EdTechTalk#26 Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#26 - Chat Transcript
November 20, 2005

[dave-on-air] we're 15 minutes from showtime...
Damian has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] greetings
[dave-on-air] show starts in 10
[Damian] Hi there Dave.
[dave-on-air] pre-show is on now
[Damian] Where do we have sound?
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[Damian] Is there any control for mike feed or only text chat?
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[BobS] Hello all
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BobS has joined the chat.
[JeffLebow] Hi Bob
mickiz has joined the chat.
[BobS] I'm having trouble with the stream... in all formats... it plays for a few seconds and then stops (rebuffers)
[dave-on-air] hi bob
[dave-on-air] that shouldn't be happening bob
[dave-on-air] anyone else having stream problems?
[mickiz] It's working fine for me!!!
[dave-on-air] working fine for me as well
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[Damian] I have opened Windows Media Player still at 66% (56kbps dialup).
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BobS has joined the chat.
[mickiz] My school computer rooms won't let me use these programs...they are blocked!
[BobS] wow... weird... now I keep losing the chat...
[BobS] have to log out and log back in...
[BobS] I did try the 24kbs stream... same problem
[dave-on-air] new show time start 11:05
[dave-on-air] mmm...
[dave-on-air] not sure what to tell you bob...
[dave-on-air] you're on a mac?
[BobS] i'll play around. yes on mac
[dave-on-air] itunes...
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[Bob_S] lost chat again
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[Harold_Jarche] cool
[mickiz] :D
[Harold_Jarche] hi guys :-)
[Harold_Jarche] is that bad?
[Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor] Harold always glad to have you, You had a real sense of competent computing for me.
RuthV has joined the chat.
[RuthV] Hi again!
[mickiz] what's your skype?
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Moira has joined the chat.
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Moira has joined the chat.
[JeffLebow] worldbridges.... but please tune in to the audio by clicking the webcast links below... and then skype in later with questions
[JeffLebow] and comments
[teacherruth] Sounds good, Dave!
[Harold_Jarche] you really know what you're talking about? ;)
[mickiz] Is this your usual time???
[JeffLebow] yes
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aiden has joined the chat.
[Harold_Jarche] moodle does have a wiki module, which is cool
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[JohnHibbs] Wow. Lots of people here - not manyin tapped in
mmmarzio has joined the chat.
[JohnHibbs] the stream is lovely
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[Harold_Jarche] are #26 show notes online?
mmmarzio has left the chat.
Daf has joined the chat.
[JeffLebow] learnerblogs.org
[JeffLebow] edublogs.org
doris3m has joined the chat.
[Harold_Jarche] or uniblogs.org for higher ed :)
[JeffLebow] show notes are kind of online - last minute post with very messy formatting
[Harold_Jarche] thx
[Daf] hi everybody!
[doris3m] Hello! Daf!
[dave-on-air] hi guys
[Daf] :-)
[doris3m] You're my lazarillo!
[Moira] Hi Dafne
[Daf] lol
[JohnHibbs] Newbie question - in advance of the Brainstorm session, do you put up a web page in advance where the urls which yo mention are
[JohnHibbs] posted?
[doris3m] Love what you do!
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[Daf] they put them on the chat area, then on the notes
[Harold_Jarche] brainstorms are a lot of fun - that's why I keep coming back
[JohnHibbs] so, if I google Brainstorming, I will find you?
[dave-on-air] edtechtalk.com
[dave-on-air] there are 11 brainstorms posted
[dave-on-air] and the times are annouced at the top of the page
[sroseman] these brainstorms have been incredible for me as well
[Daf] yesssss
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[RuthV] Hi Nellie!
[Harold_Jarche] I listen to you guys on my mp3 when I'm driving
[mickiz] hi Nellie!!!
[Daf] this is a homey webcast
[nelliemuller] Hi everyone
[Harold_Jarche] dave's gone to the dark side ;)
[nelliemuller] Hi Jeff
[Daf] hi Nelie
[JohnHibbs] ya, ya, Mac os ten --- you will love it!
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[nelliemuller] Hi Daf
[Daf] :-)
[nelliemuller] Hi Mickiz
[JohnHibbs] Imon exactly that machine
[nelliemuller] where is the sound?
[JohnHibbs] crashed?
[Harold_Jarche] tell us about neo-office dave
[JohnHibbs] never had one yet!
