21st Century Learning #45:Jeff Mao, Maine Coordinator of Educational Technology

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #46
Jeff Mao, Coordinator of Educational Technology, Maine
June 12, 2007

This week, we discussing Maine's 1:1 program with Jeff Mao.  This is a must listen with many wonderful insights into using technology appropriately in the classroom.

Our apologies for taking so long to post this audio.  The end of the year got to us!

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   06:14:48 [Message] Peter -> EdTechTalk: hello world
  06:16:28 [Message] Peter -> Pusanweb: bye for now
  13:29:30 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: hi all
  13:30:33 [Message] JeffM -> EdTechTalk: Hi Everyone
  13:30:41 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Welcome.
  13:30:47 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: hey Jeff
  13:31:22 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: lots of people in the chatroom, good to "see" you all
  13:31:34 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: We're streaming on EdTechTalk A.
  13:31:37 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: If you're not listening to us yet, click on the audio icons below beneath "EdTechTalk A"
  13:31:38 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Live!
  13:31:52 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Alex and I are on the same wavelength I see
  13:31:53 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: that's good
  13:32:10 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: hi dcandelario
  13:36:00 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Hi Sarah
  13:36:02 [Message] vinnie -> EdTechTalk: hey there
  13:36:06 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Hey Vinnie!
  13:36:34 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Good to see you
  13:38:10 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: If anyone has questions, please post them in the chatroom
  13:38:44 [Message] JeffM -> EdTechTalk: I can hear you,...
  13:38:46 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Hey Bill, hey Alex
  13:39:00 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Hi Folks
  13:39:02 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: Hi everyone
  13:39:05 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: hi Jose
  13:39:06 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Big Crowd today
  13:39:12 [Message] JeffM -> EdTechTalk: ;-)
  13:39:26 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: I just lost the sound
  13:39:34 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Got him back.
  13:39:34 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: we're back, sorry for the interruption. lost Jeff for a moment
  13:39:35 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: are we back?
  13:40:18 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: Hi Dave C.  Good to see you
  13:40:31 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Maine has picked up Studywiz: http://www.studywiz.com/
  13:40:48 [Message] dcandelario -> EdTechTalk: Thanks.  Glad to participate.
  13:41:24 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: My filter caugth the chat room for a sec
  13:41:33 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jose.
  13:41:35 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: blocked but now back
  13:41:37 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Good to have you here.
  13:41:46 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: love the filters
  13:42:50 [Message] Sherry Ward -> EdTechTalk: I don't see pricing on the website in a quick look. Is StudyWiz open source?
  13:43:16 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: They're also using Noteshare: http://www.aquaminds.com/noteShareFAQ.jsp
  13:44:07 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Hi Rob, click audio icons under EdTechTalk A to listen
  13:44:27 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Hello All.  If you have questions for Jeff.  Please feed them through the chat.
  13:44:58 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: Ask Sherry's question.  :)
  13:45:48 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Asked.
  13:45:51 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: Thanks!
  13:45:59 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: :)
  13:46:15 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: The stream has a 20-30 minute delay.  
  13:46:16 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: I joined a few minutes late.  What grades does the Maine project cover?
  13:46:26 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: or 20-30 second delay :)
  13:46:36 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: 7 & 8 -- 44,000 laptops
  13:46:41 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Yes -- I meant minute!
  13:46:46 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: no second
  13:46:49 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: silly me.
  13:46:50 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: ha ha
  13:46:53 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: Is there a plan to extend up to high school?
  13:47:05 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: We'll get that one next, Alex.
  13:47:09 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: thanks
  13:49:10 [Message] dcandelario -> EdTechTalk: Does Maine have any plans to incorporate Tablets in their program?  Please explain why or why not.
  13:49:20 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: I am always surprised at how difficult it is for schools to raise money for laptops for their schools
  13:50:16 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: Oberlin Ohio made their debate on laptop funding public.  Very interesting slice of democracy
  13:50:29 [Message] Bill Ivey -> EdTechTalk: I believe the program has had more success in some schools than in others. What seems to be the main (haha!) contributing factor in making it work?
  13:50:34 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: Their blog is at communitydiaries.org
  13:50:43 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: http://bobsprankle.com/bitbybit_wordpress/
  13:51:47 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: Sorry guys, getting pulled away for an exam.  I'l listen off the website.  Great show!
