EdTechTalk #59 - Finding a voice for our community

Finding a voice for Edublog/ EdTech community

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We discuss who we are as a 'Educational Technology' community and how we can get our community's message spread to a wider audience. A quick look at a few different wikipedia entries for ed tech will show you how silent the community has been... With the recent discussions about DOPA and Blackboard, that community voice is more important than ever.

Some Wikipedia Links

Education Portal
Online Learning
E Learning
E Learning 2.0
Educational Technology

Chat Transcript Below

18:53:55 dave-on-aire: hi jen
18:55:05 dave-on-aire: there's trouble
18:55:09 JenW: really?
18:55:19 dave-on-aire: oh yes. it's my dad
18:55:25 rentre: Where
18:55:25 JenW: rentre??
18:55:35 dave-on-aire: yup. that's my dad
18:55:36 JenW: sorry -- misunderstood
18:55:44 rentre: :D
18:55:49 JenW: so rentre is your dad??
18:56:00 rentre: That Me
18:56:03 JenW: scareeeeeey
18:56:14 JenW: will he be in the skype room too??? LOL
18:56:14 rentre: Why
18:56:29 rentre: NNNNNO
18:56:31 JenW: just teasing
18:56:43 JenW: nice to meet you mr dad
18:56:55 rentre: Same here
18:57:15 JenW: you should skype with us
18:57:32 rentre: DAVE
18:58:20 rentre: Justlistenim
18:58:58 JL: http://youtube.com/profile?user=geriatric1927
18:59:27 cheryloakes: I posted all my stuff about webcast academy.
18:59:38 JenW: hi eebbeee1
18:59:47 JenW: and hello to everyone else
18:59:58 HaroldJarche: howdy all
19:00:02 dave-on-aire: hey crew
19:01:11 HaroldJarche: I only hear Jeff - is there a skypecast too?
19:01:26 cathy_evanoff: I aam only hearing one side of this conversation
19:01:28 sharon_(eebee1): hello everyone
19:01:42 JenW: i hear both
19:01:46 JenW: sorry --
19:02:02 cheryloakes: i hear one side
19:02:13 dave-on-aire: i think we've fixed it
19:02:16 cheryloakes: I am listening chanel 1
19:02:20 dave-on-aire: give it 40 seconds
19:02:31 HaroldJarche: still only one side on the stream
19:02:38 cheryloakes: both sides now
19:02:45 HaroldJarche: now I hear dave :-)
19:02:50 cathy_evanoff: yea
19:02:54 JenW: what did 40 seconds have to do with it?
19:03:02 cheryloakes: the delay
19:03:10 HaroldJarche: hear most sides
19:03:13 JenW: ahhhh
19:03:16 rentre: Dave was silent ?????
19:03:40 Lee: All five sides
19:03:44 cheryloakes: :) I knew you would like both sides now!
19:04:51 cheryloakes: brb having dinner
19:06:51 HaroldJarche: but you would have to know about BB first - our community is not in the mainstream's conversation
19:06:53 JenW: loink to M Feldstein's blog please
19:07:17 JL: http://mfeldstein.com/
19:07:20 JenW: ty
19:09:00 HaroldJarche: is it important how we see ourselves, or what impact we have on those outside our community?
19:09:54 sharon_(eebee1): I think the edtech community is evolving...
19:10:18 Lee: i can not get mfeldstein.com to come up..
19:10:43 JenW: neither could I
19:10:57 HaroldJarche: site's down - temporarily - prbably BB's lawyers ;-)
19:11:12 Lee: ouch
19:11:20 Lee: yes
19:11:21 JenW: I think this community is growing by word of mouth -- or perhaps word of type -- I know that I only found it a few months ago -- and then I wrote people who wrote people -- etc etc
19:11:47 sharon_(eebee1): yes, the networking is happening
19:11:52 Lee: Here is what I found on a google search for michael....
19:11:53 HaroldJarche: Michael's site is online now
19:11:53 Lee: You have exceeded the allowed page load frequency. You have exceeded the allowed page load frequency. mfeldstein.com/index.php/weblog/permalink/blackboard_patents_the_lms/ - 1k - Aug 11, 2006 - Cached - Similar pages
19:12:12 sharon_(eebee1): up for me too
19:12:25 Lee: lets go
19:12:55 sharon_(eebee1): one of my profs at Concordia U here in Montreal has been granted an Canadian grant to study the phenomena of blogs
19:13:10 Lee: Yahoo
19:13:33 HaroldJarche: cool Sharon - I attended the Concordia program for a while
19:14:02 sharon_(eebee1): just handed in my M.A. thesis for Ed.Tech programme on Friday - just about finished the programme!!
19:14:15 HaroldJarche: congrats :-)
19:14:33 sharon_(eebee1): the ETECH programme at Concordia now offers a grad course in Social Computing
19:14:38 sharon_(eebee1): a first
19:15:39 HaroldJarche: I would not call myself an edublogger (is that OK?)
19:16:57 JenW: I don't think I either -- to the extent of others like S.Downes, D. Warlick, etc.......I am much more simplistic
19:17:36 sharon_(eebee1): however, edubloggers blog about more than just "what-I-had-for-dinner navel-gazing" and do tend to be a different breed than the typical myspacing blogger