[JohnHibbs] still cant' get into elumniate though. ):
[sroseman] wow this ahould be an ad for Mac
[sroseman] should
[JohnHibbs] Sorry to tell you, you can't use Talking Communities (iVocalize) which Alado uses to get in with a Mac
[nelliemuller] I use hotconference rooms
[JohnHibbs] Jeff, I hear him on the telephone too...have you guys been using the phone room?
[nelliemuller] I just had a marvelous demo on how to use them
[nelliemuller] they have white boards and sound
[JohnHibbs] worked fine for me a few days ago. but not now
[JohnHibbs] Alado (I think does not support Mac an more) they did for a while.
[JohnHibbs] I use safari, firefox and i.e.
[JohnHibbs] and tried them all with elumniate
[JohnHibbs] grrrrrr
ElizabethH-S has joined the chat.
[nelliemuller] Ruth, David, gave Merav and I a demo on how to teach English online using the hotconference rooms
lbaber has joined the chat.
[JeffLebow] http://superglu.com
[Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor] I used Mac Flock and upgraded my Java and I was good to go.
[nelliemuller] Ok, now I can hear "welcome".
[JohnHibbs] superglue is a heck of an aggregator!
[ElizabethH-S] where is the stream?
[JeffLebow] webcast links below
[nelliemuller] Hello Elisabeth
[Harold_Jarche] http://jarche.suprglu.com my work in progress
[JohnHibbs] stream is hard to find. I had to go back to itunes to click on the url for it.
Damian has joined the chat.
[JohnHibbs] I could not get into http://wordbridges.com
[RuthV] Use IE John
[dave-on-air] worldbridges.com
[JohnHibbs] (actually, I clicked on the iTunes icon) ...it found Worldbridges
[JeffLebow] http://elgg.net/
[RuthV] Firefox is bad with worldbridges
Ilse has joined the chat.
[Harold_Jarche] go elgg go!
[JohnHibbs] I probably have to use I.E. -- once you use an apple and firefox you just hate, hate, hate i.e.
[sroseman] here's my suprglu
[sroseman] http://www.sroseman.suprglu.com/
Damian has left the chat.
Damian has joined the chat.
[ElizabethH-S] Have you upgrade your FireFox lately?
[nelliemuller] thank you, that
[nelliemuller] 's great
[ElizabethH-S] Dave--how do you get to the audio?
[JohnHibbs] agree!
[JohnHibbs] about superglue
[Daf] click on the icons below the chat area, Eliz
[JeffLebow] Click on one of the media player icons below
[lbaber] safari works well with worldbridges
[Harold_Jarche] ed musings suprglu has neat colour scheme :)
doris3m has left the chat.
[RuthV] try http://worldbridges.com/stream.ram
[JohnHibbs] yup, I'm on safari now and listening with pleasure...and text chat too and on the phone too
[RuthV] Fine:-)
[nelliemuller] what is elg?
[dave-on-air] http://elgg.net
[Harold_Jarche] main value of elgg = completely centred on the learner - may scare some teachers
[ElizabethH-S] Duh--thanks Daf
doris3m has joined the chat.
[JohnHibbs] What's missing? A single web page with a list of URL's for this particular hour, with an Arabic number next to that list...so t
[Daf] :-)
[ElizabethH-S] I had Real Player open and though it would start automatically.
[JohnHibbs] the panelists can say - click on number twelve or number twenty four
[JohnHibbs] and viewers can choose to link or not link
Damian has left the chat.
[Harold_Jarche] John - there's a character limit on this chat
Damian has joined the chat.
[JohnHibbs] Even a blog site where people could add their links, but with the requirement that they add the Arabic number
[JohnHibbs] Jeff, I don't completely agree with that.
[Harold_Jarche] ... and a great price guys ;)
[Damian] Which is the Windows Media Player icon?
[JohnHibbs] that you have to have different ways to listen -- yes, that is right. if you have this, or that, or x, then click here
[JohnHibbs] Nice presentation
[Harold_Jarche] and now a free educators version of basecamp
[Moira] when, where and when???
[JohnHibbs] Let me now plug the telephone -- yes Skype is terrific, but you an also phone in on anordinary phone card for one cent per minut
[JohnHibbs] usa one cent
[lbaber] Thank you, thank you, thank you for recording this weekends event!!!!
[RuthV] I'll send u questions, Jeff
Damian has left the chat.
[JohnHibbs] Jeff where is the best place to text chat
[dave-on-air] lol... we're sure you will ruth :)
[Ilse] I have no sound
SusanW has left the chat.
