EdTechWeekly #188

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EdTechWeekly #188

March 20, 2011

Hosts: John and Jen (and snippets of Dave)

Podcatching is dead?
Speaking of iPods (sort of): Migrating from iPod to other MP3 players: Jen was thinking ahead when she bought all that content from Amazon ... http://www.amazon.com/gp/dmusic/help/faq.html

Harper Collins is evil (or needs to find a business model that works in 2011): http://www.i-programmer.info/news/152-epub/2049-harper-collins-to-restri...

Prior Learning Assessment (and Recognition): Read more in the IRRODL Special Issue: http://www.irrodl.org/index.php/irrodl/article/view/973/1688

Video of Jen working out ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HaBiEtcAto

Chat Log

18:51:36 JohnS -> Hi Jen
19:02:06 JenM -> Hi, all!
19:02:34 JL -> Got that reverb thing going again - make sure Jen is recording
19:02:46 JL -> Wow -really long delay on shoutcast
19:02:49 JL -> reverb gone
19:04:15 JL -> audio is lovely - rock on ETW dudes and dudette
19:06:45 PeggyG -> Hi everyone! Thought you might be streaming on Icecast today :-)
19:06:48 Cathy E -> I'm still stuck in iTunes
19:07:00 PeggyG -> I'm listening in iTunes
19:10:49 John G -> Beyond Pod is Windows Mobile only?
19:11:05 PeggyG -> rats! lost the audio stream
19:12:31 PeggyG -> lost my connection and my audio stream but back now
19:13:48 PeggyG -> wow! all of our names are there!! :-)
19:13:56 Cathy E -> You are my heros, too
19:14:11 John G -> Thank for Tightwad tech. Looks awesome.
19:15:35 JohnS -> http://o.cormier.me/
19:16:56 PeggyG -> how fun!! Oscar and Dave!
19:18:18 John G -> Because library patrons NEVER actually buy their own books. Very short sighted.
19:18:43 PeggyG -> they have similar limitations on sharing Kindle books
19:21:00 PeggyG -> can lend Kindle books once for a period of 14 days and the lender can't read the book during the load period...
19:21:47 JohnS -> lois!
19:21:53 mcgillhorn -> Hi
19:22:02 JohnS -> talking about libraries and e-books.
19:22:29 mcgillhorn -> excellent...looking for all I can on ebooks
19:24:05 PeggyG -> they would make money on me because I would subscribe and then not take advantage of it due to lack of time to read
19:24:55 John G -> Netflix. A set monthly price and I can watch anything they have.
19:25:11 PeggyG -> yes John G--same model :-)
19:25:49 John G -> Ed books will always exist because they will be assigned reading :-)
19:26:12 PeggyG -> for sure!
19:26:32 PeggyG -> hahahaha
19:26:54 PeggyG -> Cliffs NOtes???
19:28:01 John G -> Jailbreak my iPhone :-O
19:30:48 John G -> Schools should do this so they can block everything.
19:31:11 JohnS -> yeah, except they'd have to change out the sim cards on all the kids' phones.
19:37:17 PeggyG -> 3 paid people to facilitate a single course?
19:39:15 John G -> Good point Peggy.
19:41:59 John G -> Good point, Jen. How many of these third party/cloud apps will still be there in 6 mo, a year, etc.
19:43:26 John G -> Facebook is perfect example.  Poor interface but continues to grow.
19:44:55 JohnS -> http://mitnse.com/
19:45:11 PeggyG -> what a detailed chart!! very interesting!
19:48:46 matt montagne -> hey all
19:49:28 matt montagne -> I'm having a hard time believing anything about nuclear these days...
19:49:36 PeggyG -> Hi Matt
19:49:44 matt montagne -> hey peggy
19:49:47 PeggyG -> it's hard to know what to believe!
19:50:10 matt montagne -> I still haven't heard an explanation for dealing with the waste
19:50:35 JenM -> Jen working out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HaBiEtcAto
19:50:55 PeggyG -> http://xkcd.com/radiation/ @Matt-they shared this chart link before you logged in. very interesting
19:51:23 matt montagne -> been reading quite a bit about Chernobyl lately...incredible that literally tons of nuclear waste still remains inside of the reactor
19:51:30 matt montagne -> will check it out, Peggy
19:51:34 PeggyG -> bye all!
19:51:34 JenM -> no ... thank you! Nite all!
19:51:41 JohnS -> Thanks, everyone.
19:51:51 PeggyG -> http://edtechweekly.wikispaces.com/EdTechWeekly+188 all links here