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K12 Online Echo: Tim Tyson and The Classroom Teacher as 21st Century Instructional Leader

49:25 minutes (22.62 MB)

Tim Tyson shared his 2010 K12 Online presentation, The Classroom Teacher as 21st Century Instructional Leader. He elaborated on his ideas and encouraged all to get involved and speak out. The original video is above. The audio of the show is below with audio from the video included.


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K12 Online Echo: Brian Crosby

60:21 minutes (27.63 MB)

Brian Crosby shared his 2008 K12 Online presentation, Video-Conferencing It’s Easy, Free and Powerful. He discussed how videoconferencing has impacted on his students' learning. He shared powerful examples of of why videoconferencing should be part of classroom experience.


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K12 Online Echo: Jane Ross

58:46 minutes (26.9 MB)

 Jane Ross joined us for a lively conversation around her K12 Online 2009 presentation, Living History - Authentic Learning Empowered By Digital Technology. She eloquently discussed the impact of personal relationships on her students' learning. The project was driven by the pedagogy but was infused with technology.


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K12 Online Echo: Beth Ritter-Guth

57:01 minutes (26.1 MB)


Beth Ritter-Guth shared both her 2009 K12 Onine presentation: Unlikely Coordinates: Geocaching Across the Curriulum as well as her personal experience with geocaching. Sheila Adams, our streamer was able to add her perspective as a middle school teacher. Lots of learning and lots of fun!


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