SEEDlings 2011-2-17 Show #108 John Lester and the Virtual Maine Group

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Virtual Maine


cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hello , getting sound ready

cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hi Mary, Hi John

 Mary OBrien ->  Hi Cheryl
 Mary OBrien ->  Hi John!
 John Lester ->  heya!
 bobsprankle ->  hello all
 John Lester ->  howdy
 Mary OBrien ->  Hi Sheila1`
 Sheila ->  Hi all!
 Mary OBrien ->  Oh no Sheila
 Sheila ->  :)
 Sheila ->  :)!
 Mary OBrien ->  Hello Talvin
 Talvin ->  Good evening.
 Sheila ->  Wait that time already? Invaders!
 John Lester ->  heya Talvin
 brendanwells ->  hi,
 Mary OBrien ->  Hi Brendan - you must be a student with Mr S
 Talvin ->  Hey John.  Obviously, I saw your Tweet.
 John Lester ->  groovy :)
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Good evening everyone
 brendanwells ->  Mr.Sprankle rocks
 Mary OBrien ->  Yes he does!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Yea! mr. Sprankle
 brendanwells ->  Who are you mary oBrien?
 Mary OBrien ->  I am at teacher in Manchester
 bobsprankle ->  hi all!
 brendanwells ->  Nice to meet you.
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  You'll find out who everyone is in a minute
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Can you all hear
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hi Brendan,
 brendanwells ->  I can not hear
 Sheila ->  Oh, Mary, my first thought was Manchester, NH! Funny!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Welcome students!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  BRandan, click on the sound symbols, itunes or realplayer
 Mary OBrien ->  I grew up in NH Sheila
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  brendan sorry
 Sheila ->  :)
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  HI Jem
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hello Jem
 Mary OBrien ->  hi Jem
 Jem ->  hi!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hello Talvin
 Mary OBrien ->  Reaction Grid people are great!
 Kern ->  Hi everyone!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Have all of you students figured out too hear the sound?
 Sheila ->
 brendanwells ->  cool
 Talvin ->  Now you are talking about my area of interest. :)
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hello Cala
 Mary OBrien ->  Hi Cala
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Talvin, virtual worlds?
 cala ->  waves
 brendanwells ->  how do you make smily faces
 bobsprankle ->  Hi Brendan!!!!! So great to have you here!
 Talvin ->  Disabilities.  Assistive Technology.  I make in-world scripted Assistive and Accessible stuff.
 Mary OBrien ->  lol
 bobsprankle ->  Ask any questions you have!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Talvin, I am so glad you are here!
 Mary OBrien ->  Type <LOL> and you get smiley face
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Wow Talvin welcome!
 Mary OBrien ->  without brackets
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hello nstrehlow
 nstrehlow ->  Hello
 brendanwells ->  this is cool lol
 bobsprankle ->  smiley is ":" and then ")"
 nstrehlow ->  <--Norma Underwood
 John Lester ->  hi Norma!
 Mary OBrien ->  hi Norma!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Welcome nstrehlow
 nstrehlow ->  Hello everyonw
 nstrehlow ->  everyone
 brendanwells ->  oil spill
 Mary OBrien ->  Hi jokay
 John Lester ->  jokay! :)
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Hi jokay
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hi Norma,
 jokay ->  *waves* ;)
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hello Jokay
 Talvin ->  I dragged Jokay in here. :D
 nstrehlow ->  Hello Jokay and everyone
 Sheila ->  Where's the best place to view an example?
 jokay ->  hehe.. thanks talvin for the headsup ;)
 nstrehlow ->  Thanks for tweeting this was happening
 Sheila ->  System requirements? I see you need a download . . . .
 brendanwells ->  funlol
 brendanwells ->  :D
 Mary OBrien ->  I run on Imprudence....
