EdTechWeekly #155

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 EdTechWeekly #155
February 28, 2010

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19:03:47 dave: a sporting event eh?
19:03:47 the losing side: what are we doing guys?
19:03:56 dave: yes i seem to remember that happening
19:04:03 JohnS: Oh, like we know what we're doing.
19:04:09 the losing side: yes dave, mr winning side
19:04:34 the losing side: Nik cheered for the Canadians too
19:04:50 the losing side: He just learned how to wave hands and roar
19:04:52 Cathy E: It was the best game ever.
19:05:01 dave: twas quite the game
19:05:02 the losing side: rather
19:05:34 the losing side: who keeps dropping or is that me?
19:05:47 the losing side: must be those Canadians
19:06:27 the losing side: nah, my packets are moving
19:06:39 Cathy E: Wonder if Doug is one of those folks in the streets of Vancover?
19:06:48 the losing side: now who would that be?
19:06:58 the losing side: hi janice
19:07:14 Janice Stearns: Hi Losing Side. :)
19:07:49 Janice Stearns: Is the only audio in the ustream?
19:07:54 Gary: Let it be known not all Canadians were enthusiatic about watching millionaires play a hockey game at the Olymics.
19:08:03 jackiegerstein: Can't hear anything
19:08:03 the losing side: ustream
19:08:16 JohnS: Wordle In Trademark Trouble, Seeks Legal Advice: http://techcrunch.com/2010/02/28/wordle-in-trademark-trouble-seeks-legal...
19:08:22 the losing side: used to be they were amateurs
19:08:27 jackiegerstein: No Wordle is back up!
19:08:28 the losing side: used to be
19:08:39 the losing side: hi jackie
19:08:46 jackiegerstein: Hi Losing side ;)
19:08:56 JL: Started ETT A as well
19:09:09 jackiegerstein: There was voice and now its gone
19:09:23 jackiegerstein: 9 minutes
19:09:28 JohnS: Word it Out: http://worditout.com/
19:09:38 JohnS: Tagul: http://tagul.com/
19:09:53 the losing side: yea, ustream is being odd
19:09:55 jackiegerstein: http://www.wordle.net/ is working again
19:09:57 the losing side: hi sr
19:09:58 JL: anyone else getting decent audio (or not)
19:10:06 jackiegerstein: Choppy
19:10:06 JohnS: Image Chef Word Mosaic: http://www.imagechef.com/ic/word_mosaic/
19:10:18 Janice Stearns: Seems to have a lag, or their clocks are wrong.
19:10:18 the losing side: trying ETT A
19:10:24 the losing side: seems better
19:10:32 JL: turning UStream video - let us know if that helps
19:10:37 JL: video off
19:11:03 the losing side: no chop on ETT A
19:11:30 Janice Stearns: Thanks. much better on ETT A
19:11:40 jackiegerstein: Yes betteer a ETT A
19:11:44 guest478: http://posterous.com/
19:11:56 jackiegerstein: Wordle seemed quickly resolved as it was working today
19:12:35 guest478: http://twitter.com/dlnorman/status/9742657033
19:14:57 the losing side: t by a truck => ouch
19:15:40 JL: http://www.rachelsenglish.com/
19:16:27 the losing side: hi nancy
19:16:34 JohnS: Animated Atlas of African History: http://www.brown.edu/Research/AAAH/map.htm
19:17:20 the losing side: fast?
19:17:25 the losing side: hi msi
19:17:33 msi: Hi. Any tech teachers here?
19:17:43 the losing side: raises hand
19:17:55 guest478: http://www.narrativeinquiry.ca/faq.html
19:17:57 the losing side: btw also known as Durff
19:18:02 the losing side: wb sr
19:18:08 jackiegerstein: Had a hunch
19:18:15 the losing side: you knew
19:18:53 jackiegerstein: Your entertaining nature came through the title
19:19:30 msi: Are there any good conferences you have attended and would recommend?
19:19:39 the losing side: ty jackie
19:19:39 SR: we are the winning side I guess
19:19:46 the losing side: yup msi
19:19:53 the losing side: PETE-C
19:19:53 jackiegerstein: :D
19:20:00 the losing side: it was great!!
19:20:09 SR: we own the podium
19:20:30 msi: @losing side Thank you.
19:20:44 the losing side: recommend VWBPE upcoming in March
19:20:47 JL: http://screenpresso.com/
19:20:56 the losing side: online
19:21:07 csitterley: PETE&C was probably the best over all of any year I have attended (which is all of them since PETE&C and several when it was PETC
19:21:13 the losing side: ISTE is ? June?
19:21:22 jackiegerstein: End of June yes
19:21:44 the losing side: I really liked the year Dembo spoke
19:22:01 the losing side: only because it snowed and so many left and I stayed
19:22:08 the losing side: hi sue
19:22:29 the losing side: so msi i recommend ISTE
19:22:43 msi: ok
19:22:45 csitterley: I have always stayed too-it was great about 3 years ago-probably about 20 people there at the end-great for prizes!
