EdTechTalk#83 - Curtis Bonk, The World is Open

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September 21, 2009

A Discussion with Curtis Bonk
author of The World is Open

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 19:49:18  PeggyG ->  awesome audio now!!
 19:49:32  kcaise ->  oh no, 2 dave c's?
 19:49:43  sendkathy ->  wow!
 19:50:18  stlouisohio ->  they were interested because they didnt see how what they were doing was actually hindering the students from the way that they want to learn
 19:51:25  cjbonk ->  Hello Curt
 19:51:28  kcaise ->  welcome curt!
 19:51:30  DaveC ->  Hello Curt
 19:51:31  PeggyG ->  Welcome Curt!!
 19:51:31  Alvin Trusty ->  Hi Curt
 19:51:32  stlouisohio ->  Hello
 19:51:33  onepercentyellow ->  hi
 19:51:37  Gary ->  Hellow
 19:51:45  Samantha Camisi ->  Hi!
 19:51:46  sendkathy ->  Hey Curt, my daughter is a freshman at IU!
 19:51:46  matt montagne ->  hello from Palo Alto, CA Curt!!!
 19:52:01  csitterley ->  Hi Curt
 19:52:06  demacisaac ->  :D
 19:52:06  jackiegerstein ->  Hi Curt!
 19:52:13  plnaugle ->  Hi Curt.
 19:52:13  cjbonk ->  In what area...?
 19:52:16  hshawjr ->  Hi Curt
 19:52:20  cjbonk ->  Hey
 19:52:23  PeggyG ->  http://worldisopen.com
 19:52:33  sendkathy ->  haha
 19:52:57  sendkathy ->  she like anthropology and journalism
 19:53:26  PeggyG ->  http://php.indiana.edu/~cjbonk/  Curt Bonk's e-Learning World
 19:54:34  plnaugle ->  I don't hear anything anymore.
 19:54:46  PeggyG ->  still streaming Paula
 19:54:59  plnaugle ->  I got it bsck.
 19:55:41  BigMouthDurff ->  everyone twitter
 19:55:44  matt montagne ->  Love Curt's bobble head!
 19:56:58  PeggyG ->  that bobblehead is great! makes you just want to sit and smile :-)
 19:57:21  BigMouthDurff ->  can we swell our #s to 100 ?
 19:58:16  kcaise ->  yes
 19:58:26  kcaise ->  with vicki and julie lindsay
 19:58:32  kcaise ->  vicki davis
 19:58:42  BigMouthDurff ->  cool
 19:58:48  jackiegerstein ->  Yes
 19:58:51  PeggyG ->  Curt's book is available on Amazon for Kindle :-) You can have it in your hands in less than 3 minutes if you have a Kindle!
 19:59:03  kcaise ->  or on the itouch
 19:59:24  plnaugle ->  Thanks Peggy I'll order it for the Kindle on my iPhone.
 19:59:30  matt montagne ->  @Peggy - nice to see it available in Kindle format...I'm actually surprised that many "New Learning/Web 2.0ey" types of books aren't
 19:59:30  cjbonk ->  Yes, on the Kindle
 20:00:01  PeggyG ->  I'm starting to find more of them available on Kindle now
 20:00:25  PeggyG ->  I love that Kindle books can also be read on my iPhone! nice feature!
 20:00:38  cjbonk ->  Glad you like the bubblehead Matt! That is from Taiwan.
 20:01:27  nancykeane ->  Hi Audrey!
 20:01:32  matt montagne ->  Software engineers have collaboration wired into their DNA I think
 20:02:19  matt montagne ->  Sharing code across the web was one of the earliest uses of the Internet
 20:02:52  BigMouthDurff ->  hi kathy
 20:02:57  sendkathy ->  hey lisa
 20:03:14  Audrey ->  Hi Nancy!
 20:03:15  sendkathy ->  Tonight you are the BMD
 20:03:30  BigMouthDurff ->  that' me!
 20:03:46  PeggyG ->  I love the concept of "this is not your parent's education" :-)
 20:03:51  matt montagne ->  How did education get so darn expensive???
 20:04:04  matt montagne ->  How did Reed college in Oregon end up at 50 K annually??
 20:04:25  kcaise ->  oh my matt! 50K?
 20:04:32  Rose ->  Any sound yet?
 20:04:45  BigMouthDurff ->  yes
 20:04:49  PeggyG ->  yes Rose-click on play on the ustream or ETT-A
 20:04:50  JohnS ->  @Rose yes. You should be able to listen to the ustream.
 20:04:52  matt montagne ->  Yep, who can afford 50K??? That is evidence that something is out of alignment
 20:04:53  JohnS ->  Or on ETT-A
 20:04:56  kcaise ->  click on the play button rose on the ustream window
 20:05:04  BigMouthDurff ->  click the arrow in the ustrea
 20:05:13  matt montagne ->  at 50K, only the wealthy can get an education
 20:05:14  BigMouthDurff ->  ustream to your right
 20:05:17  nancykeane ->  My first house wasn't 50K
 20:05:27  Rose ->  Thanks, Peggy. Got ot!
 20:05:34  Rose ->  Got it!
 20:05:43  PeggyG ->  great Rose!
 20:06:21  plnaugle ->  I love the free education I'm getting through all the tweets from my PLN.
 20:06:49  BigMouthDurff ->  hi Jonas
 20:06:55  BigMouthDurff ->  hi 1%
 20:06:59  plnaugle ->  Free is great.
 20:07:00  BigMouthDurff ->  hi cyndid
 20:07:06  BigMouthDurff ->  hi ransom
 20:07:10  JL ->  Love the CLiff notes http://travelinedman.blogspot.com/2009/08/20-quick-points-from-world-is-...
 20:07:30  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Hye Durff, what's the deal Big Mouth Durff?  lol
 20:07:32  BigMouthDurff ->  if everyone here twittered just once.....
 20:08:12  BigMouthDurff ->  cyndi - I was rather opinionated loudly earlier
 20:08:15  plnaugle ->  @durff I did Twitter it.
 20:08:20  BigMouthDurff ->  ty
 20:08:21  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I came late, Book Name?
