EdTechWeekly#200 - Google+ Update, Orchestrating Tech Meetings & E-Books

Post-Show description: 
September 25, 2011

Participants Jeff Lebow,  dave cormierJohn Schinker
Topics:  Google+'s latest features (including Hangout 'with extras'), John asks how to make school tech committee meetings more efficient/on-topic, and Dave contemplates how to orchestrate the efforts of those writing the Change11 E-Book

Chat Log Below

8:05 AM  JL: and we're back
8:06 AM  CathyE ban: hi everybody
8:06 AM  hostbbb ban: hi
8:09 AM  wayupnorth ban: hello
8:12 AM  hostbbb ban: :)
8:14 AM  CathyE ban: when is google+ going to be released for google apps?
8:14 AM  John ban: we don't know
8:15 AM  wayupnorth ban: whose cute kid pix are we seeing?
8:16 AM  dave ban: those are currently monthly shots of oscar (my boy)
8:16 AM  hostbbb ban: ad banners in your live show stream normal?
8:17 AM  dave ban: @hostbbb dunno. we've been playing around with new stuff recently
8:17 AM  dave ban: what are you seeing?
8:17 AM  JL: unavoidable - hopefully no video ads midstream though
8:17 AM  hostbbb ban: anthem ads and other botton 1/5
8:18 AM  hostbbb ban: had a 30 second toshiba
8:18 AM  hostbbb ban: in line
8:18 AM  hostbbb ban: complete video
8:19 AM  CathyE ban: you have to watch the video before we see you
8:19 AM  wayupnorth ban: I'm not seeing any ads xcept EdTech
8:19 AM  JL: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/google-92-93-94-95-96-97-98-99-10...
8:19 AM  hostbbb ban: watch big brother, maybe i need livestream account
8:21 AM  tracy ban: hello
8:24 AM  hostbbb ban: teachers on facebook at school
8:24 AM  CathyE ban: You needs norms for your meetings
8:24 AM  tracy ban: I want a taser!!
8:24 AM  hostbbb ban: im on one of those committees/
8:24 AM  wayupnorth ban: back again
8:29 AM  tracy ban: do you put time limits on topics?
8:36 AM  John ban: Minutes: http://www.bbhcsd.org/index.php?site=district&ContentType=blogsectio...
8:37 AM  John ban: Let's try that again. http://bit.ly/pQF3qX
8:39 AM  JL: http://titanpad.com/
8:39 AM  John : http://tasteoftech.net/
8:40 AM  CathyE : Congrats!
8:49 AM  CathyE : I have to run. Have a great week.
8:52 AM  wayupnorth : invite me jim.whati
8:52 AM  matt montagne : hey all
8:53 AM  matt montagne : just wanted to say a quick hello and congrats to the EdTech Weekly crew!
8:54 AM  matt montagne : video is better from phone
8:54 AM  matt montagne : looking forward to G+ 'On Air' JL??
8:55 AM  hostbbb : you guys having a seesion on how to replicate this?
8:55 AM  matt montagne : tons of articles written lately about sitting being one of the most deadly things we do
8:56 AM  matt montagne : chow all!
8:56 AM  hostbbb : interested in understanding how you do this.


Comment Republished from Google+

Good discussion and glad I watched #200. Wow!
I want to respond to John’s question re the advisory tech committee. I may be missing the mark John, but these were my thoughts as you were talking. 

In my long experience with committees, teams, meetings and so on, I’ve learned to take a bird’s eye view of the group in order to see what may be causing the team to underperform. The major element I have noticed, group after group, is that people often don’t have a clear sense of the purpose or goals of the group---these may well be spelled out in handouts and sometimes voluminous manuals, but there is little clarity and shared understanding of why we are here. What is it we are here to achieve? What are our roles and responsibilities? How do we work together? What norms guide our work? The ideal scenario is one where these sorts of matters are discussed and decided by the group. 

Rather than go on and on, take a look at the following “Team Performance Sketchtalk” by David Sibbet. In his Sketchtalk he builds a diagram of the various elements of group formation.
I searched David Sibbet images and found a clearer version and a written explanation of the diagram.

One more thing. A few years ago I participated in a series of “Dialogue Mapping” Webinars with Jeff Conklin. See description below. In the meantime, you may be interested in viewing Jeff Conklin YouTube “Limits of Conversational Structure”.Limits of Conversational Structure
“Dialogue Mapping™ is a radically inclusive facilitation process that creates a diagram or 'map' that captures and connects participants' comments as a meeting conversation unfolds. It is especially effective with highly complex or “Wicked” problems that are wrought with both social and technical complexity, as well as a sometimes maddening inability to move forward in a meaningful and cost effective way”.