19:17:49 HaroldJarche: "education" is a very small part of my work and writing
19:19:11 JenW: wikipedia does not make or break this group -- I agree
19:20:00 Lee: where is the Wikipedia link showing these comments concerning Stephen?
19:20:03 HaroldJarche: I guess we should aim for Brittanica ;-)
19:20:18 dave-on-aire: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Downes
19:20:41 Lee: to resolve these issues, we need to see a high level of activity concerning this, correct?
19:21:09 JenW: how many words do you need to have to qualify for Wikipedia's consensually-accepted ....
19:21:09 Lee: to validate the people and issues we know are important to this industry.
19:25:01 JL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elearning
19:25:40 HaroldJarche: so we don't a wikipedia entry on a person, we need entries on our central IDEAS
19:26:09 JL: I agree Harold - I think the ideas are more important than the people
19:26:32 JenW: I am not a big wikipedia user myself -- I don't disagree with it -- I just don't usually think of using it
19:27:04 HaroldJarche: wikppedia confirms what I already know - good performance support system
19:27:29 dave-on-aire: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collaborative_learning
19:28:30 JenW: nope
19:28:35 JenW: knitting 2.0
19:28:52 HaroldJarche: we're too busy to make wikipedia entries
19:28:52 Lee: What is Monty's last name ... ? (moodle)
19:29:27 HaroldJarche: knitpro 2.0 way cool :-)
19:29:35 Lee: Can we cut and paste content to wikipedia as a regular practice
19:29:49 Lee: make a habit of it?
19:30:18 Lee: no no Stephen,,,it is not a personal issue
19:30:41 JenW: how old is wikipedia??
19:31:04 Lee: it is a much larger issue and the facts need to continue to be put out no matter who puts the facts in..even on one's own wikipage
19:31:13 JL: project started in 2001
19:31:14 JL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia
19:31:24 JenW: so less than 5 years
19:32:40 JL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackboard_Inc.
19:33:23 cathy_evanoff: I agree Lee, it would be the "right" thing to do
19:33:25 JL: If anyone in the skypecast would like to chime in, please ask for microphone
19:34:08 HaroldJarche: the exception proves the rule
19:39:47 HaroldJarche: I'm a learning revolutionary - not sure who's in my community ...
19:40:26 dave-on-aire: Big Bird?
19:40:33 HaroldJarche: good point
19:41:47 dave-on-aire: :D
19:42:16 JenW: was DOPA even discussed at NECC?? The BB patent was not known yet -- right??
19:42:54 JenW: Because I agree -- with who is speaking -- people are not aware of what is going on
19:43:00 dave-on-aire: Lee
19:43:03 dave-on-aire: is speaking
19:43:07 JenW: ty
19:43:10 sharon_(eebee1): Lee is right ON!
19:43:21 cathy_evanoff: yes on both accounts- passing along the news and watching what we say
19:43:53 cathy_evanoff: clueless
19:43:54 dave-on-aire: http://jakespeak.blogspot.com/2006/08/blogging-blackboard-and-history-of.html
19:44:05 sharon_(eebee1): I have been told by too many people recently that I am on way too ahead of the curve when it comes to web 2.0 - as though that is a bad place to be....
19:44:33 JenW: yes and no -- no one will ever agree with everyone -- and we shouldn't just agree because of the group consensus
19:47:31 sharon_(eebee1): yes have been communicating too to those who don't follwo blogs- they have been amazed that BB was ever given a patent
19:48:29 JenW: and on average -- people really don't seem to care until it affects them -- meaning the people affected by this patent might not know about it until they are affected by it. Which is then too late
19:48:49 JenW: yes, she has become informed
19:49:48 sharon_(eebee1): but isn't that only the US??
19:49:55 JenW: so patents will become like lawsuits -- everyone will want one>>
19:49:59 dave-on-aire: maybe...
19:50:06 sharon_(eebee1): I have heard that the Brits are really watching this closely
19:51:22 JasonR: Link for the patent of portals?
19:52:12 HaroldJarche: these kinds of lawsuits are not new - Edison did it and forced the movie producers to set up as far away as possible
19:52:13 JenW: so -- grins -- which celebrity do we need to get involved with DOPA and BB -- that way it might be heard. :)
19:52:42 HaroldJarche: Paris Hilton?
19:52:56 JL: Angelina - she can adopt some of us
19:52:58 JenW: also -- we have discussed this before -- is there a letter generated that we can share with librarians to let them know about this. My city librarian really did not know much
19:53:03 dave-on-aire: http://mfeldstein.com/index.php/weblog/permalink/how_the_lmos_could_