 20:08:35  JL ->  http://worldisopen.com
 20:08:36  DaveChamberlain ->  @Cindy: The World Is Open
 20:08:49  matt montagne ->  or, even the non-for profit people
 20:09:13  hshawjr ->  gotta remember to not open up new page in this tab bounces me right out :)
 20:09:23  cyndidannerkuhn ->  thanks
 20:09:54  Jon K. ->  sort of a loss-leader to get them into the institution
 20:10:28  jackiegerstein ->  Higher Ed. will be so different 5 to 10 years from now.
 20:10:31  matt montagne ->  what about on the high end of the scale...will colleges that charge 50K plus survive??
 20:11:03  PeggyG ->  another big payoff population are those folks who have lost their jobs and need to find new career ventures requiring education
 20:11:19  cyndidannerkuhn ->  gona have to change culture of HIgher Ed, the wheels of change move slowly at that level
 20:11:34  JohnS ->  The World is Open for a Reason: http://elearnmag.org/subpage.cfm?section=articles&article=85-1
 20:11:53  jackiegerstein ->  It will be the users - the students - who end up changing higher ed.
 20:12:12  cjbonk ->  Harnessing America’s Wasted Talent: New Dimensions for Higher Education, by Peter Smith, Jossey-Bass.
 20:12:16  Samantha Camisi ->  Jackie, that is true, what they demand, schools will provide.
 20:12:24  stlouisohio ->  higher ed is very slow to change
 20:12:37  cyndidannerkuhn ->  slow is an understatement!!
 20:12:49  BigMouthDurff ->  hi ChrisJ
 20:12:56  BigMouthDurff ->  hi alice
 20:13:10  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I teach in Higher Ed and it makes me crazy!!  I am alwasy on the hot seat over it
 20:13:13  alicebarr ->  Hi Durff! Big Mouth?
 20:13:36  stlouisohio ->  i understand first hand by being in that demographic now, and they don't understand what is going on outside the university
 20:13:37  jackiegerstein ->  I teach for Kaplan - it is still a traditional school
 20:14:05  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Nope they don't, I am their, but I don't fit the mold of Higher Ed at all
 20:14:10  hshawjr ->  Sort of like Regents/Excelsior which allows DANTES test out for most of its degree work
 20:14:54  stlouisohio ->  having to petition to take a masters level class, to work on my tech endorsement while still an undergrad. getting into the class and we are working on powerpoint is a huge disappointment
 20:15:01  jackiegerstein ->  http://www.uopeople.org/
 20:15:04  PeggyG ->  they are very expensive courses for some very traditional learning in spite of being online
 20:15:15  BigMouthDurff ->  hi mike
 20:15:25  BigMouthDurff ->  there's alec
 20:15:35  courosa ->  hmmmm, there should actually be an open source Kool Aid.
 20:15:45  BigMouthDurff ->  and  Jay?
 20:15:49  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I put my entire course on my website and many colleagues about had a heart attack
 20:16:18  kcaise ->  why @cyndidannerkuhn? why did they freak out?
 20:16:18  cyndidannerkuhn ->  giving it away, holy moly!!  One said somebody might use it, DAH, that is the point!!
 20:16:28  BigMouthDurff ->  heart attacks? then your uni is hiring?
 20:16:56  PeggyG ->  economics are forcing universities to be more willing to think about open source opportunities--people can't afford to go to college!
 20:17:01  BigMouthDurff ->  I post everything too in K 12
 20:17:04  courosa ->  shhhhh ... don't let my institution know that I offer open courses.
 20:17:12  matt montagne ->  it is tought for the incumbent model to change without cannabilizing
 20:17:13  demacisaac ->  a friend of mine said "technology is not revolutionizing education" She said there is not enough evidence.  I was hurt
 20:17:14  stlouisohio ->  yes i can see the heart attack coming when someone wants their content to be easy to access, and availible in student preferred form
 20:17:29  BigMouthDurff ->  Twitter it everyone - shout it from the roof tops
 20:17:40  ransomtech ->  @courosa - I won't tell...
 20:17:50  BigMouthDurff ->  I will
 20:17:52  PeggyG ->  @demacisaac--your colleague needs to read Curt's book :-)
 20:17:58  BigMouthDurff ->  oh wait, i did
 20:18:10  BigMouthDurff ->  hi monika
 20:18:25  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I'll include promo for Curts books i my next newsletter to COE faculty
 20:18:39  demacisaac ->  I know, she's not there,,,couldn't follow it.  sigh  feeling isolated
 20:18:41  cjbonk ->  Thanks Cyndi
 20:18:55  monika ->  hello
 20:19:07  BigMouthDurff ->  I annoy our staff with almost daily "Free PD" emails - many only read emails
 20:19:10  sendkathy ->  Curt, how do profs feel about shaping their courses in view of the fact that the course value seems out of purportion to the cost of taking the class?
 20:19:18  BigMouthDurff ->  hi cheeker
 20:19:44  BigMouthDurff ->  wb rose
 20:19:49  stlouisohio ->  one professor this week had to call the help desk because his projection screen was down, and the station said the projector was on. help desk comes over and rolls the screen back and explains that this is the only room on campus with a rear projection setup, professor then exclaims oh yes i had this issue last year in this room. then presents his powerpoint in bright green and blue gradiant which is impossible to see. let me say their were a lot of frustrated students
 20:19:49  sendkathy ->  proportion
 20:19:55  BigMouthDurff ->  need more food brb
 20:19:58  Rose ->  Yikes went to a link and got booted off...
 20:20:22  PeggyG ->  that makes so much sense about the audience!!
 20:20:32  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I would like to ban PowerPoint!!
 20:20:32  sendkathy ->  @stlouisohio, yikes, quality education
 20:20:58  Alvin Trusty ->  I would like everyone to learn to use PowerPoitn
 20:21:00  stlouisohio ->  best in the midwest
 20:21:02  ChrisJohnston ->  Keynote is good replacement or Prezi
 20:21:07  JenW ->  I still use PowerPoint -- I still teach powerpoint
 20:21:07  nancykeane ->  @cyndid -- Hear, hear.  But I am told I have to teach it to college freshmen :-(
 20:21:15  Jon K. ->  PowerPoint can be done well, but is rarely done well
 20:21:25  JenW ->  actually -- I teach how to use Powerpoint......
