EdTechTalk21 #165: Alan Gershenfeld on Education Gaming

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EdTechTalk21 #165: Alan Gershenfeld on Education Gaming 
February 15, 2012

Alan Gershenfeld from E-Line Media, creators of Gamestar Mechanic joins us to discuss games and their implications to learning and school.  Alan encouraged all of our listeners to check out stemchallenge.org.

(14:23:14) Vinnie Vrotny (guest-2570):Welcome folks
(14:28:36) alex.ragone: welcome everyone...
(14:29:27) alex.ragone: Challenges/Awards/Goals balance of game. Serving up exciting and fun challenges that personalized adaptive learning systems.
(14:30:23) alex.ragone: Solve problems, think critically, think systemically, and games are social...
(14:30:39) Vinnie Vrotny (guest-2570): All games social
(14:31:04) Vinnie Vrotny (guest-2570): support 21st Century Learning - just in time rather than just in case learning
(14:32:48) alex.ragone: Institute of Play -- Quest2Learn.
(14:33:19) alex.ragone: Designing games is an incredible way to design systems for someone else to use.
(14:33:25) alex.ragone: Games have rules.
(14:33:29) alex.ragone: Games have mechanics.
(14:33:38) alex.ragone: Games take place in a time and have a setting.
(14:33:43) alex.ragone: They have to be built.
(14:33:57) alex.ragone: If you make a game about a subject -- Healthy relationships/bullying/ecosystems.
(14:34:14) alex.ragone: You must have a mastery of a subject to design a game about it.
(14:36:47) Vinnie Vrotny (guest-2570): built for middle school - focus on systems thinking rather than being slowed down by computational thinking
(14:37:38) alex.ragone: 2500 schools in gamestar mechanic.
(14:39:28) alex.ragone: Start by teaching them to build games then move to teaching games about subjects...
(14:42:57) alex.ragone: Other Platforms: Scratch, Game Salad, Kodu
(14:43:05) alex.ragone: Games learning and society --
(14:43:19) alex.ragone: Education Arcade at MIT
(14:47:32) alex.ragone: stemchallenge.org