 brendanwells ->  lol
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Imprudence works for me too
 nstrehlow ->  I use Hippo
 brendanwells ->   hippo are fun
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  @nstrehlow Mac or PC for hippo? I didn't have good luck on a Mac
 nstrehlow ->  PC
 bobsprankle ->  and hippo is a browser to use for Reaction Grid, Brendan
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Thanks
 brendanwells ->  kern :D
 Kern ->  Hi Brendan *waves*
 nstrehlow ->  Reaction Grid rocks!
 brendanwells ->  what does waves mean
 Kern ->  Just that, me waving to you :)
 bobsprankle ->  he is waving to you, brendan... just like in real life
 brendanwells ->  yes it does
 brendanwells ->   me 2
 jokay ->  hooray for opensim devs! they are amazing
 cala ->  first came the Proxy, then came LibSL, then came open source SL Viewer, then came opensim.
 nstrehlow ->  It's not as robust for the amount of avatars on any one area, but my kids are building like mad
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  @nstrehlow What grades?
 nstrehlow ->  I have 5th through 8th grade
 brendanwells ->   grade 5
 Mary OBrien ->  I love what you are doing on RG Norma..and my students love your shop at Gridizen Market
 nstrehlow ->  Thanks Mary. I have more stuff at the Island Depot also
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  @nstrehlow do you use it after schol or during school?
 nstrehlow ->  I have a Jr. High elective 8th hour every day
 nstrehlow ->  but some of my 5th graders have been in also
 brendanwells ->  dont stop beliven break your goal thats the purpose of life
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  That's great about moving betwen grids That was what was missing in Sl
 nstrehlow ->  I tried to come to the last one
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  @nstrehlow very progressive... Are you in a public school?
 brendanwells ->  yes
 nstrehlow ->  Yes Alice
 Talvin ->  In addition to my work on Disability Issues, I also homeschool our 6-year-old daughter.  I have been surprised at how quickly she has adapted to JokaydiaGrid.  She spent the last hour helping me do quality control on a major build, running around looking for gaps
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Very cool
 brendanwells ->  yay erin
 bobsprankle ->  Welcome, Erin!!!! So glad you are here!
 Talvin ->  And it is pushing her to become more literate.
 jokay ->  Info about the Hypergrid ADventurer's Club is @
 nstrehlow ->  Hypergrids are so cool. Like Stargate
 bobsprankle ->  Brendan is here as well!
 bobsprankle ->  Any questions, Erin or Brendan?
 Mary OBrien ->  Glitchy is good!
 jokay ->  4 now!!! ;)
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Wow Talvin.   Have you heard of MeMoves, especailly if you homeschool.
 brendanwells ->  :)
 Sheila ->  Where's the best place to view an example.?
 Talvin ->  MeMoves? No, that's a new one on me.
 brendanwells ->   detroit
 nstrehlow ->  I felll through something the other day! :P
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  @cheryl Remind me to tell you a Memoves story
 brendanwells ->  a brick
 John Lester ->  here's more info on the Hypergrid Adventurers Club:
 Kern ->  Hi Erin
 nstrehlow ->  Oh that's awesome about the kids in the hospital
 erinwells ->  hi guys
 brendanwells ->  hi erin
 Sheila ->  Hospital - nice idea
 nstrehlow ->
 John Lester ->  more info on that project in Paris with kids in the hospital:
 nstrehlow ->  awesome idea
 erinwells ->  what are we talking about?
 nstrehlow ->  I wish my kids had access at home
 brendanwells ->  gum:D
 Mary OBrien ->  Talking about Reaction Grid Erin
 brendanwells ->  :D
 jokay ->  Image from our visit to see the kids sim here - .. amazing build ;)
 brendanwells ->  :/
 erinwells ->  ok, thanks
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Sheila did you get your question answered?
 brendanwells ->  ;)
 brendanwells ->  *)
 nstrehlow ->  I write the check each month but it's worth it
 Sheila ->  I'm in a place by myself . . . don't know how to move . . . . looking arouond
 nstrehlow ->  lol
 Mary OBrien ->  It has a bit of learning curve Sheila
 Mary OBrien ->  use arrow keys Sheila
 Sheila ->  On a mac. doesn't work.
 erinwells ->  why not?
