ETT21 #149: NAIS Annual Conference Debrief with Alex and Vinnie

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ETT21 #149: NAIS Annual Conference Debrief with Alex and Vinnie

March 2, 2011

Alex and Vinnie Debrief the NAIS Annual Conference in Washington DC.  

<Chat Trans>

[12:37] alexragone:

[12:39] alexragone:

[12:42] alexragone:

[12:43] guest-527 entered the room

[12:43] guest-530 entered the room

[12:43] guest-527 changed nickname to wstites

[12:43] alexragone:

[12:44] alexragone: keynoters.

[12:44] wstites: why to two different chat rooms?

[12:44] guest-530 changed nickname to fredbartels

[12:44] fredbartels: why the new chatroom?

[12:45] vinnievrotny: because alex couldnt get into the other one this morning

[12:45] alexragone: Sorry.  I just can't get ett chat to work 

[12:46] fredbartels: Anyone see Kamenetz?

[12:46] alexragone:

[12:46] alexragone: @fred -- yes.

[12:47] fredbartels: Alex, Maybe good for Mohonk next year?

[12:47] fredbartels: Anya

[12:48] fredbartels: no elephant

[12:48] fredbartels: the new site is amazing!

[12:49] fredbartels:

[12:50] fredbartels: what have your math teachers said about Khan's stuff, mine seem a little defensive

[12:50] fredbartels: thanks Alex

[12:51] fredbartels: he makes over $400,000 a year

[12:52] alexragone: @fred -- Canada?  

[12:53] alexragone:

[12:53] alexragone: One hour sessions above.

[12:54] fredbartels: Re Canada. Yup. 

[12:55] fredbartels: Thoughts on lack of wifi at NAIS?

[12:57] fredbartels: Alex, Curious why hotels are so stupid about this. Why not make $20,000 instead of nothing

[12:57] alexragone: Yes, I agree.  

[12:57] alexragone: Not sure.  

[12:59] fredbartels: So helping kids learn to control their digital footprint becomes even more impt.

[13:00] fredbartels: Should NAIS stick to urban locations for the conference?

[13:02] fredbartels: Thanks guys!

[13:04] wstites: is the apple event broadcast?

[13:04] alexragone: I definitely think they should stick to urban locations, Fred.

[13:04] alexragone: @bill -- I think it will be webcast, or at least that's what vinnie said.

[13:04] alexragone: Thanks folks!