21st Century Learning #38: Linux Laptop Program, Interview with Alex Inman

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #38
Linux Laptop Program, Interview with Alex Inman 
April 10, 2007

Alex Inman joined us this week to talk about the Linux laptop program at the Whitfield School in Missouri. Whitfield is an Essential School and they recently began a 1:1 laptop program using SuSE-Linux powered machines along with Citrix running Windows. What does it all mean? Listen to alex talk all about it. He also told us about his consulting group Educational Collaborators. Alex is a great resource, enjoy the show.

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[alex.ragone] Hi achivetta
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[arvind] Alex Inman's blog: http://linuxlaptops.blogspot.com/
[arvind] Alex school the Whitfield School is a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools: http://www.essentialschools.org/
[arvind] Whitfield School: http://www.whitfieldschool.org/
[arvind] Alex got the chance to create a new technology plan at Whitfield and began to explore Linux and thinclients for their infrastructure
[alex.ragone] http://citrix.com/lang/English/home.asp
[arvind] Spyware was a major pressure factor in thinking about Citrix (which can be controlled
[arvind] Considered various linux distros. Mandriva, SuSE, RedHat
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[arvind] use them to connect to Citrix. That way local machine wont be totally with spyware
[arvind] Hey Aaron
[arvind] welcome
[mandel.aaron] hi
[mandel.aaron] got to get my audio working.
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[arvind] Hit channel A above. I use the black icon and use iTunes to play it
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[arvind] Aaron, Hit channel A above. I use the black icon and use iTunes to play it
[arvind] We are talking to Alex Inman. His blog is here http://linuxlaptops.blogspot.com/
[mandel.aaron] all set. thanks
[alex.ragone] Welcome Aaron --- where are you from?
[arvind] great
[mandel.aaron] The Governor's Academy Byfield, MA
[alex.ragone] Great.
[alex.ragone] Thanks for checking in. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. The stream is about 20-40 seconds behind real time.
[alex.ragone] http://www.whitfieldschool.org/LinuxLaptops/Whitfield_Study_Final.doc
[alex.ragone] Laptop Study
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[arvind] hey Jose, welcome
[JoseR] Hi Everyone. Got a few minutes
[alex.ragone] Hi Jose
[arvind] We are talking to Alex Inman. He blogs here http://linuxlaptops.blogspot.com/
[arvind] Talking about his school and their Linux powered laptop program
[alex.ragone] Let us know if you have any questions.
[JoseR] I loaded linux edubuntu live CD to my daughters laptop
[alex.ragone] http://www.novell.com/products/desktop/
[arvind] My moms laptop has been running Ubuntu for 2 years now. Never get a tech support call now. With windows that was all the time
[JoseR] I had trouble loading edubuntu on Mac OS 8.4
[JoseR] the stream is cutting on and off
[alex.ragone] http://en.opensuse.org/Welcome_to_openSUSE.org
[arvind] Education part of open suse http://en.opensuse.org/Education
[JoseR] Are they using older laptops or new laptops loaded with linux?
[mandel.aaron] gotta run 2:00 meeting. Keep up the good work!
[mandel.aaron] wish I could stay
[arvind] thanks for coming by aaron
[arvind] will talk to you later
[alex.ragone] Alex's take on PD: http://linuxlaptops.blogspot.com/2007/03/teacher-professional-development.html
[alex.ragone] thanks for stopping by Aaron.
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[JoseR] duo boot seems more friendly for windows users, how about for mac users
[arvind] whats Mac Jose    
[alex.ragone] GimpShop: http://gimpshopdotnet.blogspot.com/
[JoseR] I am a windows user but I do moonlight on mac
[arvind] i am both for sure
[arvind] trying to add a third with linux
[JoseR] I want to gravitate toward linux in the next year or so
[achivetta] A question for later: what kind of support structure is available to students who have problems or questions about linux? Is there any student involvement in providing such support? (At MICDS, we have a "student tech group" that provides support for student brought laptops (we have seen Windows, OS X and Linux))
[alex.ragone] Achivetta -- where are you from?
[achivetta] MICDS in St. Louis, MO
[alex.ragone] Nice -- welcome!
[achivetta] I am a junior and the co-head of our student tech gruop
[JoseR] We had a tech support group headed by 8th graders on vacation in a year round school
[alex.ragone] Great. Thanks for coming. We'll get that question in.
[JoseR] Leasing is the way to go. I heard about 7th grade laptop program in New Jersey, I think.
[achivetta] Thanks! I have to head out to class now, but I will listen to the podcast later.
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[JoseR] Sorry, recess bell just rang. Back to 19th Century technology. Board, pencil book and teacher
[arvind] Enjoy it
[arvind] Catch the podcast
[alex.ragone] see you jose
[JoseR] later I'll have a listen later, bye
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[arvind] Using Novell iFolder to sync files between home and school commuting http://www.novell.com/products/ifolder/
[arvind] backing up with this software
[arvind] Microsoft purchased a company called Foldershare. They are doing similar stuff. It is and has been free thus far https://www.foldershare.com/
[alex.ragone] Alex's consulting company: http://www.educollaborators.com/