ETT21 #129: Demetri Orlando on NAIS Online Learning Guidelines

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21st Century Learning #129 April 20, 2010 Demetri Orlando on NAIS Online Learning Guidelines Demetri Orlando, Chair of tne NAIS 21st Century Curriculum/Technology Task Force joins us to discuss the draft NAIS Online Learning Guidelines recently published for comment.  A dicsussion of the future of blended learning environments in Independent Schools.  <Chat Transcript>   13:54:41 alex.ragone -> Hello Mary and Demetri! 13:54:44 demetri -> Hi 13:54:54 demetri -> Are you going to skype me? 13:55:20 demetri -> Is this the right room for EdTechTalk? 13:59:55 denisem -> Is there a phone number to call OR is the audience just listening? 14:00:57 demetri -> there should be an audio stream link on the upper right 14:01:03 demetri -> (of this screen) 14:01:18 alex.ragone -> Just listening.  14:01:28 VinnieV -> No Denise, just listening and this chat room to ask questions 14:01:30 alex.ragone -> Live player on the right.  14:01:35 alex.ragone -> --> 14:01:39 denisem -> OK. Thanks hearing you loud and clear! 14:02:07 VinnieV -> Talking about 21st Century Task Force Report - 14:05:27 alex.ragone -> 21st Century Task Force Report - 14:05:58 alex.ragone -> NAIS 21st Century Curriculum/Technology Task Force Online Learning: A Continuum of Opportunity Critical Questions for School Leaders 14:07:32 VinnieV -> Welcome to all of our new listeners. We webcast each week at this time 14:08:11 lizardct -> Huge Question! 14:08:36 VinnieV -> The webcasts are also available at a later date at our web site - 14:08:57 VinnieV -> or available in your favorite pod-catcher, including iTunes 14:10:40 alex.ragone -> questions welcome. 14:11:58 krichardson -> Are there any NAIS schools that offer online or distance learning as a part of the school's standard student experience?  Not as an add-on or elective- but for a required class? 14:12:03 alex.ragone -> 14:14:04 Susan -> Some schools are offering this as part of 21st Century Learning and as preparation for college/university online courses.  Shorecrest Prep - Wendy Drexler could speak to this. 14:15:11 alex.ragone -> 14:15:26 krichardson -> Is there is a repository of blended learning classroom models somewhere? Is there a PLN that focuses on this? A NING? 14:15:34 Susan -> Wendy found that students who took Shorecrest's online courses were very successful in online college courses and attributed thier success to their Shorecrest online experiences. 14:17:26 alex.ragone -> 14:17:28 lizardct -> An excellent document to begin with! 14:18:22 alex.ragone -> How would those in the chat use this type of doc in your schools? 14:19:53 lizardct -> Get members of the community around the table with an excellent list of essential questions to drive conversation and direction 14:21:59 lizardct -> What would Jeff Jarvis say? 14:22:11 lizardct -> :) 14:23:26 alex.ragone -> @Liz Ego! 14:23:47 alex.ragone -> ;) 14:24:50 Jill Brown -> The document can provide guidance for independent schools as they integrate online learning into their schools. It will be different in every school. This will meet them where they are and help them move ahead in effective ways. 14:25:00 Susan -> iPad +iTunesU 14:25:36 krichardson -> Are there any NAIS schools using iTunesU? 14:25:42 denisem -> According to recent figures released at a Google Atmosphere Conference last Monday, Mobile devices will surpase desktop use in the US by 2014. 14:27:07 Susan -> NAIS's Paul Miller is working on a new initiative with iTunesU for independent schools. 14:27:44 Jill Brown -> We are currently gathering resources for NAIS' iTunesU. 14:29:41 alex.ragone -> 14:29:52 lizardct -> Thank you! 14:30:00 lizardct -> Amazing work! 14:30:34 krichardson -> great show guys, ;) 14:30:40 Susan -> Thank you! 14:30:52 foleysquared -> thx guys! 14:31:08 denisem -> thx.