Parents as Partners Episode 45 May 2, 2011 Fix the School not the Child with Lisa Nielsen - Innovative Educator

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Lisa Nielsen aka the Innovative Educator joined Parents as Partners on Monday May 2, 2011 at 9:00 PM EDY (GMT-4) to talk about her free ebook for parents. Lisa Nielsen is an educational administrator and permanently certified teacher with more than a decade's worth of experience working in educational innovation at the city, state, and national level. Working as an innovative educator in New York City, Ms. Nielsen was honored as Teacher of the Year and was her district's nominee for Technology Educator of the year. Ms. Nielsen has worked in various capacities in educational innovation at the NYC Department of Education and Teachers College, Columbia University including as manager of instructional technology professional development, literacy coach, instructional technology coach, teacher, librarian, and staff developer. She currently serves as Technology Innovation Manager for the NYC Department of Education. Ms. Nielsen is a Google Certified Teacher, International Edublogger, International EduTwitter, and creator of The Innovative Educator blog, website, learning network, and wiki. In addition to her blog , her work is published in “Learning and Leading,” and “Tech & Learning,” magazine as well as the following online media Tech & Learning, ISTE Connects, Ed Reformer, and The Huffington Post. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to listen to Lisa talking about her book as well as learning about her innovative approach to using technology in the classroom.

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Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): thx :-)

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): Hi Peggy!!!

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): Nice to be with you again :-)

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): Welcome Nikki

Peggy George: Hi Lisa, Lorna and all! So sorry I'm late. Dealing with plumbers at my house!!! Thrilled to have you sharing tonight!

nikki: Hello Lisa and al!

Peggy George: Lisa and the Passion Panel at the WOW conference were incredible!!!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2):

Peggy George: I'm so in awe that you could find time to write a book on top of everything else you do!!!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2):

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2): Hi Penmy and Nikki

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: Hey Lorna!

nikki: Hello Lorna

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): Hi Amanda!

Peggy George: sorry I had to step away but I'm back now!

Peggy George: do you think parents who refuse testing for their child really have an impact on changing things?

Peggy George: I think that is being tried in the UK, right

kim caise: i know a student in Washington state refused to take the state test

Peggy George: I didn't hear your answer Lisa

Peggy George: I wasn't thinking of their individual children but changing the system

kim caise: great analogy list

Peggy George: like the resistance to buying gas for our cars on a specified day--doesn't seem to make a difference

Peggy George: I totally agree with your point!

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): :-) peggy

kim caise: i always read the book 'testing miss malarkey' before testing to lighten the mood about testing

kim caise: in the book the teachers are in line for the nurse

kim caise: nurse's office

kim caise: kids of all ages love that book

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2):

Peggy George: I know teachers who have gotten "in trouble" for telling their students it was ok if their parents kept them home during the testing because the % of students taking the test affects the success rates on the school rating

Peggy George: parents can definitely make that decision for their own children!! and should!!

Blanca: Agreed - worry about our own children! Absolutely!

kim caise: i know in texas a lot of federal money is tied to the student test data

kim caise: not sure if that is applicable to all states

Peggy George: good for you Lisa!!!

Peggy George: a teacher's stress over the testing often translates right into the student's stress too!

kim caise: in houston, teacher's evals are now related to test scores and are determined by value added/subtracted to student test scores on TAKS

Peggy George: parents MUST advocate for their own children!! they can't just "write off" an entire year of school

Peggy George: love to hear those success stories!!!

Blanca: If your child comes home and says they are bored - you need to address it. That is NOT excuseable. This is how we create unmotivated adults!

Peggy George: definitely Blanca!! the passion for curiosity and learning is crushed in them!

Peggy George: he's going to be on Future of Education this week I think

Blanca: And maybe it is the child but at the very least you need to ask tough questions...what are you doing? does it make sense? Are you creating? curious? why / why not? It's a tough and scary thing to admit but if you truly want what is best for your child, you need to do something.

Peggy George: Dale Stephens :-) Uncollege

Peggy George: He was just on and I missed it! Recording is here:

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2): The Teenagers Guide to Opting Out (not dropping out) of School

Blanca: Thanks Peggy - I want to watch it. :)

Peggy George: the Uncollege interview with Dale Stephens is here:

Peggy George: what a success story!!

kim caise: oh that guy

Peggy George: I love that point! it's not your title or credentials but what you can do that should make the difference for earning respect

kim caise: absolutely peggy

Peggy George: Penny-are you posting in another chat somewhere? It's so great to have you here!

Peggy George: Hi Miguel! We meet again :-)

Peggy George: why does it have to be underground?

Peggy George: unschooling is very interesting in contrast to homeschooling

Peggy George: Can't wait to see it Lisa!

kim caise: i wrote a blog post about the valedictorian that shared she achieved honors but it wasn't her passion

Peggy George: thanks for that link Kim!!

Peggy George: isn't that sad??!!!

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: weird -- never had that happen before -- thanks!

Peggy George: I just heard a teacher on one of my teacher listservs say that kids below 4th grade shouldn't be allowed to do science fair projects because they're always done by their parents and they aren't ready to do original research. It broke my heart because I have a very bright grandson who did some incredible science research in first grade and that was one of the highlights of his year

Peggy George: yeah Penny!!!