19:22:50 Cathy E: We have the NC conference next week - ncties.org
19:22:52 the losing side: Jeff the Jing boy
19:23:00 JohnS: Drumbot: http://www.drumbot.com/index.html
19:23:22 the losing side: so msi it depends where on the globe you are
19:24:03 msi: How much does the VBPE conference cost?
19:24:12 msi: I'm in NY
19:24:21 JohnS: MuseScore: http://musescore.org/
19:24:29 the losing side: I think it is free
19:24:59 the losing side: there's the november conference too - anyone know when?
19:25:04 guest478: http://www.medicine.usask.ca/family/research/manuals/qualitative-researc...
19:25:41 the losing side: k12Online is....yes online - all the archives
19:25:57 jackiegerstein: Cathy - I am looking forward to the NCTIES in Second Life http://www.mojules.com/ncties/
19:26:04 the losing side: and k12online echo is on ETT - check out our calendar
19:27:04 JL: http://delicious.com/edtechtalk/jl?page=16
19:27:30 JL: http://www.filehippo.com/
19:27:35 JL: http://pipes.yahoo.com/
19:27:43 JL: http://dotsub.com/demo/index.php
19:27:56 JL: http://www.everyzing.com/
19:28:17 msi: Could you tell me more about the VBPE?
19:29:17 JohnS: Gazelle: http://www.gazelle.com/
19:29:43 the losing side: Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education is a conference that takes place inside the virtual world of Second Life
19:30:16 jackiegerstein: msi - do you mean VWBPE?
19:30:19 the losing side: http://www.vwbpe.org/
19:30:38 the losing side: it is so cool
19:30:55 the losing side: I presented last year and was surely the worst
19:31:04 the losing side: which was really neat
19:31:15 the losing side: cause everyone else was soooo good
19:31:28 the losing side: and another avi sat on me
19:31:36 the losing side: what fun!
19:31:38 guest478: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/facebook_granted_patent_on_the_news...
19:32:29 Janice Stearns: Have to go. Was fun.
19:32:44 the losing side: AMEN
19:33:05 the losing side: and there i go agreeing with dave again
19:33:41 msi: yes sorry.
19:34:38 msi: thank you everyone. I must go now.
19:34:51 jackiegerstein: Bye
19:34:55 JL: thanks for joining msi
19:34:57 JL: bye
19:34:58 the losing side: msi -> scroll down to see http://hitchhikr.com/wordpress/index.php?page_id=8
19:35:14 the losing side: and take care
19:37:19 JL: http://burcuakyol.com/?p=1029
19:37:57 jackiegerstein: Tell the millions of users that it sucks
19:37:59 JL: http://www.suitcasesforkids.org/
19:38:04 JL: http://www.kidzhelpingkids.org/
19:38:11 JL: http://www.carebags4kids.org/
19:38:12 the losing side: he just did jackie
19:38:25 JohnS: Sophie: http://www.sophieproject.org/
19:39:12 jackiegerstein: :?
19:39:21 Cathy E: I loved HyperStudio
19:39:30 csitterley: Yes HyperStudio was cool
19:39:55 csitterley: Kids loved doing "book reports" in it
19:40:02 JL: http://www.mackiev.com/hyperstudio/
19:40:21 guest478: http://edtechtalk.com/EdTechWeekly0
19:40:30 JL: http://www.uen.org/utahlink/tours/tourFames.cgi?tour_id=14179
19:41:04 csitterley: My mac never crashes
19:41:04 the losing side: ?
19:41:16 the losing side: Dave is unique
19:42:07 JL: http://free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php/doc/2/
19:42:20 JL: http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/tour.php
19:42:28 JL: http://www.ustream.tv/
19:42:36 JL: http://www.jingproject.com/
19:42:41 JL: http://voicethread.com/
19:42:49 JL: http://www.slideshare.net/faqs/slidecast
19:42:59 JL: http://jaycut.com/
19:43:04 JL: http://www.getmiro.com/
19:43:42 JohnS: Password Chart: http://www.passwordchart.com/
19:43:58 Cathy E: I hate Itunes
19:44:05 jackiegerstein: Why Cathy
19:44:29 the losing side: miro isn't reliable
19:44:38 jackiegerstein: I am SOOO tired of passwords
19:45:02 Gary: 1Password is great for Mac
19:45:06 the losing side: esp if that person is john schinker
19:45:16 JohnS: https://lastpass.com/
19:46:51 the losing side: wouldn't it be better for that computer in your head to remember?
19:47:14 the losing side: how long is 21 wks?
19:47:17 jackiegerstein: Where are you going?
19:47:34 jackiegerstein: 21 week class?
19:47:42 jackiegerstein: On a Voicethread
19:47:43 csitterley: Bring your class
19:47:58 the losing side: ty
19:48:00 Gary: It is not like the last episode of Mash - he will be back and we are looking forward to it.
19:48:10 jackiegerstein: *harp*
19:48:27 the losing side: pass the kleenex
19:48:49 csitterley: Good night everyone
19:49:27 the losing side: ciao ye all
19:49:39 jackiegerstein: adios  -thanks
19:50:21 Cathy E: bye