Community Introductions & Invitee Wishlist

As I listened to the most recent EdTechPlanning Session , I kept thinking about guests we'd like to meet and topics we'd like to discuss on upcoming shows.  Wonder who and what's on other folks EdTechTalk wishlist. 

Who would you like to hear on upcoming EdTechTalk shows?
What topics would you like to hear discussed?

Hi, I'm Alice Mercer. I'm a fifth grade teacher in the Sacramento area. My class website is: and my professional reflection website is: I would like to have a show about training peers in technology because I'm going to have to do that over the summer (I'm supposed to do a class on Podcasting). Also, I've stumbled into Podcasting. I know you've done some shows recently on that topic that I've missed, but if you do it again, I'll listen, I promise, lol! I'm still wondering what the list of 20 questions were that are referred to in some of archived events.

Hi Alice, If the 20 Questions you refer to is in the Teachers Teaching Teachers archives, it has to do with one of our lesson plans for our student Elggs, Personal Learning Space and YouthVoices. We thought 20 questions ... 10 about self and 10 about the world ...would inspire students to write and reflect about things they like, dislike and have an interest in. These are things they need to know to fill out their online profiles on their blogs. I have provided links to those items here but if you have any questions, let me know. Lee Baber

Is there a place where messages can be left to the EdTechTalk "team" during the week? A place for further comments discussion about prior topics? Am I missing a place where this happens?