EdTechBrainstorm 28A - "Real Time" Concept Mapping with SMART Ideas

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It was a fascinating experience to work with this software in a collaborative environment. I've been a big advocate of mind mapping for a long time and to see an application that lets you perform this type of free thought exercise with a distance team of users is sure to have potential.

As I mentioned during the show, the only concern I have is that it might be too open...it's like handing a user a blank spreadsheet and saying "do your taxes." It can be done, but the flexibility and strength may be a bit daunting to new users and students.

Building a library of templates and leading by example will, in my book, push this tool and others of it's ilk to the foreground of collaborative teaching tools. (It also was a blast to play with...almost distracting for those of us with Attention Deficit Trait!)


Given that I'm halfway around the world (and halfway around the daily clock), it's hard to catch up with you during the live shows.

It would be great if you could send email several days in advance of your events like the barnraising, so that I can remember to tune in if I'm up.


Steve Ediger