Parents as Partners Episode 44 April 4, 2011 Dr. Joyce Epstein National Network of Partnership School

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Dr. Joyce Epstein from the National Network of Partnership Schools was the special guest on the Parent as Partners webcast on Monday April 4, 2011 at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT-4)

Joyce talked about t the National Network of Partnership Schools and how School Family and Community Partnerships support student success. Dr. Epstein explained how deliberate and measured results can be obtained by developing teams of teachers, parents and community members whose purpose is to support student success.

Jose Rodriguez joined Lorna, Peggy and Kim adding his expertise in streaming the Elluminate session on ustream.

Link to the elluminate recording:

Chat log

Apr 4, 2011 7:59:35 PM - PARENTS AS PARTNERS 


01:25 - Peggy George 

the joys of technology!! I love that Dr. Epstein can join us via telephone! Such a wonderful opportunity for us! 

01:28 - Kim Caise 

puentes al mundo 

02:31 - Peggy George 

Jose was a great facilitator for the Spanish-speaking community for the K12 Online Conference! 

02:32 - Jose Rodriguez 

02:33 - Kim Howland 

I am 

03:06 - Peggy George 

how exciting! great to have "newbies" here! Feel free to ask questions any time in the chat and we'll be happy to help you. 

03:33 - Peggy George 

much easier to see a big chat window if you use the wide layout. 

04:12 - Peggy George 

I hope you're all hearing the audio now. If you're not let us know in the chat 

04:32 - Kelly 

Sounds great. 

04:45 - Rangel 

I agree sounds great 

05:23 - Peggy George 

finally a cooler day today in Phoenix AZ! We hit 102 degrees a few days ago but only about 90 today. 

05:52 - Peggy George 

now that's worse :-) 

05:56 - Peggy George 

yeah! perfect! 

06:24 - Peggy George 

you click on the green check/red x at the bottom of the participant list of names 

06:24 - Kim Caise 


06:25 - Kim Howland 


06:26 - Elizabethhaigh 2 

C: Administrator 

06:28 - Bob 


06:31 - Rangel 

06:31 - Kelly 

Professional Development Facilitator 

06:37 - Peggy George 

no abcd choice 

06:38 - Brendan Murphy 


06:40 - Bob 

Parent - Teacher - Grad Student 

06:43 - nikki 


06:45 - Rangel 


07:01 - Peggy George 

professional development consultant :-) 

07:12 - Bob 

Is that like a co-op programme? 

07:17 - Peggy George 

and retired elementary principal and university pre-service instructor 

07:41 - Peggy George 

I had a school partnership team when I was a principal :-) 

08:37 - Peggy George 

what is NNPS to website .. 

08:52 - Peggy George 

09:11 - Peggy George 

Welcome Joyce!!! 

09:24 - Rangel 

Hello Joyce! 

10:04 - Peggy George 

I love that these sessions are recorded so we can share them with colleagues who aren't able to attend the live session! 

11:24 - Peggy George 

(Inter)National Network of Partnership Schools at Johns Hopkins University  NNPS :-) 

12:11 - Peggy George 

it's so powerful to have a research base for implementing these partnerships!! 

12:46 - Lorna Costantini 1 

HI Sheila nice to see u 

13:03 - Peggy George 

partnership is such a great term because the emphasis is that we are all in this together with a common goal! 

13:09 - Sheila 

Hi all - sorry that I am late 

13:19 - Peggy George 

Hi Sheila! Welcome to Elluminate :-) 

13:37 - Lorna Costantini 1 

not late 

14:35 - Peggy George 

For Dr. Epstein’ publications, see the Publications List in the section Research and Evaluation. 

17:23 - Peggy George 

parents really want to be involved in their child's education--beyond bake sales and parent/teacher conferences :-) 

18:03 - Peggy George 

healthy school is an interesting term--makes sense 

18:45 - Peggy George 

how do you do all of that assessment without feeling overwhelmed?? 

18:52 - Sheila 

Do goals have to be measurable to be good goals? 

19:34 - Peggy George 

maybe measurable but not always "quantifiable"--based on scores or numbers 

19:39 - Brendan Murphy 

How can parents get involved in curriculum decisions? 

20:11 - Peggy George 

there are so many ways to assess success/progress but the public tends to look for test scores 

22:30 - Peggy George 

I was really wondering about all of the assessments and the collection of data--schools, principals and teachers have so much of this to do and it can be really overwhelming. Can you build that kind of partnership with less time spent on collecting data? 