 20:21:27  cyndidannerkuhn ->  They should know it by the time they are freshemnt in college
 20:21:28  Alvin Trusty ->  doing PPT well is more difficult
 20:21:31  stlouisohio ->  your freshman should already have a idea of powerpoint
 20:21:32  sendkathy ->  I let my 3rd graders use ppt cause it's offline and I know it will work
 20:21:45  cyndidannerkuhn ->  so many other grat options to Powerpoint, too man y just get stuck in it forever
 20:21:58  BigMouthDurff ->  hi plind
 20:22:27  BigMouthDurff ->  kathy we use stuff only online cause i can't download
 20:22:32  JenW ->  when something works -- I don't feel the great necessity to migrate from it....always learning something new
 20:22:36  BigMouthDurff ->  or i'm not supposed too
 20:22:39  JenW ->  in powerpoint
 20:22:46  JohnS ->  My kids learned ppt in first grade, but by fifth, they're still not any better at it than their teachers are :-(
 20:23:25  stlouisohio ->  most of the features you never use, but you should have a basic knowledge. create content and be able to share it
 20:23:31  JenW ->  kids are being taught the software -- not the options of using the software
 20:23:33  BigMouthDurff ->  first graders do podcasting here
 20:23:39  sendkathy ->  JohnS we'd need to teach graphic design, I have suggested the art teachers do this
 20:23:51  JenW ->  Hey Kathy
 20:23:57  sendkathy ->  Hey Jen!
 20:24:03  stlouisohio ->  art probably didnt take that to well
 20:24:07  BigMouthDurff ->  now wait i had 1 computer the first year
 20:24:15  ChrisJohnston ->  JohnS and BigMouthDurff where are you guys?
 20:24:24  matt montagne ->  but students who don't have access a broadband card for the semester/year
 20:24:26  JohnS ->  @kathy not necessarily graphic design, but a single session on visual literacy would go a long way.
 20:24:29  matt montagne ->  *buy
 20:24:33  BigMouthDurff ->  we used blogs, wikis, podcasts, breeze, elluminate
 20:24:53  BigMouthDurff ->  Chris - i'm mrsdurff
 20:24:55  JenW ->  but Lisa - we are not the norm of teachers using tech ---
 20:25:02  plnaugle ->  I teach my 4th graders PPT and I let them put in all the transition, colors, word art, sound etc. at first. Then I show them how to create quality PPTs. They have to be taught how to do it properly.
 20:25:06  BigMouthDurff ->  in Hagerstown MD
 20:25:18  BigMouthDurff ->  true Jen
 20:25:35  BigMouthDurff ->  but then again
 20:25:40  Alvin Trusty ->  @plnaugle you are teaching PPT much differently than most... keep it up
 20:25:40  JenW ->  and where we are now -- does become the norm -- where will we be then??
 20:25:47  BigMouthDurff ->  if a disabled woman can do it.....
 20:25:47  JenW ->  when THEY are where we are now
 20:25:48  sendkathy ->  @pinaugle That's basically what I do too cuz they like the bells and whistles at first.
 20:25:48  cyndidannerkuhn ->  It is like driving a car, we don't just give a kid the kyes we teach then HOW to drive the car and it takes lots of practice
 20:25:49  stlouisohio ->  we should be the norm
 20:25:55  BigMouthDurff ->  hi kitchen
 20:25:59  jackiegerstein ->  http://onewebday.org/
 20:26:01  plnaugle ->  www.freerice.com
 20:26:31  Rose ->  Thanks for the sites
 20:26:34  JenW ->  @stlouisohio -- I think we should have realized that 10 years ago......and brought others along.......but generally everyone wandered alone -- til about -- what 4 or 5 years ago??  then we started collaborating more
 20:26:35  nancykeane ->  www.freepoverty.com/
 20:26:37  kitchenerd ->  Hello
 20:26:57  BigMouthDurff ->  Rose - many like sites on delicious or diigo
 20:27:20  plnaugle ->  I have to laugh at their first couple of PPTs. I can hardly read the words because of the color choices and font selection, but they get better as the year goes along.
 20:27:21  cyndidannerkuhn ->  hate to ask but is all this stuff in the book, wow wish I had read before I got here
 20:27:31  BigMouthDurff ->  nancy - haven't seen that one = ty
 20:27:43  Rose ->  Wow...thanks. Do I just search in Diigo?
 20:27:50  BigMouthDurff ->  yup
 20:27:50  nancykeane ->  @durff Donates clean water
 20:27:57  BigMouthDurff ->  cool
 20:27:58  ransomtech ->  http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Main_Page
 20:28:03  JenW ->  @paula -- we made christmas card powerpoints -- all the bells and whistles -- kids had a grand time -- and yes, we had swiveling letters at times too
 20:28:14  sendkathy ->  lol
 20:28:24  sendkathy ->  kids just wanna have fun
 20:28:32  BigMouthDurff ->  :)
 20:28:49  plnaugle ->  LOL
 20:28:53  matt montagne ->  you could ask a variant of the same romeo/juliet question...would we have had William Shakespeare if he would've gone through the US educational system?
 20:29:10  BigMouthDurff ->  gee, then go out and find it
 20:29:16  JenW ->  is it an assumption that just because the opportunity is there that people will take advantage of the opportunity??
 20:29:24  nancykeane ->  What if Shakespeare was limited to 140 characters?
 20:29:25  BigMouthDurff ->  surf the streams of learning
 20:29:47  BigMouthDurff ->  nancy - he would be more concise
 20:29:48  alicebarr ->  What agreat assignment... What if Romeo and Juliet had cell phones.... Sending to English teacher now
 20:29:58  stlouisohio ->  as an undergrad student i have to find a way to change the process, bc i teach the teachers how to use this stuff. but then i take the classes in education dept and find that its the same. Ex we have a smartboard in front of the class, but in the profs own words we wont be using that because i'm not sure how it works. my response after class i could show you how to use that if you want.... and i'm the student. reminds that most of the time the students are the ones showing the teachers how to use the technology @kathy
 20:30:07  stlouisohio ->  @jen
 20:30:14  stlouisohio ->  sorry lost audio
 20:30:14  Rose ->  Jen, Only go getters are willing to take advantage and work to learn.
 20:30:40  Rose ->  Life long learners = go getters
 20:30:45  BigMouthDurff ->  stlouis i love it when a kid does that
 20:30:55  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Good for you Stloiusohio!!!
