It's Elementary #38 - Summer PD and Stuff

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Listen as the It's Elementary Team dicusses our summer activities such as NECC 2009, Building Communities, Edbublogger Con and local conferences. We also had a special song by Kevin Honeycutt "Love Them and Let Them Go".  Hope you enjoy the show and remember we broadcast the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. Our next show will be Monday September 14th where we will dicuss; "Bringing it Home", how we take what we learn in our online spaces with to our day job.  See you then.

Not EdTechWeekly - NECC Call-in & Virtual School Update

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Not EdTechWeekly
June 28, 2009
Between John's field trip to NECC and Dave's (alleged) poor internet connection, Jen & Jeff never quite got started with a fast paced roundup of news and resources. Fortunately, we were joined by Steve Kossakoski of VLACS (NH's first Virtual High School) and had a great discussion about  how things are going at VLACS in particular and the challenges and possibilities for virtual education in general.  Also,  John called in from the Blogger's Cafe at NECC and we were able to speak with him, Lisa Parisi, and Vinny Vrotny about Edubloggercon'09.


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ETT Conversations Live at NECC 2009

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EdTechTalk Live @ NECC 2009
June 28, 2009

Cruise Director Lisa Parisi speaks with EdTechTalkers at the NECC Bloggers Cafe

Participants include Maria Knee, Cheryl Oakes, Alice Barr,  Cathy Evanoff, Sarah, Sally the traveling bear, Vicki Davis,  Jim Dachos (of Glogster),  Susan van Gelder, Paul Wood,  Angela Maier, Amanda Marrinan, Sue Waters,  award winning Kathy Cassidy, Jim Beeghley, Lisa Thurman, Christina Cantrill, Adina Sullivan, & Sheila Adams.

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Conversations #41 2009 06 21

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Lisa, Maria and Sheila talked about plans for upcoming NECC09. They shared advice for newbies and talked about sessions. The audio quality could be better so please bear with us.

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