Edtechweekly #189

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EdTechWeekly #189

Two Sick Dudes

March 27, 2011

Hosts: Dave Cormier and John Schinker

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 Chat Log:

19:01:16 gary: Just two sick guys?
19:02:30 Connie Sitterley: Sorry you guys are ill....
19:03:24 dave: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Connectivism
19:03:29 Connie Sitterley: Are ou sure you are not allergic to cough drops, John?
19:04:01 JohnS: @connie good thought. Don't think that's it, though.
19:04:03 dave: http://www.irrodl.org/index.php/irrodl/issue/view/44
19:05:05 dave: http://mfeldstein.com/the-evolving-lms-market-part-i/
19:05:19 Harold: Isn't connectivism a Canadian plot to take over the world?
19:06:11 JohnS: Just about everything is a Canadian plot. When they take over, we won't even know they're in charge.
19:06:47 gary: @Harold - Yes and we intend to quickly adopt a common currency, etc.....
19:06:57 Harold: The Loonie!
19:07:03 gary: :)
19:07:45 gary: Probably but I am not sure what the right wing in the U.S. currently believes.
19:08:32 Connie Sitterley: The LMS study doesn't seem to include k-12
19:09:24 Connie Sitterley: My district provided Moodle availability, but not a lot of interest by teachers
19:10:13 Connie Sitterley: THose who use it love it and the kids as well, but many don't want to invest the time.
19:10:21 Harold: If you're going to experiment, start with the free/opensource stuff
19:10:52 Harold: Blackboard = Extortion (it's called a business model)
19:11:16 gary: When our district tried to switch, it killed to programme
19:13:14 Connie Sitterley: But the upgrade to the next version of paid doesn't look like the old either
19:13:37 Harold: All LMS are the same (I've evaluated hundreds)
19:14:14 gary: The conversion just was too much work.
19:14:22 Harold: Dave prefers to roast coffee
19:14:37 JohnS: http://twit.tv/twig87
19:15:02 dave: http://twitter.com/acarvin
19:15:06 JohnS: http://twit.tv/twig87
19:15:11 Connie Sitterley: Help files anyone?
19:15:22 JohnS: http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/archives/2011/03/27/the-new-journalism/
19:15:41 Harold: @acarvin is doing a great job!
19:16:57 JohnS: http://thinkupapp.com/
19:16:59 Harold: lots of trolls baiting @acarvin
19:17:06 dave: http://napmeter.info/thinkup/index.php?u=davecormier&n=twitter
19:17:47 JohnS: http://napmeter.info/thinkup/index.php?u=davecormier&n=twitter
19:17:55 JohnS: http://www.schinker.org/thinkup/index.php?u=schinker&n=twitter
19:20:21 Harold: Own your data, IMO
19:20:54 Harold: Very grumpy, IMO
19:22:07 Harold: These data give you an indicator, but you need to put some real (human) analysis to it
19:22:22 Connie Sitterley: Good for following conversations-sometimes they are separated by time and get lost
19:25:03 Connie Sitterley: I am working with small businesses on the value of social media-something like this moght be very helpful to them
19:25:36 gary: Twitter Dailies are also helpful if you are trying to pool tweets about a particular topic and can be accessed even by those without Twitter.
19:27:18 dave: http://davecormier.com/edblog/whos-dave/
19:27:39 Harold: Filters are important - need both human & mechanical ones - no easy way to do it
19:27:56 Connie Sitterley: It can become a giant ball of tangled string
19:28:38 Harold: network weaving
19:29:27 Harold: Good advice, Dave - start simple, with only a few nodes
19:30:28 Connie Sitterley: I still get "huh?" looks from people when I even mention some of these tools
19:30:47 dave: http://www.slideshare.net/coarsesalt/use-case-for-using-gephi-for-social...
19:31:48 Connie Sitterley: Thanks for the gephi link, Dave.  I will check it out
19:32:35 Harold: That's why loose connections are SO important
19:32:50 Harold: Yeah Jeff!
19:34:13 Harold: You guys are troopers!
19:34:26 sheila: Get well soon!
19:34:33 Connie Sitterley: Thanks for hanging in there-good info tonight
19:34:34 gary: Thanks and get well!
19:34:37 Harold: Saw a note on Twitter, so I decided to drop by - thanks :)
19:35:03 Connie Sitterley: Yay for breaks!
19:35:12 Harold: Bye
19:35:20 Connie Sitterley: Bye
20:11:49 [email protected]: :)
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