[dave-on-air] have you tried clicking 'listen to the stream'
[dave-on-air] on the bottom of the chatroom?
[JohnHibbs] im on the phone now
[RuthV] lol
[dave-on-air] unmute yourself john
[dave-on-air] we'd love your input
[Ilse] where's that bottom?
yaodong has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] red text under the chatroom
[yaodong] Hello!all.
[RuthV] But use ie
[doris3m] Hello, yaodong!
[yaodong] hi,doris.
[yaodong] any audio here
[Ilse] yes I clicked on real player but nothing happens
chee has joined the chat.
[doris3m] scroll down and click on the icon
Damian has joined the chat.
chee has left the chat.
[Ilse] I did
[Damian] Hi. Finally got it, but can audience use the mike?
chee has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] you can call the teleconference or skype in
[chee] do u use skype to talk here
[Moira] Question: for those who have not been able to be online this weekend, do you have facilities to know how many people listen to
[dave-on-air] we are currently... and the sound is webcasted
[Moira] to the recorded sessions?
[chee] is your voice live now
[chee] can not hear
[dave-on-air] yes
[Moira] do you do any statistics on this?
[Damian] How do I Skype in. What handle do I use?
[RuthV] Skype worldbridges
[JohnHibbs] or telephone 402 756 9000 access 537267
[chee] john good to see you
[Harold_Jarche] you have been clear for whole show - FF, WinXP, winamp
[chee] i can access skype
[chee] what is the phone
[JeffLebow] If anyone would like to join the conversation, you can also let me know your skype ID and I will skype you
Heike has joined the chat.
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Heike has joined the chat.
[JeffLebow] Nellie here we come... please turn your webcast off before joining
[chee] my name is cheehan06
[chee] sorry
[chee] cheehan05
[doris3m] What's your skype ID Jeff?
nelliemuller has left the chat.
[JeffLebow] worldbridges
[mickiz] Way to go Nellie!!
[Harold_Jarche] you sound clear nellie
lbaber has left the chat.
maryanne has left the chat.
[dave-on-air] audacity
[aiden] total recorder works too
[mickiz] How about using something like CoolEdit - I have THAT
[aiden] or real player 9
[ElizabethH-S] Audacity or WireTap
[mickiz] I agree !!!!
[ElizabethH-S] Does the phone ring in Skype create a problem for the webcast?
[Damian] Do I have to turn off WMPlayer in order to Skype in?
[dave-on-air] absolutely
[RuthV] :?
[Damian] And the chat room?
[Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor] For those who want to record audio on a Mac WireTap is free but unsupported and Audio Hijack Pro is $30.
[digibridge] Elizabeth is in the chat room
[Harold_Jarche] i used skype out last time and called the tel #
[RuthV] I see Harold. That's good!
[Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor] I have already watched recorded Elluminate Sessions from this weekend that are posted already in learningtimes
[Harold_Jarche] about 3 cents per minute i think
[Damian] Nellie sound too loud and clear here on Corfu Greece.
[JohnHibbs] well, you ca nskype into the telphoen roo for pennies a minute
[Damian] Ah, that was the reason I could not skype in.
[mickiz] What is your skype?
lbaber has joined the chat.
[JohnHibbs] if what you hvet o say or listen to is not worht pennies aminute maybe you should not be there.:) :)
[yaodong] I watched two sessions of the recording,they were beatuiful.
[mickiz] Thanks Nellie.......
[JohnHibbs] elizabeth too slight
maryanne has joined the chat.
[JohnHibbs] isnt shout cast free
[RuthV] You sounded great Nellie!
[dave-on-air] yes shoutcast is free
[dave-on-air] but the connection to shoutcast is not
[lbaber] Staying on line problems!!
[aiden] simnple cast/oddcast
[dave-on-air] skype cannot be connected directly to the standard winamp connection to shoutcast
[JohnHibbs] qute a better, but elizabeth ples speak up
[digibridge] we are hearing you in real time it seems
[dave-on-air] you are about 20 seconds behind
[lbaber] anyone having trouble hearing with iTunes today.
[chee] why not daily
[Daf] I agree, Elizabeth
[yaodong] i cna't hear at all. i try realone.
[Damian] I tried iTunes, but there was some problem.
