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Parents as Partners Episode #7 May 5, 2008

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Dr. Debbie Pushor, Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum Studies in the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan talks about her vision of parent engagement. Her doctoral work A Storied Photo Album of Parents’ Positioning and the Landscape of Schools came about from her personal experience when her own children entered the education system. Her major research project funded by the Dr. Stirling McDowell Foundation for Research into Teaching, which explored, with a team of co-researchers at Princess Alexandra Community School in Saskatoon, how schools can move from practices of parent involvement to practices of parent engagement and leadership.

Lorna Costantini, moderator from, Matt Montagne, Teacher at the University School of Milwaukee, Rhoda Cipparone, interior designer from Niagara Falls, Ontario and Cindy Zautcke, resident parent on Parents as Partners joined in the discussion.You can follow along in the show with Debbie's slide show

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Parents as Partners Webcast Episode #6 April 14, 2008

This show focused on using Web 2.0 tools to connect parentsto the classroom. The beginnings of the development of a platform to demonstrate how these tools and social networking tools can be used with parents and by parents in supporting student success.

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Parents as Partners Webcast Episode #5 April 7, 2008

Background information: Parents as Partners Webcast on Monday April 7, 2008 ay 8:00 PM EST (GMT-5) with Aimee Gerdevich and Rick McAllister at

School Councils are legislated in the Province of Ontario. The regulations that manage these councils have been in place since 1995. Parents, in the majority, work with a teacher representative , principal, support worker, community representatives and students (secondary schools only) in advising schools in a number of areas.
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Parents as Partners Webcast Episode #4 March17, 2008

Parents as Partners continues to support parent involvement and effective strategies to connect parents and teachers in supporting student achievement. Jacqui Strachan, parent inclusion manager for People for Education shared her insights and experiences helping parents to be involved in their childrens' education. Lorna Costantini, Derrall Garrison, show hosts and Cindy Zautcke, resident parent echoed Jacqui's advice and added their own experiences to the conversation, 


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Parents as Partners Webcast Episode #3 March 3, 2008

Show hosts Lorna Costantini, Matt Montagne, Rhoda Cipparone and resident parent Cindy Zautcke engage in lively discussion about how to encourage more parents to be involved in their children's education. Dr. Joyce Epstein, Principal Research Scientist, and Research Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University and Director of the National Network of Partnership Schools with Frank Iannatuono, Superintendent of Education for the Niagara Catholic District School Board


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