21st Century Learning #13

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #13 - September 08, 2006:

Arvind and I discussed our goals for 21st Century Learning Webcast and goals at our schools for the 2006-2007 school year.

Next week, we'll be moving times to Tuesday afternoon's at 1:30pm EST. Please join us at www.edtechtalk.com/chat.

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Chat Transcript

09/8/06 12:47:33 ussrover: hi Alex
09/8/06 12:48:08 Alex.Ragone: Hi...
09/8/06 12:48:13 Alex.Ragone: Wasn't looking at the chat.
09/8/06 12:48:21 Alex.Ragone: We'll be broadcasting soon. Arvind is just setting up.
09/8/06 12:48:54 ussrover: :) I see you've changed times :)
09/8/06 12:50:46 ussrover: hi arvin
09/8/06 12:51:52 arvindgrover: hi, welcome back!
09/8/06 12:53:17 arvindgrover: http://educationbridges.net/elgg
09/8/06 12:53:22 ussrover: only in for a bit been out of town ( family problem)
09/8/06 12:53:30 arvindgrover: no worries
09/8/06 12:55:03 ussrover: better noe not as "critical" have to head out in the AM
09/8/06 12:55:09 ussrover: now*
09/8/06 12:55:47 ussrover: Mom was not in good condition last week & the week before but now is "stable"
09/8/06 12:56:35 arvindgrover: Podcast for Teachers: http://www.podcastforteachers.org/
09/8/06 12:56:45 arvindgrover: oh man, good luck with everything
09/8/06 12:57:20 arvindgrover: Podcast 411 directory: http://www.podcast411.com/
09/8/06 12:57:46 arvindgrover: Bud the Teacher blog/podcast: http://budtheteacher.typepad.com/
09/8/06 12:58:55 arvindgrover: Dareen Kuroptawa's multiple classroom blogs: http://www.blogger.com/profile/6306028
09/8/06 12:59:46 arvindgrover: that should have been Daren Kuropatwa
09/8/06 13:00:36 arvindgrover: Bob Sprankle's blog Bit by Bit: http://bobsprankle.com/bitbybit_wordpress/
09/8/06 13:01:31 arvindgrover: learn how to webcast yourself: http://webcastacademy.net/
09/8/06 13:02:10 arvindgrover: CMS Academy: http://cmsacademy.net/
09/8/06 13:05:08 ussrover: for those that don't have "microsoft Office" get Open Office it will do the same job and Free to boot
09/8/06 13:05:17 ussrover: only 50 Meg download
09/8/06 13:05:48 arvindgrover: Kass Blog by Richard Kassissieh: http://www.kassblog.com/
09/8/06 13:14:35 ussrover: talk to all later

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