  13:51:56 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: thanks for coming by Alex
  13:51:56 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for coming by, Alex
  13:52:00 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: whoah
  13:52:33 [Message] Sherry Ward -> EdTechTalk: Most of us are probably microcosm of a system as large as Maine. I appreciate the opportunity to tailor IM or other processes to individual schools but how do you manage equity. For us smaller schools we have some teachers who use technology and others who don't. How is that handled?
  13:54:04 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: There is a program out here Baldwin Park, California that is planning 1-1 laptops for all 7th graders
  13:55:30 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: steam is breaking up a lot. Is it just me?
  13:55:47 [Message] Bill Ivey -> EdTechTalk: I'm doing okay, Jose.
  13:56:10 [Message] rob -> EdTechTalk: What other technologies have you integrated into your initiative that have made a difference in the teaching/learning process?
  13:57:58 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: hi Vicki
  13:58:09 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: #1 success factor in schools so far: leadership
  13:58:19 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: We bought a laptop cart 10 months ago.  It  is collecting dust in the dungwon.  Providing the training for both teachers and students is our challenge.
  13:58:31 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: dungeon
  13:58:36 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Do you find that your staff development has had to evolve from a stand and teach model to a coaching model with 1 on 1 coaching with collaborative content coaches and teachers?
  13:58:42 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Jose, does your principal support laptop use?
  13:58:53 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Hey Vicki.
  13:58:58 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I find it particularly interesting that my friend Cheryl Oakes has an incredible Title -- "Collaborative Content Coach.
  13:59:04 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hey Alex -- hey Arvind.
  13:59:06 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: good question?  We are a technology magnet
  13:59:20 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Cheryl is in Main.
  13:59:22 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: maine.
  13:59:46 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: When we started at GDS with a cart, the cart always came to the classroom accompanied by me (our integrationist, although we didn't call me that then.)
  13:59:56 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Cheryl is absolutely incredible.
  14:00:01 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Sarah, you must have strong arms!
  14:00:07 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Those carts way a ton
  14:00:11 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: Greensboro (not Georgetown)
  14:00:13 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Jose, So I guess that the principal does support the technology.  
  14:00:22 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: yep--I didn't have to go to the gym much that first year
  14:00:31 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: ha ha
  14:00:49 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh my goodness -- Liverpool!!!  Such a black eye and ammo for luddites.
  14:01:01 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: It is not about buying the laptops it is about maintaining and integrating!!
  14:01:06 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: but it helped the teachers with the risk taking factor.
  14:01:13 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: hi Durff
  14:01:14 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: twitter thing blocking half view of chatroom
  14:01:20 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: hi arvind
  14:01:25 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: widen the window if you can Durff
  14:01:29 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: viva la vegan
  14:02:02 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Alex.  It's the teachers that must take the lead in the use of the tools.
  14:02:07 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Mohonk is where we hold the New York State Association of Independent Schools technology conference: http://www.nysais.org
  14:02:23 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Going to the computer lab twice a month.  Just doesn't work for me.
  14:02:40 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: I am going to plan B for next school.
  14:02:48 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: THat is like saying you'll give a kid a pencil twice a month -- we wouldn't dream of it!
  14:02:51 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: hello readersnraces: audio below under "EdTechTalk A" - click on an icon to listen
  14:02:55 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: how do I widen window?
  14:03:01 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: on the laptop here
  14:03:08 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Jose,  I know that --- but support and pd are critical in that, right?  Jeff just spoke about that when he was discussing the value of the device.
  14:03:11 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hey, Lisa, just pop out the window and move it.
  14:03:25 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Third from right -- the two windows.
  14:03:25 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Maximize your web browser if it isn't Durff
  14:03:26 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Having trouble keeping up with the chat.
  14:03:38 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: my you are sjmart - thank you
  14:03:40 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Vicki, good idea, that works
  14:03:42 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Not normal here on EdTechTalk daytime.
  14:03:42 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: you're doing a great job!
  14:03:53 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Plan B;  persistance, persistance, persistance
  14:04:04 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: good plan, Jose.
  14:04:08 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I just twitted about this talk about 3 minutes a go as have some others.
