21st Century Learning #51: The Goals Show

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #51
The Goals Show
September 26, 2007
Today was our Goal Show! We began by discussing our K-12 Online Presentation. We're asking you, the EdTechTalk community to tell us what the community means to you in an audio recording in order to represent the community for our K-12 online presentation.

Please send your record your audio and send it to us as at 21 [at] edtechtalk.com. You can also just post a link to the audio via the comment field on this post. In your recording, please answer the following questions: Who are you? How did you hear about ETT? What does the community mean to you? What is the most important thing that you have learned as part of the ETT community? Thanks!

In the goals part of our show, we went on to discuss why goals are important and then to discuss our goals, and the goals of our audience. Lisa Durff, Lee Baber, Alice Mercer, Joshua Sommermeyer, and Jeff Lebow posted their goals up on the EdTechTalk forums.

For the next two weeks, we'll be discussing and creating our K-12 Online Conference presentation. Please come by for conversation about online presentation creation.

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[JL] an ungradcast
[alex.ragone] http://www.edtechtalk.com/node/2281
[alex.ragone] Yes, I like that, Jeff
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[alex.ragone] Our proposal: Review Proposal: We will present the history and development of the EdTechTalk Channel of the Worldbridges Network through screencasts and audio and video interviews of our show hosts. In little over 2 years, the channel has gone from one weekly webcast to eight weekly interactive webcasts using the newest and most interactive web based media. EdTechTalk is a professional learning community that is participatory and open.
[alex.ragone] Goal: The goal of this session is to create a documentary view of the development of the EdTechTalk channel of the Worldbridges network. To share the vision of founders Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier and the stories of the webcasters on the network. Through this documentation, we hope to inspire more participation and/or parallel learning community work.
[arvind] http://k12onlineconference.org/ The Conference Site
[arvind] http://studio.odeo.com
[arvind] record audio and share it with us
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[arvind] What does EdTechTalk.com mean to you?
[alex.ragone] Who are you? How did you hear about ETT? What does the community mean to you? What is the most important thing that you have learned as part of the ETT community?
[alex.ragone] alex.ragone gmail.com
[JL] Great Idea about the whole thing guys. Might we want to host this community history on ETT somewhere? Perhaps a couple ETT reflection webcasts. We kinda need to have an ETT meeting anyway to discuss some community issues
[JL] Wow, WoW has a video already http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=117
[alex.ragone] Lee says: this fri. and sat. are the "Before the Dawn" events in K12Onlineconference
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[jsommermeyer] more goals makes you seem more busy job security
[jsommermeyer] heya
[Lee Baber] I am doing pretty good at deleting goals this year!
[Lee Baber] I need to streamline
[jsommermeyer] We have to as part of our strategic plan... and unfortunatly I have to go... GAH... lunch duty calls
[Lee Baber] and really have been finally
[Lee Baber] yes
[Lee Baber] i have to go pick up kids at 12:35
[arvind] see you later Josh, thanks for being here
[jsommermeyer] I'll be listening to the broadcast later...
[Lee Baber] to Jeff, I wondered if you could shoot me a prep for my kids before they join the meeting friday at 11:05?
[Lee Baber] I love goals but they are hard to word just right
[JL] Lee, not much to share other than what I skyped last night (did you get my late night one). Basically, it's going to be lunch time. The kids will be participating in training sessions on 'video, etext, and archives' in preparation for creating lots of new media stuff describing the PEI of a century ago. So, perhaps students could ask about what they've done so far at the conference and perhaps ask them to describe what they know about life in PEI, then and now
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[DS] Hi all, sorry I'm late
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[alex.ragone] Hi Folks.
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[lee] where are your and Arvind's goals?
[alex.ragone] http://www.edtechtalk.com/node/2279
[lee] clap clap clap
[lee] hooray....
[lee] bravo
[lee] speech
[lee] speech
[arvind] yey!
[arvind] gotta run, bye all
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[JL] so, you're not going to go back and re-edit 21CL#3 ?
[alex.ragone] LOL!
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