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EdTechWeekly #202
October 23, 2011
Jen, John, Dave, & Jeff get caught up on Change11 and other edtech projects and argue about live presentation options.

JenM: http://davecormier.com/edblog/
John: http://www.timmmmyboy.com/2011/10/where-is-the-change/
pgeorge: thanks for removing that message overing your faces :-)
pgeorge: I love Screenflow!!!
pgeorge: Have you seen the CimboCasting videos featuring Screenflow and other tools that conplement Screenfloe? They are great!
pgeorge: Mac screenrecording software for Macs :-)
Jeff: http://www.timmmmyboy.com/2011/08/streaming-live-video-without-ads-for-p...
JenM: mic muted ... police action in background
pgeorge: http://combocasting.com/  great short videos with tips for Screenflow
Jeff: http://dtlttoday.com/
pgeorge: Bryan Jackson from ds106 will be our special guest on Classroom 2.0 LIVE next Sat-Oct. 29
pgeorge: webex, gotomeeting--but don't think we tried those
Jeff: http://www.timmmmyboy.com/2011/10/where-is-the-change/
pgeorge: Dave's eyes are so interesting to watch in these sessions :-)
pgeorge: The CoolCasts have been great!
pgeorge: Lots og good conversation among the participants in Google Hangout
JenM: http://davecormier.com/edblog/2011/10/23/change-11-catching-up/
Jeff: http://change11.info/index.php/Main_Page
pgeorge: thanks for the links
pgeorge: google docs can be taken offline, updated and re-synced
pgeorge: I've been compilinf flipped classroom resources on my screencasting scoop.it. Love the concept
John: thanks, peggy.
pgeorge: Love Nancy White! Saw her present a couple time on the Instructional Design webcast that Robert Squires hosted for ETT
pgeorge: I completely agree with what John is saying! That is exactly how I learn.
Jeff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtJAys_qeek
Jeff: http://xpu.ca/
pgeorge: need to find out why the students aren't coming...
pgeorge: woohoo Jen!!! Best of luck with tour defense!!! Light at the end of the tunnel!!
pgeorge: Voicethread is getting better all the time--lots of improvements
pgeorge: I love it too!
pgeorge: You have to agree on topic today!!
JenM: ttfn ... off to eat my affy tapple!
JenM: nite all!