  14:04:58 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Kind of like the Google 10% rule -- you are clearing time to innovate.
  14:05:06 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: I twitted too :)
  14:05:19 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Yep - that's why I came.  I had forgotten!
  14:05:32 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Twitter works! Love Twitter
  14:05:41 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk:  Twitku!
  14:05:43 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Been using twitku
  14:05:54 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: There is PD at the district level here.  There are now hybrid classes.  F2F with online work.
  14:05:56 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: Not sold on Jaiku yet...
  14:06:08 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: good leaders follow well
  14:06:14 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Twitku does both.  Like twitter but don't want to leave out my friends on J
  14:06:28 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: thank you!
  14:06:42 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: It is hard bringing back to the school level.  Other curricular areas dominate especially language arts program
  14:07:17 [Message] Sherry Ward -> EdTechTalk: Are those "training the administrator" techniques and guidelines available to us?
  14:07:23 [Message] dcandelario -> EdTechTalk: Is any of Maine's training material available to other schools?  For example, I'm interested to see what content was discussed in the school Principal training.
  14:07:38 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: We've got to change the system of issuing PLU's (SDU's) -- I think that one on one coaching should be a valid form of receiving credit.
  14:07:42 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: many parents need training too
  14:08:04 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: advisors - advisees
  14:08:11 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: Interesting Vicki--I wonder how I could write that up??
  14:08:24 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: parent training is essential
  14:08:53 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: We talked about it last night on WOW2 -- but the system of professional development is evolving -- shouldn't this session here be part of a valid Professional Development program.
  14:08:54 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: parent training is a tough one, many barely have enough resources to work with students...
  14:09:12 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Training of administrators is the key.
  14:09:13 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Vicki:  Definitely.
  14:09:23 [Message] Bill Ivey -> EdTechTalk: Parent training in using the machines, or in how we're trying to help their kids learn, or all of the above, or none of the above?!
  14:09:25 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: You need a tech savvy principal to take the lead
  14:09:28 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Noteshare?
  14:09:31 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Everyone should read: http://www.leadertalk.com
  14:09:43 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: url to noteshare?
  14:09:52 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Whoops: http://www.leadertalk.org/
  14:09:58 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Share it with your principle.s
  14:09:59 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Parent training; all of the above.
  14:10:07 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: Vicki:  yes.  So should active participation in other electronic communities, just like attending a conference is.
  14:10:16 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Absolutely Sarah!!
  14:10:24 [Message] Bill Ivey -> EdTechTalk: www.aquaminds.com/noteShareFAQ.jsp
  14:10:27 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: hi suzanne
  14:10:29 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: got to go.  Recess bell just rang.  Catch y'all later.
  14:10:34 [Message] arvind -> EdTechTalk: see you Jose
  14:10:38 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: bye Jose
  14:10:43 [Message] JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Great Show!
  14:10:45 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: hi arvind :)
  14:10:58 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: bye jose
  14:11:10 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I think that professional development needs to move from passive listen to the teacher to active learning -- like we're trying to do in the classroom -- there seems to be a vast disconnect betwen how we're teaching teachers to teach and how we're teaching teachers.
  14:11:22 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: YES!
  14:11:25 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: yes!!
  14:11:40 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: good point!!!
  14:11:47 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: how we are teaching teachers to learn
  14:11:51 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: We're trying something different next year.  3 days a week I will be in one classroom for that teacher's entire schedule.
  14:11:58 [Message] Bill Ivey -> EdTechTalk: Chris Toy and Jill Spencer in Maine are doing some great things modeling good active learning techniques in their classroom for student teachers.
  14:12:09 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Really you could use Google Notebook to share with the teachers it seems similar to noteshare.
  14:12:22 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Do they blog, Bill?
  14:12:37 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: She teaches English and we're calling it a literary and technology  immersion classroom
  14:12:37 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: vicki - did you see buublr?
  14:12:54 [Message] Bill Ivey -> EdTechTalk: Not that I know of... they're on MiddleTalk over at NMSA though.
  14:13:42 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: I'm on my own folks, so I apologize if I miss questions.
  14:13:45 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: It is so important to share good stories!
  14:14:04 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: WE have to show the meaningful, real stories -- people cannot understand nebulous technology but can understand examples.
