Women of Web 3.0

Women of Web 2.0, Show 51

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Wow2.0 Show 50!!!

Join the Women of Web 2.0 as we have a great conversation with Beth Kantor, and a wild conversation in the chat room. Thanks for making our year in webcasting a blast. Come back again, ya hear!

20:39:57 cheryloakes wow2 -> EdTechTalk: getting ready, be right back

20:40:04 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: me too

20:40:34 jenverschoor -> EdTechTalk: will be back in somes minutes

20:49:19 JenWagner -> EdTechTalk: can you hear us???

20:50:54 paula -> EdTechTalk: I can
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Women of Web 2.0 Show #49

Yikes, show # 49, while I am constantly amazed that we are still live after all this time, next week's show will bring us to #50. For those of you who have been with us CONGRATULATIONS for  making our show something memorable. If you are just joining us then welcome. I go back to a summer time quote Jose Rodriquez made about open source learning and how he got it! YOU all contribute to our show by listening, lurking and playing in the chat.

Women of Web 2.0 Show # 48

Join Jen Wagner, Vicki Davis, Sharon Peters and Cheryl Oakes as we entertain and interview Vinnie Vrotny. The chat is equal to the audio. We do rececommend multiple listens and reads in order to gain the optimal benefit!


Chat is here, below:

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Women of Web 2.0 Show #47

Join Jen, Vicki, Sharon and Cheryl in a conversation with Clarence Fisher, Bob Sprankle, Alice Barr, all the great folks in the chat room and the K12onlineconference.org

Here is the Chat:


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