Discussion with Don Knezek, CEO of ISTE

Discussion with Don Knezek
CEO of
International Society of Technology in Education
October 13, 2006
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15:03:49 dave: hello GM
15:04:06 GM: Hi Dave
15:16:02 Guy: ? For Don: What is ISTE doing on updating the NETS-T?
15:17:21 dave: http://www.bridgeport.edu/pages/3575.asp
15:17:27 dave: ?
15:18:07 dave: guy - can you be more specific?
15:19:21 Guy: That is what Don just mentioned. The Technology Standards for Teachers
15:20:21 dave: yup... that's why i need a more specific question :)
15:20:33 dave: what's wrong with it now?
15:20:42 dave: what about it would you like updated?
15:21:01 Jeff: http://www.iste.org/Template.cfm?Section=ISTE
15:21:29 Guy: Maybe update is not the correct word. ISTE is using the term refresh on the standards
15:22:08 Guy: Thus, ISTE is currently working on a Refresh on the student standards.
15:22:57 Guy: I would like to know what plans ISTE has for "Refreshing" the Technology Standards for Teachers.
15:23:03 dave: ha
15:23:05 dave: k
15:28:57 dave: took a while... but we got there
15:29:01 dave: :)
15:30:17 Guy: Thanks Dave
15:41:16 dave: hi don
15:41:40 dknezek: Hi, dave. Sorry I wasn't able to access chat while on the call.
15:41:55 Guy: Remind us where we can get the podcasts
15:42:15 Jeff: http://edtechtalk.com/
15:42:38 Guy: Hey Don, thanks for the update on the refresh on teacher standards
15:43:10 Guy: Thanks Jeff
15:43:11 dknezek: No, problem. Good question!
15:43:27 Jeff: Thanks again Don
15:43:48 dknezek: You all have a great rest of the event & weekend.
15:44:26 Guy: I am at AECT this week but can not make NECC in 07. So I will watch for a request for people to assist
15:44:47 Jeff: Thanks again Don
15:44:58 dknezek: Glad to do it.
15:46:21 DS: hey all -- is that a live feed I'm hearing?
15:46:25 dave: oh yes
15:46:30 dave: we are just about to go to recordings
15:46:40 dave: we've been live for about 5 hours
15:46:56 DS: sorry I missed the shows
15:46:58 brendan: great show guys
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