 20:30:56  matt montagne ->  Yale
 20:31:00  BigMouthDurff ->  i beg them to ask three before me
 20:31:02  mike3 ->  BYU
 20:31:03  stlouisohio ->  irna
 20:31:04  Anne V ->  China?
 20:31:05  Samantha Camisi ->  University of Maryland University College 1947?
 20:31:06  stlouisohio ->  iran
 20:31:06  plnaugle ->  Some people want to be spoon fed. Some are rsponsible for their own learning.
 20:31:07  PeggyG ->  Berkeley?
 20:31:14  hshawjr ->  Sanford
 20:31:17  stlouisohio ->  no idea
 20:31:17  matt montagne ->  Wisconsin- Madison :-)
 20:31:19  jackiegerstein ->  China
 20:31:20  cyndidannerkuhn ->  no clue
 20:31:23  Jon K. ->  Open University in UK?
 20:31:24  BigMouthDurff ->  eating
 20:31:31  JenM ->  @matt ... go BADGERS!
 20:31:39  nancykeane ->  Open University?
 20:31:45  hshawjr ->  USC
 20:31:58  BigMouthDurff ->  yale
 20:32:02  jackiegerstein ->  Dubai?
 20:32:13  matt montagne ->  Curt--I knew I liked you...I'm a UW-Madison graduate as well!!! On Wisconsin!
 20:32:22  Anne V ->  I remember "taking" a course on PBS with a workbook when I was in preschool... what was my mother thinking
 20:32:37  PeggyG ->  Wow~had no idea about Nat. Univ. of Vietnam!
 20:32:38  BigMouthDurff ->  new zealand
 20:33:18  BigMouthDurff ->  matt is cozing it up to the teacher again
 20:33:31  JohnS ->  That could be a really bad thing if those policies are misguided.
 20:33:48  BigMouthDurff ->  hi charlie
 20:33:55  charlie ->  hello all
 20:34:02  matt montagne ->  @Durff  :-)
 20:34:29  stlouisohio ->  I must get going, working a shift at the hospital tonight and class after that. follow me on twitter if you'd like stlouisohio... its been great talking to you all. See you next week
 20:34:47  BigMouthDurff ->  bye!
 20:35:07  plnaugle ->  stlouisohio Have a good night.
 20:35:17  PeggyG ->  I love this section in his first chapter: I ustreamed your ustream: now that's a twitter of an idea! :-)
 20:35:45  DaveChamberlain ->  I would love to see digital books that were customized to the school, district or area, and the content could be reordered to match up with local holidays and other curricula
 20:36:18  matt montagne ->  Publishers probably have a really hard time imagining how they can make $$$ with a different model.
 20:36:26  Audrey ->  Great idea Dave. This would be a great opportunity for local teachers too to write and publish.
 20:36:30  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I think we have to think about textbooks differently!!
 20:36:47  sendkathy ->  @ Curt -What can professors/students do in the meatime?
 20:36:54  matt montagne ->  To me the e-format of the same textbook isn't interesting...it will get interesting when people make their own
 20:37:12  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I agtee Matt Montagne
 20:37:15  JohnS ->  And at K-12, we need the ebooks to be < 20% of the cost of print. Otherwise, it's going to cost way too much.
 20:37:29  DaveChamberlain ->  @Audrey, thanks :-)
 20:37:33  plnaugle ->  @matt I agree.
 20:37:43  DaveChamberlain ->  @Matt, yes!
 20:37:59  charlie ->  my high school spends 75 k a year on text books for 800 students over the course of four years we could easily by them each a laptop and a kindle
 20:38:05  ransomtech ->  I think that the whole paradigm of a book being used as main course resources is quickly chaning.
 20:38:16  charlie ->  but then i'd miss the nice dinners from the book reps
 20:38:24  matt montagne ->  @charlie OMG that is a great deal of $$$
 20:38:27  JohnS ->  @charlie yes, but if you bought book subscriptions, it would cost a lot more.
 20:39:12  charlie ->  we're going 1:1 and forcing the teachers to ditch being text dependent  the text shouldn't drive the curriculum
 20:39:16  courosa ->  that is still an issue in my courses, not all students want to go open.
 20:39:28  BigMouthDurff ->  they'll learn
 20:39:37  courosa ->  the great majority do, but there are always a couple that are hesitant
 20:39:42  JenW ->  @charlie -- does the word "force" go over well??
 20:39:42  JohnS ->  that's the key. Economically, you can't replace print with e-books. You have to replace print with open content.
 20:39:46  kcaise ->  why do the students not want to go open @coursosa?
 20:39:52  BigMouthDurff ->  my kids are on the wild west of a web
 20:40:08  matt montagne ->  We spend an extraordinary amount of time in schools teaching kids how to organize analogue materials (note books, binders, backpacks, etc)....What if we spent a fraction of the time teaching students how to filter and organize digital information??
 20:40:10  charlie ->  "force" synonomous with "collaborate"  no?  ha ha
 20:40:11  Audrey ->  Even many higher students are nervous about going open with there work
 20:40:11  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I agree Druff, they will learn, sometimes you just have to force them, or puch them, once they figure it out, they love and and everything is better
 20:40:19  courosa ->  @kcaise they watch too much FOX News and think that predators are ready to pounce as soon as they hit post.
 20:40:30  plnaugle ->  So many educators don't want to be online and are afraid of having a digital footprint.
 20:40:38  BigMouthDurff ->  when they get to JenM's level, they will be ready for the Bonk's of the world
 20:40:41  charlie ->  @courosa   i'm very scared of my fax machine.   there is no filtering
 20:40:45  charlie ->  anything could come through
 20:40:47  JenW ->  @charlie -- hmmmm, I think a lot of teachers are feeling "forced" and that tends to have resistance -- agree??
 20:40:51  jackiegerstein ->  tan audience is a powerful motivator - kids are now wanting their content to go public.
 20:40:58  ransomtech ->  @courosa... some of my students feel the same way by simply opening their blogs up.
 20:40:59  monika ->  so we just need to educate on safety
 20:41:04  BigMouthDurff ->  faxmachines scare me! they make noises
 20:41:14  alicebarr ->  @matt That will be the shift, when teachers are info literate
 20:41:16  charlie ->  @ Jen  I'd agree w that but honestly some just need to be forced or they will never change ...... the chalk jockies
 20:41:17  kitchenerd ->  our phones haven't been filtered...
