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HI I am trying to watch the 12:30 show titled 21CL@EdTeachTalk, when I click on Participate Live it tells me there is a problem. I have a MacBook Pro- I tried accessing it on Safari and Firefox. The message says to contact site administrator. Thank you Linda

Can you share how best to make poodcasts such as yours?

1) when using skype, what audio recording device do you utilize to get everyone recorded? What setting on that device?

2) Your flash audio players, how did you generate those?

Your help would be appreciated.

Is it possible for someone to send me simple instructions on how to join the chat group for Art Teachers? I just spent 75 minutes trying to join but could only hear the conversation. One of the teachers mentioned that it would be great to get more teachers to join - my suggestion is to make it EASY and ACCESSIBLE - right now EdTalk has created a Trojan Wall for the Art teacher group. How do we sneek in? Send me any clues at [email protected] :-)

Margo Wixsom - Palo Alto High School Art teacher


Sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with tonight's webcast. 

You should not have to register or login with EdTechTalk in order to participate in the text chat. 
When you went to, did you see the chat room below the video? (see screenshot below). 
If you didn't see that, the most likely cause is that javascript was not enabled in your browser. 

As far as registering/logging in to the site, I see you were able to log in shortly after sending your last email.  Were you getting that 'account not found' message before or after clicking the link sent in the authorization email after registering?

Once that is clicked, you should be able to log in.  Any comments you make with be queued until a moderator approves them and then sets your account permissions to 'trusted user' (which you now are).  We do that in order to minimize spam on the site. 

Best Wishes,


I've been a member of EdTechTalk for a while. I love the idea of TTT. I've been doing it since 2006 on my own Moodle site. I organize MOOCs, online conferences, courses, and blog festivals. 

How do I contribute to TTT?

Thank you.

Nellie Deutsch

[email protected]