EdTechWeekly #180

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John and Dave discuss ten years of Wikipedia.

EdTechWeekly #180
January 16, 2011

Ten years of Wikipedia

Chat Log:

19:02:33 dave: http://mashable.com/2011/01/15/wikipedia-10-years-survival/
19:04:34 dave: http://www.amazon.ca/Professor-Madman-Insanity-English-Dictionary/dp/006...
19:07:57 gary: And the traditional encylopedia are still bought by school libraries everywhere because they are often veiwed as a better reference.
19:08:51 dave: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_Indian_Ocean_earthquake_and_tsunami
19:08:59 gary: Anyone else noticing a strange sound from Dave?
19:09:27 sarah h: his best haunted house impersonation
19:09:34 JohnS: Another example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arizona_shooting
19:09:47 PeggyG: very garbled and slow!!
19:10:09 PeggyG: thought it was my bandwidth
19:10:26 gary: [b]We all here it.
19:10:34 PeggyG: this hour may last 2 hours at this rate :-)
19:10:45 dave: did that fix it?
19:10:48 PeggyG: no
19:10:53 gary: [b]No
19:11:08 sroseman: is it my audio or yours
19:11:22 PeggyG: affecting me sroseman
19:11:38 gary: [b]Everyone hears the same so far.
19:11:53 dave: more adjustments... should be getting to you in about 20 seconds
19:12:27 gary: [b]Good!
19:12:46 PeggyG: not good for me yet
19:13:01 gary: [b]I stopped and restarted.
19:13:19 PeggyG: good idea! that worked for me too
19:13:58 dave: http://www.pcworld.com/article/216799/the_10_biggest_hoaxes_in_wikipedia...
19:14:32 gary: [b]Google often take you there first.
19:16:26 gary: [b]And then, of course, there is http://www.conservapedia.com/Main_Page which may even have less accurate information.
19:22:06 JohnS: Wikipedia Turns 10, Eyes Developing World: http://www.npr.org/2011/01/10/132810933/wikipedia-turns-10-eyes-developi...
19:24:36 whatsgoingoninhere: I would argue that Wikipedia has been verbified quite a bit, actually. 
19:24:56 dave: @what got a sentence for me?
19:26:28 PeggyG: how can it ever be done because new entries keep coming in
19:27:23 PeggyG: towns disappear in flooding, etc :-) occasionally those things might require updating
19:27:29 whatsgoingoninhere: "James told me that Crocodiles cause the most annual deaths in Africa, which is incorrect.  I remember reading an article a while ago saying that it was Hippos, so I wikipedia'd it and settled the argument"
19:27:50 PeggyG: love it whats!
19:27:58 dave: conceded :)
19:28:08 PeggyG: I remember reading the edtechtalk edits :-)
19:29:04 PeggyG: probably Durff :-)
19:29:16 whatsgoingoninhere: I'm a him.
19:29:31 whatsgoingoninhere: Take that, crocodiles.
19:29:32 PeggyG: choosing to remain anonymous
19:29:49 gary: One of the strangest entries in wickipedia is a entry about a parady http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncyclopedia
19:32:26 whatsgoingoninhere: I recently had an interesting conversation with a prof regarding how he and his colleagues not only frequently use wikipedia when coming up with course outlines, but often use wikipedia to pull up images for lecture slides.
19:32:36 gary: RE:  Hippos - one killed a local banana farmer when I was teaching in Nigeria. The local belief was that he may have mistaken it for a cow in the dark.
19:34:11 PeggyG: excellent point!!!!
19:34:25 PeggyG: Teachers Teaching Teachers is fantastic every week!
19:34:39 gary: Thanks again.
19:34:42 sarah h: Thanks guys!
19:34:47 dave: cheers
19:34:52 sroseman: Thank you!!
19:34:52 dave: thanks for coming
19:34:58 whatsgoingoninhere: *swoosh*
19:35:01 PeggyG: thanks Dave & John! excellent conversation!