 20:41:32  JenW ->  Hmmm -- I know some very effective chalk jockies
 20:41:42  plnaugle ->  The same ones who don't want to join a Ning or a wiki will post the Facebook.
 20:41:45  courosa ->  and, more critically, i find that a lot of teachers that do not want to go open, stay closed for two big reasons: 1) they break copyright to a huge extent, 2) their stuff is really not that good ... scared to put their stuff out in front of a critical audience.
 20:42:00  monika ->  :)
 20:42:00  courosa ->  not the only two reasons, but certainly two that we don't talk about a lot.
 20:42:01  BigMouthDurff ->  alec - they are scared
 20:42:02  Samantha Camisi ->  Some people feel shy abou their work.  Maybe they would rather keep it between thethemselves and their teachers.  Once it is out, it is out....
 20:42:02  kitchenerd ->  @courosa  exactly right!
 20:42:07  PeggyG ->  I agree courosa!! that is my experience too!
 20:42:17  Audrey ->  Undergrads are selfconscious, they don't want to be wrong
 20:42:43  kitchenerd ->  teachers are fearful of posting work that might not be "perfect"
 20:42:44  PeggyG ->  @Audrey--I'm talking about the professors/instructors not the students :-)
 20:42:53  plnaugle ->  @courosa I agree. Someone asked on Twitter if we want to collaborate why do we close our classroom doors?
 20:42:56  JenW ->  @courosa   I think the #1 is -- they don't know they can........  
 20:43:04  jackiegerstein ->  Funny - I had the opposite effect when I connect a NING to a Blackboard course - My undergrads took to it better than I expected
 20:43:07  JenM ->  @alec ... yep ... same from students' perspective ... don't want to "prove" you don't know anything :)
 20:43:11  BigMouthDurff ->  @Audrey are they so different than the middle schoolers i have?
 20:43:14  courosa ->  @jenw yes, likely another strong reason.
 20:43:20  monika ->  that's what's missing though - teachers immersed personally in this
 20:43:34  matt montagne ->  http://www.ck12.org - nice open textbook project
 20:43:35  charlie ->  @ monika and administrators who aren't pushing for it...
 20:43:38  Audrey ->  @BigMouthDurff probably not....
 20:43:46  courosa ->  as i mentioned last week (although I don't know where I heard it), openness is the new validity.
 20:43:48  JenW ->  Most teachers -- honestly -- wonder if what they have to say is really worth listening to -- therefore why share.........I was one of those, were any of you??
 20:43:48  Samantha Camisi ->  Um, don't know what happened there with the typing, I think some students are shy. Posting is the electronic equivalent to asking a student to speak in front of the class.
 20:43:59  plnaugle ->  I know so few teachers in my district who have an online presence.
 20:44:09  monika ->  transparency is the new currency
 20:44:12  charlie ->  @ JenW  i guess i've always been an arrogant ass so i like to share my work
 20:44:23  JenM ->  @chatroom: any questions for Curt in the chatroom??
 20:44:25  jackiegerstein ->  that is interesting monika
 20:44:25  courosa ->  @monika definitly
 20:44:41  plnaugle ->  @JenW I did a lot of lurking at the beginning. Learned how to share.
 20:44:42  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Teaching and learning is so much better when you share!!
 20:44:45  JenW ->  the 3 teachers at my school that do have an online presence are the 3 less likely people I would have guessed when I started working there....but they were open, listened to suggestions, sought guidance
 20:44:50  BigMouthDurff ->  @JenW I KNOW I'm not worth listening to, so I don't ask kids to either (well not often)
 20:44:52  charlie ->  @ Jen W but i think you're on to something with teachers being afraid to share that crasft knowledge
 20:45:08  PeggyG ->  many professors want the students to buy their books (those written by the prof) and require this for their courses!
 20:45:17  hshawjr ->  Independent learning is the only way many military perosnnel can work on their degree work.  I was an early adopter and have only had one f2f college course over past 30 years.
 20:45:30  BigMouthDurff ->  me to Jen! the old first grade teacher is so into tech!!
 20:45:32  JenW ->  I think 8 years ago -- the "experts" of tech were 10 or 12......  now -- hmmmm, 1,000 or 1,200??   ;)  
 20:45:33  cyndidannerkuhn ->  @PeggyG, that is absolutley correct!
 20:45:37  sendkathy ->  @Curt - Still wondering when/how college profs can be more effective now, why wait for all these major changes, how can profs provide a better education now?
 20:45:39  courosa ->  @JenM perhaps a question about moving beyond the existing hybrid models of institutions validating openness in its forms while standing tight with existing power models ... where are we headed?
 20:45:39  charlie ->  @ Peggy G  i had a psych prof who did that.  i pissed him off by checking the book out from the library and photocopying the whole thing for half the cost
 20:45:47  BigMouthDurff ->  she is ready to retire - chronologically
 20:45:47  courosa ->  or, what is possible.
 20:45:49  charlie ->  @ Peggy the look on his face was priceliess
 20:45:59  demacisaac ->  If we can't share,,,,My favorite lines in book are on page 33. "Technology by itself will [b]not[/b] empower learners. Innovative pedagogy is required" :)  It makes me feel like there is hope even if we don't have working technology.
 20:46:00  matt montagne ->  will universities still be able to charge 50K annually in the future (or in 20 years, 100K plus annually???)
 20:46:02  courosa ->  @JenM I think he is headed that way already ...
 20:46:07  JenW ->  I also think that we give credibility to those -- accolades to those -- elevate some -- that might not be so worthy
 20:46:07  PeggyG ->  I'll bet!! probably turned you in for copyright violation :-)
 20:46:15  jackiegerstein ->  I think sharing is a "state of mind" - "a way of being"  The "academics" who are sharing online were sharing their materials prior to social networking - just not so overt or public becasue the technology was not available
 20:46:44  courosa ->  @jackie I'd agree, mindset.
 20:46:45  ChrisJohnston ->  I am pursuing an undergrad degree online right now. Being married and with two kids it was the only way I could go back
 20:47:12  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I agree, sharing is a midnset!!
