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Bob Sprankle

2011-03-10 Seedlings Show 111 Maine Teacher of the Year

65:41 minutes (45.14 MB) Shelly's Wiki

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SEEDlings Podcast - Snow Day Special! 2011-2-2

29:34 minutes (20.35 MB)

A special Snow day surprise on Groundhog Day. An early spring? Really?

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SEEDLings 2009-12-9 Snow day!

43:20 minutes (39.69 MB)

Show Notes

Seedlings Show #71 on 2009-10-08

59:33 minutes (27.26 MB)

Join us as we discuss accessibility, Universal Design for Learning, Assistive Technology, and how the publishing industry, especially in the education sector needs to step to the plate and provide mulitple sources of accessibility for a variety of readers and disabilities.

Joy Zabala and Cynthia Curry take us on the journey of AIM and helping us understand how we can provide for our students. The recommendations in the chat will prove helpful.  Check out  and the

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