Hi everyone.
20:46:18 rachael: does anyone know the topic for today?
20:54:13 nbtest: Hi All, just testing the connection for the crew at Yarra Valley Grammar, don't mind me.
20:55:24 Paul Allison: susan is coming -- opps -- there she is!
20:55:35 Paul Allison: http://paulallison.tumblr.com/post/3320083737/how-place-can-set-the-tabl...
20:55:55 Chris Sloan: Hello all.  It's nice to be back after a few weeks away.
20:56:27 MrChase: Hello, all.
20:56:31 tkidd132: Greetings!
20:56:33 Chris Sloan: I teach high school English and media in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
20:56:35 tkidd132: Hello Mr Chase :)
20:57:22 MrChase: Hey, Ty.
20:57:28 MrChase: Thought you had homework tonight.
20:57:32 Chris Sloan: Where do you all live/work
20:57:41 tkidd132: I do. But I am listening in.
20:57:53 PeggyG: Good evening everyone!
20:59:34 Chris Sloan: Hi Rachael. you're in Australia right?
20:59:34 PeggyG: trying this again--crashed my browser trying to load the audio
21:00:36 PeggyG: does anyone have audio yet?
21:00:37 RachaelB: Hi Everyone Yes I'm in Australia. Great to be here again after a long absence
21:00:50 SusanEttenheim: hi all how is our sound?
21:00:55 SusanEttenheim: are you hearing us ok?
21:00:55 PeggyG: Hi Rachael-great to see you!
21:00:58 Chris Sloan: How's the weather in Australia?
21:01:08 PeggyG: I can't get my audio to load
21:01:09 SusanEttenheim: hi peggy - how is the sound?
21:01:45 SusanEttenheim: I can't get my audio to load either
21:01:53 RachaelB: weather quite warm & sticky because of cyclone in Darwin
21:02:01 PeggyG: just keeps spinning and trying but says server is taking too long to respond
21:02:09 PeggyG: wonder if you should try ustream?
21:02:22 PeggyG: beautiful day in Phoenix AZ! 75 degrees :-)
21:03:00 dlaufenberg: It was pretty darn lovely in Philly today... 50 and sunny!
21:03:00 SusanEttenheim: don't know how - we're checking on it
21:03:12 RachaelB: Peggy Ive had to download & install new version of VLC try that
21:03:13 PeggyG: that is lovely Diana!
21:03:18 Chris Sloan: storm blowing in here in Utah.
21:04:25 PeggyG: thanks Rachael-nothing will open for me with the audio players-itunes or realplayer
21:04:48 Chris Sloan: Susan is still checking on the sound.
21:04:50 mrsdurff: where is stream susan
21:05:57 PeggyG: Diana-your AZ friends still think of you often! your name came up in an IDEAL webinar last night :-) she was displaying resources in their new Learning Resource Manager and your's was one of them
21:06:43 RachaelB: You're right Peggy didn't help me either
21:06:57 RachaelB: still no stream
21:07:00 Paul Allison: Susan is working on it.
21:07:01 PeggyG: I think the problem is with the ETT server
21:09:52 PeggyG: I sent a Skype chat message to the ETT elves--maybe someone can help
21:11:16 dlaufenberg: http://sites.google.com/a/scienceleadership.org/buildinghistory
21:11:45 PeggyG: thanks Diana! a teacher with a backup plan :-)
21:12:01 SusanEttenheim: hi - has the site been going down and coming up for everyone else?
21:12:10 PeggyG: tonight?
21:12:24 RachaelB: just no sound here
21:12:43 PeggyG: there have been several streaming problems this week. I can't even get the sound at all
21:13:01 SusanEttenheim: no neither can I
21:13:12 SusanEttenheim: but we're recording the call while we're still trying
21:13:25 MrChase: Talking about Place-Based Education.
21:13:28 PeggyG: Dave Cormier is working on it-said "almost there"
21:13:34 mrsdurff:  patience Susan
21:14:13 Chris Sloan: sound is almost ready
21:14:21 PeggyG: thanks Chris!
21:14:52 SusanEttenheim: thank you as always edtechtalk angels :)
21:15:31 Chris Sloan: Phildelphia teachers are talking about a place-based project they did. Researching old buildings around where they live.
21:16:41 PeggyG: I'm really excited to hear about this!! Crossing my fingers for audio...
