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WOW2 SHOW #100! With the EdTech Posse

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Join us for a game-show style show against the EdTech Posse


Conversations Show 15 - 2008 11 02

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What would you do with a magic wand to change education? That was the topic for our conversation this week. It was from a question posed to Lisa by David Warlick. Alec Couros and Paul Bogush joined us. Although we didn't stick to this topic per se, there was much conversation around change in education and school. The folks in the chat room kept thing going as well.

Chat Log

21st Century Learning #81 Alec Couros on Teacher Education and Open Course Design

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21st Century Learning #81
Alec Couros on Teacher Education and Open Course Design
October 24, 2008

This week Alec Couros joined us to discuss teacher education and creating an open course for pre and in-service K-12
teachers.  This course would be similar to his Open, Social, Connected course. 

Interested?  Contact Alec via Twitter or his Blog.  Alex check out his K12 Online presentation.

Not passionate about this, but know someone who might be?  Send them Alec's contact info.

See you next week with a preview of the NEIT 2008 Conference.  


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Conversations Episode 10 09-28-08

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In this episode, Maria Knee and Lisa Parisi were joined by Alec Couros, Peggy George, Lisa Thumann, Scott Shelhart, and Barb Gilman.  We discussed teaching as a calling or a job.  Then we moved into how this answer affects how we help pre-service and new teachers.


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Part Two of a lively night o' brainstorming.

Alec Couros and Dave Cormier join us as we continue our consideration of the Twittersphere.

Contributed Links (via the chatroom during the show):


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