19:54:18 Lee: so true
19:54:36 JenW: yes, we can discuss it forever, or we can talk about what we HAVE done instead of what we could do
19:55:22 HaroldJarche: I think that EdtechTalk is trying to take away BB's market share ;-)
19:55:41 dave-on-aire: should we expect a letter in the mail?
19:55:49 HaroldJarche: yup
19:56:09 JenW: what if we were able to convince some sites that would be affected to "go dark" for a day or so -- with a page which would say something like -- This tool will go away if DOPA passes
19:56:34 cathy_evanoff: I am starting with my PTA - show the GOOD of social networking
19:56:59 JenW: I will pay a part of your airfare if you get to go to the senate hearing
19:57:19 HaroldJarche: maybe these folks can be a forum to speak against DOPA http://supportblogging.wikispaces.com/
19:57:23 cheryloakes: My elementary students are gathering things for Sen. Collins and Sen. Snowe
19:57:40 JenW: I meet with my rep this thursday
19:57:47 JenW: kinda scared
19:57:55 cheryloakes: I have blogged with my students this summer, and they are begging that it not happen they want to blog, and have social networks.
19:58:49 JenW: cheryl -- that is what you need to send to your senator -- their blog comments
19:58:54 cheryloakes: :p Aside from all this, Jeff, have a great holiday.
19:59:09 JenW: i will miss these sunday chats
19:59:27 cheryloakes: Jen, I am collecting their comments, I've sent some already, but my kids met SEn. Collins in May, and she knows how vocal they already are.
19:59:37 JenW: :)
19:59:51 Lee: Is Stephen in the chat?
20:00:02 DBragg: Cheryl - not only share your students thoughts, but share how you have made it safe
20:00:09 JL: The show will go on Jen. I am delighted to be expendable
20:00:18 cheryloakes: Oh, absolutely, plus I have great parent support.
20:00:21 JenW: well you will be missed
20:00:25 HaroldJarche: Harold Innes was better
20:00:30 JenW: but i am glad the show will go on
20:00:44 DBragg: Can you get Sen. Collins to share that experience with other Senators?
20:00:44 JL: and I will miss you all... looking forward to reconnecting with recharged batteries
20:01:13 cheryloakes: DBRagg, I think I can get Sen. Collins to share some kid comments, I am working on Snowe.
20:01:19 JenW: thank you stephen
20:01:26 Lee: Thank you Stephen
20:01:35 DBragg: Great!
20:01:46 sharon_(eebee1): thanks Stephen
20:01:51 sharon_(eebee1): great stuff
20:02:04 cheryloakes: Yahoo Jeff, have fun.
20:02:07 HaroldJarche: yeah Jeff !!!
20:02:10 cheryloakes: Dave, we will be your support.
20:02:29 sharon_(eebee1): need to listen again too
20:03:03 cheryloakes: I always like to listen a couple times.
20:05:16 cheryloakes: Bob Sprankle's kids explained that quote at a workshop, they were incredible, kids get it.
20:05:26 cheryloakes: Hi, jason
20:06:18 Lee: Hi doug
20:06:21 Lee: !
20:06:26 Lee: LTNS
20:06:39 DougSymington: Hi Lee, and all
20:06:45 Jason_R: The Medium is the Massage... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Medium_is_the_Massage ?
20:06:49 JL: Would love to hear Bob's kids explain that - is there a recording?
20:06:50 Lee: Been busy
20:06:57 DougSymington: yes, it's been a busy week
20:06:59 Lee: ? Doug
20:07:27 Lee: Come into the skypecast doug
20:07:35 DougSymington: cam
20:07:39 dave-on-aire: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Understanding_Media:_The_Extensions_of_Man
20:07:55 DougSymington: thanks, but it's too noisy here now...
20:08:04 DougSymington: I'll listen on stream
20:08:04 Lee: ahh
20:08:13 JL: party at the Symington home?
20:08:15 Lee: Jeff are we broadcasting on a sandbox?
20:08:24 JL: nope
20:08:30 cheryloakes: There is a recording, and it may not yet, be on Bit By Bit, but I'll look.
20:08:32 JL: channels 1 and 3
20:08:33 JL: 2
20:08:36 JL: not 3
20:08:36 cheryloakes: hi Doug
20:08:59 DougSymington: Hey Cheryl -- congrats on webcasting, I saw that you were streaming today, well done
20:09:52 cheryloakes: Yeah, and Jeff was great, got me online, and I just created a skypecast for our seedlings group next Sunday at 5 pm EST. I did post some edited recording. Thanks.
20:10:36 DougSymington: that sounds great Cheryl
20:11:58 cheryloakes: I am pretty psyched. Hey, is Derek Miller on itunes? Is it plain Derek, or Derek J?
20:12:26 DougSymington: Derek K Miller
20:12:29 cheryloakes: I was looking today to get some of his music.
20:12:37 DougSymington: just a sec, I'll get you a link
20:12:42 cheryloakes: Oh, great, now I'll go buy.
20:13:04 cheryloakes: I'll wait for the link.
20:13:54 DougSymington: http://podcast.penmachine.com/audio/audio.html
20:14:27 DougSymington: I see that he's also on the podsafe music network as well, not sure re iTunes...
20:14:31 sharon_(eebee1): that is the beauty of a wiki - highly editable
20:14:38 sharon_(eebee1): collaborative document
20:14:45 JenW: is this site an edublogger site?? from you?? http://upcoming.org/group/1131/
20:15:37 dave-on-aire: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/
20:15:46 cheryloakes: thanks Doug for the link.
20:15:57 DougSymington: my pleasure
20:16:28 JL: Jen, that site certainly includes people who are part of the community - I suspect that could be considered as one of the 'hubs'
20:18:15 cheryloakes: Dave, great idea, it would be wiki article border cross.
20:18:24 dave-on-aire: oh my.
20:18:30 dave-on-aire: have you got your goggles?
20:18:32 cheryloakes: get the goggles out.
20:18:36 cheryloakes: oh yeah
20:19:06 cheryloakes: It would be like the Coming of Age article with Terry Freedman from the UK, et all.
20:21:39 cheryloakes: feeds:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.terry-freedman.org.uk%2Fpodcast%2FTF_Educational_Technology.xml
20:21:49 cheryloakes: Hm, that doesn't look right
20:22:09 jenw: he has a new version coming out in January -- both Sharon and I are contributing
20:22:10 cheryloakes: there is a great free PDF
20:22:17 cheryloakes: yes it was
20:22:35 cheryloakes: One article , collaborative would be unique
20:23:17 cheryloakes: I like writely, but someone has to invite people to join.
20:24:07 cathy_evanoff: I think you need to start with DOPA- since the senate votes soon
20:24:21 DougSymington: we used writely to do the paper at this link
20:24:22 DougSymington: http://www.iadis.org/multi2006/program_MULTI2006.htm
20:24:41 DougSymington: on the May 17th tab -- it worked well
20:24:58 cheryloakes: We worked on our Tech plan with writely with 12 people.
20:24:59 DougSymington: I'd recommend each author pick a colour, which makes edits easier to track
20:25:08 cheryloakes: yes, that is the best way
20:27:28 JasonR: Miss you too
20:27:29 cheryloake: enjoy the week all, have a great trip jeff
20:27:31 jenw: good night all -- see you next week
20:27:32 JasonR: Have a god time
20:27:42 jenw: 'cept Jeff (sadness)
20:28:01 DougSymington: have a great week all, cya later