21:16:43 SusanEttenheim: can you think of a named building that intrigues you?
21:17:07 SusanEttenheim: ...a building in Philly with its own wikipedia page!
21:17:29 Chris Sloan: My school is named for a miner.  Silver mines.  There are also some buildings downtown with the same name.
21:18:29 Paul Allison: https://sites.google.com/a/scienceleadership.org/buildinghistory/sample-...
21:18:40 Chris Sloan: no audio yet?
21:18:46 RachaelB: no
21:18:52 PeggyG: not for me
21:18:52 SusanEttenheim: nope
21:18:55 mrsdurff: So what about Rittenhouse Square?
21:19:11 RachaelB: can we listen on Skype?
21:19:17 SusanEttenheim: humm good thought!
21:19:27 mrsdurff: too many
21:19:38 SusanEttenheim: not really rachael because there are too many  - yes as durff said
21:19:39 PeggyG: can you stream on ustream?
21:19:43 SusanEttenheim: nope
21:19:45 SusanEttenheim: :(
21:19:57 SusanEttenheim: but it is being recorded
21:20:06 SusanEttenheim: maybe it will still be fixed soon
21:20:09 PeggyG: well that's good :-)
21:20:12 Chris Sloan: rural teachers talking about their take on place-based education.
21:20:13 SusanEttenheim: what was happening this week peggy?
21:20:22 PeggyG: changed servers
21:20:25 SusanEttenheim: ahhh
21:20:27 SusanEttenheim: ops
21:20:32 PeggyG: new IP address for streaming
21:20:50 Chris Sloan: whether it's urban or rural, it's about knowing the place where you live more deeply.
21:20:53 RachaelB: might just sit here & catch links as they pop into chat room
21:21:24 PeggyG: Susan-are you using the new IP address?
21:21:33 SusanEttenheim: nope
21:21:54 SusanEttenheim: just talking to dave about it now
21:21:55 PeggyG: Susan-go to edtechtalk.com/info for webcaster info
21:22:08 PeggyG: great!
21:22:27 SusanEttenheim: not the same as last week peggy?
21:22:42 PeggyG: can't remember the day it changed
21:23:00 PeggyG: that web page has the latest info
21:23:06 Chris Sloan: now the student is talking about narrowing her research topic after she learned more about the tycoons the building she was studying was named after.
21:23:07 PeggyG: yeah!!! audio!
21:23:09 mrsdurff: audio!
21:23:21 mrsdurff: virtual applause please
21:23:34 mrsdurff: listen on ustream
21:23:34 PeggyG: it's audio from the last show I think??
21:23:38 CarolAnn: clap clap
21:23:53 CarolAnn: do i need to go to a diff site?
21:23:59 mrsdurff: no
21:24:06 PeggyG: hearing it on ustream now
21:24:09 mrsdurff: you should all hear now
21:24:12 PeggyG: just click on play
21:24:30 SusanEttenheim: ok all we're up and running on ustream
21:24:38 JohnS: Okay. Jeff's in the ustream. It looks like everything's up now.
21:24:38 mrsdurff: so back to Philly
21:24:39 PeggyG: no video--just audio but HOORAY
21:24:55 SusanEttenheim: peggy ... noooo video
21:24:58 RachaelB: fantastic thanks elves
21:24:59 mrsdurff: Rittenhouse Square - history?
21:25:03 PeggyG: no video but that's fine
21:25:04 SusanEttenheim: hahah these are non retired teachers!
21:25:21 MrChase: prezi.com/ycg4rsntnrw4/cyrus-curtis-and-the-curtis-institute/
21:25:31 PeggyG: is she talking about the Project map?
21:25:42 PeggyG: https://sites.google.com/a/scienceleadership.org/buildinghistory/sample-...
21:26:02 PeggyG: https://sites.google.com/a/scienceleadership.org/buildinghistory/
21:26:51 PeggyG: I like that! pick the tool you think is best for telling your story
21:27:17 SusanEttenheim: you can all hear now?
21:27:18 PeggyG: yes! Allan Levine's 50 ways to tell a story!
21:27:26 PeggyG: yes hearing fine
21:27:38 RachaelB: yes thanks
21:27:54 PeggyG: http://cogdogroo.wikispaces.com/StoryTools
21:29:05 SusanEttenheim: great - thank you Jeff!
