Lisa Parisi

Conversations Episode 118 - Test Prep...How do we prepare while keeping excitement in the class?

77:07 minutes (26.48 MB)This week, we discussed the difficulties with preparing students for the major state tests without making the whole classroom be about test prep.  With Race to the Top, it's not easy.

Conversations Episode 116 - Teaching Tolerance in School

61:14 minutes (28.03 MB)This week, we discussed the idea of teaching tolerance, respect, and acceptance in school.  How do we do this in our classrooms and how do we help parents understand what we are doing?  We were joined by Amanda Marrinan.

Conversations Episode 115 - What Keeps Us Motivated? New Year Goals

59:34 minutes (27.27 MB)For our first show of 2012, we decided to discuss our goals for the New Year.  This led to a conversation about what keeps us motivated in our classrooms?

Conversations Episode 114 - Serendipity

61:47 minutes (28.28 MB) This week, Maria was sick and the chat room was not hopping.  I guess everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays.  But Sheila and Lisa did have one guest, who we were thrilled to call into our skype call to have her join the chat.  Amanda Marrinan took time away from her beach vacation to talk with us about how technology is working in the classrooms.  Sheila, Amanda, and Lisa shared many very exciting for us, and getting to be commonplace for the kids, activities that occur daily in our classrooms.  Enjoy the conversation.

Conversations Episode 111 - Evaluating Teachers

46:48 minutes (16.07 MB)
Conversations #111
November 6, 2011

After a bit of a rocky start due to issues with LiveStream, today's Conversation was about how teachers should be evaluated. What is the ideal teacher evaluation method? What should be done? How would you like to be evaluated?  Many different points of view were shared in the chat room and by Lisa, Maria and Sheila. Listen and find out what everyone was talking about.
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