23:30 - Peggy George 

@Brendan our School Site Council was involved in curriculum, policy and budget decisions for our school with representatives from parents, community members, teachers, administrators (elementary so we didn't have students on our council) 

24:38 - Peggy George 

25:19 - Peggy George 

do you have ways of collaborating that don't require meetings? 

26:21 - Peggy George 

26:43 - Sheila 

need a key communicator with parents - who? 

27:00 - Peggy George 

that is so wonderful to have success stories posted so we can learn from their experiences! 

27:10 - Peggy George 

great question Sheila! 

27:32 - Sheila 

always more questions than answers! :) 

27:46 - Peggy George 

so true... 

29:38 - Sheila 

I think I see two twitter friends here right now...:) 

30:09 - Peggy George 

some parents just can't or don't want to come to meetings. they are often held in evenings when they feel they need to be helping their kids with homework, spending time with family, after school activities for kids, etc. 

30:09 - Kim Howland 


30:35 - Sheila 

Hi Kim! 

30:45 - Peggy George 

31:07 - Sheila 

So important to hook dads! 

31:59 - Cameron 

Sorry if this has been covered, but where might I buy a book? 

32:02 - Peggy George 

I really like this list on Joyce's site-6 types of involvement 

32:07 - Kim Howland 

BC parents have used Joyce's materials for years Her work has been a key source to helping us build a strong parent invovlement in our province.  :-) 

32:23 - Jennifer Voorhees 

What are ways that people are getting dads and father figures involved?  This "Dangerous Dads" sounds interesting. 

32:23 - Bob 

where are you Kim 

32:31 - Kim Howland 

Nanaimo BC 

32:37 - Bob 

Victoria :) 

32:44 - Bob 


33:06 - Kim Howland 

nice to meet you Bob :-) 

33:18 - Peggy George  Handbook for Action 

34:03 - Peggy George 

we got our dads to come out when we had BBQs at school, often right before little league games/practice :-) 

34:08 - Bob 

you too, we really should chat ... later 

35:15 - Peggy George 

17 minute video highlights the goals and services of NNPS 

35:43 - Peggy George 

such an important point!! it's the action that's important and not just talking about it 

36:17 - Sheila 

I think that: Action plan for partnerships 

37:06 - Peggy George 

@Cameron-did you get the answer to your question about where to buy the book? not sure which book you meant 

37:13 - Cameron 

yep - cheers 

37:18 - Peggy George 


37:37 - Sheila 

good point! 

38:33 - Sheila 

Communications team/plan then? 

38:36 - Peggy George 

could you ask her to talk about her parent surveys and how they are used? 

38:43 - Cameron 

There is a tension/balance with embracing this idea (and its a cracking idea) and teachers having a work/life balance.  IN my school a few of us use ICT to facilitate pretty great comms with parents but the cost is less down-time.  I love my job but I don't want to do it for free 

38:52 - Peggy George 

39:38 - Peggy George 

excellent point @Cameron and something I heard frequently from my teachers and parents too--challenge in finding balance in their lives 

40:53 - Kim Howland 

the more on the team to support the work, the more success and more time for each individual and the great benefit for the kids learning and outcomes 

40:56 - Peggy George 

we got our dads to show up for our family "Read Under the Stars" night where they brought picnics, blankets and flashlights for reading together--also had a huge telescope for them to view the stars :-) 

41:16 - Sheila 

Good idea for our PICs? 

41:35 - Bob 

hmmm could use that for mathematics too eh? 

41:57 - Peggy George 

that is so important to hear from all of those voices! 

42:44 - Sheila 

There are issues of trust when it is parent volunteers communicating at times...need clear guidelines? 

42:59 - Bob 

What are the surveys called? 

43:06 - Bob 

Are they available online? 

43:20 - Lorna Costantini 1 

The surveys are in the handbook 

43:44 - Kim Howland 

in my daughters elementary school, parent advisory council and school principal put out questionaire to ask dads what is your favorite hobbie, and would you like to volunteer to share that with some kids, had dads come in to teach painting, canoe building, building of motors - lawn mowers, motorcycles and coaching some sport games ... it was a great questionaire.. and we were told that the best part was that they were actually asked :-)... kids loved it, teachers loved it.. and the community was stronger 

43:49 - Jennifer Voorhees 

@ Peggy George - Thanks for some of the ideas for getting dads involved :) 

44:14 - Peggy George 

those team training days are so valuable because although you're "working" with a clear purpose you are also building relationships! we had team training days for our School Site Council to help them understand and develop school improvement plans 

44:31 - Cameron 

In terms of internal resourcing, did staff get line allowances or time-in-lieu to get these things off the ground? 

