Wiki Spectacular March 8, 2006

I was thinking about how to describe the spectacular wiki building process. While I was involved in it I felt like I was on a snowboarder bordercross. We all started at the same time and while I did not feel a competition to be to a finish line, I felt like we all took off, disappeared around a bend, there we created a page or comment, then occassionally a bunch of people would surface like popcorn, catch a breath and dive back down to create more. It was a buzz of activitiy and energy. Great idea and great way to try it out!

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Hi Cheryl,
Wanted to post quickly to say that I love the bordercross reference--that's exactly what it was like. As I said last night in the "post show" I found it very valuable to have the "jump page" updated as it was during the session. At least this provided a "go to" navigation page that helped me make more sense of what was going on. I agree that it was a great way to try things out and it was fun to be in there working in "real time." I think that a synchronous chat--as you and I were doing at one point re Vernal Pools--might be a useful tool in support of "real time" development in wikis.
Regards, Doug