 brendanwells ->  life equals fun
 brendanwells ->    to maine
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Hold on we will be right backk
 brendanwells ->  how can i talk
 erinwells ->  what are you talking about brenndan
 nstrehlow ->  On the Reaction Grid it is all PG content
 John Lester ->  yep, all PG. 
 nstrehlow ->  my kids have never seen anything inappropriate
 brendanwells ->  on the podcast
 nstrehlow ->  cept they came back with a beer once
 Mary OBrien ->  Brendan, you can only type
 brendanwells ->  ok
 nstrehlow ->  I have no qualms about kids in there
 erinwells ->  so what do we do in reaction grid?
 nstrehlow ->  I let a few third graders in already just for fun
 Kern ->  Hi Paul!!
 Talvin ->  I feel safer taking my child around in JokaydiaGrid than I do in taking her down to the south part of our city: the language and images are more appropriate.
 brendanwells ->  kids are smart the cappiltal of oregon is salem
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Have the students here used the reaction grid yet?
 bobsprankle ->  lol, brendan
 bobsprankle ->  any questions, erin? brendan?
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Tavlin, where are you located, if you don't mind?
 brendanwells ->  no
 nstrehlow ->  right, those are good guidelines
 brendanwells ->  live life
 nstrehlow ->  I barely have to give my kids any instruction. It's almost all exploratory
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Norma, that is the best instruction!!!
 erinwells ->  ya where is sam and kennzie?
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Norma, where do they give you feedback? Blog? chats?
 John Lester ->  Norma, your PESD project is simply brilliant.  I show people your PESD island all the time. :)
 jokay ->  all teachable moments ... we have found the kids we've had at jokaydiagrid have been mostly great.. and learn fast what's appropriate
 nstrehlow ->  I had a 14 yr old boy lie that he was 18 to someone from Peru
 brendanwells ->  its mkenzee
 nstrehlow ->  Thanks John
 erinwells ->  sorry but spelling doesn't really matter here does it
 Talvin ->  One feature that would be nice to have is a way to *restrict* certain accounts from Hypergridding.  If you are working in an environment where somebody (ahem!) has a region with instant hypergates scattered all over, a kid can just wander in and you suddenly have middle schoolers scattered to the four winds. :)
 nstrehlow ->  I like the RG because there are at least other places they can go safely and meet other people
 brendanwells ->  whats wrong about utube mrs .s
 bobsprankle ->  nothing, brendan. i love youtube
 John Lester ->  the idea is to have future versions of Hypergrid that will support that kind of granularity, Talivin. 
 nstrehlow ->  I don't let my kids use IM but open chat they do not abuse and I tell them I can get a readout
 erinwells ->  utube isn't as restricted and anyone can go on
 brendanwells ->  what about facebook
 erinwells ->  that ether
 nstrehlow ->  kids used to type bad words using those plastic labels or look up bad words in a dictionary. Rights of passage
 brendanwells ->  talvin where do live
 Talvin ->  Brendan: East Coast US. :)
 erinwells ->  cool
 brendanwells ->  maine
 nstrehlow ->  <--Arizona
 erinwells ->  same
 jokay ->  *agrees* we have to give kids the space to learn digital literacy - which includes online safey and learning etiquette
 nstrehlow ->  I believe many of our students will not go to a building for college
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Talvin, back to MeMoves, it is a program designed for initially students with communication and learning problems, but now used in mainstream classes as well as resource rooms.
 brendanwells ->  talk about oliva bouler
 erinwells ->  ya its not fun to be locked out i speak from expereiance
 Talvin ->  I was on QuantumLink: The Commodore Connection (now AOL!) when I was 12 and 13.  They had not really given much thought at all to kids online back then.   Yet, we were there, and we survived.
 nstrehlow ->  But that was a parental problem as well
 erinwells ->  true
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  At ATIA, the biggest group of online users ages 13-18
 Sheila ->  I use MeMoves in my 7th grade classes!