[JeffLebow] It might be a China issue Yaodong... so sorry
[chee] yaodong i hear something
[chee] but dont know if it is real time
[sroseman] using Real Player
[Damian] The bad thing is that we don't know who is talking each turn.
[JeffLebow] It's about 30 second delay
[JeffLebow] We should identify ourselves before we speak
[yaodong] No china issue,Jeff.i hear it wellnow.:))
] I would like to get to another WiAOC presentation, so must go!
[Moira] Thank you :D
[ElizabethH-S] It's a wonderful group.
[Damian] Is there a way to save the text chat?
[leeb] Thanks to all y'all.. lol
[ElizabethH-S] free is good
[Harold_Jarche] free is best
[Ilse] Thanks everybody
[aiden] ;-)
[aiden] I am, too
[Harold_Jarche] dave it's noon for you - get out of your PJ's ;)
[aiden] it's midnight in taiwan
[sroseman] yep I am still in my pjs
[aiden] about to hit the sack
[Daf] noon for me
[sroseman] love the informality of these conferences
[sroseman] once you are paid ..there is some stress
[Moira] how long are the recordings kept online?
disedlibrarian has joined the chat.
[aiden] bye folks
aiden has left the chat.
ElizabethH-S has left the chat.
teacherruth has left the chat.
[Harold_Jarche] some static from dave
Moira has left the chat.
[Harold_Jarche] it's static from his PJ's
[Daf] see you at LT, guys, thanks for everything!
Daf has left the chat.
yaodong has left the chat.
[Harold_Jarche] very loud though
[leeb] where is the next event?
Ilse has left the chat.
[leeb] LT?
[Harold_Jarche] learning times
[Harold_Jarche] http://www.learningtimes.org/
RuthV has left the chat.
[leeb] thanks
[Harold_Jarche] will work for chocolate too
[leeb] Its on the way!
[Harold_Jarche] cool
[Harold_Jarche] skyping in
[leeb] Extra Dark......Organic
[JeffLebow] would anyone like to join in?
[digibridge] there is a global resistance to deploying technology and distance education solutions even in the US
chee has left the chat.
[digibridge] it's ok Harold
[digibridge] it's minor it's not a problem
nelliemuller has joined the chat.
[sroseman] 10 steps at to having a successful audio chat..like tappedin
[digibridge] that was my presentation in alado this morning
[nelliemuller] echo
[digibridge] even video tapes have and VCR
[digibridge] have three international standards
[digibridge] and most video recorders are not cross platforms
[Harold_Jarche] still don't really understand technology
[digibridge] digital literacy is still very low internationally
[JohnHibbs] back soon, lovely conversation
[JeffLebow] digibridge, would you like to join in?
[digibridge] it can be further compounded by adding another layer of ESL and EFL layered on top of a lack of digital literacy
[digibridge] Jeff this is Andy Pincon
[disedlibrarian] don't forget to tell people how to tell what OS and browser they are using
[sroseman] maybe you should have tips and tricks sessions or virtual tours
[JeffLebow] Ah, thought I recognized that name
[digibridge] tips and tricks is a good start
[JeffLebow] Would love to hear you comments Andy
[digibridge] a cross platform wiki would be a great idea
[digibridge] that would be one place for all FAQ's , tutorings and help desk tips
Damian has left the chat.
[sroseman] Here is how to start a wiki
[sroseman] http://www.sroseman.suprglu.com/
[JeffLebow] http://jarche.org/
[sroseman] sorry http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Wiki_science_HowToStartAWiki
[Harold_Jarche] nope - jarche.com
[JeffLebow] oops, sorry
[Harold_Jarche] all info is free to use 7 copy (creative commons)
[disedlibrarian] as a librarian, I recommend encyclopedia of all sorts as background, but always check the info
[Harold_Jarche] http://halfanhour.blogspot.com/2005/07/principles-for-evaluating-websites.html
[disedlibrarian] I like that one!
leeb has left the chat.
leeb has joined the chat.
[digibridge] my daughter is asking for her breakfast so I'll say farewell for now. Let me know if you put up a wiki for all users
[digibridge] and I'll contribute, bye for now guys
[digibridge] Andy Pincon
digibridge has left the chat.
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Dennis has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] audiostory
[dave-on-air] please go here and tell us how you get your audio to work here on edtechtalk
[Harold_Jarche] might want to try this - http://marratechfree.com/
[Dennis] Marratechfree seems to have a lot of possibility.
[sroseman] why not have an hour session here
[Dennis] The requirement that you have a static IP address would eliminate many teacher users.
