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Help ISTE Develop the Next Generation of NETS for Students

Just a forward that I thought the EdTech Community would appreciate:

Help ISTE Develop the Next Generation of NETS for Students

ISTE's National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) were introduced
in 1998. Since then, the NETS have served as a common denominator for
effective technology integration in education throughout the country and
around the world. To keep the NETS relevant in today's increasingly
digital world, ISTE is developing the next generation of the NETS for
Students (NETS*S) and needs your feedback. There are two easy ways for
you to get involved:

* Take the NETS Refresh survey

* Register to attend one of these free NETS Refresh Town Hall being held at regional conferences: FETC, January 25, Orlando, FL and TCEA, February 6, Austin, TX

New Media 2006 Year in Review - Worldbridges Webcastathon Hour#42

New Media 2006 Year in Review
with Shelly Brisbin, Scott Fletcher, & Rob Walch
Worldbridges Webcastathon Hour#42

Part 1 (1:04:27, 29.5MB)
Part 2 (36:42, 16.8MB)
Download mp3
Download mp3

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K12 Online Conference Reunion & EdTechYearly

Worldbridges 2007 New Year Webcastathon Hour#46

Jennifer Wagner hosts a reunion and recap of the K12 Online Conference ,
followed by a brief discussion of the most important EdTech developments of the year

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Worldbridges Town Hall - 2006-12-17

Worldbridges Town Hall
December 17, 2006
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We had our first regularly public meeting to discuss  development plans for Worldbridges and its non-profit spinoff, EducationBridges.  The agenda we used is at Worldbridges.  Please share your thoughts by commenting on that post.  Next Town Hall scheduled for Dec. 31 (time to be announced).

A Discussion on Worldbridges Sustainability

A Discussion on Worldbridges Sustainability
November 16, 2006

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While hanging out on air before EdTech Brainstorm, Brad Hicks skyped in and asked Jeff & Dave about the sustainability of Worldbridges and The Webcast Academy.  The discussion that ensued covered non-profit possibilities, other financial considerations, potential management structures and how to avoid participant burnout. 

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