 20:47:18  cyndidannerkuhn ->  mmindset
 20:47:21  PeggyG ->  I wish the mindset of professors was changing more! They are still very proprietary about their content and copyright.
 20:47:26  nancykeane ->  I love wikipedia but my students are shocked when I suggest it!
 20:47:28  JenW ->  there needs to be a better way of hearing those who should be heard rather than just always listening to those who WANT to be heard
 20:47:32  plind ->  @chrisJ these technologies do make education available to many of us that otherwise would not have been able..
 20:47:39  plnaugle ->  @ChrisJohnston But you are pursuing it. I love that you are looking into education as a second career.
 20:47:42  jackiegerstein ->  Win-Win - is hard for many to grasp
 20:47:43  PeggyG ->  excellent point JenW!
 20:47:52  monika ->  how the heck do you listen and read all this
 20:48:00  matt montagne ->  damien bariexa comes to mind (a school psychologist who is very web saavy)
 20:48:02  jackiegerstein ->  LOl monika
 20:48:15  courosa ->  @monika oh, yo mean you don't have a small staff of reviewers that follow you around?
 20:48:17  kitchenerd ->  i'm reading, listening and working on reformatting a computer!
 20:48:18  BigMouthDurff ->  be like nike - just do it
 20:48:19  Alvin Trusty ->  put the lectures online now
 20:48:23  sendkathy ->  thanks Jeff
 20:48:24  JenW ->  @monika -- you skim ---
 20:48:26  DaveChamberlain ->  @monika, try formulating your next question at the same time :-)
 20:48:28  PeggyG ->  @monika-the good thing is this is being recorded so we can listen again and read the chat
 20:48:29  JenW ->  and color coding helps
 20:48:35  BigMouthDurff ->  run online
 20:48:39  JenW ->  first icon on the LEFT
 20:48:41  BigMouthDurff ->  teach online
 20:48:45  BigMouthDurff ->  live online
 20:48:48  courosa ->  YELLOW
 20:48:52  monika ->  thank you
 20:48:52  BigMouthDurff ->  online office hours
 20:48:58  JenW ->  @courosa  LOL
 20:49:00  BigMouthDurff ->  collaborate online
 20:49:02  JenW ->  why didn't you choose WHITE
 20:49:04  charlie ->  online office hours?  i like that idea
 20:49:08  BigMouthDurff ->  or be outdated
 20:49:11  hshawjr ->  @courosa yech
 20:49:16  ChrisJohnston ->  Tried to listen on Ustream on my iPhone (while feeding 1yr old) but it wasn't listed
 20:49:17  BigMouthDurff ->  and out of a job
 20:49:17  plnaugle ->  @courosa Can't see the yellow.
 20:49:18  courosa ->  White
 20:49:28  JenW ->  Sorry, Durff, I cannot agree 100% --- I don't agree everyone HAS to use tech
 20:49:34  ransomtech ->  20 year dog-earred lecture notes... on transparencies in 3-ring binder. That's what teaching's all about!
 20:49:34  JenW ->  I can't agree to that
 20:49:35  BigMouthDurff ->  coursosa - be good
 20:49:52  sendkathy ->  My kids are not turned on by college ed, makes me sad, it seems just like when I went 30 years ago, same old same old, where is the accountability?
 20:49:53  matt montagne ->  skip the faculty and give the technology right to the kids
 20:49:54  JenW ->  @alec -- you made me Literally Laugh Out Loud
 20:49:57  courosa ->  Can anyone read this? Who has the secret decoder ring?
 20:50:05  BigMouthDurff ->  hi cbeard
 20:50:08  JenW ->  I have the RING Alec
 20:50:12  cyndidannerkuhn ->  My dean has be doing little presentations in all departments to show them, it is starting the conversationsm but wow, it is wearing me out!!  but so exciting
 20:50:14  charlie ->  @ Jen W  maybe the poeple who don't want to use tech should start their own school and see how many people enrol
 20:50:21  courosa ->  @jenw too funny
 20:50:21  nancykeane ->  @courosa -- My ring is working.
 20:50:23  cbeard ->  ::waving to BigMouth::
 20:50:29  BigMouthDurff ->  ya know courosa could be cursing us all in yellow.......
 20:50:33  sendkathy ->  @charlie- haha great idea
 20:50:34  kitchenerd ->  i agree curtis....message must come from the top
 20:50:36  courosa ->  @nancy ... too funny
 20:50:38  demacisaac ->  hmmm  sounds like edtechtalk
 20:50:39  JenW ->  Charlie -- would you want your child to be taught the same way by all the teachers??
 20:50:42  charlie ->  or a worksheet and multiple choice school
 20:50:54  JenW ->  @courosa -- What do I win??
 20:50:56  sendkathy ->  baby steps- jen W
 20:50:56  PeggyG ->  you'll find most of Curt's excellent suggestions in his book!!! a must read!!
 20:51:00  cyndidannerkuhn ->  WE ABSOLUTELY cannot teach the way we were taught!
 20:51:00  BigMouthDurff ->  ransom woulf
 20:51:01  plnaugle ->  @Durff I think he is.
 20:51:08  charlie ->  @ Jen W  no i wouldn't want them to be taught all the same way but i would want their teachers to be learners and model how to learn
 20:51:12  courosa ->  @JenW I already owe you a case of mugs
 20:51:14  BigMouthDurff ->  figures
 20:51:21  BigMouthDurff ->  not you Jen
 20:51:23  monika ->  i think if we got more teachers to take courses like alec's and cck09 - they would start making it personal
 20:51:28  kitchenerd ->  use youtube to begin research
 20:51:31  BigMouthDurff ->  i meant figures courosa is
 20:51:34  monika ->  teachers don't get to see how they are supposed to be teaching
 20:51:36  JenW ->  @charlie -- but you can learn and model much more than technology
 20:51:38  Samantha Camisi ->  Good Night everyone!  I enjoyed my first EdTech & Interview.  I have to get to work and have classes that start tomorrow night.  Take care, -SC
 20:51:39  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Me too, YouTube has changed my class too!!
 20:51:44  courosa ->  @durff :-)
 20:51:51  nancykeane ->  I use youtube a lot!
 20:51:53  kitchenerd ->  they want to teach the way they learned
 20:52:00  courosa ->  me too, YT an incredible resource
 20:52:12  BigMouthDurff ->  youtube has an ed section
 20:52:13  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I am teaching a YouTube class during Inner-session in Jan.  Gonna be exciting and fun!