[Dennis] (Many of us, even if we have broadband, don't have a static IP address.)
nelliemuller has left the chat.
nelliemuller has joined the chat.
[nelliemuller] Can you get the links in again, please?
[JeffLebow] Would you like to join in again Nellie?
[nelliemuller] I had to log out
[Dennis] audiostory
[Dennis] http://marratechfree.com
[nelliemuller] yes, and the other one as well, please
[nelliemuller] thank you
[nelliemuller] I used the wiki with Moodle but I also prefer forums
[JeffLebow] We've got space in the conference if anyone would like to join in
leeb has left the chat.
[nelliemuller] Jeff, are you familiar with the hotconference rooms?
[JeffLebow] no, would love to hear more
[JeffLebow] Saw you mention them in chat, but have not had first hand experience
[JeffLebow] Ready to join in?
[nelliemuller] I use them for online teaching
[nelliemuller] of ESL
[Dennis] I saw a couple of places in a Google search, Nellie. Is this what you're referring to?
[Dennis] http://www.hotconference.net/
[Dennis] Is this the same?
[Dennis] http://www.hotconference.ca/
[nelliemuller] http://www.makeaneasywebsite.com/main/voip_conference_rooms
[nelliemuller] The only way to get them is through MLM business deals
[nelliemuller] yes
[JeffLebow] what's MLM
[nelliemuller] you get it for $1 trial period for one month
[nelliemuller] online business and networking
[nelliemuller] Multi Level Marketing
[JeffLebow] thx
[sroseman] Find a hook..to bring them in
[nelliemuller] You can get 1,000's of people in
leeb has joined the chat.
[Harold_Jarche] try this http://www.wikiwyg.net/
leeb has left the chat.
[sroseman] is there a sandbox still in wiki where you can play and explore
leeb has joined the chat.
[Dennis] Hi, Lee.
[Dennis] It was nice to hear your voice!
[Harold_Jarche] with wikis - just do it
[Dennis] Good points about allowing time for things to "seep in."
[Dennis] I think what often happens with conferences is that people get hyped up with new ideas, concepts, contacts, etc. etc. etc., but
[Dennis] but then everything fades quickly when they have to re-enter "the real world."
[Harold_Jarche] local culture is hard to change
[sroseman] gotta go to consolidate
sroseman has left the chat.
[Harold_Jarche] ed tech musician http://aseymour.blogspot.com/
[Harold_Jarche] gotta go
[Dennis] http://edtechmusician.libsyn.com/
Bob_Sprankle has joined the chat.
Harold_Jarche has left the chat.
[dave-on-air] hi bob
[dave-on-air] you're back
Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor has left the chat.
[JeffLebow] Bob, would you like to do a sound check?
Arantza has joined the chat.
[Bob_Sprankle] Howdy Jeff
[Bob_Sprankle] Looks like things are working better
[Bob_Sprankle] sound check in skype?
[Dennis] Which of the URLS is the right one for Ed Tech Musician, Jeff or Dave?
[JeffLebow] yes
[JeffLebow] you can skype 'worldbridges'
[dave-on-air] don't really know
[Dennis] Which of the URLs for Ed Tech Musician is better, Jeff?
Bob_Sprankle has left the chat.
Bob_Sprankle has joined the chat.
[Dennis] There were two posted. One is only a blog.
[Bob_Sprankle] I lost it all again :-(
[Bob_Sprankle] keep losing chat as well
[Dennis] The one at http://aseymour is a glog.
[Dennis] The other one has podcasts.
[Bob_Sprankle] this has been a tough weekend for technology... everything keeps busting :-( lol
[Dennis] A GLOG? a blog.
Arantza has left the chat.
[Dennis] Thanks, Jeff and DaveÑand everyone.
[dave-on-air] i was wondering what a glog was
[dave-on-air] hoping someone else would ask
[Dennis] Thanks again.
[Bob_Sprankle] test
[dave-on-air] hey bob
[dave-on-air] nice test...
[leeb] Ok... what is a Glog?
[dave-on-air] bob can you skype me at - coarsesalt
[disedlibrarian] hmmm, vblog is video blog, so glog would be....graphite log? (ie pencil)
jennie has joined the chat.
[leeb] ok.. so wacom ... think pad etc.\
elderbob h
[elderbob] Hello.
[leeb] HI Bob
[elderbob] Dave are you already on the air?
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