44:34 - Sheila 

Sounds great Kim! 

45:01 - Peggy George 

in our school the teachers got the day off for training days with subs provided for them 

45:12 - Kim Howland 

@sheila it was great to see our dads in the school and kids so excited to have them there 

45:13 - Bob 

Great idea Kim, thanks for sharing :) 

45:13 - Jennifer Voorhees 

It's amazing how diverse the activites were once the school asked for the dad's input. 

45:33 - Peggy George 

not just training days but really planning days for creating our school goals and action plans 

45:42 - Peggy George 

great point Jennifer!!! 

46:25 - Sheila 

fundraising doesn't catch dads as much, it seems 

46:39 - Jennifer Voorhees 

Do any schools do things to encourge a parent/community involvement during the summer to help prevent the summer slide? 

46:43 - Peggy George 

that is such a great suggestion Kim H!!! everyone feels valued when they are asked to do something that they feel comfortable doing 

47:27 - Kim Howland 

@ Jennifer - Our community has community schools in a few of our elementary / highschools and they run programs through the summer 

47:39 - Peggy George 

we used to send summer calendars home with the kids that were geared to one activity every day for their grade level--often hands-on activities and things families could do together 

49:57 - Sheila 

Not aware of any training this specific in Ontario 

50:23 - Kim Howland 

@peggy some of our teachers also did this through my childrens elementary years. 

50:41 - Bob 

In my recent survey research we found that parents would welcome math videos to support them and their children 

50:56 - Bob 

another close response was for mobile apps 

51:04 - Kim Howland 

@bob... that would have been great 

51:07 - Bob 

what do y'all think? 

51:26 - Peggy George 

I agree Bob! 

51:31 - Kim Howland 

love the apps idea at the highschool level for sure 

51:49 - Bob 

so now my supervisor has me working towards math video rubric and I still keep in mind mobile apps to help parents as well 

52:01 - Kim Howland 


52:08 - Bob 

we are focusing upon grades 4-7 

52:12 - Jennifer Voorhees 

I could really see mobile apps working well. My son (7 years old) uses the apps on my phone & it would be great to have ones related to what he's doing in school 

52:17 - Bob 

parents of children in those grades 

52:27 - Peggy George 

that's a great way to do it Bob :-) when you're thinking apps you're thinking simple ways to communicate and learn 

52:28 - Bob 


52:38 - Kim Howland 

that's a great place to start :-) 

52:49 - Bob 

I was a little surprised from our recent parent survey 

52:54 - Jose Rodriguez 

yep...there are 150 schools in my part of town 

53:01 - Peggy George 

wow Jose! 

53:13 - Kim Howland 

wow... we only have 41 in our whole district 

53:26 - Peggy George 

@Jose-are they all public schools? 

53:26 - Bob 

my supervisors brother has a programming development company 

53:35 - Kim Howland 

bob what grade group of parents did you survey? 

53:43 - Jose Rodriguez 

150 public plus charter and parochial 

53:45 - Bob 

have you ever downloaded Math Tappers software (iTunes) 

54:11 - Kim Howland 

@bob nope but I'll have to get my daughter to try it 

54:15 - Peggy George 

what level is that Bob? 

54:16 - Bob 

Grades 4 - 7 parents across Canada, but most from BC responded 

54:31 - Sheila 

we have 29 schools in our board - perfect! :) 

54:39 - Bob 

Math tappers are there stuff, we haven't gotten there yet. 

54:58 - Bob 

our parents suggested a small percentage higher for videos 

55:05 - Bob 

so that is what I have to look at now 

55:09 - Jennifer Voorhees 

It's also good to check out website compatibility with SmartPhones.  First in Math for example works great on a Smart Phone.  Schools should keep this in mind when selecting progams to purchase. 

55:20 - Bob 

but I think we still want to keep the apps in mind as well 

55:24 - Peggy George 

is the Math Tappers software for computers or mobile devices? 

56:02 - Kim Howland 

my daughters have used the math videos on learning network to help them through high school math homework and they found it very helpful. 

