Teachers Teaching Teachers #194 - Two First-Year College Students Help Us Reflect on Youth Voices and More - 03.31.10

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What does working in a school-based social network like http://youthvoices.net have to do with getting ready for college? Chris Sloan had a great idea. “Why don’t we invite former students who used Youth Voices and who are now in college to Skype in with their thoughts about what college is like these days … and if Youth Voices maybe does or doesn’t fit with what they are doing now?”

Two of Chris’s former students joined us on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers. Here’s Chris’s more detailed introduction to this week’s podcast:

It’s that time of year again when the seniors I teach are in that bittersweet time; they’re happy to be moving on but sad to leave some things behind.  They’re distracted by plans for the future but also trying to live up to their many commitments.  As their teacher I often wonder whether the things we do in my classes has value, if I’ve prepared them enough for “life after high school.”  So I thought it might be an interesting idea to catch up with some of our former students to see how their first year is wrapping up.  Was college all they dreamed it would be?  Is it better than they imagined? not quite as good?  Did the kind of work they did on Youth Voices, the digital compositions and the collaborative writing, prepare them for the kinds of things they’ve been asked to do this year in college? Judging by the 2010 Horizon Report, I think we’re on the right track, but there’s only one way to find out. 

Here are a couple of Youth Voices alumni who join us on this podcast: Last year Katie appeared a couple of times on TTT, first as part of a discussion about the seniors’ plans for college, TTT 134, Four Young Bloggers Apply to College where she said things like: “I don’t think that as an 18-year old in college, it’s a life or death situation about whether you’ll be successful or not.  The college application process is a stressful thing, but you have to keep it in perspective.”  Katie also appeared on TTT 130, which was an extension of the Youth Voices discussion, “YES WE CAN: my experience in Grant Park on election day.”

We were also joined by Jimin who blogs regularly at Crunchgear in addition to being a student at NYU.  Last year Jimin wrote posts like  All Your Intellectual Property Are Belong to Us, It’s Not Fair, It’s Laissez-Faire!, and used Youth Voices as another way to promote his band Illegal Beagle.

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #134 - Google us, Please! Four Young Bloggers Apply to College 01.07.09

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Linda, a senior in high school started the ball rolling that led to this podcast with her Open Call for Bloggers:

I've been thinking lately about how awesome it would be to have a group of high school students (seniors preferred, juniors okay as well) blog about the college admissions process and then possibly continue their blog through their freshman year of college....

SO. Here's my proposition: If you know of any high school seniors that would be interested in this idea or you're a fellow high school senior yourself--feel free to contact me through Blogger or via e-mail @ Brooklynita@gmail.com

We put Linda in touch with Lindsea, who blogs at Love & Logic and at Students 2.0, because she is also a senior at Panahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. And we invited Linda and Lindsea onto Teachers Teaching Teachers to tell us about their journies into the college admissions process.
We also invited two seniors who have been working with Chris Sloan at Judge Memorial Catholic High School:

We were also joined by a recent graduate from Mt. Holyoke College, Mattie... and toward the end Jack Yu let us know about the work he has been doing to help high school students learn SAT vocabulary words on Brainyflix.
Enjoy this free-wheeling conversation with these young bloggers. Imagine with them what the college application process would look like if admissions officers were available on Twitter, and they could take the time to really follow these students' online lives. These young women would love for a college to Google them!

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