Parents as Partner Episode #34 March 1, 2010

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Show hosts Matt Montagne, Lorna Costantini and Cindy Seibel welcomed Mike Herrity, Assistant Head master at Twynham School In Christ Church in the UK. Mike gave an overview of the way that Twynham School works with parents. They engage parents around their student's school work through the use of a portal which is accessed by students, mentors, parents and teachers. Mike talks about the success stories that they are enjoying with increase student achievement with the support of parents. Through out the show you will hear Mike share advice such as "Listen first and then design";" parent engagement is beyond the data", "its more about the pedagogy than it is technology". Twynham School uses a Sharepoint portal to support students, teachers and parents. Of particular note is the mentorship program put in place for year 11 students. The program uses a biweekly session with mentor and student to review the student progress and develop strategies to improve their work. Parents have access to the discussions which have taken parent/student conversations beyond the "did nothing today". Parents of 15 and 16 year olds have something concrete to discuss.


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21st Century Learing #29: A Conversation with Jim Heynderickx

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #29
A Conversation with Jim Heynderickx
January 23, 2007
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A Conversation with Jim Heynderickx from Oregon Episcopal School about laptop programs, iBooks, Edline, Moodle, SharePoint and other school related topics.

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