 brendanwells ->  this is a safe zone
 nstrehlow ->  I've been in for 3 years and would never want to stop
 Talvin ->  Cheryl: Thanks, I'll look it up. :)
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Glad to know Shelia, I will tell Chris and  Roberta
 erinwells ->  this is fun and confusing
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Erin, there are many conversations happening at once, just like the lunchroom.
 bobsprankle ->  awesome, erin :)
 nstrehlow ->  Erin, can you hear the audio?
 brendanwells ->  oliva bouler and oilspill
 erinwells ->  how can you always tell who is answering you?
 erinwells ->  no
 bobsprankle ->  it does get tricky, erin
 nstrehlow ->  Erin put their name in your response
 Mary OBrien ->  @Erin, you can't always tell...
 bobsprankle ->  oh, but you need the audio!
 bobsprankle ->  do you have the instructions that i gave you?
 jokay ->
 erinwells ->  how am i sapose to hear the adeo?
 erinwells ->  ya
 Sheila ->  So best advice for paradigm shift?
 bobsprankle ->  clicking on the EDTECH TALK A
 bobsprankle ->  one of those icons
 Sheila ->   . . . to a virtual world?
 bobsprankle ->  prob. the color wheel one for you computer
 nstrehlow ->  kids don't need the paradigm shift, the teacher does
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  At ATIA, people kept saying that we need to go where the kids are, not asking them or making them come to us.
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Shelia, your school had a nice TV story about your marine project
 erinwells ->  where did brenndan go/
 bobsprankle ->  can you hear now, erin?
 Sheila ->  tv story? must be elementary. Hmmm didn't know that.
 erinwells ->  no
 nstrehlow ->  That's a good question
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Hang on we'll be right back
 John Lester ->  speaking of augmented reality earlier, i recently wrote a blog piece about the intersection of virtual worlds and augmented reality:
 Sheila ->  @nstrehlow - advice for a teacher?
 jokay ->  woot.. i hear you all again ;)
 Sheila ->  How many in skype call? too many?
 nstrehlow ->  Sheila: embrace the virtual
 nstrehlow ->  :)
 Mary OBrien ->  What is limit Sheila
 nstrehlow ->  The kids don't need much training
 Sheila ->  I'm ready but first steps.
 Sheila ->  ?
 nstrehlow ->  be brave
 nstrehlow ->  make your avatar and go to some of the regions and just look around
 nstrehlow ->  if you know Second Life, there is no learning curve
 Sheila ->  Guess I'm not clear, was looking for advice for starting with classes.
 Mary OBrien ->  I agree Norma...SL skills carry over
 nstrehlow ->  I will be happy to talk to anyone in there
 nstrehlow ->  well you need a place to work if you want to build
 nstrehlow ->  my classes are small because it's not as robust
 erinwells ->  something just happened and i was logged out sorry
 nstrehlow ->  I have about 16 people in working at a time
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  It must have been  WCSH6 or WMTW 8
 erinwells ->  how do i here the talk
 Sheila ->  @cheryl Thanks. Will check it out.
 jokay ->  Four sources for pre-made virtual worlds
 nstrehlow ->  click on EdTech Talk A over on the right side of the screen
 Sheila ->  Thanks @jokay!
 erinwells ->  check
 Mary OBrien ->  Erin, at top of screen EdTech Talk A - one of icons under that
 nstrehlow ->  That's how I found out about the RG!
 jokay ->  opensim worlds particularly handy for educators.. some nice stuff from edusim there..
 Mary OBrien ->  You are fast Norma
 erinwells ->  there are no icons where i am
 Talvin ->  Agreed: I took my daughter through Virtual Native Lands on a "Virtual Field Trip", but couldn't let her even touch the keys according to the TOS.
 erinwells ->  what
 nstrehlow ->  Yes, about all you could do is show them on a SMART Board
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Yes Talvin, we need to model best behavior
 erinwells ->  why
 BenNBen ->  Hello!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Hi BennBen
 Talvin ->  But, I did have her paint her favorite part and I scanned it in and gave it to Nany Kayo, who hung it in her office. :)
 erinwells ->  hello
 Talvin ->  In OpenSim, I could have turned her loose and let her explore on her own.