  14:14:13 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: i'm divided attention too
  14:14:56 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: I spoke with Jeff a little over a year ago...  My first Podcast: http://www.learning-blog.org/2006/02/23/conversation-1-jeff-mao-coordina...
  14:16:02 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: is it because the chat is floating that i can't click on the links?
  14:16:12 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Durff,  Not sure.
  14:16:22 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: and Vicki you were right, he reset the server
  14:16:23 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: That's working for me, but I'm on a PC.
  14:16:34 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: so am i
  14:16:36 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Durff - I can click on them- PC here too (blush)
  14:16:42 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Durff's IT guy doesn't like her.
  14:16:53 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: hee
  14:16:55 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: hi Alex
  14:16:59 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Hi Sarah.
  14:17:06 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Sure she's the only bandwidth hog among us with sucha problem.
  14:17:16 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: works at home...ah well  is there a delicious list somewhere?
  14:17:25 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: SO -- a question -- what do you do about bandwidth for your schools That is an excuse that many have for not putting in 1:1
  14:17:26 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: oops--hi to you, but I;)  meant Alex I
  14:17:29 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: The chat trans will be published on the post.
  14:17:44 [Message] Alex Inman -> EdTechTalk: Hi Sarah!  :D
  14:18:00 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: thanks alex
  14:18:07 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: No prob, Durff.
  14:18:41 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: I wish you were there...
  14:19:00 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: That is so wrong
  14:19:23 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: ALl of my students have internet access
  14:21:34 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Wow!  Classes over CB radio!!   What a story about distance learning -- having to say 10-4 and "comeback" after each discussion.  lol
  14:21:57 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: hee
  14:22:19 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I used to manage some cell service in Maine - VT and NH
  14:22:34 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I did all of the pricing for Cell One which was bought by Verizon!!  ;-)
  14:22:54 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: what about wireless in Maine Vicki?
  14:22:56 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: Supply list done. Check. Next...
  14:23:04 [Message] Cathye -> EdTechTalk: Are you streaming?
  14:23:06 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Good Durff~
  14:23:13 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: I'm streaming.
  14:23:39 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: I'm listening on the stream
  14:24:10 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: thank you suzanne
  14:24:12 [Action] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: nods
  14:24:43 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: but i wanted to work on someone's computer, not do this 'stuff'
  14:25:10 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: mmm
  14:25:31 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: we have a tech from IBM
  14:25:55 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: with the personality of a hedgehog
  14:26:02 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: lol
  14:26:07 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Suzanne -- wireless has problems in mountaineous areas -- terrain is a big issue up there and coupled with the population density it makes it difficult to make a profitable business model servicing such areas.
  14:26:10 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: oh no!
  14:26:14 [Message] Bill Ivey -> EdTechTalk: Thank you very much - gotta go!
  14:26:15 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: As Durff says -- the world isn't flat it is wrinkled.
  14:26:20 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: thanks, bill.
  14:26:36 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: :D
  14:26:38 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Oh Vicki - thanks!  So Cable is the answer
  14:26:52 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Satellite --
  14:26:58 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: ah
  14:27:37 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: I actually think that providing some sort of wireless access to the Wii's and Xboxes and PS2's of the world is probably going to become a model that we use -- doesn't require a computer and the pentration rate of gaming consoles is higher than computer sor is approaching it.
  14:27:51 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Could be satellite -- could be wireless of some kind.
  14:28:03 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: or the idea I heard about using Network TV signals
  14:28:12 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: (Bruce STerling?)
  14:28:14 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Actually you can provide internet access through power lines.
  14:28:20 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: that may work for a place like Maine
  14:28:21 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: great idea
  14:28:37 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: It requires an investment on the part of the power company.
  14:28:45 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: kids in Germany play the games on cell phones in the restaurant...and are related to me
  14:29:11 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: we should be saying to techs "Make it happen"
  14:29:19 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: power co. has no incentive
  14:29:57 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: What an incredible philosophy--
  14:29:59 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Make it so!
  14:30:09 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: MOre administrators need to hear that type of philosophy!
  14:30:11 [Message] Ed1585 -> EdTechTalk: Power Co's can make a small profit
  14:30:13 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Applause!
