21st Century Learning #74: Howard Levin on the Integrated Tech Symposium

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21st Century Learning #74Howard Levin
Howard Levin from the Urban School of San Francisco
on the Integrated Tech Symposium
May 28, 2008

Howard Levin joins us to discuss the Urban School's Integrated Tech Symposium and how it has developed from the Urban School's 9 years of one-to-one computing. The Urban School's one-to-one program was the spotlight school at last summer's Laptop Institute.

2008-05-28 12:03:19 [Message] mrkimmi -> -EdTechTalk: What is our topic today?
2008-05-28 12:04:16 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: Heloo mrkimmi -- We have Howard Levin from the Urban School in San Francisco discussing the Integrated Tech Symposium -- http://urbanschool.org/cit
2008-05-28 12:05:24 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: Hello -- We have Howard Levin from the Urban School in San Francisco discussing the Integrated Tech Symposium -- http://urbanschool.org/cit
2008-05-28 12:05:44 [Message] mrkimmi -> -EdTechTalk: I think my computer jsut exploded.
2008-05-28 12:07:43 [Message] mrkimmi -> -EdTechTalk: That is the best editing, huh, uhm...
2008-05-28 12:10:30 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Do you have a link for Howard's blog/website?
2008-05-28 12:10:47 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: Hello -- We have Howard Levin from the Urban School in San Francisco discussing the Integrated Tech Symposium -- http://urbanschool.org/cit
2008-05-28 12:11:02 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: howardlevin.com
2008-05-28 12:11:13 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks! :-)
2008-05-28 12:11:20 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: np.
2008-05-28 12:13:49 [Message] VinnieVrotny -> -EdTechTalk: All of the teachers from Urban who presented last year at Laptop Institute that I saw (3 session worth) were great
2008-05-28 12:14:15 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: Any questions, Vinnie?
2008-05-28 12:14:44 [Message] VinnieVrotny -> -EdTechTalk: Not yet. Multi-tasking right now, mainly listening. You know I will post if I have a question
2008-05-28 12:14:53 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks.
2008-05-28 12:15:35 [Message] ETGRES -> -EdTechTalk: hI!!!
2008-05-28 12:15:41 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Do all of your students have laptops and are teachers integrating the use of the laptops in their classrooms?
2008-05-28 12:15:41 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: Hello.
2008-05-28 12:15:45 [Message] scmorgan -> -EdTechTalk: Question: At the laptop institute last year, the Urban School teachers said tech was introduced to the faculty gradually--no pressure. Does he still believe this is the best method?
2008-05-28 12:17:13 [Message] scmorgan -> -EdTechTalk: Ok, he has answered this...:)
2008-05-28 12:17:52 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: That slow rollout is such an important point! Teachers can grow into the use of the tools to support their teaching and we tend to want to do this more quickly and teachers get overwhelmed!
2008-05-28 12:17:58 [Message] scmorgan -> -EdTechTalk: Another question: how does he get his new teachers on board?
2008-05-28 12:19:38 [Message] scmorgan -> -EdTechTalk: Good point, Howard. Push the vision not the teachers...
2008-05-28 12:19:58 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: What kind of technology support do you have in your school to help keep things running? (technical support for when things aren't working)
2008-05-28 12:20:26 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: Peggy -- will get that in.
2008-05-28 12:21:34 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: What are some of the interactive ways the teachers are using the Smartboards?
2008-05-28 12:24:42 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Great! Sounds like you have IT people and curriculum focus all working together! So important!
2008-05-28 12:25:54 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: What are some of the issues related to maintaining so many laptops?
2008-05-28 12:27:20 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: That is such an exciting plan for students to use the school laptops for 3 years and then keep them when they graduate! :-)
2008-05-28 12:27:52 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: What is the PCR student information system?
2008-05-28 12:28:01 [Message] scmorgan -> -EdTechTalk: We have a two-year buyout plan.
2008-05-28 12:28:21 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.pcreducator.com/pcrportal/default.aspx
2008-05-28 12:29:16 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Wow! entire Adobe Suite! :-) I assume they also have iLife on their Macs.
2008-05-28 12:29:28 [Message] scmorgan -> -EdTechTalk: Sounds like a great package.
2008-05-28 12:30:05 [Message] scmorgan -> -EdTechTalk: Yes! Love to hear that:)
2008-05-28 12:31:03 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: howardlevin.com
2008-05-28 12:31:21 [Message] scmorgan -> -EdTechTalk: Please also ask how to integrate new faculty...how do you teach them to teach with technology?
2008-05-28 12:31:30 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: sure.
2008-05-28 12:31:38 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Have any of your teachers tried ustreaming their lessons when they are using the Smartboards? That would be great to see. :-)
2008-05-28 12:35:01 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: What are the technology skills you look for when you hire new teachers?
2008-05-28 12:35:08 [Message] scmorgan -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks!
2008-05-28 12:35:10 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: http://urbanschool.org/cit
2008-05-28 12:36:29 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: What an exciting school to work in, Howard! Thanks a lot for sharing with us!
2008-05-28 12:37:07 [Message] Howard Levin -> -EdTechTalk: Come to our symposium - www.urbanschool.org
2008-05-28 12:37:14 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you Alex and Howard!
2008-05-28 12:37:25 [Message] Howard Levin -> -EdTechTalk: feel free to contact me -
2008-05-28 12:37:31 [Message] JohnS -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks, guys. Good conversation.
2008-05-28 12:37:36 [Message] Howard Levin -> -EdTechTalk: [email protected]
2008-05-28 12:37:42 [Message] scmorgan -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks all....great stuff
2008-05-28 12:37:42 [Message] Howard Levin -> -EdTechTalk: www.howardlevin.com
2008-05-28 12:38:02 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Would love to see your interview questions for new teachers :-)
2008-05-28 12:39:47 [Message] alex.ragone -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks, everyone, for listening!