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21st Century Learning #73: Peter Gow on the New Progressivism

Peter Gow
21st Century Learning #73
Peter Gow on the New Progressivism
May 21, 2008


Peter Gow from Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill, MA joined us to discuss his article on EdWeek Online, entitled The New Progressivism is Here.  Peter shares his ideas about how the New Progressivism blends with the old.  This along with how the 2008 NAIS National Conference helped inspire his article.  Thanks to Peter for adding his ideas to the conversation about what school should be in the future. 

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21st Century Learning #74: Howard Levin on the Integrated Tech Symposium

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21st Century Learning #74Howard Levin
Howard Levin from the Urban School of San Francisco
on the Integrated Tech Symposium
May 28, 2008

Howard Levin joins us to discuss the Urban School's Integrated Tech Symposium and how it has developed from the Urban School's 9 years of one-to-one computing. The Urban School's one-to-one program was the spotlight school at last summer's Laptop Institute.

21st Century Learning #72 - Planning Session

21st Century Learning #72
Planning Session - Spring 2008
May 14, 2008


arvind and Alex discuss where our show is and where they are going. We're hoping for some community input on this show. Who should we interview? Should our format change? What is good? What is bad? Do you want to be a guest host? Listen to this short show and then give us some feedback as a comment here or through twitter: http://twitter.com/arvind or http://twitter.com/alexragone

Photo from: http://flickr.com/photos/markbridge/358433689/

21st Century Learning #71: Students Leading a School to a Support a More Sustainable Future

21st Century Learning #71
Collegiate School's CENIC
Students Leading a School to Support a More Sustainable Future
Student April 16, 2008

Collegiate School's CENIC club has three areas of interest: reducing the school’s environmental footprint, spreading awareness of environmental problems and solutions, and taking part in the wider, global environmental movement.

James, the president, and Harrison, a key member of the CENIC joing us to discuss the club, it's founding and growth at Collegiate School.

If you're interested in learning more about CENIC, please contact James and Harrison through their web site contact form.

21st Century Learning #70: Loving Moodle

Moodle Logo21st Century Learning #70
Loving Moodle*
With Guest Aaron Grill
April 9, 2008

This week we discussed the many possibilities of Moodle with Aaron Grill, Technology Coordinator at The Browning School.

* Thanks to Lisa Pedicini for the show name.


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