 20:52:18  BigMouthDurff ->  why not use games
 20:52:25  charlie ->  @ Jen  i agree.... but those who ignore the technology advances of the last 15 years ....?
 20:52:27  BigMouthDurff ->  or a virtual world?
 20:52:32  plnaugle ->  I have to convert YouTubes so I can show them in class.
 20:52:34  matt montagne ->  maybe Einstein had it right after all about TV :-)
 20:52:35  ChrisJohnston ->  There are also some good ed videos in google video
 20:52:37  monika ->  dan meyer's use of pictures
 20:52:41  kitchenerd ->  using second life as a means to deliver content
 20:52:43  demacisaac ->  how many classrooms have video's (you tube and more) blocked
 20:52:51  JenW ->  @charlie -- I don't think they ignore them .....  I just don't believe they are always necessary -- 100% in every class
 20:52:57  kitchenerd ->  many district filters block youtube
 20:53:02  ChrisJohnston ->  @plnaugle convert them to what?
 20:53:02  BigMouthDurff ->  so meet the challenge
 20:53:17  kitchenerd ->  editors make mistakes all the time!
 20:53:22  plnaugle ->  I convert them using Zamzar to WMV.
 20:53:22  JenW ->  or even 25%
 20:53:23  courosa ->  or, who are these scary non-registered students in my class that are here learning without credit?
 20:53:23  matt montagne ->  YouTube is a treasure trove of primary source documents...I don't know how it can be blocked in schools anymore
 20:53:26  DaveChamberlain ->  Bonk, C. J. (2008, March). YouTube anchors and enders: The use of shared online video content as a macrocontext for learning. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2008 Annual Meeting, New York, NY. [8:53:10 PM] Curt Bonk: http://www.publicationshare.com/SFX7EED.pdf
 20:53:38  courosa ->  Hey George!
 20:53:39  charlie ->  @ Jen W.   i'd say more like 50%
 20:53:44  BigMouthDurff ->  courosa you're the communisy
 20:53:46  BigMouthDurff ->  not us
 20:53:48  nancykeane ->  @plnaugle Have you used kickyoutube?
 20:54:01  George Veletsianos ->  Hey Alec :)
 20:54:03  cyndidannerkuhn ->  whoo hoo thanks for the YouTube article!!  thanks you so much
 20:54:03  kitchenerd ->  thanks davechamberlain!
 20:54:08  JenW ->  @courosa -- one mug will be sufficient....I don't wish to be greedy
 20:54:21  plnaugle ->  @nancykeane No I haven't what does it do?
 20:54:26  ChrisJohnston ->  Many schools pay a subscription service for filtering and YouTube is on the list
 20:54:39  BigMouthDurff ->  mug? i want a free coffee mug
 20:54:56  cyndidannerkuhn ->  what with the mugs?
 20:55:01  courosa ->  I'll bring a bunch to Educon
 20:55:02  plnaugle ->  @Durff I think you just want free coffee.
 20:55:03  plind ->  some are just worried about how much bandwidth having youtube available will eat up
 20:55:10  BigMouthDurff ->  @Chris and how do you think kids go around filters?
 20:55:24  JenW ->  @alec -- I am bringing a black marker.  I want mine autographed
 20:55:32  ChrisJohnston ->  If you have bandwidth constraints YouTube will be a problem
 20:55:34  BigMouthDurff ->  coffee? did someone say coffee?
 20:55:48  sendkathy ->  yes Jeff
 20:55:52  nancykeane ->  @plnaugle When you find a youtube you want to download, simpy replace the "www." with "kick" and you can download as a mp4  (eg kickyoutube.)
 20:56:01  matt montagne ->  Chris Anderson's Free was a great model of the freemium economy
 20:56:19  cyndidannerkuhn ->  that kick tip works!!
 20:56:26  jackiegerstein ->  Yes Matt - I agree - Free was free
 20:56:32  BigMouthDurff ->  Courosa mug giveaway at Educon - attend the conference and get a free autographed mug = advertise freely
 20:56:38  plnaugle ->  @nancykeane TY for that info I'll check it out.
 20:56:42  PeggyG ->  you can also use download helper addon for Firefox and download any youtube video or other video
 20:56:51  ChrisJohnston ->  Ironic the supposedly 'tech savvy' Obama administration didn't think about the bandwidth issues that having his speech just be online would cause
 20:56:55  cbeard ->  @Peggy, what is the addon?
 20:57:03  ChrisJohnston ->  sorry that was grammatically awful
 20:57:07  JenW ->  @alec -- shoot, I should not have mentioned autographed.  I wanted that just for me
 20:57:16  matt montagne ->  the open economy doesn't mean people don't make money...there are all sorts of ways to make money off of "free"
 20:57:20  PeggyG ->  it's actually called download helper
 20:57:27  cyndidannerkuhn ->  that sounds like a great idea Curtis
 20:57:27  sendkathy ->  @Curt - do you have a definition for teacher?
 20:57:31  cbeard ->  @Peggy, thanks.
 20:57:38  cyndidannerkuhn ->  books of stories would ne inspirational for sure
 20:57:55  ChrisJohnston ->  One of my online classes is using Chris Anderson's [i]Free[/i] next month
 20:57:55  ransomtech ->  Anyone have a free/open new 17" MBP for me? Thanks.
 20:57:57  BigMouthDurff ->  Twitter it now = Courosa mug giveaway at Educon - attend the conference and get a free autographed mug = advertise freely
 20:58:01  plnaugle ->  @Peggy TY for that info.
 20:58:01  courosa ->  see Alan Levine's Amazing Stories of Openness
 20:58:25  courosa ->  @durff :-)
 20:58:26  BigMouthDurff ->  someone tell chrislehmann
 20:58:42  JenW ->  @courosa -- ask Durff to fund this new giveaway
 20:58:44  matt montagne ->  some folks in this chat room have probably made a little $$ off of "free"
 20:58:47  PeggyG ->  I love download helper because it automatically activates if there is a video on the web page. It's great!
 20:58:56  sendkathy ->  Does open mean honest?
 20:59:00  JenW ->  @matt -- Free is never free anymore
 20:59:06  plnaugle ->  @Chris I downloaded Free but haven't read it yet.
