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AT in the Pacific . . .

Hafa Adai!

Assistive technology (AT) has opened up the world and revived the lives of many individuals with disabilities.   What would be the top 3 websites and articles that provides a comprehensive overview on the practical applications of AT by disability for school-aged children and the educational implications?


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Top Tech Tools for the Classroom

What are the coolest new tech tools being used in the classroom? Wheres "high-tech" going in the classroom? What's going to be next?
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Learning Management in the Classroom

I was wondering what, if any learning management systems people used.  Do you use these to communicate with your students? Create lessons? Share files? Grade posting? Group work? Forums?

Online screencast video comparison

Below are examples of the same screencast encoded by different video sharing sites. The orignial video was encoded as a 640x480 .mov file. They were all pretty easy to upload and embed. Which do you think produces the best quality video?

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Webcast Help Request

Things went fairly smooth on our inaugural EdTechTalk K12 webcast on Thursday. There are a few things I could use: I created a program but that does not transfer into the creating audio upload nor entering an event on the schedule. Is there a standard or process to get the webcast audio into the feed? Thank you


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