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EdTechBrainstorm25a Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk25a Chat Transcript
March 2, 2006
[DougSymington] hi Jeff
[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] Hi Doug - What's happening tonight?
[DougSymington] nothing much
[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] Are you hosting?
[DougSymington] yes
[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] Sounds like our buddies had a rough go on the web site!
[DougSymington] indeed--nasty business to be sure
[DougSymington] want to skype in?
[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] I may be a little rusty but will go get my headphones
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EdTechHangout#1 - Chat Trancript

February 19, 2006

10:08:03 JeffLebow: Hey guys
10:08:16 GrahamStanley: Hi Jeff, hi Doug
10:08:20 DougSymington: hi Jeff, Graham
10:10:13 GrahamStanley: is this the right chat room for the global vibrants show?
10:10:14 JeffLebow: skype ID is 'globalvibrants'
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EdTechTalk#35 Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#35 Chat Transcript
February 12, 2006

12:48:45 Doug_Symington: hi conrad
12:51:54 Doug_Symington: hey guys
12:52:00 Doug_Symington: audio good here
12:53:31 Doug_Symington: hearing crackle here too
12:54:35 conrad: hi Doug
12:54:38 Doug_Symington: jsut Dave
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EdTechTalk#34 Chat Transcript

DougSymington >>> Hi Stephen
Stephen_Downes >>> Hiya folks
DougSymington >>> Skype hijacking settings is a pain
barbara-in-ohio >>> "yes, the mike audio does creep up in skype on a mac"
barbara-in-ohio >>> "takes over, actually"
barbara-in-ohio >>> yes!
DougSymington >>> Sounds fine on stream re George's audio
barbara-in-ohio >>> the audio is fine
barbara-in-ohio >>> it does not effect the audio at this end
barbara-in-ohio >>> thank god for the post show edit
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EdTechTalk#33 Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#33 Chat Transcript
January 22, 2006

[scott]: hey, is this the time and place?

 [scott]: ;)

[[JeffLebow]]: Hello [scott]

[scott]: Hello sunshine

[scott]: Is it Super Sunday yet?

[JeffLebow]: Every Sunday is super around here

[DougSymington]: hey guys

 [JeffLebow]: Hey Doug

 [[dave-on-air]]: hi hi

 [dave-on-air]: greetings fine folks
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