21st Century Learning #24: Faculty Professional Development

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #24
Faculty Professional Development
December 5, 2006
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A conversation about Faculty Professional Development. We were joined by Bill Knauer, Director of Technology at Packer Collegiate School. The conversation began with three recent blog posts:

Arvind's Teachers Need Objectives
Bill Knauer on Packer's Tall Tuesdays
and Richard Kassissieh's on Laptop Computers and Teacher Change

Please check out the School Computing Wiki for notes from the meeting and the NYCIST (New York Independent School Technologists) web site and for the podcast (up soon) with even better thoughts and ideas about faculty professional development.



[arvind grover] hey jeff
[arvind grover] article 1 from Richard Kassissieh: http://www.kassblog.com/index.php?itemid=354
[Alex Ragone] http://www.21apples.org/articles/2006/11/28/teachers-need-objectives
[Alex Ragone] http://www.kassblog.com/?itemid=354
[arvind grover] http://learningmix.org/2006/11/30/tall-tuesday-20/
[Alex Ragone] Hi Larry.
[arvind grover] Alex's post on faculty technology assessment: http://www.learning-blog.org/2006/11/17/faculty-technology-assessment/
[arvind grover] hi bill
[arvind grover] glad you made it
[bknauer] hi arvind
[bknauer] hi alex
[bknauer] i'm still losing the audio, though
[bknauer] weird
[arvind grover] uh oh
[arvind grover] we will bring you in to the skype call
[arvind grover] bills post: http://learningmix.org/2006/11/30/tall-tuesday-20/
[arvind grover] summercore: http://www.summercore.com
[matt bhms] hi all...just able to join now
[Alex Ragone] Hi Matt.
[Alex Ragone] cool
[arvind grover] oh man, glad you made t
[arvind grover] slow chat room?
[Alex Ragone] you can skype me at alex.ragone
[matt bhms] have you already discussed the frontier program from chapin?
[Alex Ragone] began -- but would love to discuss some more.
[arvind grover] epic 2015: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/epic
[Alex Ragone] Google Tools (Pack): http://pack.google.com/intl/en/pack_installer.html?hl=en&gl=us
[matt bhms] how would you guage a teachers minimum tech abilities?
[DS] I think it depends on teaching style
[DS] the guide on the side already has an advantage
[matt bhms] right
[DS] in terms of technology integration
[DS] the learners will be like the faculty who figured out Google Apps
[DS] if they are challenged to "do their best"
[matt bhms] time for a mac arvind
[arvind grover] ha ha, sometimes i use my mac
[arvind grover] but my skype crashes there too
[DS] the wonders of skype
[DS] great anecdote re technology as language
[Alex Ragone] yep. go Bill.
[DS] frame of reference makes a big difference
[matt bhms] have to run all...enjoy!
[arvind grover] thanks for coming matt
[Alex Ragone] that's matt!
[DS] that's the key--technology has to be seen as a solution
[DS] the "aha" indeed--very cool
[bknauer] http://packerpedia.wikispaces.com
[DS] great space
[arvind grover] Alex's workshop. Send your teachers! http://www.nysais.org/page.cfm?p=4&verbose=199&month=1&start=01/01/07
[bknauer] http://technology.wiki.packer.edu/web_20
[Alex Ragone] http://intranet2.collegiateschool.org/pd
[DS] another worldbridges webcastathon, Alex?
[Alex Ragone] http://www.nycist.net/d/node/38
[Alex Ragone] yep, doug...
[DS] love the fact that I can be a "fly on the wall" and take in all the good stuff that's taking place in NYC -- thanks
[bknauer] thanks, ds
[larryk] Thanks, I enjoyed this.
[Alex Ragone] http://coverpage.pcs.k12.mi.us/geeked/
[DS] too funny
[Alex Ragone] yep...
[arvind grover] NPR article on Facebook cleanup: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6462504

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