21:29:16 Paul Allison: https://sites.google.com/a/scienceleadership.org/buildinghistory/sample-...
21:29:22 mrsdurff: adult incognito? cool!
21:30:25 PeggyG: thanks for that question Paul! I was thinking I missed that part--what is place-based education?
21:31:09 mrsdurff: oh that's easy - the opposite of outer space based education - right?
21:31:39 SusanEttenheim: ahhh durff - glad you're back!
21:32:16 PeggyG: what kind of notes are added in that column on the rubric?
21:32:26 mrsdurff: actually, I'm still in Hershey in aftermath of PETE-C
21:32:55 SusanEttenheim: ? durff ?
21:33:04 mrsdurff: conference
21:33:09 dlaufenberg: @peggy the notes are often the comments the teacher or the peer reviewer has... with regard to that piece of assessment
21:33:18 SusanEttenheim: ahh
21:33:35 PeggyG: http://www.promiseofplace.org/what_is_pbe
21:34:23 mrsdurff: cheater! cheater!
21:34:32 PeggyG: I found that link that explains place based education-very helpful
21:34:36 dlaufenberg: using the resources at hand... is not cheating ;-)
21:34:43 mrsdurff: :)
21:35:15 PeggyG: immerses students in local heritage, cultures, landscapes, opportunities and experiences using these as a foundation fot the study of all subject areas
21:35:36 PeggyG: emphasizes learning through participation in service projects for the local school/community
21:36:09 PeggyG: they're creating their own primary source documents :-)
21:37:28 mrsdurff: What about story of the meeting house at Arch Street Meeting House?
21:39:17 mrsdurff: speaking of QR Codes - anyone find a way to use them without the SMARTphone?
21:40:35 PeggyG: http://snapmyinfo.com/blog/read-and-decode-qr-codes-without-a-smartphone/  that's for you Durff
21:40:46 JohnS: I think it's annoying when I'm using my phone to browse and come across one online, because I can't follow the link without using another phone to take a photo.
21:41:04 mrsdurff: ty Peggy
21:41:27 TomMcKenna: Profoundly important in rural and urban Alaska. Thanks, Woody.
21:41:31 JohnS: Also, I'm a little concerned about hiding malware in the QR codes. We don't click on unknown links in email; why would we scan random codes that we find?
21:41:48 PeggyG: http://voicesonthegulf.org/discussion/setting-table-inquiry-where-i-find...
21:41:54 mrsdurff: but Schinker - think like a kid
21:42:08 MrChase: That's pretty isolationist, John.
21:42:21 MrChase: ;-)
21:42:46 PeggyG: I worry about that too JohnS!
21:42:49 JohnS: For now -- for the next year or so -- we will scan them because of the novelty: "hey, I know what that is. I can scan it and find out where it goes." It's like a little secret. That's going to wear off quickly.
21:43:39 dlaufenberg: @JohnS in the meantime it works as a means for helping students do work that 'lives' in real places...
21:43:44 mrsdurff: maybe
21:44:12 mrsdurff: it's great for field trips
21:44:21 JohnS: No doubt, Diana. And I think they're very cool. I even have one on my blog. But at some point, the bad guys are going to exploit them, so we just need to be ready for when that happens.
21:44:34 JL: In case anyone is having an issue with Ustream, shoutcast (EdTechTalk A) should be streaming now
21:45:05 SusanEttenheim: thanks jeff
21:45:08 JohnS: But we're hijacking this very cool discussion to talk about tech. Back to the real work...
21:45:12 PeggyG: thanks a lot Jeff!!! the great rescuer!!
21:45:41 dlaufenberg: @JohnS sure.  but that can be said of anything tech...twitter, FB, etc
21:45:47 MrChase: @JohnS When the bad guys find it, we'll build filters and we'll continue citizenship.
21:46:00 dlaufenberg: well, I think it about sharing place-based research with the community that inhabits it
21:46:15 JL: Well, it's easier to be the problem solver when you're also the problem causer :) (re: shoutcast)
21:46:17 PeggyG: that's a really important point! passion came through
21:47:08 PeggyG: interesting! local knowledge with global attitude
21:47:57 PeggyG: definitely remember Lee Baber!
21:50:33 PeggyG: what a great connection!!
21:51:28 SusanEttenheim: hi alvin - welcome!
21:52:49 mrsdurff: oh my!