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  How nice. Talvin, how did you find us tonight?
 BenNBen ->  MsBarr--You've had a long night!
 nstrehlow ->  the Vincent Van Gogh Museum was awesome also
 Talvin ->  I follow John Lester in Twitter.
 erinwells ->  i still don't know how to here the talk
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Excellent. Nice to know the twitters work
 bobsprankle ->  yes! the van gogh! what a loss
 BenNBen ->  That's how I found it--Bob Sprankle's tweets
 erinwells ->  what
 bobsprankle ->  hi bens!
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  Excellent use of Twitter.
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Hi BenNBen
 nstrehlow ->  Erin, on the right side of the screen is a box with EdTech TalkA and a little speaker you can click on
 Talvin ->  Bob: you are giving me a flashback to an old Peanuts comic strip. Snoopy's doghouse on fire while he weeps about his lost Van Gogh. ;)
 bobsprankle ->  LOL!
 erinwells ->  there is no boxwith edtech talk on it:(
 Talvin ->  That was a running gag for Schultz for a while. :)
 nstrehlow ->  One of the best things about Reaction Grid is that you do not have to pay 10 Linden everytime you upload a graphic
 jokay ->  hehe.. too true norma! ;)
 BenNBen ->  Mrs. Barr--Still waiting for Chris Toy!
 nstrehlow ->  My student art gallery would have cost me a fortune to do in SL
 Mary OBrien ->  So true Norma
 erinwells ->  what icon there is none
 Mary OBrien ->  Bummer erin!
 BenNBen ->  Pilgrimage to Orono!
 nstrehlow ->  Erin I see three little icons under the words EdTechTalk A so you can click on them and hear
 Sheila ->  Thanks all!
 erinwells ->  i kno it feels like i cant hear half of what you
 erinwells ->  re saying
 nstrehlow ->  Portaportal
 John Lester ->
 bobsprankle ->  no audio, erin?
 erinwells ->  what in the world happened there
 BenNBen ->
 BenNBen ->  that's my Geek of the Week
 nstrehlow ->
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  good one BennBen
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  :0 ben!!
 erinwells ->  nope anyway mom says it is time for me to log off and go to bed
 bobsprankle ->
 nstrehlow ->  Wow, that is geeky
 Talvin ->  The best way to do that would be with shrinking and shifting prims.  Your av remains the same size, but thinks shrink around you.
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Bye Erin
 Mary OBrien ->  Bye Erin
 erinwells ->  bye
 bobsprankle ->
 Talvin ->  It should be doable. :)
 nstrehlow ->  oh I have those on my portal
 nstrehlow ->  my kids like to M&M themselves
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  sounds like fun
 bobsprankle ->
 nstrehlow ->  My students love that
 Mary OBrien ->  That is amazing Kern
 nstrehlow ->  wow
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Hang on once more
 John Lester ->  word lens is brilliant. mind-blowing, actually.
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Cool Kern
 Kern ->  Cool huh :)
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Sound will be right back
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  My geek of the week is
 jokay ->  back to work for me.. great to hear about your new adventures in opensim! *waves* to all
 Mary OBrien ->  Bye Jokay
 John Lester ->  take care, jokay.  good to see you!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->
 BenNBen ->  VOTE4BARR
 Kern ->  Yes! She isn't already? :)
 bobsprankle ->
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  NO.... Not yet
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Apple Distinguished HS
 bobsprankle ->
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Thanks kern :)
 BenNBen ->  WOOHOO
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Bye
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->
 bobsprankle ->  thanks to all!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Thanks everyone!
 Mary OBrien ->  Great show everyone!
 Mary OBrien ->  Nice to see you here Norma!
 John Lester ->  lots of fun.  thanks everyone.
 nstrehlow ->  nice to see you also Mary
 Kern ->  Great to chat with everyone!
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Kern good to see you!
 Kern ->  Yes, I've really been away toooo long
 nstrehlow ->  Night
 Talvin ->  *waves!*
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  thanks for joining us