 20:59:13  monika ->  open keeps us honest
 20:59:19  monika ->  i'm thinking
 20:59:31  sendkathy ->  maybe or perpetuates a lie at times just by word of mouth
 20:59:31  JenW ->  Open keeps us OPEN to new ideas
 20:59:50  sendkathy ->  people tend to repeat what they hear without checking it out
 20:59:52  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Interesting idea for collectiing
 20:59:55  monika ->  i think there's too many eyes for much damage to be done
 20:59:58  ChrisJohnston ->  I wanted the free audiobook of Free but I can't find it
 21:00:04  monika ->  true
 21:00:22  matt montagne ->  @Chris...Andrerson's free audio book/kindle version was offered for limited time only
 21:00:24  BigMouthDurff ->  open minds = dangerous thoughts = disrupting classrooms
 21:00:30  matt montagne ->  You can get "Free" as a PDF though
 21:00:31  BigMouthDurff ->  and that is me
 21:00:37  plnaugle ->  @chrisjohnson I'll see if I can find the ling.
 21:00:40  JenM ->  Writing Tips: http://travelinedman.blogspot.com/2007/01/quick-20-academic-writing-tips...
 21:00:55  JenW ->  @monika -- it is very hard to be transparent for some of us.  (I will admit for me) -- but it is also very helpful at times, and has helped me fine tune ideas
 21:00:57  courosa ->  I'm with Curt on that one.
 21:01:11  monika ->  @jenw i agree
 21:01:12  demacisaac ->  your writing style is very compelling. Great choice
 21:01:52  sendkathy ->  I look forward to reading the book
 21:01:55  JenW ->  @monika -- but often, I wonder if it is worth the "hurt" to be transparent  becuase I can be thin skinned sometimes.   ;)
 21:01:57  JL ->  http://php.indiana.edu/~cjbonk/Syllabus_R685_Fall_of_2009.htm
 21:02:08  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I look forward to reading and exploring Curtis's stuff
 21:02:10  DaveChamberlain ->  http://php.indiana.edu/~cjbonk/Syllabus_R685_Fall_of_2009.htm
 21:02:16  monika ->  it's worth the hurt to teach kids how to do it right
 21:02:20  monika ->  i think
 21:02:27  BigMouthDurff ->  as opposed to cold links
 21:02:28  JenW ->  I would encourage you to broaden your focus to more projects and more people in the next book
 21:02:56  BigMouthDurff ->  clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
 21:03:04  nancykeane ->  LOVE the book!
 21:03:04  sendkathy ->  Thank you!
 21:03:05  cyndidannerkuhn ->  wow thanks, enjoyed this, from Kansas State University
 21:03:07  demacisaac ->  :D :D :D :D :)
 21:03:10  matt montagne ->  is an iPhone App on the horizon???
 21:03:20  pshaf ->  thank you
 21:03:24  plnaugle ->  @chris THe free thing is over.
 21:03:28  Audrey ->  :D  Thank you!
 21:03:30  courosa ->  you bet Curt ... take care.
 21:03:31  ransomtech ->  Thanks!
 21:03:32  PeggyG ->  Jen M is famous-her story is in his section on ustreaming a ustream :-)
 21:03:36  BigMouthDurff ->  i gtg hold a cute kid = bye!!
 21:03:41  matt montagne ->  having an iPhone App to go along with a book seems to be a new hook
 21:03:41  nancykeane ->  Thank you!
 21:03:42  plnaugle ->  TY Curt very interesting session.
 21:03:50  sendkathy ->  bye durf
 21:03:59  cbeard ->  Sorry to have arrived so late. Good night, all.
 21:04:13  kcaise ->  don't forget to sign up for the webcastathon for this upcoming weekend! http://www.webcastacademy.net
 21:04:13  ChrisJohnston ->  @plnaugle I guess I'll have to be happy reading the book for class next month
 21:04:19  monika ->  :)
 21:04:44  sendkathy ->  night
 21:04:47  jackiegerstein ->  I saw her speak A NECC 09 - she is amazing
 21:05:01  jackiegerstein ->  A prodigy teacher at 11 yesr old
 21:05:31  JenM ->  @peggyg ... :)
 21:05:48  PeggyG ->  it couldn't go unmentioned Jen!
 21:06:04  George Veletsianos ->  that's great advice for us starting academics Curt ;)
 21:06:18  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I get that, it is hard to do everything and tenure get in the way, so glad to be done with tenure!!
 21:06:31  JenM ->  helps when your prof. is the writer of the book :)
 21:07:22  courosa ->  @george sounds like i need a career change. :-)
 21:07:53  George Veletsianos ->  @courosa we are in it for the long haul buddy :)
 21:08:18  cyndidannerkuhn ->  have a great week, thanks for the learning tonight
 21:08:22  PeggyG ->  awesome conversation!!! very stimulating and inspiring! Thanks Curt and ETW!
 21:08:27  matt montagne ->  applies to schools as well, no?? Shouldn't we encourage young learners to follow their passions at an early age so it doesn't take them as long to figure this out as it did curt??
 21:08:33  jackiegerstein ->  Great 2 hours - way fun!
 21:08:38  matt montagne ->  Cheers!
 21:08:40  ransomtech ->  Go write that grant!
 21:08:51  matt montagne ->  Thanks, Curt! On Wisconsin and Go Badgers!
 21:09:19  matt montagne ->  nice job moderating ETT crew!
 21:09:41  George Veletsianos ->  thanks 4 hosting this. It's 2 am in Manchester, so i need to zzz. thnx!
 21:09:47  PeggyG ->  laughing hysterically!
 21:09:52  cyndidannerkuhn ->  You guys are great, thanks for your hard work!!
 21:09:54  plnaugle ->  Good night all. Thank you for hosting this.
 21:10:00  JenM ->  @matt ... I was at the game this Saturday ... "Varsity ... Varsity ... U-ra-ra- wis-con-sin ..."
 21:10:26  DaveChamberlain ->  Wow, look at everyone running out of the room :-)
 21:10:39  JenM ->  everyone is hungry :)
 21:10:57  DaveChamberlain ->  true, I think my wife ate while I was online.
 21:11:06  JenM ->  nite all!
 21:11:18  DaveChamberlain ->  nite everyone (who's left)