21:52:50 PeggyG: that is really sad to me that schools don't preserve their history for future generations
21:53:20 mrsdurff: I read Silent Spring back whenever that was.....feeling old
21:54:07 Chris Sloan: I've mentioned it before, but my students interviewed alumni about the history of our school ... http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/judge-history-project-%E2%80%93-vo...
21:54:30 JohnS: They're not even really buildings as you get to the midwest. All the little neighborhoods have names. We're very close to a place called "Oregon Corners". Not sure where that name comes from.
21:54:42 PeggyG: that is really cool Chris!
21:54:47 JohnS: And those names that don't have zip codes tend to get lost/forgotten.
21:55:15 Alvin Trusty: I just watched Waiting for Superman.  Interested in what the SLA folks think about it.
21:56:23 dlaufenberg: @alvin generally 'we' are not a fan of the movie... or the 'fixes' that the movie offers...
21:57:19 mrsdurff: PEGGY! That site works!
21:57:31 PeggyG: yeah!! :-)
21:57:49 mrsdurff: I had made a QR code for Antietam to include in Civil
21:57:57 mrsdurff: War Sallie's bag
21:58:00 mrsdurff: ty!!
21:58:18 PeggyG: love it when things work!
21:58:46 mrsdurff: me too!!
21:58:56 Alvin Trusty: Some local students went to the retirement communities around the county and video recorded some of the people telling their stories.
21:59:22 PeggyG: did the students have to resolve any conflicting information from older people who had different memories?
22:00:04 PeggyG: that book is such a great idea!!
22:00:11 Alvin Trusty: I don't know how much overlap there was.
22:00:55 PeggyG: we do similar things for HS reunion memory books but they are just a compilation--no attempt to make them a story
22:01:18 Chris Sloan: We didn't run into too many conflicts, because for the oldest alumni, there's no one around to dispute their perspective.
22:01:37 PeggyG: those personal stories clearly make the learning much more engaging--not just facts
22:01:38 Chris Sloan: In general it seemed accurate ... memoir kind of accuracy
22:02:09 Chris Sloan: @Peggy.  The story is how the students frame it.
22:02:23 PeggyG: that's what is so wonderful about it Chris!
22:03:20 PeggyG: that is a valuable point about how long it takes to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum!
22:03:32 Chris Sloan: and everybody loves a good story
22:04:18 PeggyG: and those good stories are where good movies come from :-)
22:04:40 Chris Sloan: speaking of that. now we're doing some video documentaries too
22:05:10 PeggyG: I want to see those!!! share them when you're ready :-)
22:05:25 Chris Sloan: but it's the kind of thing all students can do. it's finding the time in the curriculum
22:05:53 Chris Sloan: Yes I'll share.  Definitely Ken Burns inspired.
22:05:55 PeggyG: what a great skill to be learning! how to write a grant proposal
22:06:13 PeggyG: thanks Chris! will look forward to it!
22:07:12 PeggyG: thank you all for telling your stories tonight! this is very inspiring!
22:07:29 PeggyG: no child left inside!! wow!
22:07:48 PeggyG: could be the motto for PBL :-)
22:09:00 PeggyG: any idea when you'll be posting the recording for the Voicethread show? it was awesome and I keep telling folks about it and want them to hear for themselves :-)
22:09:31 Chris Sloan: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/139474
22:09:34 PeggyG: what a great conversation!!! thank you all!!
22:09:41 dlaufenberg: Zac and I will be taking 10 philly kids on a Place-Based excursion this April
22:09:46 dlaufenberg: in AZ and UT
22:09:48 RachaelB: thanx everyone Bye
22:09:57 PeggyG: so excitied to see how that magazine developed!! great job!
22:09:58 dlaufenberg: should be tons of fun!
22:10:03 Chris Sloan: no way.  Utah. Look me up
22:10:15 PeggyG: that will be so much fun Diana!!!
22:10:20 dlaufenberg: @chris will be in Bluff
22:10:23 PeggyG: good night everyone
22:10:29 dlaufenberg: will be year 3 of the trip
22:10:32 dlaufenberg: the kids LOVE it
22:10:35 Chris Sloan: let's talk more Diana
22:10:43 dlaufenberg: will do, Chris!
22:11:00 Chris Sloan: It might be our spring break where some of my kids will be around Bluff...
22:11:13 Chris Sloan: anyway, we'll talk...