Teachers Teaching Teachers #160 - 07.15.09 - Cell Phones, Spinning, Diigo, Databases, Administrators, Inline Linking and More!

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We invite you to follow this conversation that Paul Allison had with two old colleagues, Chris Sloan and Ron Link and others. For this webcast, Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim invited two New York City teachers, Cheree Himmel and Crystal Gaskin, and two library media specialists, Karen Levy and Michael Dodes, to meet Chris and Ron and to be welcomed into the Teachers Teaching Teachers/Youth Voices community of educators. At the time, these teachers were a day away from finishing a 3-week Summer Institute with the New York City Writing Project. Paul and Shantanu Saha were the facilitators for this Institute.

The teachers from the NYCWP Summer Institute who joined us for the first time on this podcast:

Cheree Himmel, English Teacher, Queens Vocational & Technical High School, Long Island City, Queens
Crystal Gaskin, Special Education Teacher, Queens Vocational & Technical High School, Long Island City Queens

Two librarians, who were also in the NYCWP Summer Institute, and who were not new to TTT:

Karen Levy, Library Media Specialist, Christopher Columbus High School, Bronx
Michael Dodes, Library Media Specialist, samuel Gompers Career/Technonogy Ed High School, Bronx

Old Friends of Teachers Teaching Teachers and Youth Voices who joined us:

Chris Sloan, Judge Memorial Catholic High School , Salt Lake City, Utah,
Ron Link, Assistant Principal of Organization, Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship, Bronx, NY

The conversation meanders from Crystal imagining ways to use cell phones in her classroom to new attitudes that Cheree is adopting to prepare for bringing more technology into her classroom. Ron and Paul talk about some of the "hard looks" that leaders in schools need to take when thinking about professional development that allows teachers the time they need to bring technology into their classrooms. Chris and Paul talk about the many ways they are re-thinking their curriculum and use of Youth Voices this Fall. Michael Dodes leads the group in two more conversations, one about Library Databases and another about Creative Commons, Fair Use, Inline Linking and Public Domain images.

We hope that this conversation feels like an invitation. We'd love for you to join our small group of far-flung educators, and connect your students with ours this coming school year.

Click Read more to see a transcript of a chat that was happening during the webcast.

EdTechWeekly #70 - Diigo, Diigo, Diigo

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EdTechWeekly #70
Diigo, Diigo, Diigo
March 30, 2008

Making Connecctions #16

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Thanks to Maggie Tsai for giving us another tour of Diigo. Diigo has lots of possibilities for the classroom, thanks for sharing!

  • highlight text on webpages
  • add sticky notes
  • group web sites


Making Connections #6 - 5/15/07

47:51 minutes (21.91 MB)

We connected with a very small group tonight, but that did not stop us from sharing some great sites.  During the past week we had 4th graders experimenting with diigo and 3rd graders creating internet safety comics with Comic Maker.

Here are a few examples:

Making Connections #5 - 5/8/07

45:42 minutes (20.92 MB)

We jumped in with both feet to Diigo.  Using Yugma we set up the Diigo toolbar, created a group for Making Connections, and added sticky notes to those pages.  We all agreed this tool has great possibilities in a classroom setting.  We did encounter a few challenges when trying to add sticky notes to certain pages and we want to learn to highlight in different colors.  Next week we will report back on how the kids react to using this site and the secret to changing highlight colors. 


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