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Hi guys,

In small ways I'm trying to make my peers here in Western Australia more aware of Worldbridges and the communities it is helping create and support. I have written an article for ECAWA's (Education and Computing Association of WA) next quartlerly magazine , on the topic of webcasting and have made sure to mention Worldbridges and provide the relevant URL's to the site. I'm also undertaking some webcasting that links up with a university course offered here in Bunbury, again helping to deliver valuable information to students while also promoting the work that Worldbridges is doing. I have also been asked to present to the Education students about web 2.0 tools and how they can help them in their teaching.

Finally I plan to do a live webcast from ECAWA's state conference in November (which I'd like to get some of the international community to join in on!), and also to present a session specifically talking about webcasting and Worldbridges, and the benefits of this community to local teachers.

So I guess I'm trying to spread the word at my local level. Big promotional things are needed too but everyone who is already involved with Worldbridges can start at their local level.

Sorry I won't be able to join the live session - have to help bring home the bacon again tomorrow!

Hey Jeff and Dave,

I'd like to add the school computing wiki (http://schoolcomputing.wikia.com) as a resource for ya'll education technologies. It's been build up by a few Independent School folks this year, but is pretty impressive. And what about those professional organizations like ISTE and IEEE --- those guys do organize at times, no?

I think that this is critical, and important. I personally have not been active enough in our democracy (except for voting) and we really need to work on that.

Have a great show.

- Alex

Hi, enjoyed the talk (and i listen in my car, while jogging, and the like)

Did you guys mean to post the transcript that appears on the page for ett#59 in that place? I was hoping to read the one for ett#59 if it exists.

keep up the good work,

incidentally my ipod just wnet on the blink so i'm podcastally challenged, but can still playback using my itunes on my laptop in my car though this is a greater handicap when jogging,