Conversations #63

69:51 minutes (23.98 MB)

This week our conversation was about the EduCon experience. The Conversations crew were joined by two first time Educon attendees: Meredith Stewart from North Carolina and John Fladd from New Hampshire.

Chat Log

It's Elementary #42: Computer Labs -- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

61:15 minutes (14.02 MB)

The show started with Maria Knee sharing her experiences at EduCon 2.2, and the goals of learner-centered, constructivist education that are the centerpiece of that conference. We then used that as a transition to a discussion about how computer labs are often being used and how it fits in with those goals:

Conversations #56

61:46 minutes (21.2 MB)

What happens when a homegrown webcaster has too many things going on during the same time period? She thinks that she already posted a show but realizes (finally) that she didn't. So here it is, the November 22, 2009 show. Sorry folks.


Lisa, Maria and Sheila discussed the issue of dealing with a very "chatty" classroom, where the noise level is high but productivity is good. Later in the show, Diana Laufenberg, from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia joined the conversation and talked a bit about Educon2.2.

Conversations Episode 50

63:47 minutes (29.19 MB)

Lisa and Maria enjoyed their 50th show.  They discussed the Bucket Fillers program and Educon 2.2.  Diana Laufenberg joined them for the conference discussion.  Sheila was on vacation this week and will be back next week.



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