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21st Century Learning #69: Stewart Crais on the Laptop Institute

21st Century Learning #69
Stewart Crais, Lausanne Collegiate School
on The Laptop Institute
April 2, 2008

Stewart Crais, Director of Technology at the Lausanne Collegiate School joined us to discuss the Laptop Institute.

21st Century Learning #68: Christian Long from Think Lab

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Christian Long21st Century Learning #68
Christian Long from Think Lab
on Teaching and School Design
March 19, 2007



An exciting conversation with Christian Long about his recent move from a school design architecture firm back to the English classroom. We discussed his teaching, design of schools, and what the great examples of inovative schools.

What are your thoughts on school design?

Christian mentioned a number of author's towards the end of the interview. Here are links to their books/writing:

Parker Palmer
Ted Sizer
John Dewey
Elliot Washer from The Big Picture Company


Click here for the chat transcript

21st Century Learning #67: Chris Bigenho on the Classroom of the Future Exhibit

Chris Bigenho21st Century Learning #67
Chris Bigenho on the NAIS Classrooms of the Future Exhibit
March 12, 2008



Special Guest Chris Bigenho, Director of Academic Technology at the Greenhill School in Addison, Texas describes the process of planning and the results of the NAIS Classrooms of the Future Exhibit at their recent Annual Conference.

21st Century Learning #64: U.S. Presidential Primaries and You

Alex, arvind and chatroom guests discussed all the technology surrounding the U.S. Preisdential Primary races. How can you use the Internet and online tools to understand the process? Tune in to find out...

21st Century Learning #65: NAIS Annual Conference Preview

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21st Century Learning #65
National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference Preview
With Jeff Ritter and Mariam Mattew
February 28, 2008



Special Guests Jeff Ritter from St. John's School in Austin, Texas and Mariam Matthew from the American School in London.

We discussed the National Association of Independent School's Conference (NAIS), standardized tests, Upper School curriculum and much more in this 18 minute power packed conversation.


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