George Siemens

WOW2 Show #103 with George Siemens

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Special Guest: George Siemens on Looking Back and Looking Forward


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CCK 08 - Week#8 Discussion

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Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Online Course
Week#8 Discussion
October 31, 2008

Women of Web 2.0, April 4, 2007 Tuesday night Chat part 2

22:23 minutes (5.13 MB)Here is the part 2 version of George Siemens. This includes the post show where we continued the conversation. The chat is located in part 1. Enjoy this conversation and check out the links.

EdTechTalk#23 - a discussion with Jay Cross & George Siemens (part 2)

EdTechTalk#23, part 2
November 3, 2005
the discussion continues as Harold Jarche joins in with Jay Cross & the EdTech Team
Topics included open source initiatives, the Learning2005 conference, and experiments in modern conferencing.
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