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: now I understand what you were asking Peggy

Peggy George: that happened to me too--for some reason the default entering the room was "moderators" I sent my first 3 messages to the moderators

kim caise: wow peggy, how sad of that teacher to feel that way

Peggy George: I agree Kim!

kim caise: definit ely s tifling learning

Peggy George: technology is needed (computer, internet, mobile device) no matter what your career/profession

kim caise: i think of temple grandin who is autistic and shares her struggle but she was brilliant in designing the way to corral cattle, etc.

Peggy George: Jackie Gerstein completely equipped her classroom with donated computers--all different but that didn't matter!

kim caise: the military bases donate working equipment to schools all the time

kim caise: it is a simple application and you can receive working equipment that is in excellent condition

kim caise: classwish, donorschoose, pepsi projects, etc

Blanca: I think that my frustration with schools is that my HS experience was so much better than what I see in school today. I want my daughter to be able to follow her own passion. I may be attending AERO Lisa! :)

Peggy George: our district had a policy that wouldn't allow donated computers in the schools that didn't meet the district standards. They didn't want them on the network.

amanda enclade 1: real action will bring change. parents standing up and saying no to the system!

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: I'm open and in this mindset .. but I'll admit .. brainwashed! Hard to make the shift

Blanca: Yes, Amanda, I agree.

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: @Peggy -- same for our district too

Peggy George: it is very hard to make the shift-- we weren't raised that way and I think educators, in general, we raised in a culture of following rules and not questioning authority

Blanca: But I will say it's difficult for parents to take that step. It goes against what I believe which is..that public school can be's just that it cannot move as fast as I need it to personally.

amanda enclade 1: you would be surprised by how big an impact one family makes.

Peggy George: There are so many examples of successful people who did not go to college!!!

Peggy George: if their child were being bullied at school they would be right there in the principal's office to demand action. Why won't they advocate for learning in the same way????

Blanca: LOL Nice move Lisa! I think that is perfect. Give them the power to address their learning.

Peggy George: does it need to happen through an organized effort by parents or is it enough for each parent to take action on behalf of their own children?

Peggy George: oh the election/voting mob??

Jeanna 2: I think this would be a great opportunity for teen students to realize that there are other ways to learn and this would be a great guide for them.

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: @Peggy .. bcs they don't know what's possible, what the language is, how the system works ... this is the "system" side of education that seems untouchable

Peggy George:

Peggy George: vote mob

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: @Peggy - I think it will have to start at an individual level

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: individuals first .. then system will follow .. but there has to be leaders

Peggy George: I agree Penny. Start there but... what next?

kim caise: hi matt

amanda enclade 1: it is extremely uncomfortable to choose outside of the status quo. change doesn't happen easily!

matt montagne: hi Kim, et al

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: Keep coming back to this quote -- People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty. ~ Tim Ferriss

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: That's tough to overcome

matt montagne: timely, as I've been thinking quite a bit about school for Morgan...what we want, what we don't want, etc

matt montagne: she is only 9 months, but we're thinking about it...

matt montagne: right now I can't see our daughter going to any school where she is going to sit down in a desk for most of the day

amanda enclade 1: teenage guide also crucial reading for parents to open their minds

Peggy George: it's just so interesting to me Penny. I know that parents don't feel they know enough about the curriculum or what schools should be teaching to feel passionate about advocating for certain things in their child's learning. But they could be completely wrong in their advocacy for their child "being bullied"--often I had parents in my office who were advising their child to fight back and not take it (when their child was actually starting the whole thing)

Peggy George: Hi Matt! How great to have your voice in this conversation

matt montagne: Hi Peggy!

matt montagne: I saw a GREAT talk at Stanford two weeks ago called, "Are Stanford Students Just Really Excellent Sheep?"

Peggy George: @Matt--you will advocate for Morgan and will make the decisions that will be right for her. All classrooms don't require kids to sit at desks all day but parents have to spend the time to research them

kim caise: thats how that student felt in the blog post i posted above

kim caise: the valedictorian

Peggy George: that sounds reallly interesting Matt!!! is it online anywhere

amanda enclade 1: I remember thinking why on earth was I spending the best years of my life at this horrible place that I loathed!

kim caise: many students AND teachers feel that way amanda

kim caise: that is precisely why i left education

Peggy George: I never questioned school all the way through!!

matt montagne: Tony Wagner talks about this all the time...even the BEST schools, the most 'elite' schools, aren't creating the kind of meaningful learning opportunities that our kids need

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2):

Peggy George: I didn't get my "voice" until I was in grad school working on my doctorate. Sad!!

kim caise: time went by too quickly tonight!

kim caise: i didnt get my voice until working with you peggy and lorna

Peggy George: How exciting to have Lisa's resources all in one Livebinder!!!

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: My daughter has already figured out to give what the teachers/school want .. doesn't want to put in extra effort .. why bother when grades are good

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: nice to see everyone again!

matt montagne: that concerns me, Penny.

Peggy George: passion!!!!!

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: @Matt -- concerns me too!

kim caise: i used to have that mindset. do the mimimum to get by

matt montagne: esp. as we now have our own little one. There is a new sense of urgency for me

Blanca: Any time that I've mentioned giving my daughter an alternative, I've been asked if she is being bullied. It's a strange thing...people actually believing that I would take a good student out of school because I don't believe she is learning passionately. Glad to know that there are others that are doing so well

kim caise: i bet matt, your perception and outlook completely changes

Peggy George: being a parent really changes your perspective doesn't it Matt? much more compelling

kim caise: :) peggy!

amanda enclade 1: thank you everyone!

matt montagne: much of it is creating self importance on the part of schools.