  14:30:17 [Message] Ed1585 -> EdTechTalk: Applause!!
  14:30:18 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: yay!!!
  14:30:24 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: I'll tell em
  14:30:28 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: good
  14:30:29 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: applause here too!
  14:30:31 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Well the power companies already have an investment that is in there -- the lines are pulled.
  14:30:34 [Message] Sherry Ward -> EdTechTalk: THANKS so much!
  14:30:37 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: GREAT JOB!
  14:30:39 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Kudos!
  14:30:39 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: ITs of the world have it out for me anyway
  14:30:40 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: Thank you!
  14:30:42 [Message] dcandelario -> EdTechTalk: Bravo!!
  14:30:56 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: that was wonderful
  14:31:10 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: thank you for putting on Twitklu
  14:31:15 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Edtechtalk is wonderful!
  14:31:21 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Jeff and Dave are incredible!!!
  14:31:29 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: yes they are!
  14:31:47 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: The educational community is so grateful to their contribution.
  14:31:47 [Message] Ed1585 -> EdTechTalk: twitku is a great site, hadn't heard of it before.
  14:32:03 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Hey -- WOW2 is on Tuesday nights at 9 pm - Cheryl Oakes is in on that one.
  14:32:07 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: who here is rich and funding this?  Jeff?
  14:32:07 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: With me!!?
  14:32:30 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Don't forget WOW2
  14:32:40 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Vicki you are on WOW2?
  14:32:52 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Yes, I am a co-host of WOW2 which he forgot but that is OK.
  14:33:09 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: what do you mean we all o it?
  14:33:10 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: it will be in the transcription
  14:33:13 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Jennifer Wagner (California), Sharon Peters (Canada), Cheryl Oakes (Maine) and Vicki Davis(Georgia)
  14:33:26 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: i can't stream both sides of a convo yet
  14:33:31 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: Vicki--I downloaded last nights ep and I can't wait to start listening!
  14:33:35 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Yes it will -- but eventually there will be so many shows that no one can remember them all.
  14:33:46 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Is it up already sarah?
  14:33:49 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: It's from Twitter
  14:33:59 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: I think so--I'll check what I have
  14:34:06 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Stephen Downs, George Seimens -- Bernie Dodge is on in two weeks on WOW2
  14:34:33 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: nope--I started listening last night and just have the "ghost" left in itunes
  14:34:36 [Message] Sherry Ward -> EdTechTalk: I was well reminded about EdTechTalk by the ISED posting -- good idea.
  14:34:37 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Everyone for coming out.
  14:34:41 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: I'll go get it.
  14:34:44 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Oh, Sarah -- cool, didn't know it would work that way.
  14:34:50 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: It doesn't!
  14:34:50 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Alex -- great job!!
  14:34:58 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: Principal Perpectives - good title
  14:34:59 [Message] alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Thanks, vicki.
  14:35:00 [Message] sarahhanawald -> EdTechTalk: At least not yet--give me a few minutes
  14:35:14 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Durff nice
  14:35:19 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: :)
  14:35:19 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: OK, going to go finish my last day -- everyone else is already gone!!
  14:35:23 [Message] Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk: Bye
  14:35:32 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: bye Vicki
  14:35:36 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: not us
  14:35:46 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: i have to work tomorrow
  14:36:19 [Message] Sherry Ward -> EdTechTalk: Can one get a transcript of the chat?
  14:36:38 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: yes Alex?
  14:36:50 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: yes
  14:36:58 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: it will be online
  14:37:19 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Unconference Yay Twitter place and time please...
  14:37:41 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: cool - share those results!
  14:37:57 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: enquiring minds want to know
  14:38:18 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: buzz   buzz
  14:38:18 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Yay
  14:38:21 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: I agree
  14:38:32 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Jeff
  14:38:37 [Message] Durff -> EdTechTalk: gotta go bye
  14:38:44 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Bye Durff
  14:38:49 [Message] JeffM -> EdTechTalk: bye all. Thanks. If you have specific questions that we did not cover, please email me, [email protected]
  14:38:52 [Message] JeffM -> EdTechTalk: bye!
  14:39:04 [Message] Ed Patterson -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for the great chat!
  14:39:05 [Message] suzanne -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Jeff