56:16 - Sheila 

Yes it is a juggle 

56:17 - Bob 

if we get something developed, we'd like it to work on non-apple products as well 

56:30 - Kim Howland 


56:40 - Bob 

Math Tappers - iTunes 

56:47 - Peggy George 

how do you all help parents to help their kids with homework?? :-) 

56:53 - Kim Caise 

56:56 - Bob 

these are samples from my supervisors brother work 

57:22 - Lorna Costantini 1 

57:49 - Peggy George 

this Livebinder link has incredible resources for parenting in the 21st century :-) 

57:52 - Bob 

that is part of my dissertation work 

58:05 - Peggy George 

you'll spend hours exploring it and getting excited! 

58:16 - Sheila 

Should parents feel they have to help with homework? Some can't 

58:22 - Peggy George 

research, videos, PDF documents--fantastic stuff! 

58:27 - Bob 

I'm kinda getting anxious to graduate 

58:33 - Peggy George 

that was why I was asking that question Sheila :-) 

59:07 - Kim Caise 

i can relate @Bob 

59:14 - Kim Howland 

there is a role parents can still play around creating a place to do homework 

59:15 - Peggy George 

: how do you all help parents to help their kids with homework?? 

59:16 - Bob 

Ahh for those parents that feel they can't do math, hopefully we'll be able to help ... even a little :) 

59:20 - Kim Howland 

support the time to do it 

59:22 - Sheila 

Peggy and I :) 

59:22 - Peggy George 

Sheila was responding to my question 

59:38 - Kim Howland 

and let them talk and share it with parents 

59:50 - Peggy George 

that was exactly what I was interested in hearing about! 

1:00:03 - Peggy George 

1:00:06 - Bob 

it is so great to know there are professionals out there that care about parents as an important part of a child's educational process 

1:00:14 - Peggy George 

I agree Bob! 

1:00:29 - Kim Howland 

I agree too Bob :-) 

1:00:42 - Bob 

I get a feeling sometimes that I'm a little on the outside 

1:00:52 - Bob 

cause my focus isn't primarily teachers 

1:01:11 - Bob 

even though I'm in education

1:01:36 - Kim Howland 

stay outside the box Bob... it will be a great outcome for our kids :-) 

1:01:53 - Peggy George 

and that's why the 6 kinds of involvement are so important--they don't always want to go to meetings to be involved but they all care about their kids' success and learning 

1:02:04 - Kim Howland 

bob my twitter is khforkids and we have a blog - 4Moms1Dream 

1:02:10 - Rangel 

This has been a very enlightening conversation. Thank you for helping bring it to light! 

1:02:12 - Kim Howland 

would love to stay in touch and talk more 

1:02:21 - Bob 


1:02:29 - Cameron 

Thanks Joyce. 

1:02:33 - Peggy George 

fantastic conversation Joyce!!! Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with us!! 

1:02:34 - Kim Caise 

this was a fantastic session dr. epstein and lorna 

1:02:38 - Kim Caise 

thanks jose for streaming! 

1:02:48 - Sheila 

thanks for this opportunity! 

1:02:52 - Bob 

Thank You Dr Epstein :) 

1:03:00 - Kim Caise 

we appreciate you jose! 

1:03:01 - Peggy George 

what a bonus to have this streamed on EdTechTAlk too! Thanks Jose! 

1:03:02 - Kim Howland 

when will this be avaiable to share with others 

1:03:20 - Bob 

@ Kim:  I don't twitter but will check blog 

1:03:24 - Kim Caise 

the links will be avialable shorlty at and at learncentral 

1:03:25 - Jose Rodriguez 

Thanks Lorna.. for this very important.. talk 

1:03:28 - Kim Howland 

thanks jose, peggy and lorna and Kim Caise 

1:03:29 - Sheila 

Check Lorna's site for the recording 

1:03:32 - Jennifer Voorhees 

Thanks Dr. Epstein.  I enjoyed this sesson. 

1:03:33 - Peggy George 

The full recording with be posted on and 

1:03:44 - Kim Caise 

consider tweeting bob, lots of resources are shared in twitter 

1:03:46 - Kim Howland 

k thanks 

1:03:54 - Jose Rodriguez 

gotta run take care all 

1:03:57 - Kim Caise 

1:03:58 - Bob 

Ontario parent org. are good 

1:04:00 - Peggy George 

thanks to everyone in the chat for sharing your ideas and experienceQ great learning with you! 

1:04:06 - Jose Rodriguez 


1:04:07 - Rangel 


1:04:09 - Kim Caise 

night all 

1:04:16 - Kim Howland 

night all 

1:04:24 - Bob 

thank you and good night everyone :) 

1:04:30 - Kim Caise 

bye all